(1939-11-14) Right or Wrong
Details for Right or Wrong
Summary: Elspeth finds Annie with some questions that arose from a conversation with Professor Pettigrew.
Date: 14 November 1939
Location: Hogwarts Library

It's late afternoon, classes are done and most of those headed to Hogsmeade have already left. Judging by the non-school cloak she wears when she enters, Elspeth will soon be joining them, but she's returning a couple of books first. Although it's easy enough to just go drop them in the drop off, the Ravenclaw seeks through the stacks as she goes.

Things have been much less stressful at school, for the most part, since things started getting back to the wizarding equivalent of normal. Happier students make for a happier library, in Annie's opinion, without the tension of blood purity wars. Although, there's a fair amount of whispering going on about the newest student, something that Annie and Madam Patil try to quash before it really gets going. The young Assistant Librarian is doing her afternoon task of reshelving books, using her wand to get the ones that live on the highest shelves up to their lofty perches.

"Ah, Miss Taylor," Elspeth greets when she rounds the corner. "It is being too bad that you are stuck here working on a Hogsmeade weekend… as if you are not going home to Hogsmeade every night." She smiles to the assistant librarian as she walks down the row. "It is being better not having to spend extra time keeping track of what students are being allowed to be taking out which books, is it not?"

Annie turns as Elspeth's steps bring her into view, a smile coming easily for the Ravenclaw Prefect. "Miss Rosen," she says, inclining her head by way of greeting. "I remember the excitement of the time away from school well though." There's a soft laugh, very soft because, library, and Annie nods. "It's much nicer t'just let everyone go wherever they please, and take away any books they'd like. Are yeh readjusting well t'things gettin' back t'normal?"

Elspeth grins a little and nods, ducking her head slightly. "For the most part… in some ways, it is actually being harder at times to be reminding some muggle borns that gloating is not being good manners." She shifts her shoulders. "But, I am catching up pretty quickly. The only one I was really being worried about was Herbology, because Professor Beery was not letting us near the greenhouses at all. I am thinking we are being lucky that he was being right about it blowing over soon… although sooner would have been better."

There's a sigh from the librarian, no little amount of relief in the simple breath. "It lasted too long, but we can all be thankful it's over an' we can get on with the business of learnin'." Annie gives Elspeth a curious look, "It's not too difficult, though? I'm afraid I was never the best in herbology, else I'd offer yeh some help."

Elspeth chuckles. "I am being fine. Herbology is being my best course, I was just not liking being away from the plants." She lets out a breath. "Evelyn is saying I should be thinking of being a traveling Herbologist when we are graduating. Traveling all over the world looking for rare and magical plants." She shifts again. "Professor Pettigrew was calling me in to be talking to her."

Red brows arch, interest in the blue eyes below them at this thought. "I think that's brilliant. How exciting that would be for yeh." Annie's attention shifts a moment, as a murmur and flick of her wand sends another book off to it's home. When it settles back on Elspeth, there's a question with it, "Oh? Nothing troublesome, I hope?"

"Well, not exactly?" Elspeth's voice raises slightly at the end of her answer. "Because I was being the one to be suggesting that she was taking points from Eibon, but also mentioning that the circumstances were being odd… she is thinking that I am being his friend and that I should be helping him." She furrows her brows. "She was telling me that I could be nudging Eibon along 'the right path'." She chews the inside of her cheek as she looks up to Annie. "Am I being silly in not liking that phrase, 'the right path'?"

"Eibon?" is Annie's immediate response, before she has a second to put it together. "Oh! Yeh mean that Gryffindor lad?" While Annie hasn't had terribly much interaction with the boy, he's become a touch notorious around the school lately. She pauses a moment to muse on the question, her face serious in her thoughtfulness, before she responds. "I'd think she didn't mean it t'be anything more than a suggestion yeh could be a good influence on him. If yeh want t'take it down t'pure black an' white, his involvement with the Magijugend could be called somethin' of a 'wrong path'."

Elspeth seems to relax a little as Annie clarifies. "Oh. I see." She pauses. "I was worrying that she was saying that I should be showing him that purism is being wrong, and that was bothering me." Her grip on the two books she's returning shifts. "I am not liking purism, but that is not meaning it is being wrong. If some people are not wanting to be mixing with other people, I think it is being their choice. My personal opinion is being that they are depriving themselves of knowing some good people, but it is not being wrong. If I am making sense?"

Annie nods her understanding of what the younger witch is saying. "I think it's not so much that it's about a personal choice, but more about the tryin' t'push that choice on others, an' oppressing those that don't fit that view." Her shoulders shrug slightly, "Which seemed t'me t'be a lot of what that group was all about. It's one thing t'think it personally, but it's another thing entirely t'try an' keep a group of people down because of it." She's done a lot of thinking on how the tactics of the Magijugend were ominously like those that have brought on the Muggle war.

