(1939-11-30) A Mysterious Cloud Rolls In
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Summary: Morgana and Lucian finish their dinner, only to have an unexpected guest arrive.
Date: 1939-11-30
Location: Morgana's Flat

Dinner was light this evening, with Morgana having made an eatable stew, that isn't likely going to poison anyone and yet still needs a bit of work if she were to do it again in the future. As she clears the table, she continues her recount of her work day. "I am not looking forward to the students coming back from Hogwarts over the holiday. The store is going to be an absolute mad house again, she'll have me scrubbing the floors mid-day."

Lucian is a working man at heart, and is right there helping to clear the table, already filling the kitchen sink to wash up. "At least it won't be as bad as August, right? No flood of completely clueless Firsties. Tell Madam Black that if she needs extra help, I'm glad to come keep things clean so you potioneers can do your potioneering."

"I'll be sure and let her know, I don't think it will be anywhere near as crazy as she believes it to be, but than again I mostly stayed home during the holiday." Morgana says as she starts to clean up. "I've been thinking of getting a small tree for in here, not that I have much to decorate it with, but it would be nice to have something. Any prospects on flats, or were you planning on staying at the farm a bit longer?"

Lucian sighs, shaking his head as he scrubs down their plates. "Bounder's been sick. He's bounced back, but that's why I haven't been around much. Poor Princess, too. She was worrying herself so badly she was molting. But I did find out about a duelling tournament happening right after the New Year. If I can get a Galleon together, I can enter. The prize money for first place is fifteen Galleons. I think I've got a…hm?" Lucian cuts himself off at a rapping on the front door.

"Poor Bounder, I am glad he got better thought. I know Princess would be very worried, I should et out there and say hello to all of them. Maybe find some extra ferrets for them." Hearing about the tournament though she smiles at him. "You'll do great, I am sure I could lend you a few silver if you need it, though I don't have a full galleon to spare at the moment." The knock causes her to tilt her head to the side, and she slips off toward the front door, opening the door just enough to see who is out side.

Morgana is greeted by the smiling face of older man, perhaps in his fifties or so, with flyaway greying hair, and equally wild, bushy eyebrows. He is dressed in pinstriped robes with a bright pink tie with purple polka-dots that bounce around as he moves. "Miss Morgana Rashley?" he inquires with a slight lisp.

Morgana is perplexed by the person at her door, and for a moment she wonders if they have maybe come to the wrong flat. She's about to say so when she is addressed by name. "Ehm, yes, that would be me. Can I help you with something Mr…?" She'll look back toward the Kitchen to check on Lucian.

The man pops up on his toes excitedly, even letting out a little giggle. "Step back, my dear," he instructs, moments before the door is pushed open at the hands of a man and a woman barging into the flat. Each gives a curt nod as they pass Morgana. Their wands are out, and aiming this way and that, though mostly at the walls.

"Anya?" Lucian's calls out in concern. He quickly wipes his soapy hands on a dish towel and hurries to Morgana's side, drawing his wand.

The funny little man at the door casually steps into the flat, saying, "No call for alarm, Mr. Proudmore." He offers a hand to Morgana. "Thank you for seeing us, Miss Rashley. Walter St. Cloud, Chief of Mysteries. You have a Lovely home. It's just you painted all over it, isn't it?"

Morgana stares at the man as he bounces and giggles, but the fact that people are barging in to her flat does cause her to feel some alarm. However she'll lightly put her hand on Lucian's arm to try and aim his wand at anything but the Unspeakables in the room. "I was unaware that we had an appointment, Mr St. Cloud." Morgana says politely, raising her brows at the comments about her flat. "Ehm, well I've settled in as best as I can… What brings you all the way out here?" Morgana does appear to be calm, however Lucian can feel that she isn't.

