(1939-11-24) Surprising Knowledge
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Summary: Angelus is trying to write a letter, but words don't come easily. He offers Madeline a game of exploding snaps, but instead it turns into a chat about thestrals and difficult events and parties.
Date: November 24, 1939
Location: Gryffindor Common Room

Angelus had just returned from class a few seconds ago. He dumped his books, strapped together, onto a table where he sat, pulling out a piece of parchment and a quill. And now the youth just stares down at the parchment, which is still blank, letting out a sigh as he sits back in his seat, tapping the end of his fine feather quill against the table.

It sounds like elephants are clomping down the stairs from the girl's dorm - but instead, it's only Madeline that bounces into view, her book bag bouncing against her. On her wrist sits a certain bracelet - so it seems she had been serious about maybe wearing the thing after all. "Hey, Eibon," she sings out cheerfully. "Did you enjoy your classes?" Someone looks like they did.

Angelus just can’t figure out how to start. His quill is set down on top of the parchment on a sigh, seconds before he turns his gaze to the girl’s entrance with an arched brow. “Excitement following you around again, Evans?” he asks by way of greeting, a slight smirk against his lips as he lifts his head to her. He shrugs simply in answer to her question, his blue eyes returning back to the parchment as he frowns. After a moment’s consideration he shakes his head, and glances around and over to Madeline again. “You want to play a game of something, Evans? Exploding snaps, chess…”

"Nope, not this time. Though I hear there's this giant winged horse, and I went down to the grounds keeper's cottage to see it… He's all white, he's just beeeeeautiful!" Madeline gushes excitedly. "But real jumpy. And big, bigger than my DC even I think. Or maybe they're just about the same." She looks at Angelus' empty parchment, then back towards the boy, shrugging her shoulders. "I'm not very good at either," she admits. "I've only played exploding snap, uhhhh, two times I think? You might have to remind me of the rules."

“Oh,” Angelus lets out with little enthusiasm. He shrugs simply, shaking his head. There’s not really any interest there about the horse. “There’s a new pet on campus?” he wonders aloud. When creatures turn up at one’s own house, it’s not really a novelty anymore. “I’d be more interested if a thestral turned up. Not that anyone would know,” he adds in, a smirk flicking against his lips. “Those creatures are terrifying. All slimy and thick with dried blood. Have you been taught about them in your studies yet?” But Angelus shrugs simply, not really waiting for an answer. “Exploding snaps. The cards are placed face down and you have to find their matches. Fast. Once you flip a card, if you don’t find a match in time, it’ll explode.”

"Oh, right, okay. Got it," Madeline agrees. She slips into a seat across from Angelus, sliding her bag to the floor next to her as she adds, "We didn't learn about thestrals in class - but I saw 'em over the summer at Fawley Farm. I mean…" she shifts uncomfortably in her seat, "Really saw 'em. They are scary looking…"

Angelus glances down at his blank parchment again with a sigh. Quickly tucking it underneath his books before Madeline sits down, he slips the quill away in the book strap before drawing out his deck. As he begins laying out the cards, a brow lifts as he glances curiously to Madeline. “/You’ve/ seen them?” He blinks, clearing his throat and lifting his chin a little. “How?” Well, now the talk of creatures has gotten more interesting. “That farm isn’t that far from Hogsmeade.” His face pales a little, but though he’s a little uneasy about that information, he glances down quickly to finish laying out the cards.

"Well, I'm not sure if they always have them there or if it was just for Creature Camp - I think they brought some of the creatures in," Madeline confides. She shifts again in her seat before adding quietly, "Spent a lot of time at the camp, uhh, just watching the thestrals. They seemed like… well… like pretty normal horses, 'cept for looking so creepy, and having wings, and most of the kids not seeing them at all."

Angelus shifts in his seat, looking up from the cards once they’ve been laid out. There might be a little relief on his face at the idea of them not always on the farm. “You didn’t answer how, Evans,” informs the boy. Yes, it’s probably a topic no one would wish to think about, but he’s curious. A smirk flicks out against his lips. “Apparently you get up to a lot of happenings. Does Auror Odori know the danger you get into?” The wizarding cards - they were getting ready to play exploding snaps - spread out on the table is, for the moment, ignored.

Yes. She'd kind of dodged that, hadn't she? Madeline glances around the room, looking for a specific student, then turns her gaze back to the cards. "I, uhh, the sweets shop," she explains quietly. "Niko's dad died. A few others. Rena- she was there, too. Helping people." Her hands are both in her lap now - as she wrings them both together. All those people burning up…

A hum escapes the youth as he sits back in his chair. “Ohhh,” Angelus lets out on a slight bob of his head. “I didn’t realize how much you saw there.” He frowns, looking away from her and towards the fireplace to watch the flickering fire. After inhaling sharply and letting it out, he turns his gaze back onto Madeline. “I’m sorry, Evans.” A soft sound of bitter humour escapes from the boy. “It’s almost a wonder how much any adult forgets we’re around when there is real trouble. Kids, I mean.”

