(1939-11-19) Madeline's Apology
Details for Madeline's Apology
Summary: Madeline tries to explain to Valda her reasons for telling Rena about her.
Date: 19 November, 1939
Location: Great Hall, Hogwarts
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Madeline has resolved to talk to Valda today - after they're both done eating. The ultimate result? …Madeline hasn't done much eating. Instead she keeps glancing at the Ravenclaw table and fidgeting nervously, as she waits for Valda to finish and get to her feet. She fends of worried comments from her friends, and forces herself to nibble at her food while she waits, and watches.

Valda used to try to hurry out of the Great Hall as quickly as possible after a meal, so that she might vanish back to the seclusion of her dormitory. But she has discovered that it often draws more attention to her, especially now that the whole school knows who she is and what she did. So now she makes a habit of waiting to drift out with the last wave of students, doing her best to blend into the crowd. At times like the present, at the end of a dinner meal, she keeps her head down until she judges the time right to slip out with her housemates. But that doesn't help much when a certain somebody's eyes are locked onto her. Valda remains oblivious to Madeline's attention as she makes her way down the aisle between the Ravenclaw and Gryffindor tables.

And poor Valda is ambushed by the over-eager Gryffindor for the second time when Madeline pops to her feet to walk beside her - getting more than a few raised eyebrows from those still at her table. "Umm, hi," she greets the other girl a bit nervously. "I'm sorry I got you upset, you know, the other day, and I hope you got the picture that I, umm, sent and I thought that we could maybe, umm, talk again for a minute only I'm not gonna ask you any questions this time promise. Uhh… please?" She gets out hastily in one breath - her words tumbling out on top of one another.

Valda jerks in surprise at the unexpected and sudden appearance of Madeline. She sighs and gives the girl half a smile. "The picture…no yes, it was a…I do not know word." She wiggles her fingers indicatively, "With horn, yes? It was…creative." She isn't running away, at least, so maybe she's consenting to talk.

"It was a horned octopus," Madeline says - sounding pleased for a moment that Valda got the drawing, and seemed to like it. "Anthony was worried you wouldn't like it but I thought you might." That burst of confidence only lasts for a moment, though, as she tries to draw Valda off to a side, seeing if the older girl will follow her away from the door students are streaming out of. "I, umm, I want to tell you something. It might make you, uhh, kinda mad but I think you oughtta know - or at least I guess that I oughtta tell, so, ummm… You'll let me explain before you get too mad?" she asks uneasily.

Getting out of the hall unnoticed is no longer an option, so Valda allows Maddie to lead her aside. She crosses her arms, frowning in concern at the Gryffindor girl's words. "Why I would be mad? Madeline…what do you do?"

"Well, umm…" Madeline fidgets with the hem of her sweater. "I was worried, you know, that since everyone knows about… what happened, it wouldn't stay a secret, you see? And I thought, if the wrong people find out first, that that could… you know, be really bad, and it was a Hogsmeade weekend and all, so who knows who's gonna be saying what to who and I, umm, well, I'm good friends with Auror Odori - the Auror that came to Hogwarts and stopped Flint? And she's real nice, and she just wants to help kids, and she believes you should forgive people and give 'em second chances and everything I mean she really believes it a lot so I, umm… told her," she admits. "About what happened and about what you did and I asked her to help you so that you could stay and finish your seventh year. I hope. She said she would - help I mean." Her heart thuds in her chest as she peeks up at the older student, her eyes flicking away repeatedly and then back again.

Valda listens, as requested, her expression unchanging as Madeline relates how she informed to Auror Odori. For several long, gruelling seconds after Maddie goes silent, Valda simply stares, then slowly closes her eyes. "Es esmu patiesi nolādēts1," she mutters. "You tell Auror about me?" Her eyes open, and her shoulders drop in a look of defeat and disappointment.

"She wants to help," Madeline insists hastily. "I knew she'd wanna. I mean, if any of them found it, she's the best one. Really. She said you could write to her anytime and I bet you could go to her cottage in Hogsmeade if you ever wanted. She's gonna help. Only, umm, she says her boss told her that the Ministry knew already so, umm… well, I guess me telling her didn't change anything 'cept she's on your side. I told her, umm, that you feel real bad about what you did, and you're trying to be a better person and she thinks we should try to help you do that.

"Please don't be angry… or, umm, sad. I really am trying to help. I just, uh… I thought I should tell you that. 'stead of keeping it a secret. I thought you should know."

Valda slumps against the wall, thunking her head against the stone with a slight wince. "You should have say nothing. I am being hard enough to stay out of ways." She frowns sternly down at Madeline. "You say like you will be friend. But you say to her behind my backside." With a grunting sigh, Valda pushes off of the wall to walk away, head low and eyes on the floor.

Madeline's heart sinks. This is possibly worse than her getting angry - she's made her sad. Again. "I'm sorry. Please?" she begs, hurrying after the older girl, and trying to keep her voice down. "I only told 'er 'cuz I knew she'd try to help. And she is. She will. She stopped Flint - she can help you too, I know it. I'm sorry I didn't tell you first. I really am sorry. I didn't wanna make you upset."

"I do not need helping," Valda growls, not slowing her steps. "Not from you. Not from her. Leave me alone." She picks up her pace, hurrying out of the Great Hall, eager to disappear back to the seclusion of Ravenclaw Tower.

"Entschuldigung!" Madeline calls after her, before letting the girl escape, kicking at the stone floor in frustration. It's hard trying to do the right thing! Maybe she shouldn't have told her, and just tried to keep being her friend. She could use friends.

But that would have been dishonest. And that's almost never the right choice, isn't it? She lets out a frustrated sound.

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