(1939-12-22) Coffee and Tea
Details for Coffee and Tea
Summary: Zoe relaxes with some coffee and Gareth wants tea. Angelus enters and decides on tea. They talk about school, learn things they didn't know, and Gaius arrives.
Date: December 22, 1939
Location: Sip and Sonder

A pale golden glow fills the Winter sky as the sun sinks below the horizon. Christmas shoppers keep to the main alleys for the most part, Diagon and Vertick. Whimzick Alley won’t gain most of its traffic until long after the sunset. The Sip and Sonder, an unassuming little coffee house just across from the theatre, is fairly quiet compared to the Cafe Tasseo in Vertick Alley.

Zoe wanders down the spiral staircase leading to her loft. A relaxed smile of good cheer lingers upon her lips as she slinks over to an armchair close to the fire. She slides over the side of the arm and lays there, draped like a lazy little kitten over the comfy chair's arms. Marie the barista arrives with a cup of Turkish coffee and sets it down with a subtle quirk of a smile. "Meeerci," says Zoe with a grin.

Gareth sweeps into the shop in a swirl of purple. He's not in school robes, for a change, opting instead for something mildly Victorian, though in place of a swallowtail or dovetail coat, he has a long, purple robe with a wide collar backed in satin. Atop his head at a jaunty angle is a high silk hat of matching purple. After he's taken a step or two inside, a short house elf, hidden behind a tall stack of brown-wrapped packages, toddles in as well, and Gareth wrinkles his nose as he looks around. "I suppose this will do," he says in a tired voice. "Certainly less crowded than Tasseo. Tinky, why don't you take those home, then come back? Just drop them off in my drawing room. I'll select proper wrapping papers for them all tomorrow." With a small whimper, the elf vanishes with a loud crack sound, and without sparing it another thought, Gareth heads to what appears to be the best table in the house.

Zoe sits up with her legs still draped over one arm of her armchair, leaning back against the other arm. Taking a small sip of the thick, Turkish coffee, her almond-shaped eyes linger on Gareth with interest. Instead of the dramatic crimson Mandarin gown that she wore the other night at the Malfoy's party, she is wearing a light-pink blouse tucked into a long, high-waisted skirt of dark brown silk.

Rising to her stockinged feet, she meanders over to stand at Gareth's table. "I think I saw you last night… at the Malfoy's Christmas party. Didn't I?"

Gareth blinks a few times behind his spectacles. "Hmm? Yes, you may have. I mean to say, I was there. We're related to the Malfoys, of course, and they have such a lovely party every year. Do you…work here then? I'm sorry, I don't believe I recognize you." As he speaks, he tries to get the barista’s attention with his eyes, brows drawn together impatiently.

"Work here? Ummm… sometimes." Zoe follows his gaze to Marie who is taking her sweet time behind the counter. "I guess I sort of own it? But, I really just wanted to drink coffee here. The District didn't have a proper coffee house when I got here."

Angelus has been hanging out in Diagon Alley. He’s strayed off from the main hub bub of the marketplace though. It’s the not so popular places that sometimes have pretty neat stuff, after all. His robes are light blue with white snow drops embroidering the silk, along with a darker cloak of fine wool draped over his shoulders, brocaded with silver around the edges. The youth steps into Sip and Sonder’s, wearing a pleasant smile on his face. The blonde haired youth pauses by the entrance, glancing around as he pulls off his cloak to hang, stopping to pull off his polished boots.

Gareth looks mildly confused, but shrugs it off. "Ah, the shopkeeper herself. Well, it's a pleasure to meet you, Miss. I'm Gareth Carrow, of course. I'll have a pot of tea, Darjeeling if you have it, but Earl Grey will suffice otherwise. And cakes, please. But something light, not too sweet." He looks toward the door when it opens, his eyes, brightening. "Ah, Eibon! Out and about without your brother, I see. I had the distinct feeling you were avoiding me last night, which I must say was rather hurtful. But you can make it up to me by joining me in a spot of tea. Do you know our shopkeeper…um…I'm sorry, I don't believe I caught your name."

Zoe's smile brightens with impish mirth as he orders tea from her. Sipping her own cup of tea, she slinks into the chair across from him with languid grace. "It's Zoe," she responds, grinning at Gareth. Glancing to Angelus, she says cheerfully, "Eibon! You came! Welcome to the Sip and Sonder. Marie will be along in a moment to take your orders if you want something."

