(1939-12-14) Reputations
Details for Reputations
Summary: When did a visit to the Three Broomsticks end up as an interrogation?
Date: December 14, 1939
Location: Three Broomsticks, Hogmeade

After working in the stables for the day, Sierra is tired and cold. There's an obvious solution to that, of course - a little tea at the Three Broomsticks with some of the coin she'd earned, before she heads back to the school. Of course, she's a touch ripe after all her work - but nothing terrible overwhelming. Making her way in, she sheds her heavy cloak, and glances around for friends.

Angelus enters the Three Broomsticks with Celes, his hand gently resting on her back between her shoulders. His fanciful red robes are brocaded with gold, swirling around him as he moves slowly into the pub. “Butterbeer, yes? I’ll get two mugs,” he says, a smile fluttering warmly against his lips. He glances over to the counter and nods, gesturing with his head in the general direction of the tables. “And you go and find a place to sit?” He flashes Celes a smile before he draws his hand away to move towards the counter. As his blue eyes pass over Sierra, a little smirk flicks against his lips. “You look as though you’ve been working hard, Higgins. Can I buy you a butterbeer, too?” he offers.

It's the end of a long weekend in Hogsmeade. As usual, Rena was present throughout, given how one of the kids seemed to need her to be around. Whenever she can, she does try to oblige. After all, one needs to be dependable to one's friends, no matter their age.

Sweeping into the Three Broomsticks in her long, dark green woolen coat, the young woman quickly moves to the bar and begins tugging her soft gloves to remove them. "Spiced Cider, please." She calls out, needing something that will warm her right to her toes. Glancing at the tired Sierra, the redheaded woman offers her a friendly and inviting smile. She looks a bit lonely, perhaps.

Angelus and another she does not recognize arrive, and Rena breathes a small sigh. She had almost hoped not to encounter the boy at all this weekend. But still, nothing for it - it can't be helped. "Evening, Angelus." Rena greets the young man, perhaps a little tersely.

Celes shakes off her winter coat as she entering the Three Broomsticks, and stomps the slush off her boots. "Sure." She says, hanging the coat near the door. "Table or booth?" She pauses for a moment when someone greets Angelus, wavering on the point on heading off the find a place to sit.

"I'm fine, Eibon," Sierra answers - like Rena, her own voice is rather terse. "How's your stomach? Not bothering you, is it?" she adds in a teasing voice. Her attention turns to Rena next, as she greets the red head with a friendly smile. "Hello, ma'am. Oh, I was going to get some tea, but a warm spiced cider sounds nice, too."

"You know, Dashur, if you need better company…" Sierra offers.

“It doesn’t matter - you decide,” Angelus answers as he looks to Celes. Back to Sierra, he flashes the girl an amused half grin and a chuckle. “Of course not. You barely even touched me, Higgins,” he replies, lifting his head lightly. But he nods to her mention of being fine, shrugging his shoulders easily, except that a frown curves at his lips at her latter comment. “Some people enjoy my company, Higgins,” Gel says importantly, giving the fourth year girl a narrowed eyed look shortly. He freezes at the sound of Rena’s voice, hesitating before he turns to offer the Auror a polite and formal bow. “Auror Odori,” he greets, his lips twitching in a faint smile. “A pleasure to run into you again.” He straightens, flicking his blue eyes to Celes and sliding out a hand in gesture to her. “Have you met Celes Dashur before? Celes, this is Auror Odori. An Auror,” he adds the last bit in whisper that’s not really meant to be all that quiet.

"Two, please." Rena says to the bar tender, still smiling warmly. If Sierra doesn't object to her offering to pay for the drink. Of course, they have not been formally introduced, and Sierra might feel a little awkward about accepting such an offer from a stranger. However, Angelus takes care of that issue by announcing her name and job.

A nod and a faint smile is directed at Angelus and his friend; but Rena's attention is more directed to the girl with the dark curls.

Chuckling softly, she motions toward Angelus: "As 'e said - Auror Odori. But actually, my name's Rena. If you don't mind, I like it a fair bit better." That said, she extends her hand to Sierra.

