(1939-11-12) Broom Charity
Details for Broom Charity
Summary: Angelus is on the field for some practice and is joined by others. He generously lends his brooms out.
Date: November 12, 1939
Location: Quidditch Pitch, Hogwarts

He might not be playing on the team this year, but that doesn’t mean he has to quit practicing altogether. Angelus is dressed in his quidditch gear of fine quality, with red and gold covering his form. Mounted on his broom, Gel dives down from above, the cold wind tousling his blonde curls as he flies swiftly to the ground.

Adam, who was out on the grounds, saw someone flying about and wandered over to the pitch, hoping to get a glimpse of practice. He hasn't really been keeping up with Quidditch since returning to school, and he misses watching it. He walks along the edge of the pitch, disappointed when the sole player returns to the ground. Perhaps he missed it already. But then he sees who that player is, and his face goes pale.

Angelus pulls up well before the ground and eases the rest of the way down until his toes touch the ground. Glancing around the field, he notices Adam and frowns, letting out a sigh. It would have to be him. But, deciding not to exclude Adam from his kindness, Angelus forces a smile out and slides along on his broom a little closer to the second year. “Irving,” he greets, tossing his head lightly. “How would you like to practice with the great and legendary Star?” A wild grin flashes across his face and he gestures towards the stands, where his old, Cleansweep Two is propped against. It’s still in great condition, as the only reason why he no longer uses it is because he, obviously, had to get the better broom when it came out. “I brought along my old broom if you want to grab it.”

Adam watches Angelus move closer, wary, half expecting to be berated and not at all expecting to be offered the chance to fly the Gryffindor's old broom. "Er," he says, hesitating, his eyes darting to the stands and the second broom and back to Angelus. "Um." This must be some sort of trick. Why would Angelus let him use the Cleansweep Two? Is it broken? Jinxed. "Well… yeah!" Throwing caution to the wind, he charges off to the stands to fetch the broom before he can stop and second-guess himself.

Angelus bobs his head, his blue eyes trailing after the younger boy as he moves over to grab the broom. A soft sigh escapes him, but Gel smiles, and swings off his broom so that he can retrieve his quaffle. As he tucks it under his arm, the youth gives a little smirk as he glances over at Adam. “An interesting game between Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw,” he says, making conversation. “It didn’t look like the bludgers wanted to lay low in the game.” He adds a little ‘heh’ as he heads back over to pick up his broom. “Toss this around a bit?” Once sitting astride his Cleansweep Three again, he gives the reddish orb a light toss up, and catches it.

Adam returns, holding the Cleansweep Two before him with both hands, almost reverent. He glances up at Angelus. "Game? Oh, yeah. It was great! Scary, but great. And we won!" That's the most important thing, of course. He looks at the Quaffle, hesitates, and then nods. Then he takes a moment to mount his broom, taking care to do it in the proper way he learned last year in flying lessons. Once in the air he seems unsteady, and it's clear that he hasn't had much experience flying beyond those lessons.

Angelus nods once, smile flittering against his lips. “Esmond is quite the seeker, for sure.” A hum escapes him as he starts to lift upward, cocking his head an inch. “I only hope Higgins can outplay him this year.” He lets out a good-natured laugh and gestures Adam back a bit, even as he eyes the younger boy warily. “You… want to fly around a bit? Get a better feel for the broom?” he offers.

Adam hovers a few feet above the ground on Angelus's old Cleansweep Two, while Angelus himself is on his Three. Adam looks uneasy on his broom. Whatever skills he picked up last year must have faded since then. He glances over at Angelus when the other boy talks, but otherwise keeps his eyes firmly on the broom handle that he grasps so tightly. "Er, yeah," he mutters. "Good idea." So he jerks the broom to the side and goes darting off a bit faster than he intended.

Another second year had casually mentioned seeing Adam and Angelus on the pitch together - sending Madeline dashing in that direction, emerging onto the grass slightly out of breath. She looks up towards the two boys on their brooms, an uncertain look on her features - and it probably shows. No one can blame her for having trust issues, right?

