(1939-11-16) Serious Questions
Details for Serious Questions
Summary: As Josie and Bannon reunite on a Hogsmeade weekend, each has a serious question for the other.
Date: November 16th, 1939
Location: Fawley Farmhouse
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It's late morning, and the farm work is definitely in full swing. While Bannon attempted to help for a short while, it is apparent that his skill in any sort of farm or animal work is sincerely lacking. He was promptly shooed off before he became an impediment to the work. Presently he is in the living area reading the Daily Prophet.

Rather than rushing off to candy and butterbeer like the other kids from school, Josie's come home to the farm, diving in to help as soon as she arrives. Now, finally, chores are done and she comes in the front door. Her clothes are a little bloody, so she likely just came from feeding the Thestrals. Spotting Bannon as she comes inside, she smiles happily, "Hi!"

"Hmm?" Bannon looks up and toward the door, smiling ever so slightly. "Ah, Josie. Hello." Closing the paper and folding it on his lap, he clears his throat. "I'm glad you're here today." Taking a deep breath in, he says, "There's something I'd like to speak to you about, once you've got a moment."

Josie blinks at that, looking suddenly a little worried. "What? Flint isn't trying to get back at you and everybody over what happened, is he?" She steps into the living area, standing near Bannon.

Chuckling softly, Bannon shakes his head. "No, no. Nothing quite so dire. I do not think Mr. Flint shall be of concern to us ever again. This is…this is something quite different." He glances at the blood on Josie's clothes. "Working with the Thestrals a little bit today?"

Josie lets out a breath of relief, and smiles, "Good." Then she nods quickly, "I wish people weren't so scared of them, they're really nice animals. Well, the ones here are anyway. I know wild animals are, well, wild."

"Smart too, as I'm told." Bannon adds to the topic. "Have a seat." He says finally. "Please?" Of course, manners always have their place. "As much as I could listen all day to talk about the animals, there is another matter I'd like to discuss with you."

Josie nods again in agreement, smiling still. She starts to say more, but then nods and sits down, looking curious now but no longer worried. "Something I wanna ask you too, but you go first."

"If you've got a question, you may ask it." Bannon looks equally as curious, once Josie tells him that she has a question for him. "Perhaps it would be advantageous…it would be good if you asked me first. We can discuss my topic afterwards."

Josie bites her lip and nods a little, suddenly a little more shy. "Well, alright. I was thinking… Camilla's name is Kwaito-Fawley. That's showing her mother and her father's name, right? I started school as Davies because I didn't know you were my dad. But I've got you now, and I'm tired of people being surprised you're my dad. So.. could I get my name changed to Davies-Bates?"

Nodding along to the point about Camilla's name, Bannon listens silently. Once her question is asked, he almost looks taken aback. His surprise, however, quickly changes to one of happiness. "Of course! I would be honoured if my surname were added to yours. And of course I shall assist you in filing the necessary forms required to make such a change."

Josie gives a relieved and very happy smile at Bannon's reaction to her request, "Thank you." Sitting back a little in her seat as the momentary nerves at asking the question leave her, she asks, "What did you want to talk about?"

It's now Bannon's turn to be nervous. Finally putting the folded newspaper to the side, he looks at Josie straight on. "I know that…" He frowns, thinking through his words carefully. "Camilla has been like a mother to you. The farm, a home." He starts off slowly. "I care deeply, about both of you. And I love you both more than words can describe." He one last deep breath in before continuing. "How would you feel if I were to ask for Camilla's hand in marriage?"

Josie blinks, but then gives a big grin, sitting up straight. "I'd feel it's about time! That'd be brilliant! I know she'd say yes, she loves you too, lots, and has a long time."

There's an obvious look of relief on Bannon's face. "I've got an admission to make." He smiles a little bit. "I've asked her. Earlier this morning. I wished to make sure that you wouldn't be dismayed at the thought. But the fact that you approve…it does mean a lot to me, as I'm sure it shall to Camilla. We're already a family, I know, but this will just…I suppose, make it official?" He says as the smile starts to get bigger.

Josie smiles happily and, in her excitement, forgets her dirty clothes and jumps up and moves to hug Bannon. "This is the best news I ever heard!"

Chuckling, Bannon returns his daughter's hug. "I'm so glad. I really am." Once the hug is broken, he ponders for a moment before talking. "Of course, we shall have to celebrate. A feast? No…that might be too much, perhaps? We'll decide on something!"

Josie shakes her head, "Camilla'd want to help make a feast, and that's too much work, she should be celebrating too. Unless.. we could go to a restaurant. If we can afford it. Do we have any muggle money?"

"We can afford a restaurant." Bannon says with a quick nod of his head. "And I've access to muggle money. Though if more is needed, I believe it may be possible to exchange money at Gringotts for muggle money." His raises an eyebrow. "While either of us are certainly more than comfortable with muggle society and restaurants, is there a reason we might select a muggle establishment over an establishment in the magical community?"

Josie blinks, "Oh, we have restaurants? I knew we had stuff like inns, like the Leaky Cauldron, but that's not the same. It's just where you go to eat, not where you go to… to celebrate. To get food you can't normally get."

"Indeed we do. Wander the alleys behind the Leaky Cauldron enough and you can find them all." Bannon informs her. "Well, of course, not Knockturn Alley. But the others. There are certainly some respectable establishments. However, if there is a muggle restaurant that you would like to name, we can certainly take it into consideration." Granted, he knows some of the fancier ones in London, but he hasn't been to many of them in a while.

Josie smiles, "Brilliant. Any of them have Italian food?" Then she shakes her head, "I don't know any specific ones… well, I do, but they're in Hoxton and the area around it. And the ones I know are usually used by gangs a lot. I only ever got to see restaurants to spy on the Italians… 'cause I was one of the only ones in the Shore gang who could speak Italian."

"Well, I shall certainly make enquiries regarding the serving of Italian cuisine at said restaurants." Bannon nods, filing that information away in his mind for later. "Ah, yes. The rapscallions." He tilts his head. "Well, perhaps it is wise to stay away from them, yes? Better to be safe." Though they probably wouldn't come to any harm. "One way or another, we shall have a marvellous celebratory feast. Perhaps during the holidays, when we needn't request permission to escort your away from Hogsmeade?"

Josie nods quickly and smiles, "Yeah, better be safe." Then she nods again, grinning, "The holidays would be perfect. This will be a brilliant Christmas."

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