(1939-11-22) Fur She's a Jolly Good Fellow
Details for Fur She's a Jolly Good Fellow
Summary: In which a minor disagreement in the library goes much fur-thur than might have been expected, resulting in a hairy situation.
Date: 1939-11-22
Location: The Library, The 3rd Floor Landing, and the Hospital Wing, Hogwarts

Alicia doesn't notice Anthony entering, of course. She's sitting in a niche with a pile of books in front of her, and one open in her hands.

Anthony moves with the comfort of experience to the shelf he requires, and pulls out a couple of books, which he takes to the niche in question, "Hi, 'Licia. How are you settling in?"

'….do not add the comfrey until the potion is simmering…..' wait, she knows that voice!. Alicia looks up and smiles hapily as she recognises Anthony. "I just found the library last night. Isn't it /wonderful/!"

Anthony gives a grin, and flumps into another seat, "It is indeed. But I'm disappointed they didn't show it to you in the first month!" He glances towards her book. "Potions? How are the classes going?"

Alicia grimaces, "Fine..when I find them…."

You say, "Ah, yes. Yes, I remember that! It does get easier. Especially when you learn to time the swinging of the staircase"

Alicia says, "Maybe I should justy hole up here. I could learn everything from the books"

You say, "Well.. .the books are not always the best way for _everything_. Broom work, of course!" He smiles faintly, "Shout if you need any coaching on anything though, won't you?"

Alicia frowns, remembering. "A girl threw a lot of books on the floor last night. I got chided for being mean when I scolded her…"

Anthony sighs, "Well, say things like that once, 'Licia. And if you're worried it's still not right, tell Madame Patil, or a Prefect, or something."

Alicia says, "But..books!"

Alicia is seated in a niche with a pile of books before her and a potions text open. Anthony is standing talking to her

Anthony settles down into a seat, putting his own books down, carefully, "Yes. Yes, I understand. I really do. But the books in here mostly heal themselves, if they are damaged. And if they don't, Madame Patil repairs them. Did you tell anyone?"

Alicia looks round guiltily. "I uh..might not have left here since last nioght…"

Anthony groans softly, "Alright. Well, in a few minutes, I'll take you down for dinner, alright? We can stop by the Hufflepuff Common Room, if you want."

Oberon Says "whats going on here?"

Alicia jumps slightly as a new voice sounds and edges round so Anthony is between her and the newcomer.

Anthony turns around, and then tilts his head, considering Oberon for a long moment, and then says, "I'm chatting with my sister, Lestrange."

Oberon Says "That is so nice of you. She looks scared is something wrong?"

Oberon Says "You wouldn't be doing anything bad now would you?"

Alicia peers round Anthony. "The people who yelled at me last night wore that uniform…"

Anthony sighs, "Do push off, Lestrange, there's a good chap. What mischief do you think a first year can get up to that's meaningful? "

Oberon Says "I go where I want when I want. Now you be quiet. I'm talking to the girl."

Alicia jumps to her feet, "You never talk to my brother like that!"

Oberon says "Or what?"

Anthony looks faintly amused, "You are talking _at_ her, Lestrange. Also at me. But she's not terribly keen to talk to you, I think. But unless someone made you a prefect whilst I wasn't looking you can ask someone something all you like. She just doesn't have to answer."

Alicia stalks forward, "Or you will never.." she pokes your chest "NEVER talk again!"

Oberon Says "You better be strong in your threat girl. Because if not the last thing you will ever do is scream."

Alicia smiles, "I don't scream. But no-one EVER insults my brother!" Yes, nothing more scary than an 11 year old threatening death

Anthony rolls his eyes, "Lestrange. Are you _really_ threatening an 11 year old girl? Alicia. Are you really saying that just because he's rude, Lestrange needs his tongue pulling out?" He's clearly being the voice of reason. "I think, perhaps, Lestrange, you might want to go out, and come back in again, more politely?"

Gabriel arrives from Third Floor Corridor.

Alicia is poking a finger in Oberon's chest whilst smiling threateningly.

