(1939-12-13) Kiss or Punch a Super Star
Details for Kiss or Punch a Super Star
Summary: Angelus joins Angus and Sierra out in Hogsmeade and is taught a lesson. Maybe?
Date: December 13, 1939
Location: Central High Street, Hogsmeade

Angelus is standing outside the owl post, dressed in warm robes, finely woven blue spills around him and brocaded with silver. Silvery waves embroidered around the hem of the robes crash against the dark background, water falling up the sleeves and spluttering over the rest of the robes in intricate detail. The fine wool cloak is done up by a golden stitched clasp at his throat, the hood drawn up as the youth leans against the building. He’s tossing up a single sickle in a gloved hand, his blue eyes scanning the streets as he considers.

Angus ambles down the road towards the sweetshop. He's chatting with Sierra as they go, "No, Ah'm serious. They have this explodin' gobstopper, y'ken? Only it doesnae really _explode_, it's just as yehs go through each layer o' it, your cheeks pop oot, and go the same colour for a second, y'ken?"

"How much are they, though?" Sierra asks. After all, money is always tight for the traveler girl - but that's especially true during the holidays. At least she'll have the next two weeks to try to make up some money - do some palm reading for the Muggles and such. "It does sound really great, though. I'd love to try one!"

Since being finished with what he needed to do, Angelus has been watching other students passing. So far, he hasn’t made a move to go and join anyone, until his blue eyes trail towards Sierra and Angus. A grin tugs across his face as he pulls away from the building, fingers curling around the coin as he tucks it away, and bringing his head up to the pair. “How much is what? Where’re you headed?”

Angus says, "Ah was just sayin' boot the explodin' gobstoppers. We were gonnae check oot the sweetshop. I've still goat a wee bittie o' mah allooance left, y'ken, so…"

"Hey Eibon - is it true the little Muggleborn punched you?" Sierra asks with a laugh when he spots the other fourth year. Oh, how she delights in rumors like this. "Did she leave a mark?" She leans one way and then the other, as if checking for a bruise on the boy's cheeks. She doesn't see any. But Madame Spleen can work marvels.

“Oh!” Angelus’ grin grows into one of glee. “Fantastic. I’ll pick up a package of them,” he decides with a nod, pivoting so that he can fall into stride with his fellow fourth years. “Keep your coin for something else, mate. I’ll buy some for all of us,” he offers. “What?” Angelus blinks as he glances at Sierra, for a moment looking at her confusion. When realisation clues in he lets out an, “Oh,” and a smirk flicks against his lips. “Why does everyone want to keep spreading the notion that we aren’t getting along? It’s not that entertaining anymore.” He shrugs simply. “We’re fine.”

Angus flushes, "Och, Eibon… yeh dinnae have tae… " He glances towards Sierra, looking a bit… uneasy, "I can afford it, y'ken!" Well. Probably. Just. But that branch of the MacMillans, whilst sacred, are Owl Breeders. And that's not a terribly rich profession

"Because it's a much more interesting story," Sierra remarks blithely - not really caring whether it's true or not. It's still fun to talk about and spread around! But as to the offer of sweets, she shakes her head, adding, "Don't worry about it, Eibon. We're both covered. I'll be doing some chores at the stable later - plus, I think the Sellers (they own that colt I've been working with) were going to give me a little extra on account of the season."

Angelus responds to Sierra with a simple shrug. “I’m glad tales of my misfortune amuses you, Sierra.” A laugh escapes him, flashing a merry smile at the girl. He gives a little shake of his head as he looks from Sierra to Angus. “Don’t worry about it - let me get the gobstoppers. I can treat friends now and then,” he adds.

Angus grumbles a little, and then nods, "Aye. Okay, Eibon, yer on. But I've made some biscuits, if yehs want some, aye?"

"I'm fine," Sierra insists. She wouldn't mind someone she really thought of as a friend buying her a treat now and then - but unfortunately, Angelus wasn't it. "I'll get one on my own. And don't worry - I laugh at everyone's misfortunes. Even Angus' - right Angus?"