Humming out thoughtfully, Angelus watches Adam and slowly nods his head, waving a hand through the air. The youth tosses the quaffle into the air, catching it again before letting out a breath. “Relax, Irving. You aren’t going to fly well if you are tense.” But he’s watching Adam fly off before he can say anything more, and he lifts his hand from his broom to slide his fingers over his mouth as he considers. Movement catches his eye, and Gel lowers his head as his gaze lands on Madeline, a little smirk twitching at his lips. “Evans, you should grab a broom and come play. I don’t know how anyone can dislike flying.”

Adam forces his broom to stop and brings it back to Angelus at a more controlled pace. "I know," he says, annoyed with himself. "I used to be better at this." It's hard for him to relax, though. Like Madeline, he too doesn't completely trust Angelus. Of course, he couldn't resist the chance to fly the other boy's broom, but something in the back of his head keeps gnawing at him, wondering why Angelus is being nice all of a sudden. He lets out a breath and then looks over at Madeline with a sheepish grin. "Hi, Maddie. Yeah, come fly with us!"

Madeline looks up at the two boys, an uncertain look on her features. "…no bludgers, right?" she asks. "I don't want to get on a broom if there's any bludgers." So far it looks like they're getting on. That's a relief.

“No worries, Irving. You had, what? A year of practice?” Angelus offers Adam a reassuring smile. “You’ll get better over time.” He nods, and then glances back down to Madeline with a laugh. “No. No, bludgers out, I don’t think that would be a very good idea. Just this,” he says as he holds up the quaffle in his hands. A hum escapes him, considering as he bites down lightly on his lower lip. “Hang on, why don’t you get more practice flying,” Gel suggests as he glances at Adam. Then he’s diving down to the ground where he drops the quaffle, dismounting and offering out his broom to Madeline. “Here, you can fly on mine, Evans.”

"No Bludgers," Adam says. Then, thinking he might have been a touch too quick to agree to that, he adds, "Not that I mind them, of course." He watches, amazed, as Angelus heads back to the ground to offer Madeline his broom. Adam looks at his friend and shrugs, not understanding what's come over the boy. Did someone bewitch him to be all nice all of a sudden? "What are you going to fly then?" he asks Angelus.

"You're sure?" Madeline asks hesitantly, as she reaches out to take the broom. "I'm not very good on them, you know. I might crash it or something - I'd feel awful if it got damaged." It's true - she would.

“Just take it slow,” Angelus says. He doesn’t withdraw the broom, keeping it held out for Madeline to take. “If you’re unsure, just take it slow and don’t go too high.” He glances up at Adam, lifting his and up as he shrugs. “The school brooms aren’t terrible,” he informs. “My brother actually flies a Silver Arrow.” He lets out a sigh and shakes his head, looking back to Madeline. “But I think I’ll stay on the ground for now. Make sure all is well before I fly.”

"I know," Adam says. "I think they're great. But I didn't think the great Angelus would deign to ride a school broom." He grins to show he is only joking and then takes his broom in a small circle, still trying to get a feel for flying again. Then he stops, waiting for his friend to join him in the air.

"Okay. I'll be careful," Madeline agrees, giving Angelus a smile as she sets down her bag. "Hey. Maybe I can show you what was in that cloth bag sometime," she offers with a quiet giggle. "If you're still curious." She pushes off - and despite her lack of confidence, has no trouble joining Adam. "Whoa. This feels different than the school brooms - that's for sure."

Angelus’ chest expands as he draws in a deep breath. Now why did Adam have to go and say a thing like that? Truth be told, he can’t imagine flying on a school broom even if it is a Silver Arrow. One corner of his mouth jerks, his brow twitching, but he shakes his head, releasing his breath. “Well if I have such nice things I might as well share, right?” He smirks, and his blue eyes follow Madeline as she flies, shifting on his feet. He dips his hand into his robes to pull out his new, curled wand, the blue vanity handle having been attached of course, with the pendant (his own variation of his family’s crest) dangling from the handle. If one of the second years has an accident, he’ll be ready. He’s watching them, after all.

"Aren't they amazing?" Adam says to Madeline. "Wish I had a broom half as good as this one. And it's not even the better broom. You're on the Cleansweep Three. I've only got the Two, and it's still terrific." He glances towards Angelus, sees that the other boy has his wand out, and nearly falls off his broom. Then he finds his senses again and realizes that the older boy isn't about to blast them out of the sky - he hopes. "Is that a new wand?" he asks, trying to keep from sounding too nervous.

