(1939-11-16) Not So Fairy-Tale Engagement
Details for Not So Fairy-Tale Engagement
Summary: Bannon tries again to propose to Camilla.
Date: November 16th 1939
Location: Hogsmeade - Fawley Farmhouse

It is a fall night. The weather is freezing and drizzling.

Fawley Family Farmhouse
Inside of the farmhouse it looks bigger inside than it did from the outside. The entirety of the house is hardwood flooring that's lacquered thickly for ease in clean up. Where there aren't cages, kennels and other more mundane furniture the molding around the ceiling and flood and around the chair line dividing the walls in two is the same wood as the floor. Depending on the room each wall is papered and painted differently. Above the chair rail is the more decorative patterned wall paper with the background color used in a thick hardy (easily cleaned) layer of paint below the chair rail.
A stairwell leads upstairs and also down to a cellar right in front of the Front Door. The stairs also act like a wall between the two sides of the house, on one side of the stairs is a very large living room. Mounted in one wall in the living room from floor to ceiling is an aquarium that is void of water and fish, it is a place for reptiles. Warm lamps shine down from above and it's filled with many smooth logs and nooks and crannies for anything cold blooded to rest and hide.
Within the cellar is locations for the more nocturnal and light sensitive animals to stay. Not to mention it acts like a storage area and wine and root cellar. Also in the cellar is a thick wall and door of reinforced glass that is the anti chamber into a medical facility. The lab is the only sign of modern times as the rest of the house with it's 6 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, and 2 offices and studies are all decorated in a very medieval whimsical fantastical design.

Things have been… quiet since the proposal. It's not out of dislike, more that she's giving him the oppertunity to have his space and figure out what he really wants and if that includes the Farm, and her. There has been a rise in warmth from her after she learned he was on the force that de-throned Flint and so when she learned he wanted to stay to be close to the Campus she was delighted to have him. That red banded derby hanging on the coat tree by the door always makes her smile, the farm always feels all the more safe when that hat is hanging there. Bannon is left to sleep in a bit, but at 8:30 am when all of the animals are taken care of since 4 am. But as that time arrives Cami leans over the banister at the base of the stairs and calls up. "Bannon, breakfast!"

"I shall be there in but two shakes of a lamb's tail." Bannon calls down after her. His shirt is smoothed, the final button done up, and his tie knotted up and aligned neatly. With his hair combed just so, he finally descends the stairs and makes his way to the dining room. He smiles softly. "It all smells delicious." He comments, taking his seat at the table.

Camilla smiles warmly over to him. She's taken a shower to clean up after morning chores so her hair is natural and down in their tight black ringlets that still have a bit of a dewy sparkle here and there. "I'm glad you think so, I was worried that the bacon went a touch black while I was multi-tasking." The large plate of a farmhouse breakfast is brought over and laid down for him. "Sleep well?" while she's leaned over she gives his cheek a 'good morning' kiss.

"There is nothing wrong with a touch of extra crispiness to bacon. It adds…distinction to the bacon, like it has jumped from the frying pan and into the fire. Only, I suppose, the fire that is our stomachs become rather quite grateful, in the end." Bannon offers with a glint of amusement in his eye. There's a hint of a smile as she pecks him on the cheek. "Mm, yes. Quite so. As well as can be expected. Though I suspect there is but few amongst aurors who know a true full night of sleep. But being with those you care about is sure to help with that." He says with a glance up at Camilla. He has yet to touch his food, seeming as though he's waiting on Camilla to sit with her food before starting on his own.

Camilla gives his shoulder a little squeeze. "We should maybe make this a tradition. You taking Hogsmeade weekends off to be around here. Worthington might be amicable to let an old war horse like you go to pasture four days out of the month, surely?" The top of his head is petted, raking her fingers through his hair before she heads back into the kitchen to clean up. "Eat up. I'll join you for tea." Once he's finished eating. She at at near 4 AM before she headed out to do chores.

"I suppose it might it would not do any harm to ask him." Bannon agrees, considering the suggestion. "I suppose he could always send word should he require or desire my presence for a particular case or situation." And it would give him more time with both Camilla and Josie, which is really the bottom line. "I shall attempt to speak with him in the near future about the possibility." At her insistance, he does begin to eat, slowly but surely. "Oh, I wanted to ask about the next full moon. How are you equipped for assistance during the next full moon? Do you require any additional hands about?" It never hurts to be cautions, he figures.

