(1939-12-31) A Fickle and Moody Wedding
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Summary: All the planning in the world makes no difference to love. Tim and Annie's May Day wedding comes very early, as the pair decide on the spur of the moment to get married at the New Year's Eve celebration in Ballycastle, Ireland.
Date: 31 December 1939
Location: The Weeping Banshee Pub, Ballycastle, Ireland

The clock is ticking down on the end of the 1930's, and 1940 is looming on the horizon. This New Year's Eve is a contrast to Annie's last, which was spent in the quiet company of her uncle, in Scotland. Tonight she's on the outskirts of the village of Ballycastle, Ireland, in a wizarding pub called The Weeping Banshee, on the arm of her intended. There are a bunch of Moodys here, as well as others, seemingly everyone in the little village has turned out to celebrate together. The air is filled with laughter and reminisces, snatches of conversation in broad Irish accents: '… and then tha daft bugger fell into tha well!…' '… I thought she was just raisin' a ruckus, but it turned out the pigs had got loose…' '… and he said, drawin' himself up t'full leprechaun height, begone before ye have a taste of my shillelagh…'

It's a lot of noise and fun, but Annie is still glad that Tim is here to be her rock in the midst of the storm of voices. The pair are seated as what's commonly become known as 'their table'. Instead of sitting across from him, Annie is scooted in next to Tim, snugged up by his side unless he has to get up for another drink or the loo. Her smile is natural and easy, she laughs at jokes (even some she doesn't get) and stories, and all is well in the wizarding world in these last hours of 1939.

Tim is as always the most comfortable here at the Weeping Banshee than he is any public place. He is still very shy in comparison to the rest of the boisterous group and he aside murmurs debunks and little secrets about this person and that as the talk and celebration circulates around them. Also quite as usual Annie is his whole world so for the most part of the night he keeps his attention on his fiance.

As they sit at their table he watches her laugh at his cousin (four times removed) who's just made a joke Tim is simply struck to the core with the power of his true deep feelings for her. Maybe it's all the fire whiskey, maybe it's impatience, maybe it's just something that needs to be done in his mind. As the cuckoo clock behind the bar is gearing up to strike Midnight and everyone else is focused on the time, Tim is focuse on his fiance. "Marry me." There's no mistaking the way he says it, it's not some cute little re-proposal, it's 'Marry me, right now!' He points to a ruddy cheeked jolly Irishman that looks like St. Nick actually. "That's the Mayor." He can officiate!

Annie doesn't get it at first, murmuring back, "I'm going t'marry yeh, yeh don't have t'keep askin'." Then she turns and looks at Tim. She knows him well enough to read that expression, the earnestness in his eyes. "Love," she says gently, "We've got all plans made, an' th'dress isn't even here." She looks to the clock, noting the time, before returning to whispering to Tim beneath the noise of everyone else. "There's time before the clock strikes, I'm going t'nip off an' powder my nose." She leans to place a soft kiss on Tim's lips before she scoots out and moves across the room. Before she disappears through a door, she turns and looks back, her eyes lingering for a moment on the man she loves with more than just her heart, and her lips twitch in a smirk before she's gone.

Once out of sight of Tim, she sends one of the wee ones back to find Tim's Aunt Claire. The older woman is frowning thoughtfully as she heeds the child's insistence that she come along, and the pair of women whisper for a few minutes, heads bowed together, and then rush off along to a nearby cottage, slipping away without notice.

Tim gives a little shrug, it's not that he doesn't want to marry her in May. "We can do a bid deal come May." It's that he just wants her to be his wife sooner than later. Something fun and quick. Something that he can enjoy without being a ball of nerves. The ceremony in May will be all that easier come the time for Tim if they are already married. Taking a huge portion of the stress of a wedding off. There is a moment of panic when he realizes that Annie's no longer about. Afraid that he's pushed her and she's got cold feet! But it's a fear he swallows down and gets over and decides to busy himself by collecting the one or two flowers found in little vases at each table. A feature thanks to the owner's wife. He then braves a tap to the Mayor's shoulder and speaks privately with the official. Once it sinks in what Tim is asking for the jolly Mayor claps the young man on the shoulders, "Of course!" He then bellows, "Timmy wants me to marry him to Annie. NOW!" He laughs and his belly jiggles and he starts to wave around his hands and claps now and then as he instructs the other joyful attendants to get things together in the bar. One of the women takes the flowers collected from Tim and wraps them in a green ribbon from her hair before she searches about for an Annie to give them to.

Annie slipped away by floo to the little cottage in Hogsmeade, where she's been hiding the wedding dress away from Tim's eyes. Yes, he was there to help her find it, but he's not seen it since, and the dress shop worked with her on certain little embellishments to personalize the gown even more. Much of the crystal beading has been charmed emerald green, adding the color of Tim's eyes to the pristine white. Crafted from a beautiful damask fabric, there is a subtle design, white on white, throughout the bodice and flowing skirt. The sleeves are more a suggestion, delicate and translucent chiffon that drifts down to her wrists. With Aunt Clair's help, the girl gets the dress on, adjusted just so. There's not much that can be done with her hair this quickly, but Annie doesn't want to fuss with it overly much. She knows that Tim likes it about her shoulders anyway.

