(1939-12-11) Flirts End
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Summary: Fourth years finding each other on the roof top. It starts with Angelus flirting and ends with him being called out on his terrible actions. Again.
Date: December 11, 1939
Location: Central Castle Roof

Sierra has found herself a corner of the castle roof, and she's sitting with fabric and thread - sewing away as she hums cheerfully to herself. The colors are bright, and she seems to be sewing a large rectangle cut into four large quarters. Two of them have a rampant lion on them, two have an eagle. She's adding details with different color threads, leaning over her work to see what she's doing better.

Penelope comes up to the castle roof, all bundled up in robes and her Ravenclaw scarf. She's headed to the Owlry to send a message back to her family, and she's humming a bright little tune as she walks. When she comes across Sierra, she smiles and waves to the Hufflepuff girl. "Hello there."

"Oh, hey," Sierra greets her fellow year-mate, greeting her with a smile, then glancing down at the project she's working on. Would Penelope recognize the Rowle crest? Probably not, she decides. Not like the girl's a pureblood. "Herbology was fun today," she remarks casually.

"It was!" Penelope says excitedly. "I didn't think that we were going to be talking about gillyweed so soon. I thought for sure that was going to be part of next year's class. Maybe it means that we'll get to use it in the spring!" Trust Penelope to get all excited of Herbology. The blonde girl moves closer to Sierra and takes a peak at what's being created. "What are you making there?"

A series of hoots let out around the central roof as Angelus stands by the crenulated wall. The reddish owl hops around on the ledge, a letter tied to her leg as she munches happily on a treat. When she’s finished, her wings ruffle, letting out a hoot as she spreads them, and takes off into the air, the Gryffindor youth watching her soar. The voices causes him to whirl, blinking as he lets out a hum, and a warm, charming smile flickers across his face. “Hey Penelope, a pleasure to find you up here.” He shifts his gaze onto Sierra, smirking as he lifts his chin to her. “Higgins. You don’t have any water on you, do you?” he asks teasingly.

"That would be great," Sierra agrees. She doesn't get quite as excited about herbology as Penelope - but she still very much enjoys it. "Oh, this?" She glances down at her project, and then back up at Penelope. "It's a Christmas gift," she explains. "So, umm, don't mention to anyone you saw me working on this." Because the last things she needs is for it to get back to Amber early.

"All out of water, Eibon, but we can find some off that side of the castle." She nods her head. "…isn't that where your trunk went earlier this year?"

When Angelus addresses her, Penelope blushes and bit and holds her hands in front of her in a schoolgirl fashion. "Ummm…hello, Angelus." She's always been a bit shy around boys, especially the cuter ones. Penelope looks back down at Sierra's craftsmanship and nods to the girl. "I promise; not a word."

Angelus regards both Sierra and Penelope, gaze flicking over the girls and the work Sierra is doing. A grin tugs at his lips at the mention of the lake, shooting a glance around in the direction. “There is. Heh. Do you think someone could make the water jumping from up here?” His grin widens as a glint sparkles in his eyes, considering until Sierra brings up the trunk. It brings out a frown briefly, and he rolls his eyes. “That unfortunate occurrence - won’t ever happen again.” His smile softens, looking to Penelope warmly with a curl to his lips. “You’re talking about herbology? Did you finish up your assignment?”

"Dunno. Suppose it depends - is someone else pushing?" Sierra counters. With the appearance of Angelus, Sierra folds up her work, hoping he didn't recognize the Rowle crest. She puts it back into the cloth satchel she was keeping her crafting things in - then lets out a sigh. "Assignments. Ugh. I much rather the hands on stuff. More practical."

Penelope smiles wide and nods to Angelus. "Of course! I'm already starting in on the reading for my classes post-Christmas break. I should have my first Arithmancy paper ready to turn in a few days after it's assigned." Penelope looks rather proud of that fact. "So right now, I'm just making arrangements for Christmas break. Are you both heading home to see you families?"

“Are you threatening?” Angelus returns good-naturedly with a glance to Sierra. He flashes a bright smile at her, which grows into a grin as he winks. “The cliffs only go so high, might as well find something more challenging.” Angelus snickers with amusement as he nods his head. But he tut-tuts Sierra, mockingly, at the mention of assignments and hands on. “You learn both from reading and using your hands Sierra.” And just because the thought twists in his head, a roguish smile twitches against his lips as the thought all but shines in his eyes. “That far ahead, huh?” he says with a look to Penelope. “Hey, Higgins, you should learn from Penelope. That gives more time to hang around with me.” He grins playfully at the girls.