"I saw a lot," Madeline answers without looking up. "But I had to help my uncle. They wanted me to leave, but…" She wouldn't. Not until her uncle was okay. Reaching up, she wipes her eyes with the back of her hand. "I thought he was gonna die," she admits softly.

Josie comes in through the portrait, looking a bit dirty, as is often the case after helping Professor Kettleburn with preparing lessons. She's cheerful though, waving to Angelus and Madeline, "Hey." She grows more serious as she sees their expressions, though.

Angelus nods slowly, and he manages to flick out a weak, reassuring smile. “I know, I’d have probably done the same if it were me.” He lets out a breath, and slides his gaze towards Josie as she enters. A frown appears on his face as his royal blue eyes flick over her, and he rolls his eyes slightly as he sighs. “Heh, Davies,” he offers out, dipping his head barely in a nod. “Hard at work, then, were you?” he asks with a slight twist to his lips, arching a brow.

Madeline looks towards Josie, flashing the other girl a tight smile. "Hey," she echoes. "Umm - did you see the winged horse?" A 'little' Abraxan foal - about the size of a draft horse. "Isn't he gorgeous?"

Josie asks, "Everything alright?" Then she nods quickly to first Angelus, "Yep, helped Professor Kettleburn get ready for tomorrow's lessons." Then she nods again to Madeline and says, "I did! Really beautiful."

“I was just asking Evans how she could see thestrals.” Angelus smirks and rolls his eyes. “Slimy, dark creatures, all gooey and delightfully covered in blood.” Well, that’s his own image of one since he can only go off of his own images. He might be exaggerating a little. His brow twitches lightly because the talk sounds dreadfully close to girly talk about horses, and he clears his throat as he glances down at the cards. “Did you still want to play, Evans?” he asks. Still with his gaze on the cards, he raises his voice to ask, “So who’s money did you use to pay for a spot on the pure-blood side of the table when Flint was in, Davies?”

"They're not covered in blood," Madeline answers. "But they eat meat, which is just… weird." She looks between Josie and Angelus - glad to have a topic that doesn't involve what she saw at Sweet Temptations. "Josie didn't have to pay anyone. Her dad's an auror," she says staunchly. "You go first," she adds, nodding to the game. "You wanna play, Josie?"

Josie grins, "They aren't covered in blood… well, there's one on the farm that's a /really/ messy eater, and he is sometimes. But, the others lick him off pretty fast. Blood is like candy to them, they won't waste any of it." Then she blinks, and says, "I'd've paid to eat with the muggleborn if I could." She nods again and says, "Yeah, my dad's an Auror. /He/ is muggleborn, but I still counted as half-blood I guess."

“It sounds better if they’re covered in blood,” returns Angelus, a grin flashing across his face as he glances to Madeline. Then he’s glancing back onto Josie before he can decide on a card to flip. “Were you at Sweet Temptations too?” he asks, unable to help the slightly bitter tone in his voice. He clears his throat, blue eyes flicking between the girls. He shifts in his chair a little, leaning back and slumping a little with one hand on the table, trying to appear more relaxed than he feels. He lets out another breath. “Evans,” he says as he tilts his head to her, “said that they were only brought there for the camp.” He frowns, and after a moment slides back his chair to stand up, leaning against the back. “I suppose you want to become an Auror like him. Who’s your father?”

"No, she wasn't, and it's not like it's a good thing. I'd give just about anything ta- ta not've been there. It was awful," Madeline shoots out with a little more fire than she intended - instantly looking a little regretful of her outburst. "And, uh, I said they might've been… I wasn' sure."

Josie shakes her head and says, voice a little softer, "No, but I saw my mum die. And I've seen some people killed in gang fights." She then adds, "There's some there year-round. Most are the school's, but they stay at the farm in the summer." Then she nods a little, "Uh-huh, I do, but I promised him I'd think of other things I want to do too." Then she adds, answering the question, "Bannon Bates."

Angelus lifts a brow as he glances to Madeline, letting out a sigh. “Of course not, Evans. It’s a terrible thing to be involved in,” he says with a nod of agreement. “Oh!” Gel lets out on surprise as he locks his gaze on Josie. “Your m-“ The blonde haired youth shakes his head as he clears his throat. “I’m sorry. I- I didn’t know.” Still, he shifts a bit uneasily, hitching a breath. “The school’s? They come here?” It’s subtle, but his voice cracks a little at the end in his alarm. Trying for calm, he says in a quiet voice, “I suppose they do need to teach the school about dangerous creatures, but it might be a little difficult if they can’t be seen.” A very quick pause before his eyebrows wing upwards together. “Your father is Auror Bates?”

"I didn't either," Madeline says quietly, looking at Josie uncertainly as she tries to figure out what to say. In the end, she settles for one of her abrupt hugs, getting out of her seat to hug the girl tightly for a moment, before singing back into her chair.

