(1939-11-27) Always A Friend
Details for Always A Friend
Summary: Angelus and Lucretia have a private chat.
Date: November 27, 1939
Location: Library, Hogwarts - In A Little Nook

There is a quiet nook in the library, hidden behind various shelves where someone can curl up in a chair and study in peace. Here is where Lucretia can be found. She has an Ancient Runes book open in her lap and she makes notes on parchment as she reads.

Angelus has been working on a parchment for a couple days. During class, free time, whenever he’s spotted, and it always seems to be blank. The Gryffindor commons don’t seem to be working out well for him, so he’s decided to try to work on his letter in the library. He’s also keeping any eye out on who’s coming in and who’s around. The youth had noticed Lucretia, but he kept to working at the parchment. No sooner does he scribble something down does he scratch it out and crumple up the paper with a sigh. Eventually, he steps away from the table with a roll of his eyes, and heads towards the shelves, walking along with a searching gaze until he finds the Slytherin girl. “Nice spot you have,” the youth offers with a smile. He pulls out a cellophane bag tied with a green ribbon, crouches down to rest an arm on his knee, and holds it out to her. “So what are you hoping for, for Christmas?”

Lucretia looks up mildly at Angelus when he speaks and approaches. She doesn't smile, but she does look at the bag, peering through the cellophane to what lies inside. "I'm going to South America with Malfoy and a couple others for the holiday," comes her response. "I'm hoping to avoid catching a tropical ailment."

An assortment of delectable candy, nothing cheap, can be seen through the wrapping. Angelus lets out a sigh, frowning, when she doesn’t reach out for it and simply rests it against his knee. “Lu, you’re one of my trusted, intelligent, and most beautiful friends. Please forgive me for making you angry.” He blinks, regarding her for a moment while he considers, frowning deeper. “You’re… going away over the holidays?”

At this, Lucretia sighs. "Angelus, it's not that you made me mad. It's that you broke faith for no gain, and then you gave five or six different reasons for doing so. The bit about publically humiliating me was bad enough, but the worst was what you did with the Aurors." She reaches out and snags the candy deftly, setting to her side… an olive branch so to speak. "We don't know that we can trust you; you've given no evidence that we can. That's why you were blackballed. You'd be welcome back if you'd stop acting like a loose cannon."

A pause. "And yes. I'm going away. Professor Lestrange suggested that Malfoy broaden his horizons, and so his father has chartered an excursion to South America. I was invited along… The chaperones are suitable enough."

“Really? Five or six different reasons?” Angelus lifts a brow questionably, heaving a sigh as he frowns, slowly shaking his head. His fingers loosen his hold on the bag easily when she seizes it. It doesn’t bring out a smile though, giving the ground a troubled look as he brings his fingers to his forehead, closing his eyes. When he speaks again, he’s careful to keep his voice low, lowering his hand and locking his royal blue eyes on the girl. “You know that bloody, clumsy Auror thinks that I’ve had a change of heart, right? That I’m willing to ‘tolerate’ the Muggle-borns in the school.” A smirk flicks against his lips. “And I found out just who was gathering information on the Magijugend and giving it to her.”

Lucretia remains thoroughly silent as Angelus talks. Her quill remains idle in her hand, resting over the parchment. When the boy smirks, her eyebrow arches in silent invitation.

“Playing spy apparently,” Angelus continues on, nodding his head. “I don’t know how or where she found her information.” His lips curl lightly as his blue eyes glint. “But I think we should show little Miss Evans what happens to a spy when they’ve been found out.” He pauses for a moment, watching Lucretia before he sighs and adds in, “That is, apparently, the true reason why Odori gave her the bloody Junior Auror badge. For spying on us.”

Lucretia's eyebrow arches a little more. "No." Her voice, though soft, carries a maturity of command that vastly outstrips her years. It can only be imagined how formidable she'll be when she is fully grown into herself. "That plays into a short-term game with no profit to the expenditure of capital and effort. Flint's short-sightedness set the Cause back by years; we must adjust accordingly. It is good information to be had, but hardly revolutionary or surprising." She shrugs and looks back down to her book, flipping a page as she does so. "If you want to earn your way back into the Magijugend, prove your restraint. And find out whatever else you can."

Angelus blinks and stares at Lucretia in silence for several minutes. There’s a knot of irritation forming behind the eyes, and it causes his eyebrows to lower. Restraint? He’s been begging Flint for some restraint and no one took him seriously until after Flint failed. But the boy’s royal blue eyes focus on Lucretia and, oh, he’s not going to argue with her. A little twitch flickers against his lips. “You, and the Magijugend, will always be where my loyalty lies. You above all. You don’t have to understand what I was planning when I broke my wand. But you’re my friend, Lu.” A smile spreads warmly across face as he lets out a chuckle. “You can spread rumours, you can throw back my gifts, slap me, but you’re my friend and I will protect my friends.” Pushing against his knees, the youth stands, dipping his head to her. “You were reading and I won’t interrupt you any further. I’m sorry you won’t be making it to our New Year’s party,” he adds in, sounding highly disappointed even as he musters a faint smile at that.

Lu shakes her head. "I didn't spread rumours about you, Angelus. Whomever did that was not me. Nor did I ever slap you, I think you'll recall…" She looks back to her book and readies the quill to continue. She looks back up after a moment, however. "Have a good evening, Angelus. Thank you for the candy."

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