(1939-11-13) Higgins Honour and Moaning Daffodils
Details for Higgins Honour and Moaning Daffodils
Summary: Lara approaches Sierra for some background research on Colton.
Date: 13 November, 1939
Location: Hogwarts, Gardens
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Halloween: A Dance for Two

Sierra loves working with plants - so for any looking for her, this is as good a place to look as any. She has her hands in the dirt, carefully digging out a hole so she can transplant some gently croning daffodils she'd been growing in the green house. She smiles as she works - humming to herself, as the flower tries to sing along.

Lara enters the gardens in stride, cloak flapping around her knees. Judging by the way she looks left and right, she is actually looking for someone or something. Finally spotting the bent down figure of Sierra, her expression lightens and she walks straight over to the other girl. "Hi Sierra! Thought I'd find you out here." Looking down, she adds curiously "What are you planting this time of the year?".

"Well - it probably don't last too long," Sierra admits a bit wryly. "But this one managed to sprout out of season in the green house, and I thought we could use a bit of color out here… It's a crooning daffodil. I like them more than the honking ones. And I have some bulbs," she nods to the pile next to her, "So once I get those in the ground we'll have more in the spring." After patting the dirt in around the flower she ass curiously, "Were you looking for me?"

Lara crouches down next to Sierra, brushing the daffodils lightly and admiring their colour. Of course, they fall silent at once. She sighs. "I never had a green thumb, really. I remember how I tried to grow some myself, turned out to be rather a moaning sound in the end, rather than crooning. So creepy." Standing up again, Lara dusts off her cloak unneccessarily and - for some reason - blushes slightly. "Actually, yes, I was looking for you. I… well, I'm going to meet your brother on Saturday. You know, Hogsmeade week-end." She shrugs indifferently, but the colour of her cheeks would probably give her away.

"I bet it was. I wonder why the moaned? They probably weren't feeling entirely healthy," Sierra muses thoughtfully, before the girl mentions the date. "Oh, yeah?" she asks, an amused smile crossing her features, before she turns her attention back to her work with the unsprouted bulbs, tucking them safely into the soil. "That sounds like it'll be fun."

"Well, I just happened to have a free period and was wondering whether, you know, you could provide me with some… background information. Like, what are his favourite treats, or his favourite colours, or… something like that. He invited me to his wagon for a brunch and I have no idea what… I should prepare. I mean, it's not something I can look up in a book obviously. And I cannot just walk up and ask him, I meeean…" Lara gestures wildly for a moment, feeling as if she's just managed to make a complete fool of herself. Not for the first time.

"To the wagon? You'll have fun. He'll probably take Luskan out, so you can all go for a bit of a ride," Sierra confides, while digging her trench for the bulbs. "As for colors - well. You saw the wagon. He's a proud Gryffindor - proud as a peacock, and just as likely to preen and strut. Try not to mind it."

Lara's face turns a shade paler at the mention of Luskan, any romantic image she might have carried about the occasion shattering. "I… see. You really think that's his plan?" she stammers, agast, before pulling herself together and continuing her research. "And… does he like sweet stuff, cakes or the like, or rather something salty or spicy?"

"So Luskan can pull the wagon, sure," Sierra answers. "I mean, if you really want to see what a wagon's like - seeing it just sitting there, well, that's only half the story, isn't it?" She starts tucking bulbs into the trench she dug as she talks. "And, well, he just likes food in general. But, yeah, he like sweets. Like fudge. He can't resist fudge."

"I see." Lara nods thoughtfully, mulling over various fudge variations in her mind. "Fudge then. I should be able to manage that. And something with matching colors." She smiles, looking pleased. "Thanks a lot! Still, there is one more thing." She hesitates, watching Sierra working while making up her mind how to put this one. "You know your brother can be rather… rash… at times. No offense, but I don't think my mother would ever speak with me again if she finds out I'm about to spend my time in the wagon and the company of, well, an Irish traveller and notorious troublemaker. Alone." She can feel her cheeks burning. "You know your brother well. Do you think he's up to… something?"