Oberon Says "Your a waste of my time anyways."

Alicia laughs. "Wonderful! I threaten you back so I am a waste of time ?"

Anthony is seated in a niche. Oberon is at the mouth of the niche, glowering at a tiny Hufflepuff, who is prodding him in the chest and trying and failing to look threatening.

Anthony clears his throat, "Perhaps both of you might calm down? Honestly. Really. Lestrange, my sister doesn't like you being rude. Alicia, you're being rude back. Would you both just stop it?"

Eibhlin emerges from one of the aisles of books. "What's going on?" asks the Head Girl as she approaches the niche. The Irish girl has her eyebrow raised. "Alicia, please remove your finger from Lestrange's chest. It doesn't belong there."

Oberon "You couldnt even scratch me. Go hide you little bookworm."

Alicia says, "He insulted Anthony!"

Anthony says mildly, "That reflects on him, not on us, Alicia. You heard the Head Girl. Move your finger. And as I said, do push off, Lestrange, won't you?"

Gabriel comes out from one of the aisles storing Transfiguration and Transfiguration related books and frowns a little bit at the threats being slung back and forth. "You know, if you keep that up either Madam Pattil or Madam Taylor will ask you both to leave. Maybe even dock House Points." As Eibhlin's voice gets added to everyone elses he chuckles, mumbles something else, and sits down, orginizing the books he was bringing out of the aisle around him on the table.

Alicia slowly backs off and sits down. She glares at Oberon though.

Eibhlin's eyes narrow. "Lestrange, mind yourself please. If you are not here to study, I suggest that you -decide- to study or go somewhere else." Her blue gaze travels to Alicia. "I don't care, Rowle. Your finger does not belong on another's person. You will behave or I will be forced to ask you to leave as well." As Alicia backs off, she nods approvingly, turning her attention to Oberon.

You sense: Eibhlin gives a mildly apologetic look.

Oberon Says "You really think she even bothers me she is nothing but a little bug annoying and small. I would squash her and her brother. I have better things to do then worry about these two nothings."

Eibhlin gives Oberon a look. "Yes," she drawls idly. "I heard about your 'stellar' performance during the Magijugend's attempt to hide the contracts. A NEWT student would be so outclassed. Now, I have asked you to keep a civil tongue in your head, boyo. You have not. That's three points from Slytherin, and I am going to ask you to leave."

Alicia studies her fingernails, "there are a lot of bugs that can kil people…."

Gabriel looks up from a book on theory of Animagi transformations and tilts his head a bit at Oberon, "For someone that says they don't bother you you really are spending a whole lot of time and effort to try and make them mad… Or make them feel bad about themselves. Are you trying to compensate for something over there, Lestrange? Or just mindlessly parroting the thoughts of your parents?"

Anthony frowns, and raises a hand slightly restrainingly towards… the Head Girl at Oberon's words. With a rather tired and long suffering tone he just says, "Yes. I appreciate you're a big man, Lestrange. Now, do be a good chap, and shove off, won't you? I'd like to at _some_ point get on with something more interesting. Like reading about the Fifth Goblin Revolt." Most people would say something like that to show how little they find Oberon interesting. But this is a Ravenclaw, studying Magical History to NEWT level, so perhaps…

"Alicia!" Eibhlin now sounds exasperated. "Three points from Hufflepuff and please remove yourself from the Library."

Alicia looks stricken. "Leave the library ? I'll…I'll do anything you want but…leave tyhe library ? I want to study!"

Oberon Whispers "You watch your back."

Alicia glares at Oberon

Oberon Smiles a wicked smile at Alicia

Anthony says mildly, "Watch my back, Lestrange? Are you _really_ threatening me? Because honestly, I've been on the receiving end of a Cruciatus. On the level of worry about what you're threatening me with, I'm _slightly_ mode concerned about the risk of acne."

Eibhlin holds up her finger to Alicia. "Oberon Lestrange. I am going to give you one more chance to leave before I ask Madame Patil to remove you. Rest assured, I will be making a report to Professor Slughorn and Headmaster Dumbledore." She falls silent as Anthony speaks up. "Anthony, please."

