(1939-12-31) Eibon's New Year's Eve (1939-1940)
Details for Eibon's New Year's Eve (1939-1940)
Summary: Eibon hosts their annual New Year's eve party.
Date: December 31, 1939 - January 1, 1940
Location: Eibon Manor, Scotland

There are several ways of arriving at the Eibon estate. Though well away from any main roads, there is a dirt road that connects to one and it is maintained well enough to be drivable, though the snow on the ground will make that a hard trip. One could even arrive by boat if they so desired. It is also reachable by broomstick of course, but much more likely are to come by apparition or floo powder. The Eibon house has two large fireplaces connected to the floo network located in large, all stone rooms. A large urn of floo powder stands next to each. They are somewhat bunker like in their build, even equipped with large vault like doors. These doors currently stand open to welcome all guests, but it's clear that it would be quite a task to get through them if they were closed. In these same chambers are two separate circles carved onto the floor. Though the house and nearby grounds are protected against apparition, that charm is lifted inside these circles allowing guests to apparate straight into the building rather than having to arrive outside the gates as is required in some houses.

These two entry rooms are located on opposite walls of a somewhat spacious entry hall. Windows line one wall, showing little more than moon shine off vast drifts of snow. In the other direction are large double doors, standing open to a large ball room. Though nothing more than a large empty room the majority of the year, tonight has been decked out to welcome guests from all over the wizarding world. Asian wizards mingle with South American and Australian wizards beneath the spreading branches of a three story tall tree that appears to have sprouted from the polished wooden floor. A platform circling the base of the tree holds a small band. Though quite popular amongst Chilean wizards, they haven't gained much notoriety outside of South America. Most of the rest of the floor is open area for dancing or conversing. Along the walls are some comfortable armchairs. Two sweeping staircases lead up to an encircling balcony that looks down onto the main floor. Large circular tables have been set up here along with a long rectangular buffet table. Each of the round tables has several bottles placed at the center for which ever guest cares to drink. Elderflower wine is the most common, but a few bottles of butter beer, Knotgrass Mead, Chocolate liqueur, and, of course, Pumpkin Juice. Two more staircases lead up to the third floor and smaller balcony. The view from the third floor is obstructed by the spreading branches of the indoor tree, the branches even partially blocking a lot of the balcony. Out of use at the moment because of this, the third floor is dark, lit only by moon light and the occasional disembodied firefly like lights decorating the branches.

Other doors lead off the ballroom, and some guests are taking the opportunity to explore some of the house. The family house elf even stands off in a corner with a poll bearing the sign, ‘Tour Starts Here,’ for any who wanted to suffer through a guided tour.

This year seems to be more of a turnout with foreign witch and wizards than local, largely due to the uncharacteristically low attendance this year.

Angelus is dressed in fanciful, expensive robes that drape over his form. Light blue silk speckled with silver stars that sparkle and glisten under the light. The cloak tied around his shoulders flutters down his back, draping over the front and brocaded in silver with a wintery pattern of snowflakes laced around the edges. The clasp gleams silver, pinned to the robes at either side of his neck. In front, a silver pendant gleams as it dangles in front of him, the Eye of Truth displayed proudly as the boy walks alongside his father, greeting the youth who arrive with their families. To most Angelus invites his fellow students down into the basement, where he’s set up a place to hang out away from adult eyes. The only half-blood he invites downstairs, however, is Celes, all else he is simply cordial, arrogant and proud as he greets them. Any Muggle-born that is there - due to familial relations - is met by a cold, icy stare from the boy, adults and students alike, even if he manages to keep a bitter sweet tone. Yes, Angelus is no longer yielding to any Muggle-born, and even half-blood might get a touch of a frosty tone from him.

Angeline is not phased at all by the turnout to the New Year’s eve party. She’s charming, cordial, and friendly to all who arrive, grateful to those who do come. To everyone she offers her kindness, showing delight as she greets men and gossips with other women.