"Oh, exactly, Miss Taylor. Which is why I was worrying when she was suggesting I should be leading someone to the right path. It is not being for me to be telling anyone that not being purist is being the right path." Teeth chew at her lip once more. "In the beginning it was being told to the students as being a club for preserving their ideas, keeping their way of life to being pure… I am believing Eibon and Calista Flint when they are saying that this was not being what they were expecting when they were signing up. I think some magijugends were not pushing their authority around… but there were being enough that were being bullies that it was not making a difference. Anyways… thank you for clearing that up for me."

"Merlin knows, I always try t'be helpful, Miss Rosen," Annie says with her smile back in place. "Even if I'm not always, the intent is there." Another book is settled into it's place on the shelf, this time by hand since it's a low enough shelf, before Annie changes the topic entirely. "Oh!" she says, as something occurs to her, "I'll be away from the cottage this weekend. Since it's a weekend out for yeh, if yeh'd like t'spend some time there, have a bit of a quiet spot away from school, please feel free." With a gentle tease she adds, "Mind yeh don't have any big parties, an' leave it th'way yeh found it." She knows that of any students she might allow such access, Elspeth is likely the last that would think to have an unsupervised party there.

Elspeth's eyes light up at the offer. "Are you being sure, Miss Taylor?" She brings herself up short as she realizes that her voice is approaching a volume unseemly for the library. She almost rocks forward on her toes, but restrains herself. "That would be famous, Miss Taylor. I would be loving to have a quiet place where I can be … I could just be taking a nap on the sofa and not be worrying that anyone is going to be disrupting me! And I promise to be taking me shoes off, first."

Annie can tell by the girl's quick stop that there's no need to caution her on volume, and sure enough, her voice is low again when Elspeth goes on. There's a soft laugh as Annie says, "Of course I'm sure. Help yerself t'anythin', it'd be best for yeh t'eat than for anything t'go off while I'm away." Sure, it'll only be for a weekend, but better to be safe and put food to good use. "Spend as much time as yeh like, just mind curfew."

"Yes, Miss Taylor. I promise I will be minding curfew," the Ravenclaw replies. "I am not being able to tell you how wonderful this is being. I am thinking Evelyn would be liking the peace, too. She is never liking lots of people around… I promise we will be taking good care of your cottage. You are going to traveling safely, yes?"

There's a nod for the question, the girl's concern thoughtful and appreciated. "As safe as houses," Annie says. "After all the strain here, now that things are settling it'll be a lovely short trip t'the seaside with a friend, an' I'm in best hands with him." She can't help a glance down at her hands, her eyes settling for a moment on the ring around a finger on the left, before she goes on. "Invite some friends," she says, thoughts returning to the cottage. "I trust that yeh'll leave the place as good as yeh found it. Perhaps even better."

Elspeth can't help following the glance of Annie's eyes, and her own widen. "Oh, Miss Taylor, is that -?" She trails off, then looks back up to the young woman's eyes. "How have I not been noticing.. how long have you been having..?" None of her questions to be able to finish themselves before another one is interrupting.

There's a bit of a sheepish look to Annie's face as Elspeth notices the ring, and the Assistant Librarian nods her head. "A couple weeks. An' of course yeh've not noticed, with the right kerfuffle everything was, an' gettin' settled back into classes properly." She certainly understands it especially from a fellow Ravenclaw, how being given leave to hit the books again as she should would occupy her mind above anything. And Annie didn't make any fuss about it.

"I know, but you are being a friend, and being so helpful, I should have been noticing." Elspeth pauses, then smiles. "When you are coming back, you are needing to tell me everything, what his name is being, what he is doing, how you were meeting…" she reaches out a hand to squeeze one of Annie's. "I really am wanting to be hearing all about him, when we are having time to be talking about it properly."

Annie gives a return squeeze to the girl's hand, "We'll make some time for tea soon, now that we don't have t'be sneakin' around because of the Headmaster. I'll tell yeh every little thing yeh want t'know, I promise. For now though," she says, releasing Elspeth's hand, "Yeh've a Hogsmeade weekend t'get a start on. Th' cottage is all yours t'morrow an' Sunday, an' I hope yeh have a lovely time of it."

Elspeth nods as she lets go of Annie's hand, her smile having something a little tense about it as she acknowledges that they can have tea without a worry. "Thank you, Miss Taylor. I will be, I am sure you will be having a lovely weekend with your fella." She actually gives a little wink, then backs off and turns, heading up to the front desk to drop of the books in the proper place before she practically skips out of the library and off to her Hogsmeade weekend.

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