"Well, maybe in a bit we can switch if Angelus doesn't mind." Madeline glances down to see Angelus with his wand out - and truth be told, it makes her nervous too - but she forces herself to flash him a smile. "Alright. I'm gonna try weaving in and out of the goals to see if I got this thing figured out," she offers, heading that direction at a reasonable clip.

Angelus keeps his head tilted up, his eyes on the two younger students. His wand held, but lowered with no intention of using it unless something goes wrong. But Adam’s question brings out a proud grin, lifting his wand to examine the twisted wood with an arrogant smile. “’Tis,” he answers. “It’s brilliant, is it not? Wait…” Angelus blinks, and his eyes flick over towards Madeline. “Pouch?” Confusion covers his face for a moment, tilting his head before he remembers. “Oh! Heh.” A curious glint flickers in his eyes, but Gel lets out a breath. “Evans, if you don’t want to show me what was in the pouch, I’m not going to force you.” He walks along the field, following along after the girl to try and stay closely near to where she is over.

"That'd be great!" Adam tells Madeline, grinning at her. "Okay, me too!." But instead of following after Maddie right away, he sticks around to get a better look at Angelus's wand. "Wow, nice!" he says. "Yeah. Must've been really expensive." But then he looks puzzled. "Pouch? What pouch?" He looks over his shoulder to his friend, but she's already off to the goals. "Hey, wait up!" Swinging his broom around, he tears after her.

"Oh, it's not even really a secret, I was just trying to get someone on the Magijugend to cast a spell on me when I wasn't even breaking any rules," Madeline admits, giving Angelus an apologetic smile. Then towards Adam she adds, "Yeah. Miss Taylor gave me a pouch that's bigger on the inside so I could carry around my gas mask easier because my da' said I had to keep it with me all the time or he'd pull me out of school."

“I-“ Angelus starts to say ‘I know,’ but then he lets out a sigh and waves a hand lightly. “Thank you, Irving,” he says instead. He rolls his eyes at his own self, but his gaze follows after Madeline. He frowns at her confession, releasing an exasperated sigh. “Why would you antagonize…” Angelus sighs and shakes his head, waving a hand in dismissal. “Never mind.” He glances down, looking around the ground before he quickly glances skyward again. He eyes Madeline curiously.

Adam stops and stares at Angelus when the other boy thanks him. Giving his head a small shake, he nods at Madeline. "Those things are amazing!" he says. "No idea how they work. Magic, obviously, but it's still amazing." Then he turns back to Angelus and beams at him. "You know, I like the new Angelus. I think we're going to be great friends!"

"To prove that things were unfair!" Madeline answers Angelus as she weaves in and out of the poles. "And they can't be magic, Adam! They're Muggle stuff! But they are pretty neat. And I don't even really need it anymore now that I can do the bubblehead."

Madeline is distracted by her talking - and manages to clip a pole with her shoulder. Ow.

“We never-“ Angelus cuts off and inhales, forcing out a smile as he tilts his head. Nope, just forget that topic. He’s not going to start an argument over disagreements. But as he watches the second years, he frowns curiously, unable to hear all that well down on the ground.

"Not the gas mask, silly," Adam says, laughing. "The pouch!" He laughs again when Madeline bumps into a pole. "Hey, watch where you're going! Are you all right?" It doesn't look too serious from here, but he nevertheless watches to make sure his friend is actually okay. He glances down at Angelus and calls, "Sure you don't want to come fly with us? I'll use a school broom if you like, so you don't have to."

"Oh… Duh," Madeline mumbles, bringing her broom to a stop so she can rub her shoulder. "Yeah, I'm okay. Might get a bruise - but I've had loads worse falling out of a tree."

Looking back towards Angelus she calls, "Yeah! Join us! Who knows, if I keep practicing while you're stuck down there, I might start catching up with you and actually getting good at this!"

Angelus tilts his head, looking to Adam as he calls down, slowly shaking his head. “Nah, you keep on going,” he returns. His gaze flicks to Madeline and he smirks, tilting his chin. “Be better than the Star of Gryffindor? Please!” A grin widens across his face and he lets out a chuckle, lifting a hand to wave overhead. “No falling,” he warns before he turns to off to grab one of the school brooms.