Zach and Natasha Meliflua, along with their daughter, Artemis, arrive by Floo network. They are dressed formally - Zach wears green robes that shimmer black, embroidered with silver patterns around the edges. Natasha wears pale yellow robes of one colour, but which flutter around her delicately, sleeves flowing from her wrists. Artemis wears an ice blue dress of a style set in the eighteenth century - the sleeves fit snug until they reach her elbows, where the fabric spreads and dangles and silver edges the hem. The dress is bulky, draping down to her ankles with a large bustle that’s done up in the back in layers. Dastan, too, is here though he doesn’t quite arrive with his parents. He’s dressed in formal robes with a fine quality, dark green and silver.

Dastan, who actually arrives just a bit earlier, is quite unconcerned by the political nonsense between the pure-blood families. Natasha only enters with her family, delighted and grateful to be here, offering Angeline Eibon a bright smile and friendly words. Zach, of course, wouldn’t stay away from his long time friend’s party because of some issue. After all, Noalan II never really turned against him when he married a Muggle-born even if he expressed exasperation at the idea. He greets Noalan II as a friend who’s known and grown up with him since they were children.

Artemis greets both Noalan II and Angeline kindly, and once she’s excused, she moves off to find her friends. Oh, how she missed Elspeth and Noalan - she only hopes that the former is here.

Angus emerges through the fireplace. In his robes, sure, but open at the front to reveal he's in his highland finery. And yes, he's got his bagpipes tucked under one arm, and a cheerful grin on his face.

Dressed in a soft yellow, silk dress that is ruffled and spread outward the further down it goes, Evelyn, resident of the estate and niece to Noalan II and Angeline, finds herself, for the time being, at the table of refreshments. Carefully, she pours herself a little glass of the chocolate liqueur. With glass filled, she finally starts to look around for familiar faces, her heeled steps barely heard amongst the chatter and the music.

Angelus continues to follow along with his father, carrying himself with a proper air. Somehow he manages to pull of both respectful and arrogance, his smile set smugly against his lips. His royal blue eyes dance around the ground floor of the ball room, and eventually he slips away from his father as the elder Eibon carries on and Angelus pauses to exchange words with a servant. “Thank you,” he says genially with a proud tilt to his head, and quickens his pace to follow after his father. When the blonde haired youth spies Angus, Gel grins and offers him a wave. “Hey, mate, are you coming down into the basement?” His eyes glisten as he catches sight of the bagpipes, and a grin tugs at his lips. “Oh, good, you can entertain us downstairs.”

Angus gives a grin, "Och, aye! That wis mah plan. And yehs cannae have New Year wi no pipes, can you?"

Artemis keeps an eye out as she walks, looking around and only offering cheerful greetings when one wizard or witch looks to her directly. She’s been to the manor so much that the blonde knows where things are, and she certainly knows that the buffet table is set up on the balcony floor above. That is where she heads, ascending one of the staircases. She’s sure that if Lan is already about that’s where he’ll be. It isn’t Lan she finds, however. “Evelyn!” Artemis lets out delightfully, waving a hand towards her. “You look so pretty.” She approaches, smiling amiably to Evelyn, even as her look takes on a worried look. “Do you know if Elspeth is coming? Oh, I hope she is.”

"Hmm?" Evelyn's gaze slowly turns toward the familiar voice. She smiles softly. "Artemis! It's…it's so nice to see you." She says softly. "And you look very pretty too. I like the dress!" She clears her throat at the mention of Elspeth. "I'm…not sure. I think she was um…she was going to try to make it. But…well…her parents don't like the idea of her coming here, in all honesty." She whispers to the other girl. "But I do hope that she was able to convince them in time to be able to come here." She glances at the table for a brief moment. "While we wait, would you uh…would you like something to drink?" She holds up her own glass. "The chocolate liqueur is quite good."

“That’s brilliant, mate,” Angelus responds to Angus with a grin. “You want to head downstairs now or look around a bit? There’s really not much change from last year, aside from the music.” A smirk flicks against his lips, gesturing towards a door leading to a corridor that will take them to the stairs leading down into the basement. “Others will join us if they wish.”

Angus gives a grin, "Och, I wouldnae mind a wee peek, y'ken?" He gives the girls a grin, "Hey lassies. Dinnae faint, but I'm Angus MacMillan, ken?"