Celes takes a step back, as if about to go for the table, but Angelus is ambushed again by an even more angry sounding person. "He… uh." She glances from Sierra to the adult and gives her a bit of a nervous smile. The tone of voice in combination with the information she's law enforcement isn't the best combination. Her mind has to rapidly work to attempt to fill in some of the missing details here, "Nice to meet you Au, Mi, R, Rena. I hope the day is treating you well." She says with only a minor stutter. Of course, there's still Sierra. "Uh, I'm sorry, but I think I missed whatever the conflict was over. Maybe you'd like to join us?" She gives a little nervous smile, "It wouldn't be the first time I had to try to smooth some things out."

"That's not how I remember it," Sierra counters before adding with an amused smirk, "And there's simply no accounting for taste."

As a hand is offered towards her, she accepts it, shaking Rena's hand with a friendly smile. "Sierra Higgins - Hufflepuff," she remarks. "You don't need to buy me the drink, ma'am - I can get it," she adds. She doesn't seem as vehemently opposed to the idea of it as she had been to Angelus buying for her. She refuses to be beholden to him - to give him something to lord over her.

"Sit with Eibon?" Sierra asks Celes in a slightly disbelieving tone. "I put more value on my honor than that. But you can do as you will."

"If you're sure," Rena replies to Sierra. "Really, it's no trouble, Miss 'iggins. Besides, I were a Hufflepuff back when I was in school. Do allow me to treat a fellow Hufflepuff for old time's sake?" She asks, hopefully. It's a legitimate excuse to buy a drink for a person you've just met, and it deprives the gesture of seeming like some backhanded offer of charity - even though it wasn't one to begin with.

Turning back to Celes and Angelus, she addresses the girl: "It's been a pleasant enough day, thank you kindly." Pausing briefly, she glances between the three students and remarks in an offhand fashion: "I take it there's been a tiff between yourselves. Nothing serious I 'ope."

Angelus moves closer to the counter to order two butterbeers politely. “Thank you,” he finishes with barely a movement of his head. When he turns back to face Celes, he shifts lightly as he flicks his blue eyes to the Auror and Sierra again. “Is there a conflict?” Angelus replies inquisitively, jerking his head a little to the side as he arches a brow. “Higgins is opposed to compliments,” he explains to Celes. He steps back over to approach Celes, glancing briefly at the tables and offering out a smile as he nods. “We can all sit-“ But he stops when Sierra says her comment and closes his eyes on a sigh. It’s an effort not to scowl at her - it ends up being a slight grimace for a second - but he goes on to say in his proud, polite voice as he turns his gaze to Rena. “That’s the way Higgins always sounds.”

"What does honor have to do with it?" Celes asks. Perplexed, she looks to Angelus for some kind of explanation. "I just wanted to try to clear the air is all…" She adds, voice growing quieter as she goes, her sentence more petering out than finishing. She fidgets with her hair for a moment then says, "It would be nice to get to know everyone properly, and kind of find out more about what's going on."

"Well - sure. From one Hufflepuff to another," Sierra finally relents, giving Rena a grateful smile - before turning back towards Angelus with a scowl. "Compliment?" she asks in a damning tone. "If you think making a suggestion like that to a lady is a compliment, then there's something seriously wrong with your brain. And if you ever insult me like that again, it won't be over like that so quickly."

She looks towards Celes, her jaw tightening, as she tries to find a way to word a response that would clarify the matter. "He implied I'd go somewhere more private with him for… well. It's no compliment - it's an insult. I wouldn't go around alone with him, or people are gonna start thinking that about you, too, you know."

The spiced cider arrives, and it is delivered to Rena's hands. However, she doesn't really have an opportunity to pass the one along to Sierra just yet. The tension in the air between the students is enough to be cut by a dull butter knife. Also, it's taken a bit of a worrying turn, by her estimation.

The young woman's brow furrows, and a mildly concerned look passes between Sierra and Angelus. She really would prefer not to interfere, but… maybe it's for the best. "'Ere, 'ave a sip," she says quietly, offering one of the ciders to Sierra before swinging around to face the boy: "Angelus, what's all this about, then? On your honour." At least she's asking for both sides, and hopefully Angelus won't abuse it.