It seems forever, but it's really only a few minutes before the pair floo back to the village, and Aunt Claire makes sure that there are no sooty smudges on the white gown. They pause before going back to the pub, Claire looking at Annie tenderly. "His mum would be so happy with ye, Annie. A beautiful bride to love her little Timmy." Both women have to blink back a tear, and there's a warm hug exchanged.

Annie pauses at the door to the pub, taking a deep breath, then making her entrance. The noise is still a soft roar, but this time it's with good natured jibes of "Ye lost her already, Timmy?" and "Did the bride get cold feet?" Annie has to laugh, she knew Tim wouldn't just let it go. Apparently he's gone and told the whole place. "She's not gotten cold feet," Annie announces, drawing the attention to her.


Tim is getting his back and shoulders punched and slapped around by the people he's known since he was born practically. He is looking a bit green, all of the japes would make a confident many quake. Tender Tim looks like he could just pass out or be sick, or both. Never has he been so relieved and flooded with joy to hear the dulcet tones of his future Bride's voice. 'Their Table' has been slid out and the nook it's usually in is where he and the Mayor have been waiting. Surrounded by the paintings and pictures of Tim's ancestors who have occupied that table. Including a picture of Connor and Sarah. Sarah is happily weeping into a hanky and Connor is comforting her and giving his son a pep talk and telling those tormenting his boy to 'sod off'.

When he turns around to face those sweet notes that make his heart sing a hand comes up to cover his jaw slacked mouth. Instantly tears tumble down his cheeks. No one teases him for it because everyone is almost just as struck quiet by the beauty that has returned in her wedding gown.

The Mayor is a man that is never at a loss for words, Blarney Tongued Politician that he is and so he is the one to break the stunned silence, "We are gathered together 'ere in da last moments of 1939 to bear witness to a momentous occasion, a new decade and a new life for Timothy Moody n' Annie Taylor." Tim reaches out his free hand as the one that covered his mouth wipes at his eyes. "Annie Taylor, d'yee come forth with da intent to marry Timothy Moody, spending all the rest o' yer days together with'm in a partnership o' mind, body n' soul?"

Annie's eyes fall on Tim at the same time his find her, and his reaction nearly has her own tears beginning. But she bites her lip quickly to stay them, and she walks over to her intended. Cousins give her quick kisses and hugs, the bouquet of flowers is put into her hand, and her eyes never leave Tim. When she steps up beside him, taking his hand, she whispers to him in a light tease, "I knew yeh wouldn't listen t'me an' wait for May." Despite the Mayor being the one doing the talking, blue eyes stay on green, and the question put to her gets the response of a doubt-free, "I do."

Tim lifts up her hand to kiss her knuckles when it slips into his. His adam's apple bobs as he gulps and the rare moment of spontaneity seems to be clobbering him suddenly over the head with reality when she answers the Mayor's giving of the vows. There is a little tug of the bride's white skirts and those big green eyes peek up at his mistress from underneath his green derby that's perched on his big floppy ears. "The ring Mistress Annie." Chimes Bowie's lilting brogue. His little hand lifts up to offer up the rings he fetched from his master's drawer. His father's ring which is a simple wide and flat band. Tims hands are rather trembling like he was the bride and at first he nervously offered her the wrong hand. Distracted because the mayor is addressing him now.

"D'yee Timothy Moody wish to marry Annie Tay—" "Aye!" Tim cuts in with a quick and clear answer, not a stammer hinted at. "Let me finish my boy!" Like a young school boy admonished by a principle Tim grimaces and ducks his head a bit. "Sorry." The mayor pats the groom on the shoulder. "….Wish to marry Annie Taylor, spending all the rest o' yer days together with'm in a partnership o' mind, body n' soul?" There is a very long pregnant pause as Tim takes in the visage of his bride. It's not until he's very very sure this time that the mayor is down does he nod and repeat, "Aye."

The tug is what finally draws Annie's eyes away from Tim's, and she looks down, then smiles anew to see the beloved house elf there. She stoops slightly to take the ring for Tim's hand, saying softly, "Thank yeh, Bowie love." Turning to Tim, she whispers, "Other." when he offers the right hand, and when he corrects it she slips the band around the ring finger of his left hand, snugging it down for a perfect fit.

Tim's premature exclamation brings titters from those gathered in the pub, and Annie huffs a soft laugh at his eagerness. Her hand squeezes his gently, reassuringly. When he hesitates in answering the second time, there's a brief flash of fear that he's just locked up entirely, and his response has delight dancing in her eyes. She offers the correct hand the first time, no sign of any tremor in it. Since the return to his arms, Annie has never been so sure of anything as she is of her love for the Irishman and her desire to be his wife.