“It’s good to see you again, Qian,” Angelus offers out to Zoe, lowering his head lightly to her. “A nice little shop you have.” He smiles, glancing around with a flicker of amusement, strolling towards the comfortable seats. “You know, your mother has been an excellent Head of House for Gryffindor. You should pass that along next time you speak with her.” A hum escapes the boy as he shifts his gaze, locking it on Gareth as his smile flashes a bit brighter. “Hello Carrow,” he greets. “Avoiding? Definitely not. I’m not sure I caught sight of you, actually. Yea, tea sounds good.” He nods his head in agreement.

Gareth blinks a few times, turning toward Zoe again. "You're Professor Pettigrew's daughter? Goodness, I didn't know that. Well, a definite pleasure to meet you then, Pettigrew. Wait." His brows draw together in confusion, and his eyes shift quickly between Zoe and Angelus. "Did Eibon just call you Qian? I don't understand." He again glances impatiently toward the counter, wondering where his tea and cakes could be. Off in a corner, there's another loud crack, and Tinky the house elf reappears, this time unhidden by packages. He's an ugly old thing, though not too hideous, garbed in what appears to be a bit of old brocade window curtain, with a braided cord wrapped around his waist. He scurries to the table and gently prods Gareth's elbow. "Tinky Winky has returned, Master Gareth," it croaks, and Gareth gives the servant an impatient look. "There you are. Dash off home again and get that package we wrapped this morning. The small box in green paper, with the red ribbon. You know the one?" Tinky nods and vanishes again with a crack.

Zoe rests comfortably in her armchair at Gareth's table, looking up at Angelus with a bright smile. "I'll tell her." She glances to Gareth, taking a small sip of her Turkish coffee. "Qian, yes. I've got my father's surname. Mother kept her own. You're one of her students then? Taking her NEWT? I'm impressed you can keep up."

“I’m afraid she has a lot of unruly behaviour to deal with in Gryffindor this year,” Angelus comments with an intolerant sigh. Of course, none of which has come from him. He holds his head up in high regard as he collapses into a comfortable seat. “Perhaps by the time we return we’ll be able to start gaining points again.” Angelus will order when he gets the opportunity. His blue eyed gaze flicks onto the house elf, glancing between Gareth and the creature with amusement and a little curl of his lips. He’d love to make use of their own house elf, too.

It seems Marie has finally finished what she was doing and makes her way over to their table. With a thick French accent, she says, "Yes? What can I get you?" She doesn't seem particularly impressed with either young man as she waits for them to answer.

The evening wind blows in through the doors as Gaius strolls in with an upbeat step. Unremarkable brown eyes turn toward the woman whom he is very likely here to see before Gaius turns to walk toward where Zoe sits with Gareth and Angelus, maneuvering around the chairs before finding an empty seat nearby and dragging it to rest beside her. Without invitation he plunks himself down in the seat and leans in toward Zoe, while at the same time looking over the two other men seating across from them. "What are we drinking tonight darling?" Gaius grins wide and leans back in the chair, letting the surprise of his arrival be the only greeting he gives. "More Turkish coffee?" His expression is somewhat mischievous as he looks back at the girl.

Gareth gives Marie an indulgent smile. "A pot of tea, if you please. Darjeeling if you have it, but Earl Grey will suffice. Cakes as well, please. Oh, did you have a tea preference, Eibon? Perhaps you should bring two pots. Eibon, so glad to have caught you. I have a little something for you, I've just sent the elf off to retrieve it. I was going to give it to you on the train, but I didn't see you, so…." And then there's Gaius, not only joining the table, but sitting very close to Zoe, and Gareth feels he's missing some bit of vital information. "I'm sorry, do I know you?"

Zoe's laughter is sweet and impish as she grins up at Angelus. "Has she shown you that she can turn into a cheetah? If not, then you can't have been so unruly." Sinking down a bit more comfortably in her multi-colored armchair, Zoe takes a small sip of the thick, dark coffee. Over the brim, her eyes flit to Gaius as he approaches. Delighted yet a bit shy, Zoe watches him until he plunks down beside her. Glancing down into her cup, she nods. "I was drinking this last time, wasn't I? A coincidence. Or perhaps, this is the trick to summon you?" She glances back up at him before looking to Gareth and Angelus with a bit of a grin.