"Just a friendly offer, Eibon," Sierra counters. With her things packed away, Sierra stands up and leans back on the wall behind her. "You know what gives me plenty of free time? Not doing my assignments," she counters blithely. It is something she's been known to do in the past - but only when she finds them particularly useless to her, and tedious.

Penelope looks back and forth between Sierra and Angelus during the exchange. "Come on, you two," she says in a worried tone. "It's Christmastime. There are enough bad things going out in the world today; why don't we all just be nice for a while?"

“Then thanks,” Angelus responds to Sierra with a grin, lowering his head briefly. “Right, plenty of free time to hang around with me,” he repeats. His head inclines back airily, flashing Penelope a bright smile. “We’re just having some fun, sweetheart. Sierra’s fun to play around with.”

"Yeah. When I intend any actual harm - he'll know," Sierra remarks blithely. "Did you hear about the time I dumped him in the lake? 'bout a week back now. He startles so easily." No, he doesn't. It took three tries before he jumped back far enough to slip. She'd been starting to think it wouldn't work.

Did…did Angelus just call her 'sweetheart'? Penelope starts to blink a bit in confusion. What was he meaning by that? Was it 'sweetheart' as in he actually had feelings for her? Or….? Penelope is one of the smartest students at Hogwarts right now, and she looks positively perplexed as she tries to figure out what was just said. "Sweetheart?" she asks quietly as she continues blinking.

“Sierra would never want to cause me harm,” says Angelus assuredly. His mouth gapes at her, but his expression still shows a delighted look, clearly just playing. “You did not dump me in the lake, Higgins. I fell. Because of your startling beauty.” He flashes her a toothy grin. His head tilts as Angelus turns his gaze to regard Penelope, a hum escaping him. “Sorry, would you rather ‘Cutie?’”

"Let's go find that lake, Eibon, and see how far you can jump," Sierra responds - her voice dropping a tick towards icy, before she pushes away from the wall. "I need to go find Angus - we were working on a project. See you guys in class."

And now Penelope is blushing, cheeks red and not from the winter chill. "Cu…cutie?" She doesn't know if Angelus is teasing her or being serious. "I…ummm….ahhhh…." Somehow, Penelope manages to notice Sierra leaving and snaps out of her trance a bit. "Oh! Bye, Sierra! I'll see you in class tomorrow." The only problem now for Penelope is that she's back to standing with Angelus and trying to figure out his intentions.

Angelus flashes another grin at Sierra. “I can jump pretty far,” he says boastfully. “But I don’t feel like a swim.” He dips his head to Sierra. “See you around, Sierra.” His smile flickers across his lips, looking at to Penelope in amusement. “You can’t tell me you don’t know how pretty you are, Penelope. Do you want to take walk?”

"Ummm…a walk?" Penelope is looking a bit panicked now. "Ummm…sure," she laughs a bit nervously. "Where would you like to walk to?" While she's still nervous inside, she's back to looking at Angelus with a bit of a dream-like glint in her eyes.

Angelus’ lips curve lightly, nodding his head. He offers out his arm, elbow bent, to Penelope as she agrees to a walk. “We can head down to the Great Hall. Grab a cup of hot chocolate, maybe.” He pauses for a second, humming. “I am going home for the holidays, by the way. I wouldn’t miss it. What about you?”

Slowly, Penelope takes Angelus' offered arm. She's only seen people walking together like this, so there's a certain hesitancy on her part, wondering if she has her arm positioned properly. "Hot chocolate sounds…lovely," she says with a smile. Penelope walks alongside Angelus, nodding at his question. "Oh yes; I'll be back home with my family for the holidays. We live in South Kensinton, so there's some worry about if the Germans attack. But for now, we're all determined to have a Happy Christmas."

A light twitch pulls at Angelus’ lips as he nods his head, letting out a ‘heh.’ “It’s a shame we have to worry about attacks over the holidays. Everyone should just…” The boy lifts his shoulders as he shakes his head. “Take it easy.” Not that he knows, or understands, the full extent of what’s going on. “You should come over to our manor over the break. For our family’s New Year’s eve party - I’m doing something downstairs so it’s less boring,” he adds with a smirk. “But also to come earlier so I can give you a tour.”