When he comes back out, his wand has been put away and he mounts up onto the Silver Arrow, scooping up his quaffle before flying on up.

"Oh," Adam says, disappointed. "All right then." Thinking that Angelus doesn't mean to join them at all, he looks guilty as he goes back to flying around. But when he sees the older boy return with one of the school brooms he lets out a cheer. "Yes! Is that a Silver Arrow? That's my favorite broom. Out of the school ones, I mean. Come on, Maddie! Let's toss the Quaffle around."

"Umm… I'll try!" Madeline answers, looking a little uncertain. Throwing and catching something while on a broom sounds hard to her! "And you never know! I'm gonna be the Gryffindor potions star!" she challenges Angelus, while positioning herself in a good position parallel from Adam to catch a toss.

Angelus comes to a halt when he reaches the other two, glancing between them and flicking out a smirk. “You ready then, Irving?” he asks, tossing up the quaffle and catching it. A hum escapes him as he considers, eyeing Madeline. “I think- Well, if you think you’re up to it, Evans.” A brow arches, and Gel clears his throat. “That’s my thing,” he says quickly, grinning at her. “No one can be better than me at potions. I’d beat my own cousin at a competition,” he boasts, flicking his thumb at himself proudly. “Here, Irving,” he says, lifting his chin and lobbing the ball gently over to Adam.

"You'd beat me easily," Adam says, suppressing a shudder as he flies into position to toss the ball around. "I hate Potions. I thought I was getting used to it at the end of last year, but since returning to regular classes I've been worse than ever." Steadying himself, he manages to catch the ball without too much effort and, more importantly, without falling off his broom. Grinning to himself, he tosses it to his friend, only he fumbles and it ends up only making it half the distance to her.

"I'll beat you and your cousin both!" Madeline answers. "I'll beat you and your cousin working together!" she adds, flashing Angelus a smile. "And don't worry - I'll get you caught up, Adam, just like you'll get me caught up with Trans- hey!" She can see the toss isn't going to make it to her, and she steers her broom towards Adam, reaching out with one arm to snatch and pull in the ball. She then spends a moment finding her balance again. "Whoa! Okay. Alright. I'm alright. I got it!"

Angelus hums as he regards Adam, arching a brow. He doesn’t offer out his help to the younger boy though, but he does shift his gaze onto Madeline. Snorting, Angelus snickers and shakes his head. “Yes, Irving wouldn’t try and tell you terrifying stories.” The youth smirks, inclining his head. He’s about to race forward when the pass falls short, but Madeline beats him to it, even as he flies closer to her as he eyes the girl. He nods when she says she’s all right.

"Sorry!" Adam says. But, to his amazement, his friend manages to catch the ball. "Wow, nice one! We'll make a Quidditch player out of you yet!" He glances sideways at Angelus, puzzled. "What do you mean?" he asks, not understanding the remark about terrifying stories. He looks back to Madeline, watching her regain her balance. "So, are you going to throw that or hold onto it all day?"

"I could keep it and go for a goal!" Madeline answers - but she tosses the ball towards Angelus, once she's found her balance again. "Oh, Eibon took me to see his brother Noalan who's good at Transfigurations, but we spent more time talking about if Obliviators can change who you are, and about the vanishing spell, than working on Transfiguration. Did you know there's a spell that can make thing's disappear and just be gone and not even exist anymore and you can use it on animals but you can't use it on people? I think it's horrible. Just about the most horrible spell I've heard of."

Angelus nods to Madeline, allowing her to explain about the stories. “Because my brother’s paranoid that it’ll be used unlawfully,” he murmurs. His voice is dull as he talks about his brother, but he grins as he reaches out for the quaffle. “Sparks,” he lets out as he ends up simply knocking it away instead of catching it. Immediately he dips down to follow after it, diving well past the quaffle, and then as he comes up, twirls so that he hits it with the tail of the Silver Arrow. “Irving!” he calls for his attention.