Camilla smiles softly. When they first met he probably would be aghast to ask Worthington for some time off. This rather pliant willingness to even consider it makes her very happy and there's more bounce in her step as she continues to clean up. "December 5th? We are usually fine. I spend most of the time all foxied out. So they stay rather calm after they've eatten and stopped being upset about being caged. Dem also helps keep them in line. I think after all of these years even the wolf knows they best be on their best behavior or the Fox is going to make them rue the day. Why? Were you wanting to come and take a look around? We'd have to get the paperwork in. You know how long that all takes getting put through."

"Oh…well…I just thought…well, I've not been around for it, previously. And I just, well, I just thought that, since I get to see you work with other creatures on occasion, why not the werewolves? But, if you've enough help on hand, I could be more of a burden than a help. I wouldn't dare think of getting in the way." Finishing off the food on his plate, he stands up and takes it to the kitchen. "I'm surprised an auror would need special permission to be allowed around during such a time, however. Arguably, we're generally now experts in creatures and beings, but we're quite accustomed to things that go bump in the night, and we're better equipped than most to defend ourselves. But, if that's what it takes, and if there is a time when I would not be cumbersome, I would be more than happy to take care of the paperwork personally."

Camilla smiles softly, she's clearly happy that he wants to spend more time with her. "That's just it honey. You're sort are busy chasing after the unregistered keeping the woods and streets safe. My job is to warden over the responsible few and make sure they stay responsible and within the centre." She even takes a break from cooking to go over to him and wrap her arms around his shoulders from behind to give him a light hug. "It's more to do with the privacy and safety of my clients. I wouldn't want them to feel threatened with an Auror around. They would be understandably edgy. No?" She gives him a little squeeze. "If you want to be there as my guest however, I would like the company. Of course you'll also have to stay out of sight. I run a nice calm ship." She's aware that other containment centers are run much more…violently. It makes her sad, but not everyone has the luxury of being able to turn into an animal and not be meal time through a werewolfs eyes. So she gets to see and run her operation as she deems fit.

Reaching up a hand to rest on one of hers, Bannon smiles gently. "Perhaps…even if I must stay amid the shadow, it could be a welcomed respite. Certainly, I would not wish for harm to come to those around the British Isles when I am fully capable of protecting them, but I see no harm in my spending some extra time here. Perhaps, however, I could persuade Chief Worthington to allow me to be stationed here upon the next full moon. While I would spend time here, where the werewolves spend the night, I would monitor the area at regular intervals, should any issues arise for the surrounding community."

Camilla pets his hair back and kisses the top of his head, she's feeling rather affectionate again! She's always been very tactile and lovey with him. It's the fact that there's usually a bit of a wall put up by him and the affection is not exactly instigated by him is where things get awkward for her. "It would be nice to have you here. You know… not now of course, but Clarity is going to have to retire sooner or later." She slides away from behind him to plop down into the chair next to his. "Would you ever consider being a Magistrate?"

"Magistrate Hawkins is a formidable presence. When she does decide to step down from her position, the one who follows would certainly fall under that shadow." Bannon furrows his brow in a thoughtful manner, giving some serious thought to the question put forth by Camilla. "To envisage myself in such a task, I believe it would be fulfilling, regardless of the how difficult it shall be to replace Magistrate Hawkins, when she does finally retire her position." His gaze considers Camilla for for a good moment before he speaks again. Reaching out his hand to hold hers, he says, "Above all else, it would allow me more time to be here, with you." He takes a deep breath in and lets it out slowly. "That, my dear Camilla, is truly a gift more valuable than anything else I could imagine."

Camilla gives soft little sign when he talks so sweetly to her. She squeezes his hand in hers and lifts it up to press her cheek against it. "Are you sure? You love the city, you love being an Auror, you love the danger, the late nights home, or the home not at all… I don't want you to clip your wings, not for me. For Josie, maybe, but not for me. You probably deserve someone more accustomed to the life style." And you know, not someone that's also harboring feelings for a werewolf. But he knows that part already.

"Do you know what I love, more than all of that? Aside from Josie." Bannon is sure that, at the question, Camilla may think of Josie. "I love you. Those I love are the reason my wings work at all." Standing once again from the table, he looks at Camilla and smiles ever so gently. "Wait here for just a moment. I shan't be long." He hurries back upstairs, where his shuffling can be heard.
It's a few minutes before he finally returns, this time with a little square box in hand. Kneeling, Bannon looks up at Camilla. "Camilla Kharna Kwaito-Fawley." He gives emphasis to each of her names, as if each one is of equal importance to him. "I have loved you for some time. Each day you are in my thoughts, and each day my heart grows more and more fond. You are kind. You are generous. You are caring. You are patient. You are the most beautiful woman I know. Would you do me the honour of being my wife?" On his last words, he opens up the little box to show a silver ring with a blue sapphire in the centre with an intricate floral design on either side, descending half way down the ring.