Penelope's eyes light up at that invitation. "Truly? I'm…I'm very flattered. I'll have to owl my father and let him know, of course. But I don't think it would be a problem. Thank you." She's smiling wide, feeling like she's flying without using magic. "And….perhaps you could come to visit my home sometime?" She looks over at Angelus, very much smitten right now. "It's nothing so grand as a manor, but I think it would be nice to have other classmates visit over the holidays." Her smiles turns to one of amusement and she lets out a slight giggle. "Madeline Evans and I are planning to have both our families meet up and go to the cinema together." Then, Penelope remembers that Angelus is a Pure-Blood. "It's a kind of Muggle entertainment. They have pictures that move like magic ones do, but without the magic. It's a science that Muggles call cinematography."

And Angelus almost grins like a fool, a pleased look in his eyes as he tilts his head. “Flattered,” he says, considering as he hums quietly. He pauses by the door leading back into the castle, resting a hand against it as he shifts his eyes to lock on Penelope. “Flattered enough toooo… give me a kiss?” His arm lifts, just so that he can tap a finger against his cheek as he tilts his head closer to the girl. And then she mentions Madeline Evans and his smiles fade, jaw tightening as his he tips his chin importantly. “I’ve heard of the cinemas. I haven’t had much experience in them, but…” His lips curl lightly. “Never mind about Evans. I could take you to a much better event. If my father’s too busy, I bet my mother take us to watch a theatre play.”

When Angelus asks about the kiss, the nervousness returns to Penelope. "I…I don't know…" she says, looking away and scuffing her foot some. She backs away a little, disengaging from Angelus' arm. "I mean…a kiss is something…I don't know if it's proper…." Penelope is looking very confused right now, and Angelus' offer to replace the outing that Penelope had with Madeline draws a bit of a frown from the Ravenclaw girl. "I couldn't do that to Madeline," she says. "We're both looking forward to this movie, and we're becoming friends."

Angelus lets out a hum as he regards Penelope for a quiet moment. The youth deflates a little with some disappointment, but still he offers a very meek smile as he cranes his head. “It’s just a little kiss, no need to be nervous about it.” But he frowns, and lifts his fingers to slide across his mouth as he studies Penelope before wagging his two fingers in front of him. “Evans is nothing. Nothing compared to having me as a friend. Forget about her and I guarantee you’ll have better fun with me. She’s only a second year, Penelope.”

Now, Penelope is looking at Angelus in a completely different way. She's not so enchanted with him, it seems. Penelope folds her arms in front of her, looking rather cross. "Madeline is not 'nothing'. Nobody here is 'nothing'. Real friends don't say 'be my friend or else'. Real friends don't try to buy or bribe others for friendship, either. I thought Gryffindors were all supposed to be noble and courageous. You sound more like your brother than a real Gryffindor." Penelope turns away from Angelus. "You know, I always felt a bit sorry for you when I heard others talking about you. I thought you were being unfairly judged because your brother was in Slytherin. But now I think I was wrong." She turns back and looks at Angelus with harsh eyes. "You don't want friends at all. You just want people that you can push around and look down on and feel better then. You're a bully, and that's why people don't like you. They're not jealous of your family or your money or of you. They don't like you because of how you treat others. Calling them by their last names like they're servants." Penelope turns and starts to storm back down the stairs, any message to send to her family forgotten. But before she gets far, she turns to look back at Angelus. "Maybe if you actually tried being nice to people instead of thinking you're better than them, you might find out what real friendship is all about."

The beginning of Penelope’s speech already brings out a scornful twist of his lips. A sigh is drawn out as he cocks back his head, and Angelus gestures out a hand idly to allow her to continue. A twitch flicks against his lips in annoyance at the mention of his brother, barely there for a second. Heaving a huge sigh as Angelus flicks his hand in a lazy wave in front of him, he murmurs out as the girl begins to walk. “What a major disappointment. Such a shame a pretty face is wasted.” The youth rolls his eyes and idly, unconcernedly, lifts his fingers to fix a golden strand of hair. “Anyone who would rather be friends with someone like Evans is clearly not the sort that I care to befriend. If you decide to see reason, perhaps I’ll be around Iblis. But you have been degraded, unfortunately so.” He brushes a hand in front of him dismissively. “Go. Go dream tonight about what you will be missing out with me.”

Penelope just shakes her head sadly as Angelus brushes her off. And when he 'dismisses' her by telling her to dream of what she'll be missing out on, well…Penelope just smiles wide and happy starts singing….

"I'm off to see the Wizard, the wonderful Wizard of Oz." And she's skipping down the stairs as she goes into the refrain. "Because, because, because, because, because of the wonderful things he does!"

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