"Honour," Sierra laughs quietly, before taking a drink of the cider.

A small smile twitches at Angelus’ lips as he looks to Celes. A reassuring smile, because he has nothing to say. He looks as confused as Celes does. The boy shifts his gaze onto the tables again, gesturing with a hand, but not bringing up taking a seat again because he’s watching Sierra as she goes on. Calmly, Angelus lifts a hand with his palm facing Sierra, and gently bobs it down in a silent gesture to take it easy. His smile he gives her is a worrying look of concern. “Threatening other people is not the ideal way to behave. Celes, I think we should…” When Rena addresses him, his words falter, “…find a seat by ourselves.” He blinks, his head inclining as he regards the grown up quietly. With a slight lower of his head, he answers, “I really do not understand what goes on in Higgins’ head. Mere compliments changing to insults, apparently. Though she’s been sending out enough insults of her own right now, perhaps she’s twisting it around in her head to make them have come from me.”

Celes smiles weakly, "Sooo, this is just over some failed pick up line or something?" She asks. That seems about right, a bit over the top for something like that but maybe. The warning is simply shrugged off, "I don't think so. People have been very nice in general. Besides, who'd take something like that seriously?" Her smile brightens slightly, "I mean, no one really thought he proposed to that Slytherin girl. Just kind of funny stories." She does take a few steps when the suggestion to find a table is made, but ends up stutter stepping to a stop when things are once more halted. "You could try apologising, even if it's just a misunderstanding."

“Why you lying little shite," Sierra mutters under her breath, shaking her head. She turns away from the boy - quite visibly angry. What she'd like to do is go back over there and punch him again. Probably not a good idea inside the Three Broomsticks and with an Auror standing right beside her.

After taking a breath to calm herself, she adds towards Celes, "It wasn't a pick-up line. It wasn't a compliment. It was a suggestion." She says this in a damning tone.

Again, Rena's dark-eyed glance passes between Angelus, Celes and Sierra. The boy has a reputation for saying and doing things that make others very upset; and furthermore, an unfortunate reputation for lying. "Celes makes a good point about misunderstandings," she remarks calmly, not convinced that that was all there was to it. "A genuine apology might get things further along than looking down your nose and pretending something doesn't matter. You 'ave to think of other peoples' feelings, Angelus."

Pausing a moment, Rena narrows her gaze on the boy: "You didn't answer my question, 'owever. And I'm going to give you one more chance to actually tell your side, on your honour that it's the truth." She says this, setting down her mug of cider and rising to her feet. What is she going to do if he doesn't comply?

Angelus’ blue eyes measure Sierra quietly. His mouth twitches lightly, itching to grin at her first response. But instead he lets the corner of his lips curl as he cringes at her. He shakes his head slowly at her. “I’m sure whatever story you’ve envisioned in your head might make me sound like I’m lying,” he returns, letting out an impatient sigh. Sliding his gaze to Celes, he offers her a warm smile at her suggestion and a nod of his head. “Of course, you’re absolutely right. Sierra,” he says as he turns back to his year mate.

Though before he can apologise, Gel shifts his gaze back up to Rena, once again nodding. “And I agree with you, ma’am.” At this time the drinks that he’s ordered arrive, and he politely gestures towards a table - one closest - saying a, “Thank you.” Then he turns back to Sierra. “I’m sorry for the misunderstanding and that I’ve unintentionally upset you.”

Gel glances over to the table that the mugs were set down at before he brings his gaze back to Rena. “I paid Higgins a compliment, ma’am. Told her how pretty she looked. She took offense, I apologised and told her that it was the truth, and she decided to repay the compliment with a punch.” He turns to Sierra as he sighs out again. “I was trying to be kind.” He shifts on his feet a bit, itching to leave this conversation.

Celes pinches the bridge of her nose a bit, wondering if this is how Rena must be feeling. But then, Rena's got a badge, or whatever, and probably sees domestic issues like this all the time. "Maybe if we could calm down and talk about it over the drinks?" She asks hopefully, "Might be less of a scene that way." She says. At least if they kept their voices down while talking about it over those drinks. Her cheeks burn a bit at the drama and wonder how much the staff will put up with before having them kicked out.

