(1939-11-28) Find Out Who
Details for Find Out Who
Summary: Galen ends up meeting Zoe and finds out that she went to school, in the same House, of his closest brother. He recruits her help to find out who the killer was.
Date: November 28, 1939
Location: Merlin Square - Leaky Cauldron

Rain and sunshine are two things that almost never happen at once. Now is one of those rare moments. Even as a cold November drizzle falls across the Mysticked District, the clouds have parted for a moment to let the sun shine across the park at its heart. Zoe runs through the park wearing a pair of bright yellow rain boots. With the sweet, impish laughter of a child, she splashes in each and every puddle.

It might be a little unnerving to be surrounded by magic users, but the nice thing about the wizarding world is how hidden it is from the mundane. Galen is crouched underneath a couple of trees. The collars of his dark suede coat pulled up, his hair spikey in places and all disorderly as he rests his head against his shoulder with eyes closed. He’s no longer sleeping, but apparently he’s not ready to actually be awake. Thinking about dozing off for just a little longer, the sound of laughter brings him round and Gale glances around until he catches sight of the girl. The drizzle doesn’t seem to bother him in the slightest as he rises to his feet, instead leaning coolly against the trunk of the tree. “Are you five?” he calls out teasingly, a laugh following.

Zoe spins around in search of the voice. Catching sight of the young man resting dry and warm under a tree, the little one offers him a bright smile. "No! But, that doesn't mean I can't still delight in the simple pleasures. I got older, but I didn't get boring or bored."

Galen shifts lightly at the tree, his green eyes watching the girl. Another laugh escapes him, lowering his head briefly. “And you know how many older folk do get boring?” It isn’t a question that’s meant to be answered, as Galen snorts and pulls away from the tree. “There’s more exciting things than splashing through puddles though,” he says, even as he gauges her warily. After all, everyone here must be a witch or wizard, so a little caution never hurt. “Names Gale.”

Hands clasped behind her back, Zoe approaches until she stands rather close before him. The little one only just reaches his shoulder. Gazing up into his eyes, the girl tilts her head with a kittens curiosity. "Like what?"

An amused smile slants across Galen’s face, followed by another snort. “Depends,” he utters out as he shrugs simply. “Do you like dice? Darts? Card games?” He looks at her curiously, both brows furrowing. He’s not always certain what wizards know. “Or perhaps you like sparring. Have you ever placed bets on a brawl?”

Zoe tilts her head to the other side. "Mmm… Yes. I've placed a bet. But I'm bad at sparring. And, I like card games. Poker! I know poker. Though- I'm terrible at it. They /always/ know when I'm bluffing." Not a surprise. Her almond eyes shine so bright and expressive.

Galen lets out a snorted laugh. “You know poker?” he asks doubtfully, even as a grin briefly crosses his lips. “We must have a game,” he insists. He eyes her suspiciously, wondering. “I’m surprised, usually we don’t play poker,” he utters, and yes - speaking with we as if he were a wizard too. “Where’d you learn?”

"I've been travelling all over the world. I got taught poker in an American muggle pub. The son of my mother's lover sat with me under the stairs and taught me to play. I'm sure he let me win, but it was fun!" Zoe grins up at him, rocking back on her heels. "Can we play? Do you have cards? Ah! We should go find a tavern and play."

Gale listens to her with a bit of a grin, nodding with a little interest. “Muggles do have interesting things,” he comments with a smirk. Again, keep it simple and she might just keep believing that he’s a wizard, too. “Yea, lead the way,” he says, lifting a hand briefly out in front of him in gesture. “You never said your name.”

"It's Zoe!" Taking hold of his lifted hand, she turns and starts to lead him through the park, heading for the closest tavern. "What's yours?" she asks, peeking up at him over her shoulder.

Galen’s eyes narrow when she seizes his hand. He simply smirks and allows himself to be led along, keeping up with her despite his usual lazy movements. “Gale,” he mutters out as he meets her eyes briefly when she glances back at him.

The table by the fireplace is free. Zoe pulls Galen through the Leaky Cauldron, letting him go only when she reaches the fireplace. But, instead of sitting down, she steps even closer to the fireplace to crouch and close as possible to its warmth. "Mmm… sooo nice. I love rain, but it gets really cold. Especially in November."

Galen stops stepping once his hand is released, and stuffs both hands into his pockets as he watches the girl. There’s a tiny twitch of his lips and a low, throaty laugh. “Agreed,” he mutters, jerking his shoulders casually. Slipping off his coat, which he hangs on the back of a chair, he pulls out a deck of cards before he sits, fingers beginning to automatically shuffle even as he keeps his eyes locked on where Zoe crouches before the fire. “So where did you go to school?”

A subtle shiver runs through little Zoe as she savors the warmth of the fire. "Mmmmm… Hogwarts! I was in Gryffindor. What about you? I don't remember you from school. But your accent is British. Are you from abroad? Or a squib?" Zoe glances over her shoulder with a look of simple curiosity. She means no offense by her question as most might.

“Or maybe I was just shy,” Galen remarks, and lets out a snort. If one can believe that he was a shy kid. “My old man taught me what I needed to know. I wasn’t allowed at Hogwarts.” He makes an experienced display of shuffling the cards, each time when the deck is split he taps it on the table before starting anew. But his gaze remains on Zoe. He lies without so much of a twitch, wanting to keep the impression that he, too, is a wizard. “I caused a lot of trouble back in the days,” he explains, an amused smirk touching his lips. “You were in Gryffindor. Did you know Brandt Thatcher?”

Zoe tilts her head at the curious situation Galen describes. Must be a squib if he didn't even get a chance at Hogwarts. She grins up at him before turning back to the fire. But at the mention of Brandt Thatcher, her smile fades. With a small nod, she stands. "I followed him into a lot of trouble at school. He left after O.W.Ls… and his brother wrote to me when he died."

The last time the cards are shuffled back into a pile, Galen sets it down on the table as he turns to scowl down at the table. He snorts, and after a second, turns to look back over to Zoe. He nods his head solemnly. “When he was fifteen. He had work already lined up by then.” What kind of work he doesn’t say. “No one is saying anything about who killed him. I don’t think they know,” he adds in, which brings a spark of anger in his eyes. “But I’m going to find out.” He forces a plain, weak smile against his lips. “A friend of my brother’s though? You must be okay.”

Zoe blinks and tilts her head as she steps closer to stand at Galen's table by the fireplace. "You- you were his brother? You're /that/ Gale?" she asks in wide-eyed surprise. She pauses, biting her lower lip. "I… I'm sorry about- about your loss."

The smile turns grim almost instantly. Galen nods his head in silent answer, swallowing as he gestures at the seat across the table. The spark of emotion in his eyes sizzles, unable to completely smother the anger with the topic being discussed, but he manages to keep the fire restrained. “Like I said, I’m going to find out who,” he mutters out bitterly. “Being a friend of his, if you want a help…”

Zoe nods without hesitation. "'Course. I didn't know he'd been /killed/. Just that he'd died. I assumed it was an accident. Your other brother didn't really say and he didn't answer my letter."

A scowl forms on Gale’s expression in regards to his eldest brother. “He wouldn’t,” he says gruffly. “He never acknowledged that he was killed.” He draws in a sharp breath, looking briefly to the cards as he shakes his head. He nods his head and forces out a grin to her when she agrees to help. “My brother had a good friend in you.”

Zoe manages a smile despite the sadness in her eyes. "Oh? How do you know I didn't turn his socks into man-eating bunny rabbits and send them chasing him all over the common room?"

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