Angelus locks his blue eyes on Zoe, tilting his head as he considers. “Cheetah?” He watches Zoe curiously, as if trying to decide if she’s joking or not before he smirks. “No. No, she hasn’t.” But there’s certainly going to be a new rumour around school when it gets back in. Ahem. He glances to Gareth, and dips his head lightly. “I was picked up in Hogsmeade,” he explains, his lips twitching. “I didn’t feel like riding the train home.” A single brow arches inquisitively, looking at Gareth curiously before his gaze slides off to meet the newest arrival. Angelus bows his head in a light greeting to Gaius, offering out, “Good evening, sir,” politely.

At the approach of Marie, Angelus smiles pleasantly at her. “Earl Grey would fine, please? Thank you.”

"Probably not." Gaius replies to Gareth with a sideways tilt of his head, his eyes meeting the other man’s for only a moment before returning to Zoe. "Indeed it seems you have many ways of summoning me. Mind getting me one as well? I have to admit that I did start to get a taste for it last time." His gaze lingers on the woman for a moment longer before he turns to Angelus and nods in return. "It is indeed. Gaius Amendera." The man greets the pair before he adds, "Pleased to meet you both." It would seem that Gaius is rather brash when it comes to social interactions, but even still his jovial attitude does well to dull what might otherwise come off as rude.

"Gareth Caeriw," he says with a pleasant enough smile. "Or Carrow, if you prefer. They're the same name, but people do are sometimes confused by the slight difference in spelling and pronunciation. A pleasure to meet you, Mister Amendera." He wrinkles his nose at the thought of coffee, but before he can say anything, there's another loud crack, closer this time, as Tinky appears right at Gareth's side, holding a small box wrapped in green paper with a red satin ribbon and bow. "Ah, thank you, Tink," Gareth says, taking the gift and offering it to Angelus. His eyes slide sidewise to Zoe, then Gaius, before returning to the young Eibon. "Happy Christmas, Eibon. I hope you enjoy it."

Zoe smiles up at the real shopkeeper, speaking to with an almost flawless French accent. "Un cafe turc se il vous plait, Marie?" With a small nod, Marie heads off to fetch their orders. Peeking over at Gaius out of the corner of her eye, she says, "And I'm sorry there's no way to summon me… Although a lost feather might carry a whispered message to me. With luck." She pauses, taking a sip of coffee as she glances to Gareth. "You just returned from Durmstrang, didn't you? We were classmates before you got stuck there. Glad you're back safe."

Angelus’ tilts his chin up as he introduces himself proudly. “Angelus Eibon,” he says, his lips curving. “I’m sure you’ve heard of my father. He’s very well-known and respectable.” His gaze sweeps back to the sound of the house elf apparating in again, and then to Gareth, dropping his eyes down to the gift as the corners of his lips twitches. He takes it, turning it onto its side as he gauges the weight of it. “I suppose it’s too small to be a Comet 180.” He smirks.

Gaius grins at the comment from Zoe before murmuring "Lost feather…" under his breath. He peers back at the two men and nods to each introduction as he leans back comfortably in his chair. "Carrow and Eibon." To the latter he turns and smiles in a charming manner before adding, "There wouldn't be any chance of an upstanding socialite like yourself being in need of a bodyguard would there? Much as I enjoy gambling my way through like week to week, I have to at least ask." The man turns toward the house elf now for a moment, seeming to take in the sight for few seconds. Having been raised in the muggle world the sight of elves still seems to have a way of making him pause.

Gareth chuckles to Angelus, giving his head a shake. "A Comet 180? And I wasn't even aware we were dating that seriously. You really must keep me informed of such things, Eibon. Here I was going to bring a date to your family's New Year's celebration. How red my face would have been!" He chuckles a bit then, turning to look at Gaius. "Are you a professional guardsman then? How interesting. I expect your services will be much in demand in the coming months, what with the war and all. In fact, you might want to speak with my father. Adding a bit of security to our shops might be a good idea, though I don't really expect too much trouble. But I suppose one can't be too careful, can one?"

Zoe tilts her head as Gaius asks the two boys about their possible needs for bodyguards. "He is an excellent guard… quick and… thorough," she mentions to Gareth with a small smile before taking a last sip of her coffee.