Gabriel chuckles as Alicia glares at Oberon and asks, "Oooo… Did he just do the classic bad guy move and threaten you, illogically transfering the guilt of his own actions onto you in his own mind?" He takes his book and flips it upside down, keeping his place that way while he shifts his attention fully to the action taking place at the other table.

Eibhlin also snaps her gaze to Gabriel warningly.

Alicia looks hopeful, "I can stay and study ?"

Eibhlin says, "No."

Anthony gives Eibhlin a nod, and settles further back into his chair, and very ostentatiously flicks open one of the books in his lap, and drops his gaze to study it.

Eibhlin responds shortly to Alicia but all her attention is trained on Oberon.

Alicia droops and stands to walk out. She waves to Anthony, as she does

Oberon Says " I can think of worst things than a Cruciatus curse." after this he turns around and leaves the library.

Oberon leaves, heading towards Third Floor Corridor [W].

Alicia leaves, heading towards Third Floor Corridor [W].

Gabriel smiles sweety at Eibhelin, shrugs a little bit, and says, "What? I was curious. And is anyone going to go make sure Lestrange doesn't do anything dumb out there?" But he does flip his book back up and starts to read again, eyes flicking up every few second just to keep track of everything at once.

Anthony looks up, shaking his head, "Worse than Cruciatus?" He actually looks amused, "Either he's very dim, doesn't know what a Cruciatus is, has no imagination, or was just threatening me with either an Imperius or the Killing Curse. I'm going to be charitable and say 'dim'." Eibhlin gets a faint grin, "Sorry to disturb you, lov… um, Shine."

"Well, there's the entrail expelling curse which has to be uncomfortable," Eibhlin says darkly. "I'm going to step outside and make sure this fight isn't continuing, Anthony. I'll be back."

Eibhlin leaves, heading towards Third Floor Corridor [W].

Alicia leaves, heading towards Third Floor Corridor [W].

Anthony shakes his head slightly, "I'm going to stick with 'Dim'." Gabriel gets an apologetic look, "Hope that wasn't too much bother."

Gabriel laughs, "Bother? Not at all. Its fun watching a Slytherin get points docked without it happening to me right along with them, which seems to have been the running theme this year." Sobering up as he thinks back for a moment on the fact that regarless of how righteous he considers his actions a lot of them really deserved to get points docked when looked at impartially he then asks, "I missed the beginning of that whole little drama. What was it all about?"

You say, "Um, he came by suddenly, Alicia was startled, and he asked what naughty thing she'd done to be startled and hiding from a strange fifth year she'd never met before. And I think she got into an argument with some Slytherin's yesterday as well. So…" He shrugs. "… I told him to shove off, and he got aggressive."

Gabriel shakes his head sadly, "I admit, when I first got here I believed the 'common knowledge' that all Slytherin were eveil, annoying prats. And some of them have proved to me that you can't really make that blanket statement. But sadly, the preponderance of the evidence still says that there is a reason for the stereotype. A good reason."

You say, "Well, there are idiots in every House. From time to time I've been one. So… the stereotypes are not necessarily helpful."

Gabriel waggles his head from side to side a few times, "I don't know. I still haven't seen a stereotype that didn't have a basis in reality. It clealry not a good idea to believe them implicitly but I think they serve as good warnings of what to watch out for…"

Anthony is seated in a niche, with a book, chatting with Gabriel, who's a bit away. "I think some of the ways that the Sorting Hat works are more subtle than people would initially believe. I mean, Alicia is very well read. But she's a Hufflepuff."

Gabriel nods, "Agreed. But clearly the Hat won't sort anyone but a Pureblood into Slytherin. And Purebloods are, by training, a bunch of biased… racisists… classists… Hard to pin down the exact word in this case I guess."

Anthony coughs, and says, very neutrally, "Pleased to meet you. I'm Tony ROWLE." It's the name of one of the Sacred 28 Families.

