(1939-11-20) Invitations and Requests
Details for Invitations and Requests
Summary: Angelus finds Valda up on the roof and after once again offering a friend, invites her to the Eibon New Year's Eve party and asks her for some lessons in learning a new language.
Date: November 20, 1939
Location: Forest View Louvre, Castle Roof, Hogwarts

When a gaggle of Ravenclaw girls came into the dormitory to chat about smart boys, Valda quietly excused herself, seeking solitude elsewhere. Taking refuge in one of the tower louvres, she curled up on a bench seat and laid her head down to stare out over the Forbidden Forest. How long she's been here, she has no idea. But her classes are done for the day, so she's happy to simply daydream here until dinner.

It’s so common, as of late, to see Angelus on his own. With the usual crowd he likes to insert himself not wanting him around, the youth has accepted it. At least, until he gets everything back on track. Hopefully. The roof is one place Gel often frequents himself, but the fact that he saw Valda headed this way brings him out here at more of a cautious step. He’s looking around as he walks onto the roof, pausing briefly to glance at the view before his gaze continues on. And spies the seventh year, a grin crossing his face. “Hello, Miss Rozenblats,” he says, letting his grin fade as he offers her a polite nod.

Valda lifts her head slowly, blinking the grogginess out of her eyes as she is roused from a half-sleeping state. Once her eyes focus on the blond young man, she dips her head in polite greeting. "Sveiki. Eibon…yes? I am sitting in your place? I can go…" She starts to unfold herself to rise.

“Eibon,” confirms the youth with a nod. “Oh, no, no,” says Angelus quickly as he shakes his head. “You don’t need to get up on my account.” His blue eyes twinkle as a dazzling little smile flickers against his lips. “I meant it when I said I could offer friendship.” He lets out a little chuckle, turning slightly to partially aim himself away. “But I can leave you alone if you don’t want to be bothered by a fourth year.”

Valda eyes Angelus with a blend of wariness and curiosity. "The last student that offered me friendship did not be a good friend after all." She sighs, scooting over on the bench to make room. "But…I am not judge you for what another do." She tilts her head, peering inquisitively at Angelus. "Why you are wanting to be friends?"

Angelus smiles when she doesn’t outright turn him away. The smile fades, however, at the mention of the other not being a good friend. “I’m sorry,” he murmurs out. A hum escapes the youth, tilting his head as he regards Valda, thinking first before he speaks again. “Because I thought you might need one. It must be difficult starting a new school.” And having a rumour about you - but Gel thinks it kinder not to bring it up. “I suppose becoming friends happens over time though. Actually, I was hoping for a chance to talk to you.” He smiles warmly. “But first, you should come to our house for our annual New Year’s Eve party. We always have an excellent party. And if it’s not your thing, we have a large library that might interest you.”

Valda lifts her brow at the invitation, some hesitation evidence in her expression. "A party? I…am not for sure. What peoples will be there at your party? There are many that are not liking me." Her gaze drifts toward the forest again. "You know why. You did heard Parkinson."

Angelus dips his head in a nod. “My father invites many. Occasionally he even manages to bring out a couple foreigners.” He pauses for a second before he adds in, “He knows many because of his business.” The youth frowns at the direction of the conversation. He was going to avoid it! A sigh escapes the boy. “I’m sorry about that. Whatever happened, Parkinson wasn’t right in doing that. You deserve a chance to show that you mean well.” He nods and continues on, “Well if you decide to come, and it ends up being too much, there’s always the library. And many other rooms in the manor. Oh, I could give you a tour, even.” Angelus shifts and lets his blue eyes trail towards the view, giving a moment’s pause while he thinks. When he pipes up again, he’s looking back to Valda. “So what’s the language that I’ve heard you speaking?”

Valda nibbles at her lip pensively, taking Angelus's offer into consideration. She spends so much time trying to avoid people. A big, fancy party might be too much to handle, or it might be just what she needs. "Latvian," she answers. "I am living from Latvia." She pauses, then adds, "And, I will think about the party.

Angelus nods in response to her answer. “Latvian,” he murmurs. He falls into a silent thought as he wonders, lifting a hand to slide his fingers over his mouth. Letting out a hum, he gives his head a light shake. “That’s far, isn’t it? You know my brother has a friend who’s from Germany.” His smile flickers as he lets out another hum. “Elspeth Rosen, a sixth year in your House.” He falls silent after he tells her this, sliding his gaze to look over at the view. That… hopefully wasn’t a stupid thing to inform. The youth draws in a breath and lets out softly, and his smile grows as he looks to Valda. “Oh, good - I hope you do make it.” He pauses briefly. “Er- Do you think you could teach me a little Latvian?” He breaks off for only a second, considering quickly, and then adding in, “It’s always nice when we can communicate with other witch and wizards,” he comments, “and my father does travel.”

Valda nods with recognition at Elspeth's name. Even being reclusive, Valda knows her Prefects. "You are wanting to learn Latvian? It is not as useful like German or French. I speak German, also, and Russian." She falls silent for a moment, pondering internally. But at last she nods. "Ravenclaw is supposed to value knowledge. You want knowledge, so I can give to you."

“Oh, Russian.” A look of interest flashes across Angelus’ face as he tilts his head. Blinking, he locks his royal blue eyes on Valda. “Wow, that’s a lot,” he says, sounding impressed as he nods. “Yes, Russian seems like a good choice. In turn, well, I’m not a terribly good teacher when it comes to language, but I can speak Italian. And I can sign,” he says this part by bringing his hands in front of him and making the gestures. He lowers his head a bit deeper to her, appreciatively. “Thank you.”

Valda nods, offering a weak smile. "Many at Durmstrang speak other languages. German is what professors use. But there is Norwegian, Swedish, Latvian…much languages." Valda peers out to the horizon, squinting at the sun. "What is the time? I think dinner is soon." Valda gets to her feet, brushing dust from the backside of her robes.

Again, Angelus simply nods in response to her. He flickers out a smile as he says, “My grandparents on my mother’s side are from Sweden,” he comments. But he cuts himself off before he carries on, and he lets out a short chuckle. Taking her question and comment as a request to be left alone, Gel lowers his head once more. “And I should stop by my commons before supper. Thank you again, Rozenblats. And I do hope you decide to come to the party,” he adds in before he lifts a hand in a little flick of a wave. “I’ll see you around.” He’ll wait for a second for her response before he’ll turn to head off.

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