A little grin flashes across Angelus’ face, the gift in his hand suddenly reminding him what he’s asked for. Expensive things, no doubt. “Not that my Cleansweep Three is a terrible broom,” Gel comments, his eyes flicking around from Gareth, to Zoe, and to Gaius. With a smug smile, his hand lifts to wave in the air. “Oh, a Comet 180 isn’t that much.” Okay, so maybe it is, but the boy certainly doesn’t think about money. He considers Gaius quietly, a quiet hum escaping the boy. “A bodyguard, sir? Well, our family does have its enemies,” Angelus admits with a little flicker of his lips. His blue eyes flick towards Gareth before he can say more, glancing between him and Gaius, and sliding onto Zoe quietly when she speaks, nodding.

"A glowing reference." Gaius remarks to Zoe with a sly wink before he turns back to Angelus and Gareth. "I've been a bodyguard for more than a fair mix of clients over the last 10 years. All types and all sizes." The chuckle that follows is warm and good natured before he adds, "I've honestly never really been much good at anything else besides maybe poker. If you've got enemies then you can at least rest safely knowing that you won't find yourself being accosted alone on some snow covered park walkway." As Gaius turns back to Zoe he shrugs and says, "One can't be too safe these days."

Gareth nods a bit, turning serious again to Angelus. "The Comet 180 is a fine broom. I might get one for graduation, though I'm rather hoping for a Turmfalke Z4. Not that I need anything so fast, and I suppose they'll be rather hard to come by now, what with trade being closed off with Germany. Damned nuisance, this Muggle war, wouldn't you agree? Something really should be done about it." He turns toward Gaius and Zoe then, a brow quirked. "Where do you stand on the issue? Should we step in and stop the Muggles from blowing the world back to the Stone Ages, or continue to cower in the shadows and let them do whatever they please?"

Gareth turns back to Angelus again. "Well go on, open it up, don't be shy."

Zoe turns a bit pink as she grins up at Gaius. Just then, Marie finally returns with their drinks. A teapot of earl grey is set down for the boys, along with sugar and cream. For Gaius, a fresh little cup of Turkish coffee. She heads back off without a word. Zoe glances to Gareth with a subtle arch of her brow when he starts talking politics. "Not too keen on politics… Oh, but did you know your questions tell everyone your views?"

“I can talk to my father,” Angelus remarks with a simple smile, looking to Gaius. Well, his father might have heard of this Gaius Amendera. The boy smirks as he glances to Gareth. “You’re a comedian, Carrow,” says the boy teasingly. An arrogant smile slips across his face, cocking his head lightly. “If you wanted a Turmfalke Z4, I’m sure my father could get one. He might even have one he’s importing as we speak.” He falls silent when the war becomes the topic, and looks down to the gift in his hand, a little grin when Gareth mentions opening it. Well, no need to tell him twice! He proceeds to unwrap the present, slowly because he’s interested in the others reply in any case.

"Wonderful. I'll look for his owl." With that Gaius stands and bends over, his hand reaching out take that of the young girl’s. "However, since the formalities are done with…" He gently pulls Zoe from her seat and gives a little tug in the direction of the exit. "Zoe my darling, I have something that I would like to show you that I think you would find very interesting."

Gareth gives his eyes a quick roll. "I think my views are rather well known, and if they aren't, I'm more than happy to expound upon them. I'm certainly not ashamed of my beliefs." He reaches for the teapot, pouring himself a cup, then replacing the pot within Angelus' reach. As he adds a few spoonsful of sugar, he watches eagerly to see how Angelus likes his gift, though he tries hard not to appear too eager. "It was good to meet you, Mister Amendera. You too, Qian. We should have tea again sometime soon."

The hint of pink deepens as Gaius takes her hand and pulls her out of her armchair. She glances back hesitantly at Angelus and Gareth as Gaius tugs her along. "I… um… hope you come again…" Drifting along after Gaius, Zoe glances back up at Gaius with shy curiosity. To the right of the door, she pauses to slip into her winter boots and coat, she peers up at the unemployed bodyguard "What is it?" Whether Zoe receives her answer will remain a mystery to the two boys as she follows him out of the shop.

Angelus glances up as Gaius and Zoe gear to leave. Lifting his head, he pipes up politely, a smile sliding out lightly, “It was a pleasure to meet you, sir. Qian, I’m sure we’ll see each other again.” He pauses with the wrapping semi-torn, humming as he considers, watching the exit of the shop until he gives his head a quick shake. He glances at the tea pot, and sighs softly as he tilts his head. Why wasn’t it poured for him? He wants to know this! Not that he complains all that much about it, shifting in his chair so that he can reach the pot, pouring himself a cup, sweetening it with sugar and cream. By the time he’s added everything, it cools the tea down quite a bit, and he sips before sitting back in his seat again comfortably.