Artemis smiles fondly to Evelyn, though it weakens a little at the mention of the trouble with Elspeth’s parents. A soft sigh escapes her. “I do wish everyone could just get along,” she murmurs softly. She reaches out to rest a hand on Evelyn’s arm, and then affectionately tries to give her a hug while being mindful of her drink. “I’m so glad to see you. I miss being in classes with you and Elspeth and Noalan, but I’ve got my studies with the W.O.M.B.A.T going well.” She glances towards the table, nodding in acknowledgement to Evelyn’s recommendation on the liqueur. “Thank you, Evelyn.” Yes, Artemis does not use nicknames, despite Lan’s infatuation with butchering names. “I think I will grab a drink. And maybe we can dance a little?” she suggests cheerfully.

"As do I." Evelyn nods in agreement, shrugging ever so slightly. "But they've um…they've got their reasons. Even if I do wish Elet could be here." She murmurs. "I'm glad you came. I really am. All of us miss you at school, too." She tells Artemis. "But I'm…I'm glad that your studies are going well."

Angelus gestures outward with a hand, a grin flashing across his face as Angus greets a couple of girls. A quiet snicker escapes the youth, and he leans in to whisper lowly to Angus. “Entertain them downstairs.” He gives his classmate a grin, and while he’s introducing himself to those two Angelus takes the opportunity to approach a group of youth about his age. “Good evening,” he greets, arrogance flickering in his eyes as he tips his chin. “I have the basement set up. Through there,” he says, gesturing towards the corridor. He lowers his voice a little, “It’ll be a little more fun with less adults.” To a lovely girl with dark tanned skin, Angelus smiles and bows to her as he holds out a hand. “Buonasera.” He lowers his head to brush his lips over her knuckles. “Siete invitati a unirsi a noi nel seminterrato.” The girl flashes Angelus a smile, nodding her head. “Grazie,” she responds.

Megan descends the main staircase, arriving on the ground floor in a nice blue dress with a large bow on the back, fitting her perfectly enough that it was almost certainly custom-tailored for just this occasion. Her hair is done up an a perfect French braid, sporting a silver-and-emerald hair brooch fashioned to look like a butterfly. On her feet are a pair of modest high-heeled shoes, which she seems out of practice walking in.

Angus sniffs, "Och. You're a rogue, Eibon! Did I no say, yehs have tae time it right, y'ken?"

Artemis finishes filling up a glass with the recommended chocolate liqueur, taking a testing sip from it as she smiles. “A little sweetness is just right for tonight,” says the girl as she turns back to Evelyn. “I wish there was something I could have done at the school. It sounds like Mister Flint wasn’t listening to reason, poor man.” He lets out a soft, concerned sigh. “I hope he’s feeling better now that he’s not stressed out with being Headmaster.” In her mind, after all, there must be a logical explanation for his spite. No one can be that cruel with a reason. Artemis nods. “How are you doing in N.E.W.T.s this year?” She indeed says each letter, and not just the abbreviated term.

"That's what I was…well, thinking." Evelyn says with a little smile. "Something nice and sweet to help the evening along." She giggles softly. "It's…one way or another, I think we're better off with Professor Dumbledore as the headmaster now. I just um…well, you know, I don't think that Professor Flint was suited for the position." She shrugs ever so slightly again, taking a sip of her drink. "Oh, my classes…they're, well, a lot more difficult than they were previously. But I uh…I think I'm doing well. I'm hoping they'll prepare me well enough for life and a career after Hogwarts."

A spark flicks in Angelus’ eyes, giving Angus a grin and a mild shrug as the boy lifts his head. “Meet you down in the basement,” he merely says, wondering off to address other youth. He stops when his gaze slides towards Megan, a hum escaping him as he tilts his head as he considers. Clearing his throat, he directs his steps toward his sister, giving any boy a warning look who even so much as looks a certain way at his sister. Ahem. In fact, Gel intends to drape his arm over her shoulders - okay, around her back due to her height - protectively. “There you are, May.” He kisses her cheek. “You’re going to come downstairs with the rest of us.”

Angus heads on down the stairs, the older girls having been… well… less than blown away by his announcement, and he's down into the dunge…. basement, with a swirl of kilt.