There is a scream from the hallway and Eibhlin can he heard shouting 'Drop it!' Tony leaps to his feet, book going flying, and hurries towards the door.


Alicia is on the floor with fur growing off her, Oberon is grinning with wand in hand, and Eibhlin has a face like thunderclouds with her wand at her fingertips.

Oberon Laughs and Says " She looks more like a dog instead of a bug now."

Gabriel's reaction is almost identical to Anthony's, except he has the presence of mind to push back from his table so that neither his books nor his chair go flying before he rushes out of the library, slightly behind the older Ravenclaw.

Oberon Drops his wand and puts is hands in his pockets.

Alicia is on the floor with fur growing off her, Oberon is grinning with wand at his, and Eibhlin has a face like thunderclouds with her wand at her fingertips.

Alicia curls, and is covered in fur. She screams out her brother's name repeatedly.

Oberon Can't stop laughing.

Eibhlin pockets her wand. "That's it. Oberon Lestrange, you will present yourself to the Headmaster -immediately-. I will send word and he will expect you to be there…" She moves and picks up Oberon's wand, holding it carefully in her fingers. "I'm going to send this to him as well."

Oberon Says " Should I get her a leash?"

At the sound of a scream, little footsteps can be heard pounding down the stairs. Yes, little Madeline Evans is running towards the potential trouble, not that this would surprise anyone. She arrives just as Oberon is dropping his wand, and gapes at the sight of poor Alicia. "Oh… Gosh. That's the little Rowle, isn't it?" she asks no one in particular, as she hurries towards the girl, to put her hand on her shoulder.

Eibhlin says, "Anthony, you might want to take Alicia to Madame Spleen. Lestrange… Get. Moving… NOW."

Alicia says, "Anthony! Anthony! Anthony!"

Anthony sighs, and moves towards Alicia, "Come on, 'Licia. Lets take you to Madame Spleen to get detransformed. Or I could do it, if the Head Girl will ignore a spell use for a Transformation Repair spell… or cast it herself."

Oberon Says " OK! She threatened me first. I was just protecting myself."

Eibhlin shakes her head. "I want the professors to see her."

Gabriel just stands there for the first few second taking it all in then as Oberon keeps spouting of he takes some determined steps towards him, fists clenching tight enough to show white at the knuckles. At this point anyone that's seen Gabriel with his dander up knows what's coming and Oberon should probably feel lucky the little Ravenclaw has been prohibited from having his baseball on him…

Alicia whines

Levi had been on the way to the library, but hearing the commotion ahead in the corridor and picks up his pace though he comes to a halt spotting the scene it seems the head girl has things in hand, but the seventh year still approaches to see if he can be of help "What in the world?" he murmurs "Can I be of any help?" he asks lame question but he wants to do something at least.

Oberon Says " Be careful she might bite."

"But Eibhlin, we all seen her, and we can tell the Professors… She's scared," Madeline argues, gently stroking the girl's shoulder. "It's okay," she reassures the younger girl softly. "See? Anthony's right here and we're gonna make sure you're right as rain. Really."

The movement of Ward catches Tony's eye, and he diverts from going directly to his sister, to instead take Gabriel's arm, and divert his direction, "Come on. Give me a hand getting 'Licia up and comforted, okay?" Less obvious to observers is just how firmly he's grabbed Gabriel's forearm.

Alicia looks up, "Please…Anthony!"

Gabriel takes a step or two more then he comes stops short as he reaches the limit of Anthony's arm. After looking back and forth a time or two he turns on his heal and walk over to Alicia, "Come on, Alicia. Let's get you up to Madam Spleen. She'll fix this lickety split. And silver lining, you have very /nice/ fur right now."

Eibhlin looks at Levi. "Please escort Lestrange to the Headmaster? I don't want him taking detours." Her eyes snap to Madeline. "Evans. No. It will happen exactly the way that I have said it will happen. End of discussion. Alicia will go to Madame Spleen. Lestrange will go to Headmaster Dumbledore. I will send in my report and Lestrange's wand. The rest od us will go where we want to go, but if I hear -anything- about anymore fighting…"

Alicia looks at her fur, "I can be healed ?"

