(1939-11-17) Intervention
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Summary: Professor Pettigrew attempts to steer Angelus onto a better path.
Date: 17 November, 1939
Location: Transfiguration Professor's Office
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After inviting Madeline and Elspeth to her office after dinner, Professor Pettigrew departed to personally track down Angelus and bring him back for a chat. She's been warm and cheery about the whole thing, though hasn't been terribly specific about what she wants to chat about, deflecting inquiries with rapid-fire subject changes about current events, the weather, something amusing a painting is doing, and so on.

When Enid opens the door to her office, revealing Madeline and Elspeth within, she places a hand at Angelus's back, gently coaxing him forward. "Go on in and take a seat, Angelus. These young ladies have been gracious enough to lend themselves to us."

When Madeline and Elspeth are left alone in the office, Madeline sits and fidgets for a while - then gets to her feet and starts to wander around the room. She can't help herself. Professor Pettigrew has so much neat stuff! She stands tiptoe to run a finger cautiously over the red and black mask, then heads over to the skeleton, to peer at it from every angle. "…I kinda wanna try drawing this," she remarks, grinning at Elspeth.

When the door opens again, she turns towards it, looking a little guilty for having been 'snooping' at all the things - but she promptly covers for it with a bright smile.

As Madeline wanders, Elspeth sits, her hands folded over her lap. She has an idea what's coming, and sits calmly, waiting. When the younger girl mentions the mask, she gives a nod. "You should be trying it, then," she encourages lightly. She half turns when the door opens, keeping one eye on Maddie as well as seeing if her suspicious are confirmed.

In the presence of the professor, as with any adult, really, Angelus is proper and well-mannered. And talkative - though once his question about what's up is diverted he no longer asks. When he steps into her office, wearing a smile faintly against his lips, his royal blue eyes flick curiously around the room. He offers a nod to both Madeline and Elspeth, and then another in acknowledgement to Professor Pettigrew. Before he sits he looks up to Enid. "Oh, I don't think I've mentioned yet, ma'am. Congratulations on your new position." He dips his head politely before he sits himself in a seat next to where Elspeth is sitting.

Enid steps around the chairs set out for the students, and hops up to sit on the edge of her desk, facing the children. "Thank you, Angelus. It's been a joy. It takes me back to my days as a young Gryffindor, oh, about a thousand years ago." She winks at the three of them. "Now, my little chickpea, we are here because these ladies came to me with some worries for you. Honestly, I was rather touched at their concern. Apparently there was some recent incident involving a Leg-Locker Curse? Or perhaps no curse at all? Angelus, why don't you tell me exactly what happened."

Angelus blinks, letting out a little 'heh' to Enid's joke. A flicker of amusement twitches against his lips as he considers before he glances towards Madeline and to Elspeth. "Oh, yes," the youth murmurs out, releasing a sigh as it comes down to the reason he is here. He glances down to study his hands on his lap, shifting almost shamefully in his seat. He lets out a short, quiet chuckle as he lifts his head. "That seems like such a long time ago, ma'am." Even if it isn't really. He tilts his head, looking over to Madeline with a brief smile. "Since Evans and I have sorted things out I've almost forgotten… Evans, do you remember why we were upset with each other?"

"Because you were gonna tell Malfoy about me spying on the Magijugend for Re- Auror Odori?" Madeline answers in a wry voice. "Professor Pettigrew already knows about that," she tells him, shrugging her shoulders. "'cuz I was worried you were gonna make trouble, but then you didn't. Thanks, by the way."

At the mention of her being converned, Elspeth gives something of a pained smile towards Angelus, but she nods her head in a polite greeting. However, she's currently relieved of having to join the conversation by his direction of question to Madeleine, so she remains silent in her seat, hands still folded in her lap. She tries, and manages, not to raise her eyebrows too much when the big secret is revealed.

"Good of you, Angelus. House loyalty is an admirable trait, as is Gryffindor honour." Enid smiles maternally to both of her Gryffindors. "But I still haven't heard your accounting of the story, Mister Eibon. If you would, explain to me what happened."

Angelus locks his gaze on Madeline as she responds. A little frown curves at his lips, and his teeth bite down lightly against his lip as he thinks. "Oh, thank you for triggering my memory, Evans." He dips his head, offers the second year a little smile, and then lets out a sigh as he shakes his head. "Well that would be untrue, but if I gave that impression to you, that would explain a little bit. Sorry." He drags his gaze back to the professor. "I was playing exploding snaps with Celes when Miss Evans and Mister Malfoy passed by. Malfoy didn't stay long, but long enough to exchange a few words." His chin lifts a little as he recounts what might or might not have happened. "I regret that I wasn't the politest to Evans at the time. I said a few things I shouldn't have - I can't recall exactly what - but Celes stormed out and I would have followed her if Evans hadn't stopped me.

"I don't think neither of us intended to hurt the other. We tend to do that, misunderstand one another. But I did make her…" He falters for a moment as he stumbles with saying the word 'cry' and instead finishes with, "upset. So I sought out Miss Rosen to confess to her." He pauses briefly, looking over to Elspeth briefly before he lets out a sigh. "And made up a little story about taking out my wand because I thought if I was disciplined for casting magic I'd get what I deserved." He fixes his blue eyes on his hands again, but lips twisting lightly, he forces himself to lift his head and look at Enid.