"Gel," Megan says softly as her brother approaches her, smiling when she's kissed on the cheek. She drapes her arm over Gel's shoulders. "I hate walking in these," she laments softly. "Can't wait to take them off. — Sure, I'll join you downstairs." She glances around to see who's shown up so far, her eyes pausing at one boy in particular. "I'm glad Angus was able to come."

Artemis nods in agreement with Evelyn to the sweet drink. A giggle follows suit when Evelyn does, and she smiles warmly to her. To the bit about the Headmasters, Artemis sighs softly in disappointment. “Headmaster Dumbledore does sound like he’s doing a great job,” she agrees with a nod, lifting her glass to her mouth. A soft, ‘mmm,’ escapes the girl as she lowers it. “I’m sure it has been busier with N.E.W.T.s, but I bet you’re handling it well. Are you and Elspeth keeping Noalan from slacking?” It’s said fondly, both serious and playfully. “I do wish I knew his secret. How he can relax so much and yet do so well in his classes.” She laughs merrily as she shakes her head.

"Oh, I do um…I do try with them, I suppose." Evelyn chuckles softly. A grin and a raised eyebrow is offered at the mention of Noalan. "I uh…well, I don't think anyone is capable of um…of stopping him from slacking. As much as we'd like to. We bother him about it, but there's not much else we can do!" She giggles again. What ever shall she do with her cousin?!

Angelus glances down to the shoes that Megan indicates with a smirk. “Yes, because you need to make yourself look taller,” says Gel with sarcasm, laughing. “Leave them by the dining room, you won’t need them downstairs,” he suggests simply with a shrug. He glances around as Megan mentions Angus, clearing his throat as he watches his classmate. “With his bagpipes,” Gel responds about him coming, grinning lightly. Angelus intends to guide Megan to the basement, though not without stopping to invite a couple of other youngsters to join them.

"Well, they kind-of came with the dress," Megan explains, but at Angelus' suggestion she alternately raises each leg behind her to remove the troublesome shoes—barefoot, she's still 5'6" tall. "I like bagpipes if the piper knows what he's doing," she comments. "I'll have to ask him to play 'Scotland the Brave'." She sets her shoes somewhere and takes Gel's arm. "Shall we proceed to the basement, then?"

Artemis giggles fondly in regards to Noalan. “I suppose we should allow him to have a bit of rest,” she decides, smiling with warmth that reaches her eyes. “I’m sure prefect duties are keeping him busy, too.” She drinks a little from her glass again, but ends up setting it down on a table and reaches out to seize Evelyn’s free hand. “Let’s go and dance. The music sounds really amazing, as it always does. Do you know where they’re from this year?”

"Let him rest? I don't know…" Evelyn murmurs. "I think he needs to have fun. As his cousin, and you as his friend, it may be our duty to ensure he has as much fun as possible!" She grins. As she's taking a little gulp of her drink, her hand is grabbed. "Oh no…dancing? I um…I…oh, okay." How often does she just have fun, anyway? What with all the studying and everything. "I um…I think I heard Uncle Noalan saying something about them being from Chile? That's in South America, apparently." And it's off to the dance floor!

“And you’ve worn them in so now you can take them off,” Angelus responds simply. He grins when she does remove the shoes, turning away from a pair of youth that he’s just spoken to and looking back to his sister. He heads into a corridor off of the main hall, taking it to the stairs that lead down into the basement. The anteroom is a large room, the decorations plentiful for the holidays with floating, colourful lights floating above. Music plays here, too, quietly, an upbeat tune that’s recognisable in Scotland. Angelus can cut the music if Angus’ wished to play the bagpipes at all this evening. There are games to play, comfortable chairs to lounge in, and a decorated tree (way smaller than the three-story one in the main hall) in the corner with plentiful presents tucked underneath it. Many youth are down here - or follow Angelus down - and talk as they enjoy the treats that have been set up here. The door leading into a room off the anteroom (Angelus’s room) is locked.

Artemis smiles softly, nodding her head. “He deserves it,” says the girl. But she also giggles and bobs her head. “But I do agree, we should make sure Noalan is having fun.” She heads down the stairs to the main floor, letting out an, “Oh!” as she nods her head. “From Chile. Well it’s very nice music.” She heads onto the dance floor, her eyes glowing with delight. Yes, Artemis, too, would probably very much enjoy curling up into the library and studying, but dancing is fun and hanging out with her friends sounds perfect.