Madeline lets out a sigh, but nods. "Yes, Prefect Shine," she agrees, even though she still doesn't like it. "Gabriel's right!" she adds promptly, her attention returning to Alicia. "It is rather nice. You know, I had antlers once - and my friend Adam - he got turned into a bird. Madame Spleen fixed us both up. You'll be just yourself in a few minutes. Up we get."

Alicia staggers to her feet.

Oberon yells to Alicia " It's permanent."

Alicia says, "No! No!"

Gabriel snorts, "I think your brother's right, Lestrange is kind of dim. No spell is permanent. Madam Spleen will take maybe 10 seconds to undo this. Do'nt pay him any mind."

Oberon says "Dont ruin my fun Gabby."

Alicia looks at Gabriel hopefully. "Anthony is always right. But..I can be cured ?"

"Don't listen to that hateful little git," Madeline reassures Alicia as they both rise, and she wraps her arm around the other girl's waist. "It's not. Madame Spleen, she can fix anything. And you know what? If we run into Adorabella on the way, I bet she'd even take a picture for you to keep. I have a picture of me with my antlers on, and it's my favorite picture ever. I'll show it to you sometime, huh?" she blathers reassuringly as she urges the girl towards the stairs.

Oberon looks around wondering if he can get away.

Gabriel doesn't turn around or answer Oberon. But he does raise two fingers, palm inward, with a firm jerk upward in the direction of Oberon. The Pureblood might not get the meaning of the gesture but the Muggle born in the area definitely will recognize it. To Alicia he says, "Madeline's correct. about Madam Spleen, I mean."

Eibhlin turns and walks off, Oberon's wand in hand.

The gesture gets a gasp from Madeline, followed by a giggle. "Gabriel!" she chastizes him. "Don' worry 'bout him. He'll get plenty of trouble from the Headmaster." Arm still around Alicia, she coaxes her towards the stairs, so they can head down to the infirmary.

Levi nods to the head girl "Of course Shine." He says though looking to the younger student "Come on Lastrange." He says though not unkindly he is watching to see if he will try anything funny. The seventh year wonders how all of this came about but for now he's got a job to do.

Alicia looks up at Madeline. "I'll be de-furred ?"

Anthony puts his arm around Alicia from the other side, "Course you will. It's a simple enough spell to undo. You're even learning it in Transfiguration, yourself soon. But it's better if it's done by Madame Spleen, Eibhlin's completely right. That way the Faculty have seen what he did to you, so there can be… consequences."

Oberon says "Look I don't need a lecture just get me to Dumbledore."

"Completely de-furred," Madeline promises. "You'll be normal, non-furry, brown-haired Alician Rowle in just a few minutes. Yeah?" At the mention of consequences, she nods her head once, firmly. "He's gonna reeeeeeally get it. Why wasn't he doing stuff like this a month ago or two months ago when I needed it for my reports?" she laments.

Alicia rests her head against Anthony. "Tony ? He cursed me Tony "

Gabriel lets Anthony and Madeline help Alicia along while he takes up the rear, making it an obvious point that he's intentionally staying between the Hufflepuff girl and Oberon, even though the Slytherin boy doesn't have a wand at the moment. He glances back at Oberon with a smirk as he agrees with Madeline loudly enough to be overheard, "Oh, the amounts of trouble he'll be in are hard to describe. Couldn't happen to a nice guy."

Anthony , along with Maddy, have their arms around a… Cousin It version of Alicia, as they walk her towards the stairs, followed by Gabriel. Oberon and Levi are standing a little way away. Tony is sounding comforting, "Oh, curses happen, Licia! Don't worry. It's really very fetching… and it'll keep you nice and warm until we get you to the Infirmary for Madame Spleen to work on. And…. maybe you might like to pop along to the duelling club with me sometime, so you can learn to deflect things?"