Tim lets out a bit of a breath and that big boyishly charming smile quickly follows after it. "I love yee." It whispered to her as he takes the ring from Bowie that was his mothers and slides it onto her offered finger. "Well then!" The Mayor exclaims. "That's good news, because yee are now both married by the power bestowed upon me by the people of Ballycastle and the Ministry of Magic. Before all of those gathered here to witness, I now pronounce yee bonded in matrimony until death do ye part, for better or for worse, in sickness and in health, married." The mayor strokes his beard once and then claps his hands as the cuckoo clock begins to chime as he finishes his declaration. "Happy New Year!"

The noise that erupts in the pub is almost deafening, a celebration of the newly married and the new year all at once. Glasses are clinked as toasts are made, men clap each other on the shoulders and women are generous with hugs and kisses. For at least a few moments, Annie and Tim are an island in the midst of it all. She doesn't even hear the cheers, her world narrowed down at this moment to Tim and Tim alone. "Happy new year, husband," she says to him quietly, tears shimmering in her eyes and a happy smile on her lips.

Tim steps up very close and leans down to whisper over Annie's lips, "Happy New Year, wife. Mrs. Annie Moody." Then he closes the scant distance between their lips and the ruckus only doubles when they kiss. It's a good thing the dress comes enchanted to keep it protected because some drunkard starts spraying around champagne. Aunt Clair boxes his ears though and soon they are left to enjoy thier kiss. The Mayor picks up Tim's Camera from the hook above Tim's usual seat and captures the moment in several pictures, hopefully there will be a few good ones in the onslaught. But Tim's going to have to put more film in now. Gently Tim caresses her cheek to sweep away any tears that might tumble and needs the same treatment as he's all happy tears too.

There are indeed tears wetting Annie's cheeks, and she brings up her hand with the ring newly sparkling, and tenderly wipes his cheeks as well. She can't help but grin and murmur to him, "Bloody well about time. I'd have never been able t'wait until May." Her smile drops suddenly, and she asks, "Which day is our anniversary? An' which year?" The questions have her giggling again, their pronouncement having come almost exactly at the stroke of midnight.

Tim wraps his arms around her and her giggle makes him blush and chuckle, "Best of both worlds. We say we were married in 1939, so we sound like an old married couple, but then we celebrate on the first? Or we can make it easy on everyone and do now, today and it's easy to remember how long we've been married when we are senile. My say is we celebrate both days, and every other day of the year because you are my wife and I am your husband."

Annie's arms go up and around Tim's neck properly, the flowers she still holds brushing lightly against his hair. "I like that, celebrating both days and every other one as well. Cor, I've married the most clever wizard ever to be. Aren't I the lucky girl?" There's so much affection in the words that a nearby celebrant, well into his cups already, blurts out, "Git a room, the two of ye!" It brings another cheer, of course, and Annie laughs and blushes, dipping her head a moment to hide her face on Tim's shoulder.

Tim vies for hiding space as well as he tucks his face into her hair to hide. He waves off the loud drunk good naturedly and then places a kiss on her scalp. "Who needs a room… we've got a cottage." He murmurs for her ears only, he'd never be so bold as to say that to the crowd though. A tight hug is squeezed and a sweet little kiss is snuck in. Some Moody's slide the table back and a pile of coins starts to build up in the center of it as people pay their respects to the new couple.

Annie tilts her head to whisper in Tim's ear, "Yeh randy man." Granted, it sounds absolutely nothing like a complaint. Then Tim's friends and family start to gather around, now well and truly Annie's friends and family as well, and her attention turns to get congratulations and kisses and well meant advice. And not for a moment does she release Tim's hand, even when some of the men attempt to pull him away. "Yeh'll have t'go through me t'get him away tonight, lads. Feelin' up t'the challenge?" she asks them with a laugh. This, of course, gets another round of whistles and hoots.

Tim gets teased in mutterings between the blokes that Annie has threatened. "Wee Timmy has a corker there! Who ever thought!?" While Annie knows the absolute truth about Tim, nearly everyone else in the pub knows 'Wee Timmy' the artsy lad that would probably soil himself and run instead of face off against dark magic. Tim let's them, and everyone else believe what they like, his wife knows the truth and so does he and his best friend and best elf. That tiny circle is all Tim needs. The groom gives another wave-off this one a bit more annoyed then the last. "We should think about ducking out soon, before they all get fluthered."

She does indeed know the truth of Tim's bravery and the honor that fuels it. It's best they never look at him differently, because Annie quite likes her husband not wasting away in Azkaban. She sees that quirk of irritation, and her attention turns fully to Tim. "I love yeh. With everything that I am." Her brows lift and she smirks playfully. "I do believe yeh have a threshold t'carry me over, love." Admittedly, with the surprise wedding and all the excitement and commotion, she's getting to the point where she too is looking forward to being alone with her new husband.

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