"What, really?" Adam says, his eyes growing wide. "That's awful! I hope we don't learn spells like that. Wouldn't that be Dark magic?" He glances at Angelus, curious. "So, is Noalan as nice as you are?" He grins as Angelus misses catching the ball, but then watches in amazement as he dives and thwacks it towards him with his broom. "Whoa, okay!" he says, darting forward to snag the ball out of the air. Rather impressed with himself, he beams and gives it a good throw to Maddie

"Apparently we do - but I'm not gonna use it on animals no matter what I mean it's one thing to disappear a rock or even a cabbage or something, but… an animal? I won't do it!" Madeline insists - watching with wide eyes as Angelus smacks the ball with the tail of his broom. "…whoa. Neat." When the ball is tossed her way, she catches it much more easily this time thanks to Adam's improved throw. "Great throw!" she tells Adam brightly, before tossing it towards Angelus again.

Angelus grins proudly at his little move. At least he was able to turn his miss into something good. He doesn’t comment about the spells. They’ll learn when they get to it, so he doesn’t bother inputting, especially since Madeline knows a bit about it already. A smirk twitches at his lips as his blue eyes lock on Adam, cocking his head. He snorts, shaking his head, turning his gaze onto Madeline and reaching out to snag the quaffle. He glances back to Adam to inform, “He’s rude and snappy and quite embarrassing.” He flits through the air, swinging around the pole of the hoops until he stops in front of the hoops. “But he is my brother,” he adds in. “I can try to play a little keeper if you want to take shots.” He tosses out the quaffle towards Madeline.

"Nor will I," Adam says, resolute. That spell sounds like bad news to him. He grins back at Madeline, then looks to Angelus, his face falling. "Oh. That's too bad. I was hoping he'd be nice too. Then I could be friends with two Eibons." He glances towards the hoops, then down at the ground. "Actually, I'd better get back inside," he says. "I've a lot of homework to catch up on." He makes a face. "Potions. Thanks for letting me use your broom, though. It was great!"

"Aww, you sure you can't stay?" Madeline asks in disappointment, getting ready to toss the quaffle towards one of the hoops - when her hand slips, sending the ball off in a poorly aimed and propelled toss. "Oh, for the- oops. Sorry!"

Angelus arches a brow, locking his gaze on Adam. Considering, regarding the younger boy, he doesn’t notice when Madeline is ready to throw the quaffle. Thankfully it wasn’t a great throw, blinking as his eyes trail after it, giving his head a little, disbelieving shake. When the ball begins to drop, he flies after it, dropping to scoop it up in a single arm before he turns on his broom, glancing over to Adam again. “Ah, yes, I’m sure you’ve got lots to catch up on.” He glances towards Madeline briefly. “Lucky that your friend there knows potions.” A grin flicks out. “Even if she won’t be as good as I am,” he adds in teasingly. He nods his head, but considers briefly before saying, “You know, why don’t you hang onto it, Irving? I’ve been looking for someone who might need a good broom.”

"Wish I could," Adam says, looking longingly at the goal hoops. He peers back at Angelus, slightly unsettled by his gaze. But he grins at the other boy's comment about potions. "Hmm, good point," he says. "Maybe I should get you to teach me instead." He's about to head back down to the ground when Angelus offers to let him hang onto the broom, and he just stares at him, stunned. "You're serious?"

"I'm gonna be way better than you," Madeline counters confidently. "I mean, by the time I finish Hogwarts, anyways. I'll probably invent all kinds of new potions!" As Angelus offers the broom to Adam she looks mildly surprised, looking between Angelus and her friend. She then smiles at Angelus. "That's real decent of you!"

Angelus shrugs easily. “I don’t use it anymore.” He smirks, glancing to the broom Madeline rides. “They’ll probably be coming out with a new one soon, anyway.” He mock sulks at Madeline’s claim, eyeing her sharply and giving a shake of his head. “We’ll see, Evans. We’ll see,” he remarks, and a grin flashes out. As for helping Adam with potions, Angelus lifts his shoulders and gestures to Madeline. “I think Madeline is perfect for the job.”

"Wow," Adam says, looking down at the broom he's on and then back up at the Gryffindor boy. "I don't know what to say. Thank you, Angelus. This is amazing. Wow." He looks from Angelus to Madeline, a bemused, but thoroughly pleased, smile on his face. "Hear that, Maddie? I have my very own broom!" Grinning, he flies back down to the ground.