Angelus’ lips curve, nodding his head to Angus. He smirks in response to Sierra, but reluctantly lets it go as he brushes out a hand. “Whatever you want, Sierra - I offered.” He flashes a little smile at her. “Yes, I know. I know,” he replies about the misfortunes. “So, Angus, what broom have you been riding?” he asks. To Sierra, “Have you learned anymore great moves from Colton lately?”

Angus mutters, "Silver Arrow." A beat, "Mah own. But it's no the brum, it's the rider, y'ken?"

"Oh, I've been teaching Colton," Sierra boasts - completely falsely, and everyone knows it. She doesn't care, though, as she beams cheerfully. "He's so helplessly. Not sure what Colton'd ever do without me. Poor thing's just lost."

“That’s the broom my brother rides,” Angelus replies to Angus, nodding. “Good broom, but it isn’t the Cleansweep Three, of course.” Certainly Angelus isn’t going to miss a chance to brag. A grin flashes across his face. “Sure, when the rider has the skill. But the broom still makes a difference. What do you think of the Comet 180?” Angelus lets out a chuckle at Sierra. “Oh, teaching him? Then why aren’t you on your team? Colton’s definitely improved since last year. We’re going to catch the snitch before Esmond this year.”

Angus glances down at his nails and polishes them quietly, "Aye. Remind me o' the Gryffindor Slytherin score, why don' you, Eibon, Aye?" He blows on the fingernails, "And did yeh see that one-two ah pulled?"

"Oh, I've better things to do with my time," Sierra responds airily, flashing Angelus an amused smile. "But I've at least got the time to teach Colton everything he knows."

Angelus grins widely and nods his head. “I wish I was there to watch.” Or play. Ahem. “It’s good we have another Star on the team.” He shifts his gaze to Sierra. “Good, then you can keep teaching him everything he knows so we can win the championship.”

Angus gives a shrug, "Aye. I may no have mentioned it, but y'see, the broom doesnae matter. Y'see, I'm ANGUS MACMILLAN, Ken? The rest is wee bittie details!"

Sierra reaches out to pat Angus on the shoulder. "It's good you're making do. We can't all be SIERRA HIGGINS, after all. It'd get too confusing, otherwise."

Angelus grins at Sierra. “Confusing, but easy to look at.” A flicker sparkles in his eyes as he eyes her. He shakes his head in amusement, looking to Angus. “Skilled no doubt, but with a good broom under you? Even better.”

Angus shrugs, and rolls his eyes upwards, taking a slight step to one side, presumably to free Sierra's arm from risk of collateral damage if she slaps Angelus, "Och, Angelus, yeh dinnae _need_ tae have they fancy brooms, y'ken. It's a sign o'weakness." Says, presumably, the urchin who can't AFFORD a better broom.

Oh, how well Angus knows her. Here away from the school, well. There's no need to follow the rules to the letter, is there? Sierra steps in towards Angelus abruptly, reaching out with her foot to try to hook it behind one of his feet, while her hands go out for a hard shove to his shoulder.

Angelus chuckles as he spreads his arms apart. “But I’m unbeatable with my skill and my broom-“ he replies arrogantly a second before Sierra swipes her foot at his. He’s caught completely off-guard by it, given that his focus had shifted to Angus. An “ack” escapes him as he trips, stumbling back from her push. The only thing that saves him from hitting the ground is that he stumbled right against a building, which he takes leaning against for a second as he lets out a laugh. Brushing his hands down his robes, he pipes up, “Whaaaat? How can you be so against someone thinking that you’re pretty?” He pulls away from the building to come back to them.

Angus gives a little groan, "Aye, the thing is, Eibon, you say it tae aboot every Gurl. It's no special tae them, ken? Noo, if _I_ said, tae Higgins here that I thought she were as full o'life as her hair is beautiful, or that she's almost as much fun as a quidditch match, it'd mean something, ken? But frae you? You could say she's as pretty as….. och, as Pretty as Pretty, and all she'd try and dae is dump you on your erse, ken?"

"Listen to ANGUS MACMILLAN - ken?" Sierra answers, flashing her friend a smile. Looking back at Angelus she adds, “from you, it's just… greasy and insulting." She shakes her head, ignoring the snickers from the kids on the street who witnessed the exchange.

