(1939-11-21) Murderers, Mudbloods, & Magijugend
Details for (1939-11-21) Murderers, Mudbloods, & Magijugend
Summary: The Slytherin Common room is abuzz with after-dinner topics that range from the new transfer student/murderer, to the 'truce' between the Magijugend and the Mud Club.
Date: 1939-11-21
Location: Slytherin Common Room

The Slytherin students are scattered on the couches before the fire in the Slytherin Common Room, some hours after dinner.

"Holidays are time to return home," Elea says this without interest, a level of ambivalence in her that crops up whenever parents are discussed, "If it'd not make us look undesirable, I'd be perfectly happy to stay here through holidays - perhaps Cael could come visit you for Christmas." The suggestion is punctuated by silence, the blonde Bletchley turning her head to look at Cael.

Elea's words about returning tome catch Marcus' attention, briefly, before he looks back at Cael as she mentions the possible visit. "Sure, I'll be bored to tears by my brother otherwise. Or he'll want to do happy joy, joy stuff," he sneers and rolls his eyes. "He's such a Hufflepuff sometimes, I swear. It's a disgrace," he laments.

Cael lifts his head from the back of the couch eventually, giving Elea a dour look. "I wasn't aware you were my travel agent, now." He tells Marcus, "Leave the little brother at home, there's a thousand other things we could do, honestly, even with the Muggles all in an uproar." He asks Elea, only half-patronizingly, "Where do you want to go, Little Bletchley?"

Elea corrects Cael primly with, "Marcus is allowed to call me Little Bletchley - you are not," before turning her attention elsewhere. One of the windows that look into the lake, as it is apparently more interesting than either of the Sixth year students she's speaking with currently.

Cael corrects himself carelessly, "Little Pain in the Arse, then. It has a ring to it."

Abraxas emerges from the dormitory, the smears of ink on his fingers telling the tale of getting that yard of Magical History work finished before the weekend starts in earnest. He has his portable wizarding chess set with him, though, along with his scarf, hat, and gloves. Putting it on the table, he says, "Evening, all."

"It's an invitation, Bletchley, which you can or not take," Marcus says, amused. "But, anything that lets me leave my brother at home, I'm not against," he concedes to the other young man.
When Elea speaks up and corrects Cale, Marcus smirks. "Thank you, Little Bletchley," he says to her, sounding all gracious. "Malfoy," he greets the new arrival, sounding friendly enough.

Cael lifts a hand to Abraxas in greeting. "Malfoy. Looks like you got to that History assignment, did you get any of it on the page though, is the question," he quips, looking at the older boy's ink-stained hands. "I took the invitation," he points out to Marcus. "I'm simply pointing our that baking holiday cookies with your little brother sounds about equally as bad as baking dour-faced gingerbread men with our own."

"Abraxas. We're discussing Christmas holidy plans. Please save me from their blathering," Elea requests politely of the Prefect after Marcus has greeted him, rubbing her forefinger against the side of her nose gently for just a brief moment. She looks to the Malfoy heir curiously, asking for clarification of her terribly astute observation: "Is that a chess set? I didn't know you play chess." This is (possibly) a lie, but one she does not deign to acknowledge as being such.

"Yule plans, is it? Well, you're all invited to the Malfoy party, of course." Abraxas says, as he walks over and finds himself an armchair as well, gathering his robes around him as he takes a seat by flopping down and putting one foot up. "But after that, I'm off on a trip. And no, Bletchley, I just carry the chess set around so the Ravenclaws will think I look smart." a snort, "Yes, I play. I'm in the chess club." He just rolls his eyes at Cael, "What can I tell you, there was a lot of writing involved."

"Well there you go, we have another party to attend," Marcus says to Cael, gesturing to Abraxas. He smirks at the elder Bletchley, "I wouldn't be surprised if my brother thought that was a great idea of a party," he remarks about the cookies, shaking his head disapprovingly at his non-present brother.
Abraxas' response to Elea garners amusement out of the Goyle boy. "What about you, Little Bletchley, do you play chess?"

"Joy." This from Cael. He too looks over at the chess set. "I haven't even played since school started this year," he admits to the others. "No one warned me that three NEWTs meant giving up a social life. I might as well not even be in the chess club this year, but I'm putting my foot down and keeping at least one thing that doesn't assign homework this year. Either of you know when the next meeting will be?"

