(1939-11-28) Rainy Day Edutainment
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Summary: Different strokes for different folk. Students entertain themselves in the Great Hall in various ways during a rainy day. And Abraxas and Gabriel get into it over Blood Purity… Again.
Date: 1939-11-28
Location: Hogwarts Castle, Great Hall

It's coming down in buckets outside - it's one of the only reasons Sierra would willingly be cooped up indoors, after all. At the moment, she's seated at one of the tables, finishing the stitching on the waist band of a brightly colored skirt. It's composed of several large triangular panels of different fabrics all sewn together. She hums to herself as she works, her toe tapping on the floor in tune with her song.

Anthony has brought books and a parchment down to one of the tables and is spreading out. There must be a filing system to all the books open with little objects in, like old quills, and scraps of paper, and in one case, what appears to be a pressed cuddly toy.

Like most of the people in the Great Hall Gabriel is also working on something. In his case he has a Charms book open on one side of his spot at the Ravenclaw table and on the other side he has a book on animal transfigurations. Between the books he has a large twig that he's using in substitution for his wand as he practices his wand movements.

"There," Sierra remarks with satisfaction as she ties off her thread and cuts it with a pair of scissors. She holds up the skirt to admire it - beaming cheerfully with accomplishment. It's a small skirt, with a drawstring - obviously meant for a younger girl than herself. "Wish I had some bells," she muses to herself.

Abraxas wanders in with a book and scroll under one arm and his folding chess set under the other. He walks over towards the Slytherin table and sits down, pushing the board aside for the moment and opening his book. Then, resting his elbow on the table, he turns to glance around at the others who are here.

Anthony glances around at the voice, "Well, you can probably pick some up in Hogsmeade. They have that sort of thing in there sometimes." Then he turns a page. Oh. A pressed Fairy is the next bookmark. Or possibly a cut out picture of one. It's hard to tell.

Gabriel picks up his wand and start practicing the movements for some spell or another. Which one? Hard to tell because he's only mumbling the spell itself so someone would have to be sitting next to him to hear the words. When Abraxas comes into the room he looks up, his lips thin momentarily, then he goes back to his practice.

"If I have a few spare knuts lying around," Sierra agrees. "But they add up. Especially when it comes to Christmas gifts." With the skirt finished, she folds it neatly, setting it on the table, the begins tidying up her sewing kit, everything going neatly into place. When you live in a caravan, everything has to be useful, compact, and perfectly stowed in its spot.

Gabriel looks up from his book for just a moment to look over at Sierra, "Transfigure some buttons. They're a lot cheaper than bells." Then back to checking his book and slowly swishing his twig through the air.

Abraxas rises, closing his book, and putting his hands in his robes, wanders around a bit. "Oh, yes, because bells are expensive, Ward. Just like wands." The Malfoy removes a hand long enough to wave it generally in the direction of the twig he's using, "Having a lot of success doing it that way?"

Anthony looks up, and carefully puts his quill down, pausing to consider and think about what he's written and frowns a little.

"Oh," Sierra remarks as she considers Gabriel's idea for a moment - then shakes her head. "Transfiguration wears off. It probably wouldn't even last for the train ride to London. No, I'd have to buy real bells."

Gabriel stops his practice for a moment to consider Abraxas. He thinks about his answer for a moment then shrugs ever so slightly as if deciding the possible consequences might be worth it and says, "When you've never earned anything through your own effort and everything you get Mommy and Daddy pay for, of course it seems like nothing is expensive. But I wouldn't expect anything but that narrow of a world view from a member of the self-proclaimed Wizarding "royalty" so, no surprise." He holds up the twig and shows it off, "And this, this is because I have consideration for my fellow students. Wouldn't want a spell to misfire and affect someone else. especially since a babbling curse can be permanent." Then he goes back to his book without waiting for a response.

Abraxas laughs coldly, "Oh, and you have personally earned every knut you've ever spent, Ward? You might want to adjust your uniform, your hypocrisy is showing." He waves his hand grandly, and offers, "Oh, yes, we should all live in harmony. Except you nasty, EEEBIL purebloods. I hate you all." Shaking his head, he says, "Face it, Ward. You want to see some more bigotry at Hogwarts some day? Look in the mirror." He lowers his voice, and then leans a bit closer, though it's more of a stage whisper, "Headmaster Flint has won, because now you're just. like. him."

Anthony doesn't look up, "Malfoy. Don't taunt Ward. Ward. Don't insult Malfoy. Higgins. The Skirt looks lovely as it is. You don't need bells to make it perfect." He turns a page, "Now, can I actually listen to a 5000 year old opinion which doesn't mention Blood Purity for a minute or two?"