"You'll never get a word of truth out of him, ma'am," Sierra directs towards Rena. "Of course, what the arse seems to have forgotten is that there was another witness there who heard the whole bloody exchange." Towards Celes she adds, "There's nothing to discuss. He's a lech, a libertine, and a liar. He's going to drag your reputation through the mud, just by association."

The situation is indeed trying Rena's patience to the very limits. She's already heard less than glowing things about Angelus' recent behavior taking a turn for the worse, seemingly; and her normally calm demeanor toward the boy is wearing quite thin.
“If what Sierra says is true and there's another witness, then they're the tie-breaker. But, you know, I don't actually need to 'ear it from them.” Breaking a moment to draw her small Rowan wand from within pocket inside her coat that rests over her heart, Rena then says smoothly: “You know, Aurors are given extra training in spells that no one else can learn. One is a spell to detect the truth from a lie. I can just use it on Angelus 'ere and now to find the answer.”
With wand in hand, and the redheaded woman appears to be ready to speak an incantation by the next breath she takes. She's not even giving the boy a second to think or worry about calling her bluff. She's just going to do it, apparently.

Angelus smiles at Celes, but tilts his head as he gives her an apologetic look. “I’m sorry our outing turned into a bit of an ordeal.” He lets out a sigh as he looks pointedly to Sierra. It is Sierra’s constant persuading to Celes to push her away from him that is trying his patience. Each time the words hammer a little more on his resolve, breaking down closer to his annoyance. As she says it again, his eyes chill as they lock onto Sierra. He snaps out in a hiss, “Celes can make up her own mind and choose her own friends, so knock it off, Higgins.” Angelus pauses, and then inhales deeply when he realises his slip of composure. “I apologised,” he murmurs tightly. His gaze slides over to the table the drinks are at for less than a second before bringing it to Rena.

Angelus stares at Rena’s wand as she brings it out. If there was any fear at all to the suggestion she brings up, it’s not on his face. Annoyance is what sparks in the boy’s royal blue eyes, which narrow at both wand and Auror. He doesn’t believe her for a second - no Auror has ever used such a spell on his father - but the fact that the wand is drawn and the implications are made brings out his anger. His head is lifted condescendingly, proud and arrogant. “What Aurors are apparently trained to do is lie. I will let my father know what it is you intended to do and you can deal with him.” He speaks with an importance, a belief that Rena has no power against his father and that he would belittle her.

He turns, looking to Celes as he reaches out to rest a hand across to her far shoulder. “Let’s grab our drinks and go. I’m done here.”

"I appreciate your concern for my reputation, but it really isn't such a fragile thing." Celes assures Sierra, but she blanches at the sight of the Aurors wand. This is escalating so quickly. "It's ok Angelus, it's not something to get worked up over, just a little misplaced concern." She looks imploring at everyone else, "Really, is worth getting violent over, or making a law enforcement case out of a little flirting, no matter how bad it went off? It's just words." Trying to play peace keeper she does look at her drink, but doesn't grab it just yet, "I'm not sure running away from this is the best way of handling it though."

Sierra rolls her eyes. "No one cares about your bloody father but you, you idiot. Do you know how petty that makes you sound? 'My father will hear about this!' Boohoo." She sips her warm cider before adding, "I keep telling you it wasn't flirting, Dashur. But if you want to play deaf, that's your choice. Can't ever say I didn't warn you."

Unfortunately for Angelus Eibon, Rena's reaction to his little high-horse threat is perhaps not what he might have expected. The serious look on her face quickly melts and dissolves into one of amusement; and, all too soon, the young woman is laughing quite merrily at the thought of him running to his father and stating that she terrorized him in the Three Broomsticks.

Through her laughter, she finally reaches a point where she draws up the strength to quiet herself enough to speak: "Angelus, honestly… Do you not even realize the joke there? By getting all 'ead up over it like that, you're admitting Miss 'Iggins 'ere is telling the truth. Lor! What is going to become of you, boy? You don't listen to anyone, and you don't even listen to yourself." She asks, mirth still sparkling in her dark eyes as she tucks the wand back into the recesses of her coat.