Oberon says "You better watch it Gabby."

Levi will nod to the student "No lecture from me." He says and will just motion for him to walk. He is going to let him be harmed though while he's supposed to be watching and so he is cautious or will be so until they are a bit away from all that's going on. "Come on Lastrange thats enough, you'll be able to tell your story to the Headmaster."

Alicia raises her head, and glares at Oberon. "You will pay, they say you will pay!"

"I really had a grand time at duelling club earlier this year," Madeline encourages Alicia, even if she hasn't been as studious in attending as she had been before. "The deflection spell's really a good one to learn. It's nice to know how to protect yourself, I think." She squeezes the arm she has around the girl's middle. "Don't even listen to him. You don't even need to talk to him. We ignore sorts like that. 'kay? They ain't worth the time of proper witches."

Oberon Motions a threat at Alicia where no one notices him.

Gabriel snorts, "I feel about as threatened by you as I do by a fluffy little kitten that was born without claws. But if it makes you feel better keep slinging the threats, Lestrange, its only digging your hole deeper."

Amber Rowle - head in the clouds, feet on the ground - just happens to be walking from the opposite direction of the others accompanying her younger sister. At first, she merely glances in a brief, side-long fashion at the strange and varied group with the hairy one in the middle; but, the moment they have almost passed, the girl stops dead in her tracks. Mouth and eyes are both very wide open now as she turns and does a double take. What comes out of her mouth is a decidedly French utterance of sharp outrage and disbelief.

"What in the world happened?!" She asks, returning to English, with eyes flashing fiercely from one kid to the next, landing finally on Anthony.

Alicia says, "AMber, the Slytherin cursed me! he furred me!""

Oberon says "Levi im bored can we go already?"

Anthony's lips play in a momentary smile at Madeline's words, "Quite so, Evans. Don't want to be getting too fussed about a simple little curse like that. People who have to pick on first years to feel big." Amber gets a sigh, and a rapid patter of accented French, «The boy fur cursed 'Licia after getting her mad at him by being very rude. In front of the Head Girl.»

Oberon says "It's like playing with a dead rat. She is boring me now."

"It's okay, Amber!" Madeline greets her housemate brightly. "We're taking her off to Madame Spleen to get things to rights again." After a moment's hesitation, she starts to loosen her arm from around Alicia. "Umm - did you wanna…" She moves to step away, so Amber can take her place.

Alicia says, "Bullies are boring…"

Levi watches the others closely he is sure that things need to de-escalate "Yes, come on." He says to Oberon "I'll see everyone else in a moment." he says motioning his head for Oberon to walk infront of him so he cant be given the slip or anything.

Oberon starts walking off

Gabriel spins around and stalks toward Oberon again. "Ok! That's it! Want to mess with someone, Lestrange? Lets see you do it with someone that can actually defend himself. Come on! Lips off ooone more time and see what happens!"

Over the general din of the staircase, Amber listens to Anthony's explanation (as well as her poor, distressed little sister) with a look of genuine incredulity. One dark eye narrows pointedly at Oberon, and seems to twitch… ever so slightly. Her temper is not taking this well. However, she won't bring shame on the house by oh, say, pushing him down the stairs?

"Ta, Maddie," Amber replies to her housemate, moving in to take her place with her arm around Alicia. Still, she stares daggers after the Slytherin.

Oberon says " Look gabby is making threats." Oberon laughs at Gabriel.

Alicia hugs her older sister, "Gabby ? He is nice…"

Oberon says " Levi lets go before I get in trouble for breaking Gabby as well."

Freed from holding Alicia, Madeline gives Gabriel an uncertain look. "Madame Spleen'll get cross with you if she has to fix a black eye you gave someone," she remarks.

The seventh year will nudge the younger student forward gently "Go on, your only making it worse, all of this has to be reported you know?" Levi motioning for him to walk so he can lead him straight to the headmasters office.

Oberon starts walking toward the headmasters office.

