(1939-11-17) The Foreign Student
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Summary: This is largely a Communications Log, featuring the IC actions taken following Rena's chat with Maddie at the gates of Hogwarts.
Date: 1939/11/17
Location: Lee Cottage; Hogwarts; M.L.E.
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OOC NOTE: This is an experimental log created for the purpose of showing alternate means of getting things done ICly outside of actual RP. People's schedules don't always mesh; there are so many hours in a day/week; and Staff NPC's are generally only brought out when absolutely necessary. But, as I hope this log demonstrates, that does not mean that nothing can be done. A good deal can be accomplished by using +Mail for IC messages, and +request.

Following the events at the Gates of Hogwarts (see log) Auror Odori decided to return to her cottage in Hogsmeade to sort out her thoughts and compile notes for her report regarding Valda Rozenblats. Madeline was able to located Dumbledore, and he kindly wrote a response. Madeline was then accompanied to Hogsmeade by Pringle to personally deliver the letter to Rena. After greeting her with an enthusiastic hug, the letter was handed over, much to the relief of the Auror. The letter read:

Mrs. Odori,

First let me say that it is very good to hear from you. Hogwarts has not been quite as cheery and exciting since you graduated from these hallowed halls.

It is unfortunate that we must communicate under these circumstances. I understand your trepidation and concern over Miss Rozenblats. I fear that all I can do is assure you that the situation is well in hand, and that Valda Rozenblats is no threat to anyone.

I realise that you have a duty to perform, and I would not dream of asking you to do otherwise. In fact, I encourage you to follow your edict to the letter. All that I ask, as a personal favour, is that you take this information only to your superiors, and to no one else. I am sure that I do not need to explain to you the effect that the attention of the press would have on the rest of our student population.

Warmest regards,

Prof. Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore

Upon reading the letter, Rena felt more able to complete her report. After her return to London, she carefully completed it and delivered it to Chief Worthington and Commissioner Ogden, early Monday morning. The report was as follows:

Subject: The Durmstrang Incident

Situation: Following the events concerning Aurors Prewett and Carruthers in Norway, as you may be aware, a young woman accompanied the returned "Guests." It has been brought to my attention that the identity of said young woman is Valda Rozenblats, the alleged killer of Leander Fox. This is not conjecture, nor hearsay. She remains at Hogwarts for the time being; and, according to Headmaster Dumbledore, is perfectly safe. I expressed my concerns before composing this report, and have enclosed the letter I received in reply.

While I understand there are deep ramifications to Miss Rozenblats' actions, I emphasize the fact that she was a minor when the crime occurred; is a citizen of a foreign country, and may well have been suffering under the influence of another at the time. There are too many unknowns and uncertainties in this case to rush to judgment and action. "Complicated" does not even begin to describe the situation. Discretion and silence are vital. If this information were to be leaked, the public outcry and reprisals may be dangerous.

-Auror Odori

Rena was called in to Worthington's office, shortly. He was pleasant, as usual. But when he got down to business, there was a seriousness about him. He explained that the Ministry was fully aware of Valda Rozenblats's presence at Hogwarts, and what she had done. He assured her that the situation is well in hand, that the children are safe, and Rena shouldn't concern herself with it. "It's above even my pay grade," he said gravely.

Shortly thereafter, Rena left a note on Bannon Bates' desk, as he most definitely should be made aware of the outcome of her meeting with Chief Worthington.

Mister Bates:

I alerted Chief Worthington and Commissioner Ogden to the situation at Hogwarts. However, it was apparently unnecessary as the Ministry is already fully aware. I have been instructed to leave it alone as the situation is under control and well in hand. If you still feel this is the wrong course of action, I suggest you take it up with our superiors.

-Auror Odori

One last letter is sent in this case. This time, via Owl Post to Hogwarts. A little letter from the desk of Auror Odori finds its way to Madeline Evans.

Dear Maddie,

Thank you again for getting my letter to Dumbledore. I included his reply with my report. However, you might be very glad to know that the Ministry was already aware of Valda being at Hogwarts, after all. You didn't give anyone away, and you didn't get anyone in trouble. What you did was very brave, though. And, as always, I'm very, very proud of you.

Chief Worthington instructed me to let others handle the case, and said that the situation was well in hand. Try not to worry, and I'll do the same.

-Your friend,

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