Angelus fully intends on moving away, but when Celes doesn’t move as easily - like she’s holding back - his hand falls away from her. He steps on ahead of her, and only when he’s resting a hand over top of one of the mugs does he glance back. His eyes sweep over Celes and lock on Sierra, curling his lips as his head rises. “You will watch your tongue when you speak of my father,” he says defensively. He glances at Celes and then back to Sierra. “And you will watch how you speak to my friends.” He lifts the mug up off the table and drinks - and with his head tilted back, cup to his mouth his blue eyes shift to regard Rena. As the mug is set down on the table with a clutter, his jaw tightens. “I don’t care for meddling Aurors,” he says, voice quiet and weaker - she is, after all, an adult and law enforcement - but still with a bitterness. “What sort of dark magic has slipped by unnoticed while you’ve been here not doing your job.” Again, it is muttered out lowly. Looking down, he lifts the mug again and drinks some more. Here is one grown up he will not show respect to.

Celes puts a hand to her head, a headache building, "I know you said that, but you also haven't told me exactly what he did say. Is it any wonder I have to make assumptions when you're that vague? Angelus is at least being specific. What was so bad it's worth all of this?" She says, really having a hard time defending her friend from an unvoiced accusation. On two side apparently, "Um, sorry miss… er, Rena, but isn't that a Fallacy? I don't think 'the innocent have nothing to fear' is a good argument for invasion of privacy. Uh, is it? Sorry." She turns and moves to angelus and place a hand on his arm, "It's ok Angelus. There's no reason to get upset yet. You don't have to start mudslinging too. I mean, what good would it do?

"And I should mind your words… why?" Sierra asks. "I should respect your and yours when you show zero respect to me and mine? World don't work that way, Eibon, sorry to say. And you forget - you've got no one at your back." She nods her head towards Celes before adding, "'cept her, for no reason I can see." It's probably the money. Sad that she has that little self-respect.

She sips her cider before glancing towards Rena and adding, "Oh, I'm sorry ma'am. It seems we've both forgotten that when you became an Auror you gave up all rights to having a life, and any free time to yourself. How silly we must look."

Sierra then turns to give Celes a disbelieving look. "I haven't been clear enough that I really have to say it?" she asks - her tone scornful. "He was being unforgivably rude and forward. He wouldn't stop - even when Angus and I both told him to. I said if he didn't cut it out, we could go to the field near the stable so I could give him the beating he was asking for. And then he said-" And here she falters, her cheeks starting to color. There aren't many things that Sierra would short of saying. "He said that I wanted to go somewhere private for, uhh… other reasons." She turns away abruptly. "I oughtta box him one again," she mutters. Just for being forced to voice it.

Rena just sighs and passes her hand tiredly over her face as she leans on the bar with her elbow. Shaking her head, she murmurs: "You just proved my point. Again." Meaning that the boy simply talks to hear himself talk and never listens to a word that anyone says to him. She does not, however, dignify his indignant question with an answer. Hard as it may be for him to swallow, she is not obligated to talk about anything related to her job to anyone outside of work - most especially not a child.

To Celes, she does respond briefly: "Invasion of privacy?" Interestingly, she gives this nothing more than an arched eyebrow. That's quite a statement given the circumstances.

"Let it roll, Miss 'Iggins." Rena says, placing a kind hand on Sierra's shoulder. "You say you've got a witness - they'll back you up, surely. It sounds to me as though you need to report the incident to an adult at School. And, never be afraid to do so. They're there to 'elp you and sort these kinds of things out, whether they're an argument, insult or plain old misunderstanding." The young woman remarks calmly, turning all her attention back onto the girl beside her at the bar. That said, she raises her mug of spiced cider and takes a sip.