"I did hear it! That's great, Adam!" Madeline says warmly - because she knows he could never afford a broom like that. She's been to his flat before. "I asked uncle Perry to get me one so I could fly it when I'm in Hogsmeade," she adds. "For Christmas, you know. So I might have one soon, too!"

Angelus smirks as he rolls his shoulders back simply. “It’s nothing, really,” he says. But a soft smile does slip across his face, glancing at Madeline briefly. “Here.” His head lifts, and he tosses the quaffle out to her before sliding his gaze back to Adam. “Just make sure you take care of it,” he warns, a half smile slanting against his lips. Both hands holding onto the handle of the Silver Arrow that he flies (one of the school brooms), Angelus hovers in front of the hoops, looking to Madeline again, who is riding on his Cleansweep Three.

"Really?" Adam says to Madeline. "Nice! Then I can go flying in Hogsmeade too!" He looks to Angelus and nods his head up and down. "I will! I'll take great care of it. It'll be in the exact same condition when you graduate. You'll see!" Still hardly believing his luck, he waves to the two in the air and starts making his way off the pitch, admiring his broom the whole way back to the castle.

Madeline catches the quaffle handily, and grins down at Adam. "Sure! Maybe over Christmas!" she offers cheerfully. She eyes the goals, then eyes Angelus. Sending the Cleansweep darting to the side, the tosses for the goal she just passed - and this time, it looks like it might actually go through, unlike that last toss of hers.

Angelus’ blue eyes follow Adam as he departs. His frowns briefly as he watches the younger boy go, but shakes his head, rolling his eyes, and brings his attention back to Madeline. “You might want to let him know that we aren’t friends,” says Angelus with an arch of his brow. “Just…” He shrugs, and when she launches the quaffle he starts for it. He jerks in the wrong direction at first, let’s out an, “Agh,” and quickly veers to the other. But it’s too late to save it from going through, and Angelus flies around to scoop it up, lobbing it back towards Madeline once he’s in front of the hoops. “Not really sure how my brother deals with staying in one spot throughout the entire game.” He smirks. “You’re doing pretty well on that,” he comments.

Having hoped that the Quidditch pitch would be empty, so that she could do some quiet study, Evelyn has her bookbag slung over a shoulder as she walks onto the pitch before deciding where to sit. But, as she soon finds out, the pitch is, in fact, in use. For a few moments, she just stares at those on the brooms, trying to make a decision as to what to do next.

"I'll talk to hi- ack!" Despite the fact that Angelus threw the quaffle right to her - she fumbles it, dropping it from her hands, and trying to follow it down. She can't quite get ahead of the ball, though, so she has to simply land and retrieve it, before going back up. "Well, I was!" she laughs. "But like I said - I'll talk to him. But would it really be so horrible if you were friends? I mean, you and him don't have near as much, uhh, history as you 'n me."

Angelus lowers his gaze to follow Madeline’s path, spying Evelyn. Grinning, the youth takes a hold of the school broom and flies downward, following his housemate to the ground. “Hey, Evie,” he greets, flashing a charming smile. A heavy sigh escapes him, head drooping briefly, before he turns back to Madeline, his lips curling slightly. “Civility and kindness are good traits, but friends? It’s not going to happen. I have my friends.” He nods once, and lets out a little ‘heh.’ “But it was fun to get in a little practice, wasn’t it? You can’t tell me you didn’t enjoy flying.”

"Oh…um…hi." Evelyn offers a smiles to Angelus, as well as to Madeline. "I…I hope I'm not bothering your practice. Goodness knows that practice never hurts!" She adjusts her bookbag slightly. "How um…how is the practice coming along?"

"Alright," Madeline answers. "I'll tell him. But I think you could get on. Have a lot of fun practicing broom stuff together and the like. But if you don't want more friends, then you don't." She tosses the quaffle idly in her hand. "It was interesting. Kinda hard tossing the ball and catching it with one hand while on a broom. I wouldn't mind doing that more - but no bludgers. I really don't like bludgers. I think it'd be a lot better game, just with the quaffle, you know, or if the snitch was just used to end the game and didn't mean so many points."