St. Cloud shuts the door behind him and tucks his hands into his pockets. "I find it best in situations like these to avoid appointments. The anticipation can make people so edgy." Not at all like barging into their homes uninvited. "Shall we sit?" He gestures toward the living room invitingly. The other two Unspeakables go about their business, tracing invisible lines with their wands along every edge and corner of the flat, periodically murmuring quiet incantations. Walter waits for Morgana and Lucian to sit first, occupying himself in the meanwhile with producing a small bowl from his pocket, into which he empties a small bag of butterbeer flavored candies. "Butterdrop? I find that a butterdrop soothes the nerves in the face of the unexpected."

Lucian scowls and tenses, He keeps his wand down as Morgana seems to want, but it remains in his hand. "Look here, Mr. St. Cloud. You can't just come barging into someone's home uninvited!"

"Well we couldn't have that now could we?" Morgana says in her cool and even tone. When he makes himself the host and invites them to sit in her own living room, she refrains from shaking her head at him. As she starts to walk over to her couch, she is stopped by Lucian's words. "Please." She says in a lower tone, trying to keep the conversation between them as best as she can. "I need to hear what he came here for." It doesn't help that people are MAGICKING HER FLAT! Sitting on the couch, she'll look at Luican expectantly, and even reach to the bowl to grab him a butter drop. "So what do I owe the pleasure of your visit Sir?"

After Morgana and Lucian are seated in their chosen places, Walter settles into a chair, chuckling. "I think you have some notion what brings me here. Did he call you Anya?" He tilts his head, suddenly changing the subject. "I didn't see that in your file."

"I do have a notion, but I do not like to make assumptions." Morgana says as she smooths over her skirt. "Especially when it comes to your department." When her file is mentioned she'll raise one brow and shake her head. "I should hope not, because only a select few people call me by that name, and rarely in public. I should hope that your resources don't reach into every private residence."

St. Cloud nods at her explanation. "No. Not every residence." He doesn't elaborate further on just how many private residences the Department reaches into. "Now then, to business. I must apologise for our intrusion. But I was also interested to see how you would react. You have been calm and curious, despite your discomfort. This is a positive sign, Miss Rashley." He beams at her like some proud grandfather. "I don't mind telling you that it is a rare candidate for our department that is even considered within a year of their graduation from Hogwarts. Most are recruited much later on. But you have become an unusual case. I'm speaking to both of you, of course."

Morgana isn't sure if she wants to know what residences have been deemed worthy to be spied on by the Department. "Of course I am curious, it's not every day that someone from your Department shows up at my front door." At least she hopes they are not, who knows what these Unspeakables do. For a moment there is a hint of pride that Lucian would feel, that being considered this early is a good thing. "Well I have been tenacious with pursuing a place in your department." However his final words do cause that pride to fade. "Ah, yes. That. My exposure to the Heart of Gold and it's effect on myself and Lucian."

Lucian squeezes Morgana's hand, feeling everything that St. Cloud's words are putting her through. His own growing distaste for the ridiculous Chief Unspeakable is coming off of him in waves.

You say, "But so much more than that, my dear!" Walter beams happily as he sits back, crossing one leg over the other. "Yes, of course we're interested in what the-…" He pauses, looking to his two colleagues, only continuing after getting a silent nod of affirmation. "…in what the Heart has done to you. But your response to it, now that got my attention. Not only did you do your best to understand it, you also immediately began experimenting! And no longer were you bound to the comfort of your books, but you were treading new ground!" He quivers with excitement as he relates her recent activities. "Exploration. Experimentation. Daring to blaze trails into the unknown. These are the things we do, Miss Rashley. This is what we live for.""

"The exploration lead to very interesting places." Morgana says, not really wanting to vocalize just how those potion failures ended up with a nearly broken table in her place of business. Squeezing Lucian's hand back, she tries to push away his annoyance for the moment, since keeping her own in check right now is proving to be taxing. Some errant thought in her head causes her to smirk before she replies. "Even if most of them did prove to be fruitless, I did enjoy trying to create new things."