Elea watches Abraxas as he takes his seat, her pajamas tucked around herself all the more and her hazel eyes boring metaphorical holes into him for a short period of time. "Oh, yes. Your parents' party," she muses softly, head turning so the blonde Bletchley might look back to the porthole window she'd previously been giving her attention to, "I suppose I'll need to ask Cephelia for shopping money so I can get something Yule-y to wear." She leans herself forward on her elbow, perching her chin against the heel of her palm.
When Marcus asks about her own abilities in chess, Elea answers a sighed, "Cael plays chess." She doesn't go into her own hobbies.

Abraxas nods, "My mother's party, really. Though obviously people come because they want to see my father." Enceladus being rather the important fellow. "It should be an entertaining time. At least there will be proper wizarding folk there." A pause, and then he says, "I haven't heard back from my father yet about the new Ravenclaw girl, though. What's her name? Rozenblats? The one who killed Leander Fox." He transitions from Yule plans to school gossip seamlessly.

A look of approval crosses Marcus' face at the mention of proper wizarding folk at the party. "Val-something or other?" he tries to provide the name and then decides on, "Valda, I think it's her name," he says and shrugs, his fingers rising to touch a pendant that no longer hangs from his neck.
He shakes his head at Cael. "No, don't know when the next meeting will be," he drops his hand from his neck, and grins again. "And you had a social life before?" He teases Cael.

"What'd you ask him about her?" Cael queries of the older Malfoy. "She murdered Leander clear as day, doesn't even deny it. Why she's not in Azkaban is beyond me; if there's more to the story it's bollocks they're not telling the rest of us, just leaving us to hang on the line with a murderer in the midst." He glances over at Marcus when the other boy grasps for something unseen. "You lose something?" he wonders.

Unlike Marcus, Elea's mood seems to sour at the mention of proper wizarding folk. She absconds from the conversation entirely, playing the part of listener as the other Slytherins speak, stretching out on her chosen sofa and closing her eyes in a weary showing.

"I didn't ask him anything, really. I told him that there was a murderer being permitted to study at Hogwarts." Abraxas says, "And since he's Chairman of the Board, I thought he should know about that before he read about it in the Daily Prophet. I wonder what the Board is going to do about it." The Malfoy shakes his head, "She killed Fox, then she betrayed Grindelwald. I don't get it. And all she can say about it is that she's sorry?"

"Not lose, I miss something," Marcus say with a cool grin at Cael. "I'll wear it again someday," he sounds very sure of this. His attention goes to Abraxas then. "The whole thing just sounds more to me like she's sorry out of convenience," he notes. "As you both have said, she gets to enjoy a cozy bed here in Hogwarts. "So, she's a traitor, a murderer and a fake," he purses his lips.

"One thing's for sure, she's got a set of brass ones. She could have tucked tail and run to any wizarding school, and she decides to come here of all places. You just know some of those Beauxbatons are guilty of something or another, she could have fit right in." He yawns behind his hand. "Did she apologize?" he asks Abraxas, apparently having not heard. "To whom, specifically? She murdered one of ours, I'll be waiting for my personal apology," he says, unimpressed. "Waiting to turn it down, but it's the principle of the thing."

Abraxas shrugs, "I wasn't there, but I heard she just kept saying she was sorry when Soliel Parkinson took her to task for it." He gives a bit of a yawn and stretch himself, "I wonder if this all means the Ministry will be headed back here. Again. That'd be a first, two visits from the Aurors in one year."

"Odd that the Hat put her in Ravenclaw if she's not very smart," Elea pipes up from her place on her sofa, not opening her eyes to speak nor looking particularly lively; in fact, she looks a touch ill, which likely prompts her to unfurl from the sofa and get to her feet. "The least she could have done was aim at someone worth aiming at. Like that mudblood girl in Gryffindor." Wearily, Bletchley the younger begins her meandering steps around the sofa toward the girl's dormitory, "Good night, boys. As always, it was lovely."

"There are a lot dumb people in Ravenclaw," Marcus says, "Booksmarts doesn't always translate to wits." He stretches, just as he also yawns. "Apologies are usually meaningless anyway. People rarely truly mean them, and simply say what they think others want to hear," he notes with a little bit of bite to his words. An amused smile touches his lips then. "But, she's here now and we get our own little murderess running around the place. Hopefully, it'll be some kind of fun at least."

