(1939-11-25) Blame It on the Squid
Details for Blame It on the Squid
Summary: Angelus challenges Angus at skipping stones and asks him for an idea for a prank.
Date: November 25, 1939
Location: Hogwarts Lake Shore

Angus has been skimming stones. The ripples are still settling, and Angus is looking pleased with himself.

On his way back to the castle, Angelus stops off at the lake. A grin crossing his face as he spies Angus, approaching as he gives his head a little jerk upward. “Think you can beat a pro at that?” he teases by way of greeting.

Angus says, "Och, I dinnae ken, Eibon." He gives a grin, "I'm no an expert. But I am ANGUS MACMILLAN, ken?"

Angelus’ grin widens with his amusement. “And I’m an Eibon,” he returns with a smirk. “And I am an expert.” His gaze drops to the ground, looking for a stone and finding one before he glances back up to Angus. He shakes his hand in front of him, jiggling the rock, as he gives the water a thoughtful look. When he flicks his wrist and sends the stone off to watch it skim the liquid only once, he only shrugs. “Well, every pro needs to warm up. So I wanted to have some fun at the New Year’s party this year,” he goes on as he looks back to Angus. “And since your ideas are brilliant, you’ll help me out, yes?”

Angus grins lazily, "Fit were yehs thinkin' boot? Fit fun? Pranks? Or somethin' boring?"

“This calls for a prank,” Angelus responds with a mischievous grin. His eyes drop to the spongy earth to search for another stone, but this one he doesn’t throw yet.

Angus grins, and rubs his chin, "Aye. Ah'll have a wee thinkie."

“Excellent,” says Angelus enthusiastically, reaching out to clap a hand on the back of Angus’ shoulder. When he turns to flick his wrist out at the water, the stone only just plops. “My game is off today. Usually, it’d still be skipping all the way across the lake,” he says boastfully, pointing out at the distance.

Angus grins, "Och, sure, Eibon! Yeh keep tellin' yoursel' that." He stoops and picks up a stone, but it tumbles on throwing and sinks like…. well… a stone. "Och, and fit did yehs stick tae mah shoulder?"

“I know, I’m just being modest,” says Angelus as he grins. Finding another stone, jerking his head up lightly. “Your yammering is distracting. Quiet now,” he says, his voice teasing as he flicks out a stone - and it sinks. “Hey, did you see that? Squid just pulled my stone under.” Since he’s obviously lying, he grins widely at his year mate.

Angus stoops, "Lemme see if I can hit it fur you…." And yep, there's a skim there. "Och! Missed!"

Angelus smirks as the other boy skims the stone, letting out a short chuckle. “There, we can play quidditch over the lake and have to worry about the squid and the bludgers.” Grinning and shaking his head, he shrugs as he gestures towards the castle. “Let me know what you come up with.”

Angus gives a nod, and then casually takes his robe off to peer at the back of the shoulder of it.

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