Angelus grins widely as he tosses his head up proudly. “I was amazing as usual. Quite the Star, of course,” he says boldly, but glances at Madeline to give her a wink. His lips twitch lightly as he shrugs. He holds his tongue about anymore of the talk about him and Adam being friends, just shaking his head lightly and offering a grin as she continues on. “The bludgers make it thrilling. You can’t have quidditch without bludgers. But that doesn’t mean we can’t practice together more. When you get better you should try going after the snitch.” Turning his gaze to Evelyn, he tilts his head, letting out a hum. “Have you spoken to Rosen lately?”

"The uh…the bludgers are dangerous. I can understand not liking them." Evelyn offers to Madeline with a little smile. "It's um…it's good that there are people on the team who are meant to keep them away from everyone else." She offers with a little smile. To Angelus, she raises an eyebrow. "Elspeth is my good friend, yearmate, and housemate. It is…well…quite difficult for me not to speak with her on a daily basis." Yes, Angelus just got a bit of sass from his cousin.

"I don't like coming down here just to watch classmates get hurt," Madeline answers. "I don't see how that's fun." She lets out a sigh. She never will, either. "Someone gets hurt every game." At the talk about Elspeth, Madeline shushes up - and just tosses the quaffle in her hand.

Angelus shrugs easily. “It’s a sport,” he comments. He lets out a chuckle as he watches Madeline. “Is it really any more dangerous than some of things Muggles do?” He locks a curious stare at her, but then shifts his gaze onto Evelyn again as he snorts, rolling his eyes. “Well is she going to be able to come to our New Year’s party this year?”

"On the uh…on the upside, when they get hurt, they get healed up pretty quickly afterwards, right?" Evelyn shrugs ever so slightly. Glancing at Angelus, she shrugs. "We uh…we haven't discussed the New Year's party at the Eibon mansion. But it's possible. I'll um…I'll try to remember to ask her."

"Plenty more dangerous than Muggle sports," Madeline answers without hesitation. "Even Rugby! But yeah, at least we've got Madame Spleen. But they still get hurt, first. Like poor Lowe - and Erica." She was crying! Maddie doesn't like to see her friends crying. She lets out a sigh.

She glances at them both when they mention a party - but doesn't comment.

Angelus nods to Evelyn, shrugging lightly. “I can I ask Noah.” He glances to Madeline again, and he offers her a reassuring smile. “But they wouldn’t play if they didn’t have fun. But I’m going to put this back,” he lifts the broom in his hand, “and head back. That was some good flying, Evans.” He steps closer to her, reaching for his own broom.

"It's is still…well, you know, about fun. It has to be." Or people wouldn't play it, she figures. Evelyn shrugs. "I've um…I've never been one for sports." Which can be seen by the fact that she constantly has her bookbag with her while she's at school.

"I like game shooting," Madeline answers Evelyn as she hands over the broom. "But it's not a competitive sport, you know? There aren't teams. But it's fun, and I get to go tromping about in the woods with my dad."

Waving quickly to the departing Angelus, Evelyn tilts her head at Madeline. "Game…shooting? What is this shooting, and why is it a game?" Evelyn does seem to look confused. But then, she usually is, at first, regarding muggle related topics.

"Well, game doesn't just mean playing," Madeline explains cheerfully. "It can refer to wild animals that people eat. Pheasants and deer and hares and rook and such. So game shooting is when you go out with a rifle, or a bow and arrow, and you shoot them. It's important, since we don't have wolves anymore, and if we didn't shoot some of the deer and such, there'd just be too many of them."

Angelus heads into the rooms where he deposits the Silver Arrow, and shortly comes back out as he tosses his head towards the girls with a soft smile, waving his hand up. “You want to hang onto that for a while?” he asks, nodding towards the quaffle.

"That seems strange. And it sounds like it could be just as dangerous." But then, Evelyn doesn't know. She's used to magical related dangers, not muggle ones.

"Not too dangerous," Madeline answers. "Don't keep the weapons loaded, while you're walking. Make sure you know where everyone is before you shoot. Stuff like that. We've had twisted ankles and stuff like that - but that's about it. Nothing serious."

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