Sierra blinks in surprise, then turns to stare at Lara, her eyes wide. "I would have his hide, he ever did a thing like that!" she declares fiercely. "No. Never. I mean, sure he's a troublemaker, but when a lady says no… I mean… wouldn't put it past him to want a kiss," or possibly more, "but you just tell him no, and he'll mind you," she insists.

Lara gives her one long, questioning look, then relaxes visibly. "Please don't get me wrong and please don't tell him I have come to ask you this. I don't know exactly why, but I /do/ trust him. I am quite sure he has his honour, in a way. Funny, huh?" She shakes her head, looking bemused. "I just hope my mother never finds out, or she'll have /my/ hides, no matter what!"

"He does," Sierra responds firmly. Then she smiles with sympathy before adding, "'n I understand, believe me. It ain't just my mother. My brothers would give me a piece of their minds if I were alone with a guy, ever. But it's okay for them to be alone with a girl." She lets out a sigh. "That's just the way of it, though, I suppose. And it's really not such a bother."

"True. It makes you wonder who actually defines what is proper and decent. Funny also, how it differs even between wizarding and muggle world. Knowing both worlds can be rather enlightening at times." Lara agrees. "And as much as I am missing my brother, I would go crazy if he'd be around all the time. He can be rather over-protective…" She gives Sierra an almost pitiful look, before glancing up at the sky. "I probably need to go. It's getting late and I still need some practice with Charms for tomorrow's class."

"Colton's protective, but I like having him here," Sierra says fiercely. "We're a good pair. I'm glad he stayed for NEWTs - I'm gonna miss him next year. I wish I didn't have to stay one more year." She lets out a sigh, then smiles at Lara. "You'll be safe with Colton, though. He'll always treat you right. And if he doesn't, I'll make him pay for it. No worries there. Good luck with your charms."

Lara's face takes on a sad look. "I gonna miss him, too. I know it must sound funny to you since I have virtually ignored him most of the time, but…" She shrugs helplessly. "He scared me with his carefree ways. Still, I wish I had at least tried to know him better, earlier. You know, he actually /asked/ me out a year ago, already. But I was… just snobbish, I suppose. This time, I must not mess it up." She watches the daffodils quietly. They still refuse to make a sound. Lara crouches down beside the flowers again, reaching out her hands apologetically. "You want to hear the full story of the moaning daffodil?"

"Colton's harmless - unless you've done something to earn it. Then you gotta watch out," Sierra answers with amusement. "I'd be interested to hear the story," she responds, before adding, "…you do know, he won't ever give up the travelling life. It's in our blood. It's who we are."

Lara nods. "I suppose he will. We all don't know what the future might bring, even in times of peace. For once, I just want to do what I /feel/ is right." Her eyes still linger on the daffodils. "I was a little child and my mother had planted some in our garden. Oblivious of consequences, I plucked the most beautiful one, admiring its colour and sweet humming. Before I knew, it started moaning heartwrenchingly and the others picked up the sound. I was /so/ scared I just ran and didn't enter the garden for a long while after that." She shakes her head, smiling sadly down at the daffodils. They continue to greet her with ominous silence. "Don't worry. I know I cannot make him mine. He'll always be on the road, always searching. Like you said, it's who he is. It's what… I like about him."

Sierra lets out an understanding ah. "That would do it," she agrees. She gives Lara a considering look before adding, "You could join him on the road. He'd have you along for the journey, I'm sure. Just don't want you going into this thinking you'll cure him of the wanderlust. But you ought do what feels right."

Lara gets to her feet again, dusting off her cloak and looking a bit sheepish. "Well, it's our first date, even though we spent six years together at Hogwarts. I suppose one shouldn't read too much into it yet." She nods in thanks to the other girl. "Thanks a lot, Sierra. You saved me. See you around!" With that, she turns, heading back towards the castle.

"True that," Sierra agrees, flashing Lara a smile. "I hope you both have fun!" she adds cheerfully.

Glad the other girl cannot see, Lara feels her cheeks burning as she quickly heads up to the castle.

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