Some poor seamstress witch who was hoping to start a career in design is either going to be going under tomorrow, or selling out. The infamous muggleborn who dared to enter the Malfoy's Christmas party has arrived at the Eibon Manor, in her one a year new dress that has become her ritual spending the last three years. That lattice and floral work bodice of royal blue leaves one shoulder and arm bare, with a gathered silken sash crossing the front to hang over the back of the clothed shoulder. Floating panels of light material flutter from waist to floor, swirling lightly as she enters with slow decorum, taking her place in line among the latecomers. The dark red hair has been curled and braided around the nape of her neck, gleaming in the light from the chandeliers above. Elspeth does not scan the crowd as yet, intent on her duty to greet the host and hostess properly, with a small package in her hands.

Artemis dances to the Chilean music, a smile set on her face as she looks around. Glancing around at the faces, she smiles when she notices her mother speaking to another witch, and her father hanging around with Noalan II. Delight suddenly all but glows on her features as she catches sight of a certain redhead, her gaze sweeping back to Elspeth to make sure she really saw her. She starts to make her way over, but pauses when she realises who her friend is approaching and so she suffices with a wave and waits.

Angeline has a close eye on the entrance. She very gently touches a hand to the shoulder of the witch she was talking to when she notices Elspeth enter, excusing herself politely as she smiles warmly. The Eibon woman makes her way to the girl, her tone pleasant and sincere as always. “Elspeth, dear, it’s a pleasure to see you,” Angeline greets, though there is a hint of surprise in her tone. “Please, come in, enjoy yourself. I believe my son is, hmm, I’m not sure where he is at the moment.”

Angeline glances around before lowering her gaze back to Elspeth. “I know I saw Evelyn on the dance floor. I’m glad to see her having fun.”

While Angeline makes it to Elspeth first, the elder Eibon is suddenly by her side, an arm wrapping around behind his wife. “Well if it isn’t our little reagent,” says the wizard. He has a momentarily unreadable expression. His tone is formal, if slightly bored. “Still doing well, I presume?”

It seems that someones brother is going to owe him once again for being the family representative made to make an appearance at a party. Galahad enters glancing around though often times these places allow him to study people for ideas to look into for work. The older man will at least look for the older group first before likely he'll have no choice but to mingle with the students not that he minds this really just a truth.

Gareth apparates into one of the designated rooms, taking a moment to brush some stray snow from his shoulders before slipping off his cloak and tossing it at a servant (or not, if there isn't a servant standing by). Keeping his top hat in place, he heads into the entry hall, trying hard to look like an arrogant pureblood.

Dipping her head respectfully, and giving a curtsy of greeting, Elspeth smiles first to Angeline's greeting. "Good evening, Mrs. Eibon. Thank you. I am pleased to be here." She repeats the gesture for Noalan II when he appears. "Mr. Eibon, it is impossible to start the New Year anywhere but at the Eibon Manor. This is being the beginning of a new decade as well, which is even more special." She extends the small box to Lan's father. "My father wishes you to have this small token to wish you and your family a Happy New Year." A discreet wave and smile is directed to Artemis for her greeting, and she nods. "I did see Evelyn. I am looking forward to her company, and I noticed Artemis is here as well."

Megan, trying to be a good hostess, pads around the basement, having left her awkward shoes upstairs, chatting briefly with each of the guests to ensure they all feel welcome and are having a good time. After making her rounds, she slips off toward the refreshment table for a break, and considers getting something for herself.

Galahad will make his way towards the family "Greetings, and Happy New Year." The red haired wizard says to all he is all smiles and quite friendly to the group. "I hope all are enjoying themselves so far?" he asks looking to all he does also carry a small item. "I also have a small present just something for the hosts from my brothers and I." he offers it over.

Angeline looks up too, but she stays by Elspeth even as she beckons for Galahad upon seeing his entrance. As someone who works at the Ministry too, the hostess recognises the man, smiling at him with a charming smile. “Mister Weasley, I’m so glad that you could make it. It’s a pleasure,” she says, friendly, looking between Elspeth and Galahad. “This is Elspeth Rosen, a good friend of my eldest son and niece. Elspeth, Mister Weasley.” She’s in the middle of greeting, but she does lift her head to wave a hand towards Gareth even if she’s grounded where she is at the moment.