“Only the pretty ones,” says Angelus in a playfully defensive tone. A slight curve to his lips as he shakes his head at Angus. “Look at her.” Angelus jabs a thumb to point at Sierra, inclining his chin as he smirks. His gaze shifts onto Sierra. “You have got beauty in the face. Now if you dressed in flattering silk dresses it would be even better.” As he comments, his lips curve upward a little. His smile drops though at Sierra’s words, giving her a brief frown which turns immediately into a snort and a grin. “Why you got to be so hurtful for?” he says teasingly, winking.

Angus says with a resigned air, "Dinnae say I didnae warn yehs, Eibon! See, Wimmin like tae feel special. And if yehs say the same ole lines tae all the pretty ones, which I ken for ye is most of them, they dinnae feel special. They feel like you're sizin' them up. And I dinnae ken if hinting aboot flash cash things is a good way tae improve matters." He shrugs, "Try makin' something beautiful with your own hands, aye? The quines like a man who's capable, ye ken? Any dunderheid can get given money, an' spend it. It takes style tae manage wi' less!"

"A man who can't do for himself is useless in a caravan," Sierra agrees. "We wouldn't stand for it." She glances aside at Angus, idly wondering if he meant that 'full of life as her hair is beautiful' comment or if he was just giving an example. Looking back to Angelus she adds, "So you see - you're no good to me, Eibon."

A grin slants against his lips as Angelus pushes his thumb at himself. “Yea, but I’m an irresistible Star.” His chest swells as he holds his head up. “Every girl wants me.” He shakes his head vigorously. “You do,” he says with a glance at Sierra, as if anticipating her remark. “You know deep down you’re craving a kiss from me.” He spreads his arms apart. “Anytime you’re ready, Higgins.” Of course, that said, his steps slow down a bit as he shifts his gaze around to the buildings.

Angus lets out a little groan, and quietly goes and leans against a wall, "Let me know if either of yehs want me tae hold coats, aye?"

"There's a field out by the stables where we could have this out," Sierra remarks with narrowed eyes, as she closes on Angelus, her fist raised.

“I don’t think it will get that steamy, mate,” Angelus remarks with a glance to Angus, followed by a chuckle. He slows to a stop when his blue eyes flick to Sierra, tilting his head lightly as he regards her with a single brow lifting. “For what?” he asks in an insinuating tone. His teeth flash as he adds in, “I’m a lover, not a fighter.”

Angus shakes his head. He's said his bit, his body language states, and he's warned, and been ignored. The rest, as they say, is out of his hands.

Well, Sierra's had it. She's warned him. She's dumped him in the lake. She's tried to shove him over - and he still can't take a hint. Her fist swings, aimed for his stomach. "Shut your bloody mouth, Eibon," she hisses at him. "No one wants to hear it from you."

Angelus lifts both his hands up to shoulder level, spreading his arm as he flashes Sierra a smile. “Are you going to dance with me? I’ll hug you, Higgins.” A cocky smile twitches against his mouth when Sierra approaches, but before he can dance around her and do as he intended she catches him right in the gut. A wince flashes across his face as he hunches forward and slides a foot back. “Sparks, girl,” Gel manages through gritted teeth. “You could use that arm playing beater,” he remarks with a clearly strained tone. Bent over, he rests a hand on his knee, biting down on any other further words.

Angus gives a little grunt, waiting to see if anything further is being thrown, or if the confrontation is over.

"Shouldda listened to Angus," Sierra spits out. "And if you don't smarten up, I'll repeat the lesson." She spins on her heels, and heads back towards Angus. "Let's find better company."

Angus lingers, long enough to check Angelus doesn't need help to the infirmary, before going after the girl, possibly with a huge delay.

Angelus gives a twist to make a move towards Sierra, but it simply causes his knee to lower closer to the ground. Okay - he’s waiting until that pain fades. But he does call out after Sierra, in a strained, pained voice, “I love you too, hon!”

"Colton 'n Finley can get in your dorm, you idiot!" Sierra calls back as she continues striding away.

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