When Lucretia Black enters the great hall, her face is carved from ice cold stone. The expression is frigid enough to cause frostbite, actually. Her posture is exactingly perfect as she moves with purpose through the room until she stands at Abraxas' side. "Malfoy," she greets casually upon arriving. "Would you mind coming with me for a moment?" The others are given just enough attention to pass as 'polite'

"Thanks, Rowle," Sierra answers Anthony with a broad smile, then slides down the bench towards the older student. She puts her elbow on the table and her chin on her hand before asking, "Maybe you can help me out. I don't suppose you've got any notions on what Amber wants for the holidays? …maybe something I could sew or crochet? You know - before you get too deep into that 5,000 year old opinion."

Gabriel can't stop himself from laughing when he's compared to Flint. "Oh, I don't hate all Purebloods. I just…" Then Anthony is calling for a change in topic so he stops short on whatever he was going to say and instead nods to Lucretia, cheerily saying, "Good afternoon, Mistress Black." Then he goes back to practicing his wand movements with his twig, still sniggering to himself in amusement.

"Hate all Slytherins, Magijugend, and everyone who doesn't share you view of the wizarding world, yes. Sound familiar?" Abraxas finishes, before nodding, "Alright, Rowle. Perhaps you can teach him some of that famous Ravenclaw wisdom." Turning away, Abraxas says, "Of course, Black. Do we need to go somewhere move private, or would you like a game of chess while we chat?"

Anthony considers this, thoughtfully, "I was going to get her a set of charts for the Water Beasts of the Magical World, for her sailing. Had you considered making her a flag?"

Gabriel is given a scant second of attention from Lulu before she ignores him once more. "I do think I'd rather take a turn in the gardens, if you would be so obliging?" She tilts her head a little while waiting on Abe's response.

"A flag?" Sierra repeats. "For her boat? No, I hadn't. I'd need some very durable fabric, and I'd need a design," she muses to herself. "But I suppose I could do that. Have you been out with her? On her boat?"

Anthony shakes his head, towards Sierra, but he looks towards Abraxas and Lucretia with a slightly troubled expression, "Malfoy. Black." And then he looks back to Sierra, "No… no I haven't!"

Gabriel snorts in response to Abraxas but he stays quiet. He does look up at him with a wide grin and waggles his fake wand at him, his whole attitude basically saying what he's not saying in actual words, 'Oh, youuu!' before he turns his attention to Anthony and Sierra, "Someone actually owns a boat? Do they have it in the lake? What kind of boat is it? Is it really a boat or is it a ship?"

"Not even her brother?" Sierra lets out with a laugh. "I'd've thought you would've!" Glancing back towards Gabriel she adds, "Oh, no, it's at her home. Umm. What's the difference between a boat and a ship, though? I thought they were the same? Or are ships bigger? It has sails, though!"

"Ward, you will please do the world the courtesy of boiling your head." Lucretia rolls her eyes in mild exasperation at the third year's antics. She greets Anthony quietly, however, while waiting on Abraxas.

Gabriel gives Lucretia the same grin and twig waggle he just aimed at Abraxas before turning his attention to Sierra and Anthony, "Ships are bigger than boats. But they are both fun. I got to ride a ship all the way from here to the US of A on a ship the summer before last. It was a lot of fun… After I learned how to walk while the ship was rocking."

Anthony gives a bit of a shrug, "It's even less fun than a broom!"

Abraxas turns away from the Ravenclaw table and nods to Lucretia. He gathers his things, which takes a moment, and then says, "Lead on. Maybe we can find better company later."

"Oh, well, I don't think it's all that big. It's probably a boat. And I think it'd be fun! Amber sure seems to think it is, how she talks of it," Sierra responds cheerfully. "Designing a flag though… I could work in Gryffindor colors, perhaps?" she muses to herself. "But it'd be nice to put in some sort of… emblem, and not a lion. Do the Rowles have a crest? That's pretty lazy too, though."

Anthony reaches for his pocket, and then laughs, "Um, actually, you'd need to ask Eibhlin to look at my Signet ring. It has our crest on it. Or rather, our branch of the families version."

Anemone skips in and smiles popping something reddish into her mouth giving a big grin as her ears smoke a little before she lets out a breath puffing out some steam the smell of cinnamon wafting around her, seeming lost in her own world at the moment, as she wonders over to the table that always seems to have fruit and taps the table smiling as a sandwich appears on the table suddenly. She grabs it and looks around blinking at everyone gathered here.

"Or you could draw it," Sierra remarks in a dry voice. "Is it very complicated? Though if it's on a signet ring, it can't be too complicated, can it? And I could put the details in with a little embroidery…"

Anthony says, "It's not fearfully. Quartered heraldry. But I'm dreadful at art!"

Gabriel chuckles as Abraxas and Lucretia head on out at the same time waving at Anemone politely as she comes into the Great Hall, "Abraxas likes to think he knows me and he so funny about it. Anyway, some signet rings can be really complicated. I don't think I've ever seen the Rowle crest. Can you describe it, Anthony? I'd like to see it too and maybe I can draw it if you describe it well enough."