Angelus guzzles the warm drink, his eyes away from Sierra and Rena. Oh yea, he can hear Sierra’s recounting of events, Rena’s reply, and of Celes. He certainly doesn’t look back at the other two, only casting a glance at Celes. Tapping the mug down onto the table, he tilts his head lightly to his friend. “Come drink.” He watches her, and the hard, angry look in his eyes isn’t really for her even if he’s having trouble relaxing. “I have no idea why the automatic assumption is that I’ve lied,” he says testily, eyes locked on Celes. A dry laugh escapes him as his lips flicker with a lopsided twist. “And everyone believes it, too. Because why?” He growls out as he turns his head to the side, glowering at the fire. “Every - bloody - Muggle-born, Celes. Every one of them. If they understood even half the stuff you do…” And he’s venting. He draws a breath as he comes to realise it. “I’m sorry,” he says, forcing out a softer tone with an effort, sighing heavily. “I’m so bloody angry with the lot of them.” A snort escapes him and he glances a very quick glance at Rena before dropping his voice lower. “I should have her removed from her position. My father can pull the right strings…” He lets out a growl.

"Ya. No one wants someone going into their house and rummaging around, even an officer. I'd think the mind would be even more personal, like threatening a strip search or something. Sorry, I'm sure you mean it for the best, but, as an observer, it seems like all this is just an unprovoked ambush." Celes says, still only getting a one sided view of things. "I mean, you didn't ask to use the spell on Sierra, and it seems like the accuser's story should be checked first. Right? Not that an insinuation seems like something that needs a spell to determine its validity." She sighs sadly, her best efforts to even understand what the issue is about failing. Gryffindors joke, Boys joke, and he did apologise. Perhaps she's just too easy going. It's easy to brush off.

Celes lets Angelus get his feelings out, holding her hands together behind her back. Eyes downcast in mortification at it all she nudges a spot on the floor with a foot, "It's ok. Can we just try to have a drink and get beyond it? Maybe it'll all cool down in time."

Perhaps she's just too easy going, or perhaps you had to be there.

Tell the Professors? Repeat the tale again? Sierra hates that notion - utterly. She frowns down at her cider, then lets out a snort at Angelus' words. "You know how you get people to stop calling you a liar?" she remarks without turning around. "Stop lying." She rolls her eyes then adds, "I think he just called me a Muggle-born," in confusion. Why? She sounds bemused by this - but not insulted.

Rena sighs in a decidedly tired fashion and turns again to look toward Celes: "My dear girl, I never said that I'd invade Angelus' mind. You jumped to conclusions. Also, you make a lot of assumptions about the law for a … third year? To become an Auror, you must pass through seventh year with exceptional grades, and an exceptional record throughout your time at school. And furthermore, you are put through another gruelling six month training period to prove that your mind and spirit can bear up under the horrors of the job. Rest assured - I do actually know what I'm doing. 'Owever, be that as it may, as you seem to 'ave an interest in law, I suggest taking Magical Law as an elective in the future to learn about the actual process of things. You might 'ave a future in it."

Turning again to her cider, Rena sips quietly, enjoying the liquid gold before replying to Sierra with a light shrug: "Per'aps 'e meant me. I'm the Mugglest Muggleborn you could 'ope to find, and that's a fact."

Another dry laugh escapes from Angelus. “Lie,” he snorts out with a roll of his eyes. Locking his gaze on Celes, he pipes up, “I’ve told you that you’re pretty. Does it bring out a rage and a need to hit me?” Again, Gel snorts and laughs, shaking his head. “Someone put a bag over her head, Higgins’ doesn’t want to be considered pretty.” Leaving the dregs of his drink on the table, he starts stepping away. “No, of course not, I was terrible. A bloody compliment!” Turning to Celes. “I’ll meet you outside. Her,” he points out rudely towards Sierra, “presence is sickening.” He turns away, vehement, as he walks for the exit. If his mouth is going to keep spilling, it’s better to leave.

Celes lifts her mug and presses it to her forehead, wishing for just a moment she had one of those fade into the background spells. "What would it take to get past this feud? If an apology isn't believed or accepted, what would it take?" Sure every ear in the place is turned their way if not their eyes as well she sets her undrunk drink down and stands up from the table. "Ma'am, I wasn't being sarcastic, and I'm sorry if it sounded like I was. I have nothing but the highest respect for Aurors. It's just hard seeing my friend this upset." Cheeks burning, she heads for the door, doing her best to fight the urge to run. "It was," She lets out a sound of deep uncertainty, "Interesting, meeting you."