As Angelus returns to unwrapping - he could perhaps be more eager about it - he’s not so sure what he’s going to find. After all, what can anyone possible get him that he doesn’t already have, or is getting. “I asked my father for a business for Christmas,” he remarks, inclining his head importantly. “I wanted an early start on my potions shop.” Not that it would really be in /his/ name until he was older. He freezes when he lifts the top off the box, clearly surprised to find the pendant. Then a little grin tugs across his face, widening. “Well, there goes my trip over the break,” he says easily, though there is indeed a sound of delight in his tone. “I was planning on coming back to school with one. Thanks, Carrow.” After a glance to the seventh year, the youth pulls out the chain, donning the symbol eagerly.

Gareth smiles, his eyes alight. "I wasn't sure if yours had been confiscated or anything. That one was given to me when I first joined, at Durmstrang, but then…-someone- gave me another, which I prefer to wear." He slips his fingers between the buttons on his shirt, pulling out the platinum pendant he wears. "Anyway, I didn't like the idea of you not having one yourself. I've spoken to Malfoy a couple of times, but I'm afraid he's quite adamant. You're going to need to prove yourself to him and the other Slytherins, but don't worry. I'll be with you the entire time." He takes a tiny sip of tea, then quirks a brow. "Is that what you want to do after school? Run a potions shop? I'll be running our shop in Hogsmeade, of course. Father wanted to send me abroad, but with all that's going on in Europe right now, Mother insists I stay closer to home. Where will you have your shop?"

A hum escapes the boy as Gel ponders. He’s not quite sure he likes the idea of having a used pendant - because he could totally tell before Gareth told him - but he also very much wanted another. Angelus frowns, dipping his head in a nod. “It was confiscated,” he murmurs, rolling his eyes. The pendant he hangs from his neck remains on the outside of his robes, displayed proudly. He is not at school, so why should he hide it? He weighs it in his hand, examining the pendant for even the smallest scratch, gauging its worth. When he lets it fall to his chest, Gel lifts his gaze to Gareth. “Gareth, you know where Durmstrang is located, don’t you?” Yes, he has switched from using his surname to first name, but if he’s going to ask a favour, well… Then Abraxas is mentioned and Angelus snorts, his lips curling. “I don’t need to prove myself to Malfoy. He should prove himself to me. I’m an Eibon, and I’m going to surpass Merlin someday. I don’t need his approval for anything. I know where I stand.”

A smirk touches Angelus lips, and he nods slowly. “I will eventually own a potions shop,” he says confidently. “I’ll hire people to work there while I work at the Ministry. Intelligence, of course - and occasionally play on the professional quidditch team. I won’t always play,” his head lifts arrogantly, “because it wouldn’t be fair to the other team, but it’ll certainly have a better turn out when it’s a year I will be on the field.”

Gareth bites his lower lip for a moment, lowering his eyes. "No, I'm afraid I don't. We traveled there by portkey, and back again by another portkey. While I was there, I never left school grounds. It isn't that they didn't trust me…entirely. I just didn't know what I'd do or where I'd go. I've never been to Norway before. My owl knows the way though. She carried letters to and from my parents. Sweets too, from time to time. My nanna used to send me sweets every morning, when I was at Hogwarts. But anyway, if you want to send a letter to anyone in particular at Durmstrang, I'd be happy to let you use Blodeuwedd. She's a rather clever owl. Do you know someone there?"

A disappointment falls over the boy as Angelus lets out a sigh. He reaches for his cup as he stares with distant eyes at where Gareth sits, sipping at the sweetened tea as he considers. With a click, he sets the cup back down and hums, lifting his blue eyed gaze to the seventh year. A little bit of hope returns at the mention of his owl. Could one follow an owl? “Norway,” he murmurs, nodding his head. “I was hoping I could convince my father to do business in Norway over the break. But, well, once there I’m not sure where the school is.” He trails off for a moment to think, his lips curving lightly. “I wanted to meet the Headmaster. And I want to meet Grindelwald. And why shouldn’t I? I’m going to be the most powerful wizard in history. Anyone would be pleased to meet a Star.”