"The, uhhh, thestrals pull the carriages," Madeline tells Angelus. "I saw them after I got off the train."

Josie hugs Madeline back, and says, "Thanks." No more said about that, though. She looks back to Angelus and nods to what Madeline says, "The carriages don't pull themselves, it's thestrals. And they're not dangerous, they're nice. Well, wild ones can be dangerous, but same as any wild animal, they leave people alone mostly. The ones here, though, they're really nice." Then she nods again to the last question, "He is."

Angelus regards Madeline moving towards Josie to hug the other girl. He considers quietly, his lips twitching lightly. He doesn’t seem to be in the slightest bit happy about the news that thestrals pull the carriages. Even when he glances to Josie at her input. “Uh, right. ‘Cause self-propelled carriages would be silly.” He clears his throat, glancing away briefly and glancing around the room, letting out a humourless breath. With a shake of his head, he flicks out a smile as he locks his blue eyes back on Josie. “I guess we all learn something new. Anyway, Davies, I’ve taken you to the manor before. Why don’t come to the New Year’s eve party? You should definitely attend this year.” His smile flashes out charmingly.

Madeline looks between Angelus and Josie as the older girl rates an invitation to the party - and she is pointedly overlooked - and rolls her eyes broadly. He really doesn't have any manners. Her mum slapped her hand when she heard Maddie inviting one friend over to play - but not both.

Josie blinks, but smiles, nodding quickly to Angelus' invitation, "Sure! That sounds fun." She looks back to Madeline and starts to say something, but then on seeing her expression, "Aren't you going?" Seems she assumes Madeline got an invitation earlier.

A grin flashes across Angelus’ face. “Excellent. The fun will be down in the basement, of course. Let the adults have their fun upstairs.” He gives Josie a little wink before sliding his gaze onto Madeline. He shrugs easily enough. “Anyone is welcome to come, really. I assume you and your uncle won’t be coming, however,” says the youth as he turns to Madeline, lifting a brow.

Madeline's hand goes to the bracelet she wears on her wrist, fiddling with it uncertainly. "Why would I go somewhere I'm not wanted?" she asks in a quiet voice, looking at Angelus with a small frown. It's not exactly like that was an invitation.

Josie comments, "Well, I want you there." Then she says, "Anyway I need to go feed Sain." She stands up again and says, "I'll see you later."

Angelus regards Madeline for a few before he turns his gaze onto Josie, flicking out a smile that stays away from his eyes as he nods his head to her. “See you later,” he offers, watching Josie depart. He glances to the cards on the table and begins to gather them on a sigh, but pausing as he lifts his gaze to Madeline. “I’ve got to get down to a meet. Why would you say you aren’t wanted? Everyone’s invited. Your uncle should have heard about it. I assume anyone with a step in our world would know. I also didn’t expect you to show up,” he adds in, letting out a little sigh as he works at setting the cards in a pile and slip them into their pouch. When he tucks them into his robes, he looks to Madeline again. “Why, are you actually considering?”

Madeline shrugs her shoulders. "You invited Josie," she answers in a subdued voice. "It's rude, you know. Doing something like that. Inviting one person, while someone else is sitting right there. My mum always said - she said - you either invite 'em both just the same, you know, say you want 'em both to come to the party, or you wait for another chance."

Angelus hesitates now, leaning back against the back of the chair, frowning. He glances to the fire briefly as his lips twitches a little. When he sighs, he glances back to Madeline. “Not really inviting, just trying to get a feel of who is coming.” Another sigh escapes him. “I never felt it necessary to ask if you were coming since, well, I wasn’t sure you would.” A slight ’heh’ is let out, eyeing Madeline closely. “If you want to come, you’re welcome to. Even come down to the basement with us.” A brow arches inquisitively. “But Auror Odori’s words must have really sunk in if you’d come to the manor.”

"I'm not sure if I will. I mean - my family may wanna do something," Madeline admits, shrugging her shoulders. "But maybe… it's nice being invited anyways. You know?" She fiddles with the bracelet again before adding, "Besides… I forgave you, didn't I? And even," she lifts her left wrist to show the bracelet on it.

Angelus shrugs lightly as he smirks. “Right, you must have some special Muggle thing you do?” He arches a brow, but then shakes his head as he holds up a hand. “Well you most certainly are welcome. You and your uncle,” he adds, offering out a smile as he dips his head to her. “Rosen gets dropped off all the time for it.” He eyes her quietly, curiosity flickering briefly in his eyes. Lifting up from his the chair as he heaves a sigh, he takes the parchment from under the books and grabs the strap. “Sorry we didn’t get a game in.” He dips his head to Madeline before turning away.

"Well, we might be going to an aunt or uncle's house, or a cousin's, or going to see my grandparents or something… That's not Muggle-stuff, that's family-stuff. And everyone has that." Madeline gives Angelus a smile before adding, "We'll play it next time. And I'll win for sure!" she challenges him.

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