St. Cloud claps his hands together loudly. "As you should, my dear! Failure is a familiar friend to us, and our greatest teacher. It is how we response to failure that sets the stage for future success. Now then, I know you'd rather I didn't mention that your exposure to the Heart led what I am going to offer you. But you must also learn to appreciate the value of accident and chance. Chaos is so much a part of what we do. Like failure, you will learn to welcome it, and the opportunities it brings. Opportunities like this one. Miss Rashley, I am prepared to offer you a position in the Department of Mysteries. But, as you might imagine, this offer is conditional." His demeanor has settled, becoming more serious, less boisterous. "What you and your paramour are most likely experiencing is something we call a Soul Bond. The opportunity to study such a connection comes along very rarely. If you accept my offer, you will be not only a researcher, but also a subject of research. You may take part in the project, but another Unspeakable will lead. Do you understand what I'm proposing?"

"Yes that is something I am going to have to get used to." Morgana says when St. Cloud mentions failure, but his next words she listens to with apt attention. When he finishes, she bites her lip, but that is really the only expression she outwardly gives. "I had gathered that this might have been what happened to us, it really was the only thing that fit with what little I could find." Hearing the conditions she looks toward Lucian. The conflicting emotions she is feeling inside cannot be missed. Anxiety, excitement, trepidation, elation, and a hint of disappointment roll off of her as she considers all of this. "What of Lucian, there are two sides to this bond, how does he fit into all of it?"

Lucian has relaxed, for the most part. As annoyed as he is with the intrusion, he also knows full well that this is Morgana's dream that has come knocking, and he's not about to get in the way of it.

Chief St. Cloud nods, his eyes falling upon Lucian. "An important question, and the reason we arrived during one of your visits, Mr. Proudmore. I'm sure you're both aware that there is no place in the country where secrecy is tighter than in the Department of Mysteries. While this bond provides a wonderful chance for study, it can also represent a possible security leak. I'm afraid that the only way we can accept Miss Rashley is if you are equally bound by an oath of secrecy, and submit to regular inspection. Are you familiar with the concept of legilimency, Mr. Proudmore? No? In brief, a Legilimens will be able to explore your thoughts to determine if any classified information has leaked through the bond to you."

Feeling that tension rise off of him, Morgana squeezes his hand again and lightly rubs his arm with her other hand. She turns toward him, taking just a second to ignore all of her 'guests' and lowering her voice to a serious tone. "If you don't want to do this Lucian, I will understand. This is asking a lot of you." What ever emotions she is feeling are being reigned in tightly as she waits for his answer.

Lucian lowers his face into his hands, feeling the tremendous weight of this decision bearing down on him. How did things get so complicated? He looks up again, somehow appearing more exhausted than a moment ago. "So, what happens if something does leak through?"

St. Cloud gives them a grandfatherly smile. "Not to worry. So long as you were bound by the same oath of secrecy that Miss Rashley would be, we would simply inform you that you possessed sensitive information, so you would know not to reveal it. Our information suggests that you take oaths very seriously, Mr. Proudmore. I would feel secure with your word."

Lucian's hackles raise again at the realisation that they've been gathering information on him, too. But the flattering words about his sense of honour help to soothe the savage beast.

It's hard for Morgana to sort through her own emotions, when Lucian's are so overwhelming. Seeing him like that, and feeling what a burden she puts on him causes her to pull away, at least emotionally. However hearing that they only require an oath, is far less severe than she expected. With one final squeeze of his hand she nods her head. "If Lucian agrees, than I accept." Granted, she doesn't try to think about what happens if Lucian rejects it, that's just not a bit of head space she can get into at the moment.

St. Cloud nods deeply. "I think we have intruded enough upon your evening. The two of you need time to discuss this. For the time being, we'll leave the privacy charms in place," he gestures around to his colleagues who performed the wandwork on the flat, "so you may speak without fear of any eavesdroppers."