Anemone nibbles the sandwich plopping down, wiggling her legs some as she smiles warmly, eyes big showing her sparkling eyes, she smooths out her skirt some looking all around, those eyes being curious now.

"Fine, fine. I'll track down Shine and talk to her - though do you have any idea what that does to my reputation as a Higgins? Having a civilized conversation with the Head Girl? Maybe I can get her to act cross with me." Sierra glances over at Gabriel. "Unless you can draw it, of course. Save me the trouble!"

Anthony gives a thoughtful nod, "Quarterly, one and three, a leopard passand guardant bearing a wand. Gules on Or, when it's in colour. Two and four, Sable, an eagle displayed, argent." Of course. He would do it all heraldese.

Gabriel stops pulling his art supplies from his bag for a moment and just glares at Anthony ever so slightly before saying, "In English please?" then finishes pulling out his supplies then he opens his sketchpad to a blank page watching Anthony expectantly as he waits for the translation.

Anemone smiles softly as she reaches into her bag once her sandwich is finished she tugs out a square of red glass looking candy and puts it into her mouth and sucks on it once, making a face as she holds her breath for a few moments before letting the steam roll out of her mouth, smiling.

Sierra leans towards Gabriel, asking in a loud whisper, "Did you catch any of that at all?"

Anthony sighs, "That _mostly_ was in English. A shield divided into quarters. Top left corner and bottom right corner a red lion, walking sideways, looking towards you, with a wand held in the front paw which is off the ground on a yellow background. Other two quarters are black. On that, a silver eagle, with its wings spread wide, looking to one side.

Clearly, Gabriel got some of it. After waiting for a few seconds for Anthony to translate he starts drawing a traditional shield and quarters it. Then he start sketching the outlines of a leopard in the top left and bottom with corners and then an eagle opposite the leopards. All of this while Anthony talks. Then he smiles as the colors are clarified for him, "I actually got a lot of it. The colors confused me, and the direction the leopard should be facing." A mistake he is correcting as soon as Anthony translate, because his original leopards where facing the wrong direction.

Anthony nods, as he does so, "They're actually lions. But guardant lions are called leopards. Don't ask me why."

"Lions and eagles, huh? Very Gryffindor and Ravenclaw-ish. Do you suppose she'd like a flag with her family crest? Or would she rather something more personal to her?" Sierra snickers then adds, "I could put a figure on a winged white horse…" She offers not explanation for what this has to do with Amber.

Anthony's brow lifts, and then he suggests, "You could replace the eagles, perhaps, with that?"

Anthony glances towards the window, and frowns, "Damn. Sorry. That time. I need to be going." And methodically he collects all his things together.

Gabriel listens to the conversation as he draws but his attention is focused on his work. He actually makes two sketches, one as originally describe the other one with the pegasi instead of the eagle, facing the opposite direction as the lions. Although neither draft is a work of art on its own they would definitely make good drafts to base other, more detailed, work on.

Sierra watches curious as Gabriel draws, a thoughtful expression on her features. "I appreciate the help, Ward," she remarks. "Not sure I'll go this route with it - but if I do, this'll be a great help."

Gabriel finishes the sketches and colors them based on Anthony's description. Only stopping his work to wave at the older Ravenclaw as he exits the Hall. "No worries. Even if you don't use it, its still good practice for me. I haven't done any drawing since we got put back into normal classes. Too much catch up work to do."

"You are catching up alright, I hope?" Sierra asks. "Must have been tough on you Ravenclaws in particular - though I have two muggleborn dorm mates. Made things in our room… tense sometimes." She'd avoided her room as much as possible - not that that was much of a change, since she hates being indoors.

Gabriel chuckles as he rips off the page he's sketched the Rowle family shield on and passes it over to Sierra, "It wasn't all that bad really. They took away our class time but not the books for the classes so we had tutoring sessions going with the older students, and we studied on our own too. The hardest part was finding the time to sleep properly."

"I suppose. Not that I really get that." Sierra is one of those students notorious for her lack of studying - though she has been known to practice the more practical spells, especially just the sorts of spells that SCUMS was teaching. "You help Madame Spleen in the infirmary, don't you? Did she teach you the Patch-up Spell?"

Gabriel shakes his head, "Not yet. We've been working mostly on the kind of medicine specific potions that we don't learn in potions class but that she thinks I can make at my level of expertise." As he speaks he busies himself putting away his art supplies.

"Oh," Sierra remarks, sounding a little surprised by this news. "…you could teach them to me?" she suggests. "I mean - I have all these little siblings, and cousins, and in a year and half I'll be out of here and back with the caravan - and you wouldn't believe the scrapes they get into. Healing stuff's dead useful."

Gabriel smiles up from halfway under the table while he's putting away stuff, "Sure. The more people that know stuff like that the better. But mind you, I haven't learned anything life saving yet. More comfort giving things up to now, really."

"That's useful stuff, too! And for life-threatening things - well. That's why we have St. Mungo's, right?" Sierra says glibly. "Thanks. It'd be a big help."

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