"You mean he hasn't already landed one on someone in the last twenty-four hours?" Amber quips to Maddie with a smirk with regards to Gabriel. Turning to her sister, she murmurs in her ear: "He's got a worse temper than I have, though…"

Anthony grumbles, quietly, and releases Alicia for long enough to turn, "Ward. Come here!" Then his arm goes back around his sister, having done the magical version of the 'Leave it. E's not wurf it' pub yell.


Alicia tries to get fur out of her eyes.

With the other two Rowles looking after Alicia, Madeline bounces down the stairs and jogs ahead into the infirmary. "Madame Spleen!" she calls - then realizes she should probably lower her voice, since this isn't quite an emergency. "Umm. Madame Spleen. One of the firsties - Alicia Rowle - well she got cursed with fur and hair all over and she's pretty distressed about it. She'll be here in a second - Anthony and Amber are bringing her on account of it's their sister Alicia."

Anthony gives a grin, "You know, you could maybe see if it all falls out when Madame Spleen uncurses you… then you could maybe have it made into a selection of amazing wigs with different hairstyles for all occasions?"

"Sure. Or, you could see if it can be spun into yarn for knitting and crochet!" Amber says, her voice and expression heavily slanted by sarcasm as she glances over Alicia at Anthony. Is she the only one who's really mad here about what just happened? Oh well, Oberon is going to be handled by the adults. Hopefully, he'll learn his lesson… But, she's dubious on that thought.

Alicia manages to glare at Anthony. "It isn't funny! He insulted you!"

The youth seems to be intent on cheering up Alicia, more than anything else. He says, "And the insults and threats of little boys don't concern me, 'Licia. And for upsetting my little sister, he is going to get the _high_jump_. Eibhlin has to be seen to be absolutely fair, given her and me, but… yes…"

Oh, Amber is definitely not the only one that's really mad. Gabriel comes in fuming right behind everyone else and marches right up to one of the patient cubicles, this one furnished with only a couple of stools and a table. Opening the curtain with a little more force than necessary he still manages to gently ask Alicia to take a seat before turning to Madame Spleen and adding what Madeline has left out, "Oberon Lestrange did this to her. Pulled out a wand and cursed her in front of God and everyone!"

Alicia is seated in the cubicle, all furred

Anthony gives his sister a hug. "Look, we'll get you back to normal quick as a flash." And he adds, darkly, "And if he tries that on me, he'll learn precisely what the Shield Charm can do."

"I suppose, in retrospect, it's just as well that he did curse her in front of God and everyone," Amber remarks drily as she helps her sister onto the seat. She's a dreamer and a black sheep in the family, but Amber appears to be just as heady and verbose as the rest of the Rowle clan. "That way," she continues, "Everyone knows, and there will be no he-said, she-said nonsense to cloud the issue." She, too gives her sister a quick hug, then before stepping back and allowing Madam Spleen to get to work.

"Evans, please do watch your volume in the infirmary," Madame Spleen chastizes sternly, as she turns to see Gabriel getting one of the curtained areas ready. "Ah, thank you, Ward. That's most appreciated."

"Yes, ma'am, sorry," Madeline murmurs with embarrassment. "Won't happen again."

"I'm sure that it won't," Spleen adds more gently as she heads towards the afflicted girl, studying the affect. "Ah, the fur spell was it? Not a terribly kind application. I trust the miscreant in question has been sent to his head of house, or the Headmaster?" Looking back to Alicia she adds, "Don't worry, dear, this spell is easily remidied."

Alicia murmurs "He insulted Anthony…"

Madam Spleen, who had been working on botteling some potions, puts down her work and bustles over, her attention mainly focused on Alicia. "Oh dear! This is an unfortunate turn of events, is it not, Ms. Rowle." After examening Alicia for a few moments with gentle yet professional hands she turns to the group with her, "Mr. Ward, we have talked about your temper. You really must work on your professional detachment if you want to be a Healer. Caring about your patients is important but it must be compartmentalized at times." To everyone else she asks, "Mr. Lestrange used a Fur Spell, correct?"