"Well - it's not like I thought you were gonna follow him and tell him right then and there, but…" Madeline shrugs her shoulders and lets out a quiet sigh. He'd still very much unnerved her. "We do argue a lot," she admits to Professor Pettigrew. "I try not to, but…"

Still managing to stay out of the direct line of questioning, Elspeth remains quiet, looking at the edge of the professor's desk straight in front of her chair, not where the professor is actually sitting. She listens to the pieces of the tale she heard separately coming together in yet another configuration, but doesn't comment at all.

"Thank you for being honest with me, Angelus." Enid hops down from her desk. "I'm so sorry. Would anyone care for tea? Coffee?" She shuffles over to a little stove where she keeps such libations warm. "As for argument, Madeline…who doesn't? But why argue unless you actually care what the other thinks? Conflict is a part of life, and sometimes it can even be healthy. But it can go too far, as I think everyone at Hogwarts can attest to." Enid leaps right to her next point without taking a breath. "Angelus, why do you feel you deserved to be punished? Forgive me, but I find it difficult to believe you equate making a few girls upset with the sort of punishment and scorn that would come with casting a Leg-Locker Curse upon a housemate."

When the beverages are offered Angelus shakes his head in response. "No, thank you, ma'am," he says politely. He glances to Madeline for only a second before he returns his eyes to the professor. His gaze locks on her as she speaks, considering her words as she speaks and cocking his head lightly. He doesn't comment on it since it wasn't addressed to just him, but the youth does nod his head in acknowledgement as it gives him something to think about. At the question, the boy shifts uneasily and draws in a breath. How does he explain himself so that she understands? He frowns down at his hands for a moment, steals a glance from Madeline, and then says as he looks up to Enid, "Ma'am, I've been terrible to Evans practically since we came back from the summer. I should have been guiding my younger housemates and taking care of them - and I didn't because I was afraid of angering…" He trails off instead of saying the former Headmaster's name, and glancing down again as he lifts to chew lightly on his thumb.

"Tea, please, ma'am!" Madeline answers promptly - rather than going into the coffee thing again. "I gues that's true," she adds thoughtfully when Enid talks about arguing. "But my mum doesn't like it when I argue with folks. It's poor manners. I try not to - but I make mistakes sometimes. 'specially if I get upset."

She looks towards Angelus as she speaks, watching him talk before offering quietly, "I don't really want anyone to punished, you know. I just want things to go back to being… alright again."

Enid sips at her own cup of tea, her feline eyes darting between the students. In particular, she notes Madeline's reaction to Angelus's confession. "I think Miss Evans is the one you should be explaining yourself to, Angelus. And, perhaps, an apology to Miss Rosen for attempting to misuse her position as a Prefect would not go unappreciated?"

Angelus' lips give a little flicker as he glances to Madeline again. He nods his head slowly. "Yes, we've spoken. My apologies," he says as he lifts a brow, trailing his gaze back to Enid, "only make her uncomfortable, ma'am. We've decided that we'd try harder to keep a civil tongue between us." He manages a little smile. Then he nods, and he glances towards Elspeth. He studies her for a moment, trying his hardest to gauge Elspeth. He never could understand her very well. "Miss Rosen," he says as he dips his head to her, "I am sorry that I brought you into the mess."

"Yeah. He has apologized… a few times. For different stuff," Madeline admits. She shifts uneasily before adding quietly, "But apologies don't mean much when someone keeps acting, umm, poorly. Right? So… so, 'stead of apologies, I just want to try to get on, and not fight anymore. It's working so far, I think."

At the terminology of misuse of her position, Elspeth tilts her head to the side for a moment, then glances up to the Professor. She hadn't quite thought of it that way before, and for the slightest moment her eyes narrow and her lips curl in on themselves. But it's brief, there for a second, then she closes her eyes. When she opens them, the looks is gone, melting away into the calm, serene, countenance she's cultivated over the past year. She waits patiently for her turn of Angelus speaking to her. She turns to look at him, that calm meeting his study, and she inclines her head. "It is being past, Master Eibon, There are no worries," she replies easily, even slightly curling her lips into a rueful grin.

Enid smiles proudly at the students as she brings Madeline her tea. "That's good, sweetlings. That's progress." Addressing the Gryffindors again, she continues, "Lions will fight. We are fierce, and sometimes too bold for our own good. But we must also remember that we are one pride, and that pride is also part of something even bigger. Angelus, if you're feeling that you deserve punishment, perhaps instead try for reparation. Do you know what that means? It's a fancy way of saying, 'to make amends'. Losing more house points will only anger your fellows. But, choosing to help those you've hurt, especially when it gains you nothing, that might show others that you're trying to change things."

Angelus' blue eyes rest on Elspeth as he watches her speak in turn. He nods his head, but with nothing else to say he looks back to Enid. Watching the professor as she speaks, the youth nods his head in acknowledgement. He's extremely grateful that she ends up explaining what reparation means, because although it was just a curve of his lips the word was lost on him until she carries on. "Yes, ma'am," he intones.

Madeline nods in agreement. "Punishment still won't fix anything," she agrees (perhaps a touch more firmly than she needs to). She covers for this by looking down at her cup and drinking deeply from her tea. When she's finished, she's eager to beat a retreat from the room. Setting the cup down, she pops to her feet. "Thank you for seeing us, Professor Pettigrew. And, umm, for the tea. It's real nice!" She starts towards the door - and will soon part ways from the other two students.

There really doesn't need to be anymore punishment.

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