Camilla fidgets nervously when she's left alone, she has a feeling about what he's going to go do. His plate is all cleaned up by the time he's returned and she's standing in the archway to the dining room from the living room when he meets up with her again. She's going a bit pale as he's getting down on one knee. She gasps a touch at the sight of the ring and she takes a deep breath. "You do…you still do even though…" She's in love with a werewolf! "…I don't want to hurt you Bannon. I love you too. You are such an amazing man, you take such good care of Josie and what you did for Hogwarts." As far as she's concerned it was all him, Rena who? "I just can't bare the thought of hurting you." It is rather plain that the usually zen woman is still in a battle with her feelings. "I don't want to hurt him either… I just don't know what to do." She whispers and sounds quite choked up. She gives his hand a little tug and tries to get him standing so she can plant herself in his arms and just hug and hold him against her utterly lost and confused.

"I have wanted to since the first time I asked. My feelings for you have never been in doubt. Never. You said, initially, you needed time to think. And I do respect that. I do." Bannon takes a deep breath in and lets it out slowly. For the moment, he stays kneeling, the ring box open in one hand, while he takes one of Camilla's in his free hand. "I love you. And…" Here's the moment where he truly has to be cautious with his words. He doesn't want there to be any confusion, but he doesn't want there to be any offence either. "I want you to be happy. I would hope that being married to me would make you happy." He kisses her hand softly. "And if he truly cares for you as well, he would want you to be happy, whether that means with him, or with someone else. As long as you were happy. I feel very much that way. I want nothing but the best for you. I want for you what would make you happiest."

If she can't get him up to her level, she'll kneel down in front of him anr wrap her arms around his neck. "You do make me happy. You do! You'd make such a good husband. I'm sorry Bannon, I'm just so confused and afraid. But I do love you. I would be honored to be your wife. It's just such a big step and I don't want to hurt anyone." She sniffles and then tilts her head in to try to kiss him. "I want a family, I want kids, I want to be happy… do you?" She swallows and stands up again and her hand is still in his. "Do you want to have more kids?" They've never really actually talked about this sort of thing. It seems to be the one last question she has for him before she'll finally FINALLY answer.

Listening intently, Bannon takes in all that Camilla has to say. When she moves in to kiss him, he doesn't move away, but rather leans in ever so slightly, kissing her in return. "Camilla Kharna Kwaito-Fawley." He recites her name again, slowly, as he looks up at her. "I love you from the depths of my soul." With a small smile, he answers the question, "I would love to start a family with you. I would love for our family to grow." There's a pause before he asks again, "Will you marry me?"

Camilla takes a huge huge breath in and is a bit antsy about in her own skin. One more breath is sucked in through her nose and she nods. Cami is not a big crier, it takes quite a lot to knock her out of zen mode. But she's crying and nodding all at the same time. The hand in his squeezing tightly, damn those are some strong fingers. "Okay. Yes. mmmM!"

It takes a brief moment for Bannon to realize that she finally said yes. But when when he does, his face brightens up. Finally, he stands, and wraps his arms around Camilla in hug. When finally the hug is broken, he gives her a kiss and removes a handkerchief from a pocket, using it to dab the tears from he cheeks. Only then, will he, at her allowance, take the ring out of the box and place it gently on her left ring finger.

Camilla wills her hand to stop shaking so that he can put the ring on her finger. There is a few times where there might have been moments where it seemed like she was going to pull her hand away and chicken out before the ring got competely on her finger. However it finally works its way up to the last knuckle and she sighs out, "It's beautiful."

"I'm glad you like it." Bannon murmurs softly. "I love you so much." He tells her quietly. "Well now…I suppose…Josie should be one of the first to know, shouldn't she?" He hadn't even considered the next steps after the acceptance of his proposal.

Camilla nods and looks up from the ring that she tumbles around on her finger with her thumb, getting used to it. "I hope you won't be upset that I can't wear it all that much. It's too precious." She doesn't want muck to get in the setting! "Josie should be here. Would you like to make sure it's alright with her before?"

A tiny grin can be seen barely hiding underneath Bannon's mustache. "Well, I suppose when you're working with the animals, especially those hoarding owls, it is most certainly understandable." At the mention of making sure Josie is fine with all this, he furrows his brow. "I suppose you're right. I should speak with her. I'm sure she'll be happy, but you never know." Who knew there'd be so much to this 'Fathering' business? "I shall speak with her alone, briefly, and we can carry on from there." He gives her a smile. "Now, I suppose we've some animals to care for, hmm?" He says as he starts rolling up his sleeves. If he's going to be marrying her, he should start learning how to carry his own weight around the farm.

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