Gareth can't help but chuckle softly, reaching over to pat Angelus on the hand. "Such aspirations you have. Not only will you own a potions shop and work for the Ministry of Magic, when not playing championship Quidditch, you plan to be the most powerful wizard in history. How old are you, Angelus? Fourteen, fifteen? Take a little advice: live a little. Have a bit of fun. You know, I wasn't much older than you are when I began dating Ripley. And let me tell you, the experience opened my eyes. Before, I was ambitious as well, though I set my sights a bit more realistically. I only wanted to be Headmaster at Hogwarts, the smartest since Rowena Ravenclaw herself. I spent all my time and energy studying. That's all I did, study-study-study. No time for fun or frivolity. I skipped dances and Hogsmeade weekends, spent all my breaks reading and writing. But Ripley showed me there's so much more to life than being the brightest and brainiest. We live in a wondrous world, Angelus. Don't let tunnel vision blind you to it. Find yourself a nice girl — or boy, if you prefer — and watch a sunset. Have a picnic by the Black Lake. Snog a little. It's more fun than it sounds."

Angelus lifts a brow as he regards Gareth, his chin lifting a little. “Perfectly reasonable goals for a Star like me,” he remarks, his smug smile fluttering across his lips. “I have fun. I have loads of fun,” he points out with a smirk. “More fun than watching a sunset and having a picnic,” says the fourth year with an amused snort. Well, that sounds completely dull to him. But he does grin, a prideful look glittering in his eyes as he tilts back his head. “I could have girls lined up for a chance to kiss the one and only Eibon Star.”

Gareth chuckles again, giving his eyes a quick roll. "I'm certain you could at that. And perhaps you should. But I'll leave such matters to you. Get to it in your own time. As for other sorts of fun, just what are you doing? Malfoy hinted that you're rather malleable, depending on what group of people you're with. I'm not sure I understand what he was trying to say, so perhaps you can enlighten me. Are you going about telling people what you think they want to hear? Rather than staying the course with one clear message?"

Angelus snorts, rolling his eyes. Again with Malfoy? The youth lifts a hand, waving it through the air unconcernedly, holding his head as a superior flicker touches his lips. “Malfoy doesn’t know what he’s on about,” Gel remarks simply, carelessly. “Alphard Black would be disappointed with his subtlety.” The fourth year waves a hand again. “Oh, of course Malfoy knows how to act. He is in an upstanding House, one would expect that. But he follows orders blindly without thinking for himself. Did he need Flint to hold his hand to decide to break his wand?” The boy’s lips curl as he speaks, his eyes glinting. “I guess in a way him seeing me as a traitor helped me disguise, though. I was able to find out that…” Here he trails off, frowning as Rena comes to mind, the corners of his lips turning into distaste. “I ended up finding out from Odori,” he says the name with bitterness, “who the spy was. Who, by the way, I would love to prevent from coming back to Hogwarts. Whenever we begin to make a stand again,” and yes, it is when, “Evans will make it difficult.”

Gareth frowns darkly, his brows drawing together. "Evans is a spy? Wait, you don't mean this silly Junior Auror business, do you? That's nothing more than a child's pretension. If she wants to play dress-up with her toy badge, it's nothing we need concern ourselves with. On the other hand, there's no reason to alienate her — or anyone else. Our purpose must be unity, not division. That's where Professor Flint made his fatal error. Muggleborns are not our enemy, Angelus. They're not our equals, I'll grant you that. But they have a role to play in the coming war. And I fear it will be a war. There are too many — including Malfoy and his lot — who do not fully understand Grindelwald's message. They've seized upon blood purity and lost sight of our true goal. But you know what it is, don't you?"

Angelus can’t help but snicker as Gareth refers to the Junior Auror badge that way. “As far as I’m concerned, this is the badge that’s important.” He picks up the pendant from around his neck, laying it in his palm again before letting it fall. “But it’s true - Evans only got presented with that silly thing because she had information to give to Odori. She denies it, as she did in the Great Hall, but she gave that sad excuse for an Auror what she needed to get into the castle. It was Evans’ fault she knew about the contracts.” A sigh escapes the boy. “I saw her outside the Headmaster’s place and she said she had them. There were options,” he says, waving a hand. “She set down the briefcase for a moment and I considered reaching for it, but I don’t think I would have made it very far before I was caught. I haven’t surpassed Dumbledore in power yet. So I thought if they didn’t have the contracts to study, if I broke it - if we all broke it - they wouldn’t be able to find anything out.” And he sighs, looking down as he frowns. “Unfortunately all I did was let them know that my wand did break. Wand Sparks, if I had thought about that…” He hisses and shakes his head. “It also had the bonus of making it seem like I was helping them and gave me the chance to gain information.” He falters off for a bit, considering as he regards Gareth, and sipping from his tea before he nods. “Muggle-born and Muggles need to be directed. They can’t be left to their own decisions and thoughts. It’s disastrous.”

