(1939-11-30) A Failed Spell
Details for A Failed Spell
Summary: Angelus returns to the commons, wet, and Madeline uses the drying spell which Angelus fails to imitate.
Date: November 30, 1939
Location: Gryffindor Common Room, Hogwarts

Madeline has set aside her magazine for the moment (though it sits closed on the table where she's studying) and instead has her Transfiguration book open. She reads from it, tracing under the words with the tip of her finger, then periodically scratches out some notes on a piece of parchment next to her. She's determined to show Professor Pettigrew that she can manage this transfiguration stuff. …if she tries hard enough.

So cold! Angelus makes his way hastily up the staircases, cursing silently that he couldn’t summon his family’s house elf to cast a drying spell. His lips are twisted into a mild grimace of irritation as he enters the common room, his cheeks reddened slightly as he crosses the floor, slowing as he eyes the fire. The feathers have been plucked off - at least he had managed that much - but he shivers as his wet robes cling to his legs.

Madeline glances up as someone enters the Common Room, then back to her book - then blinks and looks back to Angelus again. "Uh. Did you go swimming?" she asks. "Or were you trying to float above the lake and look for the squid because I tried that last December and I fell in and it's a really bad idea - and a bad time to fall in the lake too, umm, and I learned the drying spell since then - don't you know it? It's a useful spell."

Angelus’ first glance to the girl has the look of irritation in it, his mouth parting as though he was about to respond, until he closes his mouth quickly. A sigh escapes the youth, closing his eyes briefly, pushing away his annoyance and slowly shaking his head. “I’ve never needed to learn it for myself.” His chin tilts lightly in a proud, important manner. “I’ve had servants able to do it for me. I’m not-“ He cuts off instead of continuing, grimaces before he manages to smile weakly. “I was…” he pauses for only a second, but long enough as he hesitates, eyes glancing away to glance at the fire, “…if you try climbing the cliffs,” he says as he glances back at her, shifting on his feet, “you should watch your footing.”

"Climbing the cliffs is fun, and you should!" Madeline agrees brightly. "But I think you were looking for the squid. You should wait for the spring for that - and you should learn the spell - it's easy! Watch." She draws out her wand. "Arificus!" …sure it is, Madeline. Nothing happens. A little color rises to her cheeks, but she promptly tries again. "Arificus!" This time, a swirl of warm wind surrounds Angelus - much to Madeline's relief.

Angelus lets out a sigh and rolls his eyes. “I’m not interested in the squid, Evans,” he says with a smirk. He pauses, glancing towards the fire as he takes a few steps closer to it, studying it briefly before he turns to look back at the girl with another softer sigh, almost relenting. “I was trying to walk on water, but I didn’t get the spell right,” he says as he inclines his head, his lips curving lightly. He blinks, eyeing her wand movement, and he can’t help but smirk with a superior flicker as nothing happens. He resists the urge to comment though, and blinks and lifts his arms when the whirlwind suddenly tousles his hair and robes around. He bites his lip lightly, trying to keep the cocky reply back. On a sigh, he takes out his wand, pendant dangling from the vanity handle. “An easy spell - I should be able to do it easily,” he explains. Best make it look like he’s showing off than making it look like he’s learning from a second year.

"Well - I don't use it much," Madeline explains. "So it took me a moment to remember it properly. But it's easy enough. You make a swirling motion with your wand - like the wind swirls around you - and the word is arificus - with the emphasis on the fi. So, it's pretty simple," she explains. "…what kind of spell were you using for walking on water?" she asks. "Like-" She cuts herself off. She probably shouldn't talk about Jesus with Angelus. He wouldn't understand.

Angelus’ wand is out, but with his other hand he flicks his fingers through his hair, trying to bring back order. He’ll re-style it eventually, but at least he can slick it back and make it neater. He does the same with his robes, adjusting his uniform and tidying himself up. He refuses to look like any slob! But his eyes flick towards Madeline, and he clears his throat, chin lifting as he holds his wand out. The incantation is mimicked correctly, and even the wand movement is good, but absolutely nothing happens as he stands there and blinks. He shifts uneasily, clearing his throat and cocking his head a little as he tries to act dignified. “Well, you’ve got to expect a few hiccups when I haven’t tried casting this before. Our house elf only needs to snap her fingers…” He starts to focus again, trying once more to cast the spell. His wand splutters and air actually explodes from the tip and backwards, knocking him backwards so that he staggers, wheeling his arms back as he lets out an ‘ack!’ When he regains his self, he lifts the side of a fist to his mouth to clear his throat. “Okay, enough of that.” He turns and starts for the stairs, but pauses to look back to Madeline to offer her a nod of his head. “Thank you, by the way. For drying out my robes.” He flashes out a smile.

"House elves are weird - but nice. Rena has one - I met it. Her. I met her. She scared Sally, my dog, and she growled at her - poor thing. I have to teach her to be nice to house elves, I guess, I didn't know they could do magic with a click of the fingers, though!" Madeline blathers cheerfully. She watches Angelus attempt the spell - then lets out a quiet giggle. "I knocked myself down a couple times first learning it, but you'll get it. It's not that hard. Anyways, you're welcome. Careful 'round the water, okay?"

Angelus shifts a little on his feet, trying to hide his embarrassment to the backfired spell. He doesn’t like that he can’t do something that she can, but his frown disappears as quickly as it comes and he smiles faintly. Then a smirk twitches at his lips at the mention of Rena and her house elf. “I don’t think Auror Odori understands what house elves are for. You let them handle the work for you,” he says as he recalls the encounter with the Auror and her house elf. There’s an amused twitch of his lips, a slight grin at the dog’s reaction. But he nods his head with confidence to the second year, his grin growing. “Of course I’ll get the hang of it. Good day, Evans.” He nods his head, avoiding any response about the lake.

As Angelus departs, Madeline turns her attention back to her school work - she has to get transfigurations down. Why does it have to be so hard and how come it's so easy for Adam? It's so unfair.

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