(1939-11-12) Big Brother's Advice
Details for Big Brother's Advice
Summary: After being wigged out by the truth about Valda, Sierra searches out her big brother.
Date: Wednesday November 12th, 1939
Location: East Parapet
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Colton is sitting crossed legged squished up in the slot of one of the more private buttresses. Surprisingly he's without cigarette. Brace… he's studying. A light breeze flops about his unruly curls and ruffles the pages of the book he's pouring over. Holding it very close and turning it this way and that as if getting used to different perspectives on different Runes. The note book with his sketch of the door is tucked under his rump. A quill trapped in the pages is dripping ink on the stone bench next to and below him.

This is always one of the best places to find Colton, so it's no surprise Sierra comes looking for her brother here. It is a surprise to see no cigarette in his hand. She pauses for a moment to consider the sight, then squeezes in next to him, offering a smile that seems a little tight. "Did you mistake me for Pringle and toss the fag?" she asks in an attempt a humor as she leans in against him in hopes of what she really wanted - a hug from her big brother.

Colton reflexively lifts up one of his arms and tucks his litttle sister in against him wrapping her up in his winter robe. "Huh?" Is said after several long moments of silence with him staring intently at his book upside down. "Wot? Oh, nah…" He tears his attention away from the book and smiles down to her before putting a kiss on the top of her head. "Don't tell Ma I said this, but dinnae stick round for NEWTs, bloody brain yee to death." He mimes the side of his head exploding and brain oozing out of one ear, sound effects included.

"I dinnae on it," Sierra answers honestly. "What do I need NEWTs for? I feel a bit bad for Finley, though. That'll leave him on his own for a year." She rests her head against her brother, staring out towards the forest as she remarks, "I think I goofed today. The new girl's in your Runes NEWT, yeah?"

Colton shrugs his shoulders, "Fin barely notices us anyways, too busy fecking off." He gives a big goofy grin and flexes up to prepare for any chiding poke or swat for that mouth of his. "You goofed? Humm, aye?"

Sierra does indeed nudge her brother. "You should know how hard it is to be alone here! I've been the lucky one. I'm glad you stayed for NEWTs. I'll miss you next year." She lets out a sigh before adding, "Well, uhh, she's another pretty Ravenclaw girl, right? So I told her you might help her out. You know, get her caught up if she missed anything - if we'd covered something her school hadn't. Only it turns out, ummm… Parkinson says she's the one who killed Leander Fox."

Colton honestly was only half listening, he had Dalaigh, their cousin along with him until he left after OWLs himself so he really wasn't all together lonely. "I'm sure he'll be fine." As he assumes one of their cousins or another Higgins sibling will be entering Hogwarts before Finley can get too lonely. They are sort of a pretty constant stream in and out with the way their mother propagates the Higgins line. He really must only be half listening to her too. Because there's no reaction until about twenty seconds goes by and then he double takes looking away from the runes in his book. "Wot!?"

"Parkinson says the new girl killed Leander Fox with the killing curse. The killing curse, Colton!" Sierra snakes one arm around her brother to hug him tightly. She's trying to deal with this rationally - but anyone would be rattled by this sort of news. "And she dinnae even deny it! She just kept saying things like 'I'm sorry' and 'it should have been me.' Why would Dumbledore let someone like that at our school if they know magic like that?"

Colton frowns and hugs her closer, "I know how he got killed, just not the specifics on the who. I don't know why he would. He's sort of a sap when it comes to redemption? I probably wouldn't have made it this far without him. I'm sure he's got his reasons, and they are probably good ones… I hope. I mean I trust him, but I have to say, I don't want you hanging around her, alright? Not until I've got things figured out." He holds his sister close, protectively.

"It's an unforgivable curse, though," Sierra insists quietly, glad to have her brother's arms around her. "It just doesn't seem right - she kills one of our school mates, and just gets to go to school with us? But she was- she did seem really shaken. It seemed like she was sorry." But is that good enough when you've killed someone? She lets out a sigh. "I'll keep my distance," she promises. "And we gotta tell Fin to stay away, too. You be careful around her - how many classes do you have together?"

Colton nods his head when Fin is brought up. "Aye. Don't you worry 'bout me none." He snuggles up his little sister and rubs her arms to warm her in the biting breeze. "C'mon love. Let's get you inside."

Of course Sierra will fret about Colton, but she nods anyways. "Alright," she agrees. "And we'll have to see who can track down that little twerp of ours first," she offers, still tucked in under her brother's arm as they move inside.

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