Gareth quietly sips his tea as he listens quite intently to Angelus' narration. He nods here and there, reaching for a small teacake. Finally, he says, "Muggles need to be directed, certainly. Controlled is the word I would use, because for too long, they've been completely out of control. But Muggleborns need to be led. Like it or not, they are our comrades in arms. They're witches and wizards, and we need their wands to help take and hold control of the Muggle world. On this, all depends. Pure-bloods are sadly outnumbered in this age, and the half-bloods are the majority. Unfortunately, due to their mixed heritage, they've become rather soft-hearted where Muggleborns are concerned. We won't win the hearts and minds of the majority if we go about espousing the supremacy of blood purity. We need everyone on our side, half-bloods and Muggleborns alike. Naturally, pure-bloods will emerge as the leaders of the new world order. How can we not? It's in our blood. But leaders need followers, and the sad fact is that the Muggles outnumber us all. All witches and wizards, regardless of their heritage, need to stand together in this fight, and because Muggleborns have Muggle families, they are the ones who will be the most difficult to win to our cause. We should be courting them, not shunning them. Better to have them as allies than enemies, don't you think?"

As Gareth speaks, Angelus takes his cup and downs the rest of the tea. His gaze remains locked on the seventh year, nodding slowly, his smile flickering. “The more allies we have, the better we win. I agree.” The boy nods, closing his eyes briefly where he draws in a breath. “But they also must be made to understand that our families outrank them. I can work with commoners - numbers count in war - but they need to be taught who the leaders are.” He pauses, considering for a second before he adds in, “Well, Celes isn’t the purest family - we’ve been trying to figure out her father’s bloodline - but she stands for us. She was a Magijugend. She was loyal until Flint decided to cast her out. In fact, she is still loyal. Celes Dashur.” He smiles slightly. “She is an ally.” He glances to his cup before he rises. “My Pa is going to be waiting for me. I’ll ask him if he’s transported any of those brooms you were asking for.”

Gareth shakes his head slowly, smiling. "It will happen naturally, Angelus. Our kind were born to lead, and we shall. But we can't hold them through force. Power is like sand. It must be held gently, in a cupped hand. Make a fist, and it slips through your fingers. Do you know much about Muggle history, the story of the Magna Carta? The Muggle King John was a tyrant, much hated by his subjects, and his Great Barons forced him to sign over many of his natural rights to them. It was a crushing blow to the monarchy at the time. Well, we're what passes for monarchy among wizardkind, though like the Muggle King, we've quietly surrendered many of our rights over the centuries. We can't take them back by force now, not when we're facing a far more important war. But we can take them back quietly, as they were surrendered, by ensuring that our kind are in the right positions of power when the new world order is established. Not with trumpet fanfares and pageantry, but by quietly assuming the roles we were born to play." He takes another sip, smiling then. "Celes Dashur, I don't think I know her. Was she the girl you brought to the Malfoys' last night? I should like to meet her, especially if she's one of us. I fear there will be two separate Magijugend at Hogwarts for a time: Malfoy and the Slytherins, and the rest of us. I hope one day we can be reunited, but for now, we must do what must be done to win over the rest of the school. As for the broom, I should be very happy to learn if your father has one for sale. I cannot promise my father will buy one though, he can be rather stubborn at times."

Angelus nods his agreement with Gareth as he listens to him. “It’s a subtle take, and I agree,” he says. He dips his head, a fond smile slipping across his face. “Yes, she is. And she’s worth listening to. She will be at the New Year’s party.” He takes out a few coins, setting them down on the table, before he bows his head lightly to Gareth. “Bye.”

Gareth grins then, standing as well. "I hope to see you again before New Year's, but if not, I'll certainly be at your party. Will it make you jealous if I bring a date?" Tinky quickly moves forward again, holding Gareth's top hat, as Gareth drops a few coins on the table as well. "Safe journey, Angelus."

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