"Might as well live up to it, ma'am, as there isn't a thing wrong with it," Sierra answers Rena. And as Angelus starts to leave, some of the tension starts to ease out of her posture. "He thinks I'm sickening?" she grumbles under her breath. Ugh, she has almost two more years of classes with him - looking at her, and making those horrible comments of his. It makes her feel dirtier than a day spent in the stables - at least that's good and honest and easily fixed in a bath.

"He doesn't believe he's done anything wrong, and you don't seem to, either. So there isn't any getting past it," Sierra answers flatly. "He still doesn't understand the problem. He can go wrestle a manticore for all I care." She gives Rena a look that begs the question, 'Can you believe these two?'

Rena just shakes her head and sighs once more. A passing glance, a small nod and a weak smile are directed at Celes as the young girl leaves to follow after Angelus. It's been a tiring weekend and a tiresome evening. The drama at school just needs to come to an end… like that will ever happen.

Glancing at Sierra, the young woman offers a slightly stronger smile… if somewhat wry: "I know it's unpleasant, but, you really ought to report it to someone at the school. It's the same as bullying. If people stay silent, it just continues. And the bullies only gain more power as time goes on. Whenever you see injustice, you try to undo it, come 'ell or 'igh water as they say."

Chuckling at herself, Rena smirks and gazes into her mug of cider. "Now I'm up on my 'igh 'orse. Don't mind me… But still, point remains that you should tell a grownup at school. It's for the best."

"I suppose," Sierra says in a reluctant tone. "I just don't much relish the thought of talking about it more. And what if they call him in to discuss it?" That's an uncomfortable thought. "I wish he weren't my year. But at least he's not my house. Poor Amber." She takes a drink of her cider before adding, "Colton's gonna beat the snot out of him."

"Well," Rena says after a thoughtful moment, "If they call 'im in to discuss it, tell me this." Pausing a moment to sip her drink, the young woman sets down her mug on the bar and faces Sierra more fully: "Of the two of you, who 'as more of a reputation for telling lies and telling the truth? And which of you 'as a reputation for making up tales to make themselves look better when a situation might be bad?" It's a straightforward and serious question. She can be quite caring and concerned when faced with reasonable people.

"Oh, it's not whether or not the Professors'll believe me," Sierra answers. "It's just - well, it's degrading enough talking about it without him there, smirking, and pretending he ain't done nothing wrong. It's like he actually believes that! You can't just say things- …like that."

"I know," Rena replies gently, her expression softening quite a bit. Really, she does understand why the girl doesn't want to deal with talking to an adult at school about the incident. "But, look at it this way, per'aps. What would 'urt worse? Talking about it to a grownup and 'opefully getting the situation taken care of - or letting 'im get away without a word, and possibly 'aving to put up with 'im doing it all over again later?" Because Merlin knows, the kid never seems to learn his lesson.

"I suppose," Sierra says with reluctance. "He's been making comments about kisses for weeks now. And that was bad enough, but this-" She lets out a huff of frustrated air. "I'm pavee," she confides in Rena. "My family's travelers. A girl's integrity is everything. If I was even holding hands with a boy, I'd catch it from my brothers. And he goes talking like that." She finishes off her cider, and sets the cup down on the counter. Well - at least she's not feeling cold anymore.

The young woman listens carefully and nods after a time, understanding. Her brow furrows very slightly at the news of Angelus' less than reputable behavior amongst his young classmates, but it's best not to add to the situation by commenting. Instead, she smiles warmly and remarks: "I'm glad you 'ave brothers to watch out for you, though. Lord knows I would've loved to 'ave a brother when I were growing up. You're very lucky."

Rena also finishes her cider and places payment on the bar before beginning to slip into her soft gloves once more. "Do try to keep in mind what I said," she says kindly in passing as she heads for the door. Pausing, she stops and turns back with a smile: "I 'ope you and your family enjoy a 'Appy Christmas together, Miss 'Iggins. Good evening."

"We've got a big family, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Sorry you didn't get to know that sort of life, ma'am," Sierra answers. As she's wished a happy Christmas, she nods in response, adding a cheerful, "And to you! Thank you for the drink." She'll linger a bit longer to make sure she she won't run into Angelus on her way home - then fetch her own coat to make her way back to the castle.

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