Anthony gives Madame Spleen a little nod, and to Alicia he soothingly says, "We don't pay any attention to the opinions of the stupid, do we? It's beneath us as scholars!"

Amber, on the other hand, crosses her arms and mutters something under her breath from the sidelines about not listening to the opinions of boys in general.

Alicia says, "But he insulted you and…..I have fur"

"Anthony's a boy," Madeline answers Amber when she reaches the group once again, curious to watch Madame Spleen reverse the spell. It really is interesting watching Healers work - when you get a chance. Which thankfully wasn't too often.

"Anthony is my BROTHER," Amber exclaims, looking at Maddie as if she had two heads. Somehow, that makes all the difference in the world.

Anthony straight faced quips, "Which means only they get to insult me!" Then gently he corrects Alicia, "He didn't really insult me. He threatened me. But the way in which he threatened me just demonstrated how stupid he is. If he thinks any curse he could learn would be enough to _scare_ me… well.. he doesn't really understand, does he?"

Gabriel nods slightly to Madam Spleen, "Yes, Ma'am." then he settles down to watch the Nurse work. Not that there is really a whole lot to watch. She stands in front of Alicia, wand out and says, "Please make sure to hold still Ms. Rowle." Then she waves her wand in the air in a complicated pattern, at the end of it intoning in a firm, controlled voice, "Homorpho!"

She then takes a moment to watch as all the unwanted fur just reverse growns back into Alicia's skin. Once the process is finished she nods and smiles happily at the girl. "There we go. Right as rain. Take a moment to get your breath back, Ms. Rowle then you will be free to go. I will make sure the Headmaster hears about this, don't you worry." And with that she goes back to her potion botteling, leaving the students to talk.

"Yeah, but he's not my brother," Madeline points out. "Does that mean I oughtn't listen to him? 'cuz I listen to Anthony all the time. He's a real useful friend!" Says the second year.

Amber dislikes having rings run around her logic. Her eyes narrow as she tries to think of a clever comeback to save herself from having holes pointed out in her stance against listening to boys. Fortunately, she is saved momentarily by Madame Spleen's actions. Who wants to focus on Amber when Alicia has fur being magically shrunk back into her skin? Will you look at that!

"I suppose he's alright to listen to, sometimes, Amber relents after a time. "But, only since he's almost a grownup and doesn't hardly count as a boy anymore." Any excuse to hold her shaky ground.

Anthony coughs, "Um, Amber. I hate to point this out, but you did get me that delightful present. I'm eighteen. I do actually count as a man, you know? Not…. 'hardly a boy'."

Amber's reply to her big brother is simple. She just cocks her head slightly to one side (since Madame Spleen isn't looking) and sticks her tongue out at him.

"Men are boys, too." Madeline counters. "And I gave you that picture! Of the cupcake!" she adds cheerfully.

Anthony nods gravely to Madeline, "Indeed. It was the best picture of an evil cupcake I've ever been given." As Alicia falls asleep, he pads backwards a bit, "Poor Licia. Tuckered out."

"I hope they throw the book at Oberon," Amber remarks sulkily, her arms still crossed before her chest. However, she steps away from her younger sister as she drifts off to sleep, and does her best to keep her voice down. "Does he think he owns the place that he can just run around, hexing people in the halls?" It's an outrage - even for a Lestrange.

Madeline looks pleased for a moment - and then abruptly, almost appalled. "Did someone else give you a picture of an evil cupcake, too?" she gasps out as they move away from Alicia.

Anthony shakes his head, first to Maddy, and then Amber, "No… no, they didn't. And I think you're making a logical mistake there, Ambie. You're assuming he was thinking… _at_all_."

Amber's sullen mood appears to slowly fracture and break away. The cross expression slowly slips into a smirk, and from there, into an outright laugh. She stifles it behind her hand and glances furtively back in the direction of Madame Spleen. Infirmary, after all - must stay quiet.

"I think you've got the market on evil cupcakes cornered, Maddie." The slightly older girl grins. "Speaking of… I'm rather hungry."

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