(1939-12-14) Celtic Gift
Details for Celtic Gift
Summary: Angelus brings Celes up to the boys' dorm to give her a gift.
Date: December 14, 1939
Location: Gryffindor Boys' Dormitory, Hogwarts

Angelus has invited Celes up into the dormitory to talk. He’s dressed in fanciful red robes brocaded in gold, ready to head to Hogsmeade again today. “Okay, come here. Come here,” he says, reaching out a hand to Celes and beckoning for her to step closer. Opening his chest (which is now kept locked) he pulls something out of it, a box wrapped in pretty red and green wrapping, with sparkling golden coloured patterns. “This one’s for you.” He waves the small wrapped box in the air as he steps to her.

Celes still doesn't like being up here. Seems foolish to let girls go in the boys’ dorm while blocking boys going into girls. She comes closer when beckoned, her posture and demeanor stiff. She takes the offered package, "Oh, is that all? If you'd given this to me downstairs I could have gone and gotten yours." She hefts the package a bit to check its weight and how solid it is. "Thanks."

Angelus tilts his head and gives her a little lopsided smile. “It’s private up here though. Away from the noise.” And away from the haters. He moves around behind her, his blue eyes flicking from the girl to the gift now in her hands. “Open it now. It’s not the only gift I have for you, just an early one.” He shrugs off her comment about getting one for him, merely waving his hand. “We’ll exchange the rest when you come over during the holidays.”

Celes looks a little dubious, but does as he asks since it seems so important to him. "What kind of gift needs privacy?" She asks with some trepidation. There was that rumor floating around a while ago. Anyways, she slips a finger under the wrapping and neatly tears a long strip out of the paper.

Angelus laughs and shakes his head. “The gift doesn’t need privacy. It’s just nice to be on our own sometimes, yes?” He watches her quietly, his lips twitching lightly as a soft sigh escapes him. He throws his self onto the edge of the bed, bouncing briefly as his hands rest beside him. “It’s good to just have some time with just your friends.” His lips flicker a little and he lets out a ‘heh.’ “Without everyone else around. You like the rumours?” he adds in, asking with an amused smile. “A Star always gets to be the main focus. We can’t always direct which way the rumours fly, though.” He shrugs easily, clearly unperturbed about gossip.

A nice little, navy blue box has been wrapped. Inside is a pendant, connected to a short chain. The pendant is three separate circles, each spiraling until it makes a slightly bigger circle and all connected in the middle. The spiralling lines glimmer silver.

Angelus rises to his feet again when she opens the box, and steps around her as he flashes a smile, drawing out his delicately twisted wand. “For the end of your wand,” he explains, rotating his own wand in his hand. Showing her the blue vanity handle, where a short chain dangles from the end where his variation of his family’s crest is attached. “It’s a Celtic design. I thought you’d like it.”

Celes flushes slightly at the question, her thoughts having just been on rumors, "The Marriage Proposal one? I figure rumors tend to be purposefully twisted to make them more interesting." She removes the last of the paper, peeling it into a long ribbon. "I wonder if Madeline starts some about herself. They often tend to be unusually flattering for rumors." She opens the box. "Oh it's lovely, yes, I know the Triskele." She lifts it out of the package and taps it with a finger to let it spin on the chain. "How do you attach something like this to a wand?"

Angelus pulls a face at the mention of the marriage proposal before letting out a laugh. “I’m never getting married. Agh!” He swipes a hand through the air in a backhanded motion. “I swear, I’ll avoid all that drama about marrying into the right family, keeping the lines pure, and all that. I’ll be free to do whatever I want.” At that, he gives a little smirk, looking from the pendant to her and leans close to kiss her cheek. “I’m glad you like it. We can get someone to attach it with a sticking charm. I had mine added while I was in Diagon, picking up my new wand.” He tosses the wand, flipping it in the air to catch it by the handle with a proud grin. He frowns briefly at the mention of Madeline, rolling his eyes. “I don’t care - I don’t want to talk about Evans. I’ve tried to get along with her and she refuses. She doesn’t get anything about how we feel as pure families, and explodes when we do something to protect our line.” He heaves a sigh and shakes his head. “Should we head to Hogsmeade now? The Three Broomsticks?”

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