Abraxas waves to Elea, "You see, that's the thing, Ravenclaw is supposed to be about wisdom, not just book smarts. Just like Slytherin is about cunning and a will to greatness, not… whatever those other people think we're about. But, have a good night." He nods to Marcus, too, "Lowe. He's just a brute. How did he wind up in Ravenclaw, exactly? Though I suppose I find them less objectionable on the whole than the Gryffindors, and less of a non-entity than the Hufflepuffs."

Cael looks over at Elea when she rises to head for bed. "Girls and their beauty sleep." He beckons for Elea as she rounds his couch, tapping his cheek with one finger. That done, he points out, "It's only fun until she decides to take her betrayal that next step further and kill someone else." He glances over at Abraxas. "Speaking of onjectionable Gryffindors. Care to enlighten me on the whole Evans situation earlier? I wasn't going to ask while the headache-inducing discourse was in full-swing, but is there apparently some sort of truce with the mud-girl?"

Cael's beckoning causes Elea to pause mid-step and turn back to peck her brother on his cheek docilely, their snide back-and-forth during the day forgotten. She disappears into the girls' dorms quietly.

"Ah, Lowe," Marcus smirks at the name, shaking his head. "He is special, and I don't mean it in a good way," he chuckles and shrugs. "Honestly, like I was telling the Bletchley siblings here, I'm a bit soured by some past experiences with Ravenclaws and… mud," he explains."But I can't argue that on the whole, they're not as bad as the other two." Cael's question to Abraxas causes Marcus to grow curious, as he glances at Malfoy.

Abraxas waves a hand airily, since he had already raised it to wave to Elea, "Heh. Nonsense. She's thoroughly annoying, ignorant, and entirely too enamored with her mudblood Auror friend. However, after Dumbledore replaced Headmaster Flint, he asked us all - The Magijugend and their 'mud club' or whatever - to make peace. So, because I'm true to my word, I'm doing what I can to keep tensions down for the time being. At the very least, we have to husband our strength for the next time. And our acting reasonable usually just makes the muggle-borns look like fools, since some of them can't take the hint that the fighting is over. Ward, for example - another Ravenclaw, and a mudbloo - is going out of his way to be annoying. Let him hang himself. I'll keep dragging him to Professor Mopsus as long as he keeps acting like a git."

Cael wonders, "Is the Magijugend going to last, here at Hogwarts I mean. Brock hinted a few times that I should join, but by the time I realized it really mattered and wasn't just going to eat into my study time, the fuse was already lit and things were going into meltdown mode." He rubs his arms. "Don't know Ward," he admits, not sounding particularly sorry about it. "But from the sound of things, I'm not missing out on much."

Marcus actually grows thoughtful. "It feels strange not having Headmaster Flint… in that position," he says, and a flash of irritation crosses his features as Abraxas mentions the request to make peace with the 'mud club'. His jaw relaxes and he nods. "Gathering strength for the next time," he agrees with that sentiment.
"One can only hope," he says of the Magijugend to Cael as he reaches up to his neck to pick at the missing pendant, then stretches. "I think I'm going to get ready to crash. You two have a good night."

Abraxas unfastens his tie a bit - enough to open his collar - and then rmeoves his own pendant, now worn tucked inside his shirt, "We will always be here, regardless of whether it is as an 'official' club or not. Those of us who care about maintaining the purity of the wizarding world need to stick together."

Cael looks between Marcus and Abraxas as they both reveal their hidden Eye of Truth pendants. "Brock didn't mention that there was pretty jewelry, I'd have signed right up," he says with a wry humor. "I heard about the flag burning, I thought it was pretty tasteless, all told. But it's a fact, we've got to stick together if we're going to come out of this intact and… unmuddied." Marcus' decision to head to the dorms has him lift a hand in farewell. "Night, Goyle. And sorry about Elea. Some mouthy Gryffindor had the misguided nerve to question her blood earlier, she's still pretty bent out of shape about it. She'll be back to normal by tomorrow, I'm sure of it."

Marcus pats the pendant hiding under his shirt and smirks at Cael. "That's what you get for waiting," he teases him. His apology regarding Elea garners a small shrug of the shoulders. "She'll get over it, I'm sure." And with that, he disappears into the dorm.

Cael lifts a hand in farewell. "Tell Black I apologize again for slighting her mother's family; girls like apologies, it's a universal truth." He half-smiles. "We'll talk about the Magijugend again when you're not rushing off on a date, Malfoy. See you around."

Abraxas snorts, "Please. She's engaged. Don't ask me to explain how the Blacks do things." And with that, he heads out.

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