But before the Unspeakables can make their exit, Lucian rises to his feet and says, "I'll do it." He takes a deep breath, steadying himself, and nods firmly. "Morgana is a bloody genius, and you need her, and she needs you. She doesn't belong in a potions shop. She belongs in the Department of Mysteries."

"I appreciate you leaving the charms in place." Morgana says as she slowly gets to her feet. There is a fear in her, a fear that if they walk out that door, that this deal could fall apart. But she doesn't voice that, St. Cloud is right, they should discuss this between themselves. So when Lucian stands and makes his declaration she pauses. Turning her eyes toward his, she simply nods, while a wave of adoration flows off of her. "There. You have our answer, Sir."

St. Cloud blinks in surprise, but a happy grin slowly brightens his face. "Splendid! Well then, that concludes our business here. I trust you'll want to make exit arrangements with Mrs. Black. That should give us sufficient time to have your desk prepared." He gives a little bow to the two of them. "Miss Rashley, Mr. Proudmore, have a lovely evening." Moments later, the trio of Unspeakables have departed, the door shutting behind them.

For several moments the silence in the air just hangs. Morgana is either using most of her brain to process what has happened, or is in shock. Shaking her head, she looks toward Lucian carefully reaches out to touch his arm. "You didn't have to do that." She whispers. I could have found another way in."

Morgana's touch snaps Lucian back to reality from the daze the surreal visit left him in. He gives her a soft smile, shrugging. "I couldn't let your future hinge on that chance. This is the right thing to do."

It's easy to see that Morgana is running a few scenarios in her head, because her eyes are rapidly looking things over in her flat. "Yes, but is it what you want? I don't want to feel as if I have forced you into some impossible situation. They're going to want to run experiments, and while I get to be part of it, I don't get to be in charge of what they do."

Lucian tilts his head, furrowing his brow in confusion. "What do I want? I want you to be happy, and to do what you're meant to be doing. Putting up with someone poking around my head now and then is a small price to pay if that's what it takes to make your dreams come true."

Morgana gives him a faint smile before she nods her head. "I appreciate that, but I would have refused if you would not have agreed, I want you to know that." She sighs, a very heavy sigh before she shakes her head. "It doesn't feel real. It's not how I expected it would happen."

"Has anything happened the way you expected? That's life for you. Probably especially Unspeakable life." Lucian moves back to the couch to be seated with her. "Are you ready to work for that bloke? He seems a little…touched."

"Touched was one way of putting it. However he seemed perfectly sane compared to the other Unspeakable I met." When he joins her back on the couch, she'll lean against him, though he can feel her slightly trembling as she touches him. "It hasn't sunk in yet, I still don't think it's real. Should I scream, or dance or just.. sit in quiet reflection."

Lucian wraps an arm around Morgana, gently rubbing her shoulder. In the absence of the Unspeakables, his trepidation has returned, but he pushes it down — his determination is stronger. "Probably all of them. This is it, babe. This is your dream, and if you're not scared, you're crazy. But you should be happy, too." He smiles and plants a kiss atop her head.

"It's only the fear of the unknown that I feel, and the fear that my path has just begun and not ended." Once his arm is around her, she'll fully lean into him. "For now." She says quietly. "I will just spend this time with you. Tomorrow I can send the news to my family." She leans over, letting her lips lightly press against his cheek.

Lucian sighs contentedly, Morgana serenity influencing his own demeanor. "Come what may, I'll be here by your side…and apparently 'Soul Bonded'…bound… whatever." He gives her another kiss, this time to the temple. "I know you'll want to hear it eventually. So…you were right." He gives her a playful smirk.

Morgana laughs and pulls away enough to look him in the eye. "Of course I was right. I am always right Lucian, when are you going to learn that?" She winks at him playfully as she leans back against him. "It's good to know that my hunch was right. That there was a change in us. For good or ill, I believe we will be this way for the rest of our lives."

Lucian puts his fingers under Morgana's chin. "Somehow I think I'll manage to come to terms with that." His lips twitch up in a boyish smile before tipping her face up to meet his kiss.

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