Angelus has found a comfortable seat to lounge in down in the basement. Seated in relaxation, shifted slightly to the side, the boy leans slightly to rest his head in his hand, which his elbow is propped lightly against the armrest. His blue eyes scan the basement as he wears a smug smile, listening to the Scottish music that plays downstairs (while the Chilean band plays upstairs). The Christmas tree flickers with its light, the presents surrounding it. Occasionally the youth pipes in to a conversation, but he smirks as he watches his sister. “May, relax a little, let people get their own refreshments and treats.”

"Quite so." Noalan II agrees simply. "How, kind of him." He says, taking the offered box and holding it up to examine, "Do pass along our gratitude to him." His attention shifts from the girl with Gareth's arrival, "Ah, Mister Carrow. Good to see you back and doing well. Happy New Year." He says, allowing Angeline to accept the bottle on their behalf. "Thank you."

Noalan has been hanging out on the upper balcony for most of the party so far. As ever not one for parties, it's a good location to be both out of the way and able to watch the arrivals. This is why he's now making his way down to the ground floor with some haste.

He will offer the gift over to Angeline. "Of course I’m glad to come. It is good to meet people outside of work." Galahad says though he looks to the student she introduces. "It’s a pleasure to meet you Miss Rosen." he'll offer a hand out to the young woman in greeting "You can call me Galahad, both of you of course." he chuckles lightly though taking in the surroundings as well.

Hearing Angelus' voice, Megan turns and walks behind his chair, lowers her hands to his shoulders, and gives him a brief shoulder rub. "I kind of felt I should do something, what with Derpy running around upstairs," she explains to him. She leans forward to whisper in his ear. "Besides, I want everyone to have a favorable impression of me. Someday they might be voting for me," she whispers, followed by a smirk.

Angeline smiles warmly to Gareth, looking from Elspeth and Galahad to the lad. “Thank you, Gareth, a happy New Year to you and your family.” She takes the bottle graciously, holding it lightly in one hand as she smiles to him. “Oh, yes, Angelus is down in the basement entertaining the other children.” She chuckles quietly as she adds, “Though you might have outgrown that.” She looks to Galahad, nodding to him and accept the gift with a warm, “Thank you, Galahad. Thank you. And a happy New Year to you, too.” A moment’s pause, and Angeline summons their house elf, lowering the gifts to the little creature for her to take and find a place for. “Thank you, Derpy.”

Turning politely to the new man being introduced to her, Elspeth nods her head politely to him as well. "Good Evening, Mr. Weasley," she says, a beat before he offers permission to be called Galahad, she takes the hand offered. Her eyes now scan higher, looking for the older son who was mentioned as 'being around', and she catches sight of him now coming down the stairs, but doesn't turn her head completely, yet. "I have noticed a friend that I have not been seeing in a very long time. If you are not minding, I would like to catch up with her." She smiles to the new man, and to the hosts, her nod to them all including Gareth as well before she moves towards Emi, taking a moment to look up the stairs to Lan on her way.

Gareth gives a pleasant enough bow to Galahad, though his smile is somewhat strained. "Mister Weasley, how…good to see you. If you'll all please pardon me, I think I shall join those downstairs. I'm certain Angelus would appreciate help entertaining the youngsters." He gives Elspeth a brief smile, even more strained, before turning to make his way toward the stairs downward. Along the way, he happens to notice Noalan, a quick shudder running down his spine, but his smile doesn't waver. Instead, he gives the young man a nod as he continues on his way.

Angelus shifts in his seat as Megan moves around behind, making it easier for her to rub his shoulder before he lifts a hand to rest it on her hand. “You make a fine impression, May,” says the blonde haired youth fondly. Most of the time, when she’s not playing friends with Madeline - but he’s not going to upset her by mentioning that. It’s well known - especially among Gryffindor - that Angelus and Madeline just do not get along. The boy twists in his seat as he tugs at his sister’s hand, trying to pull her around and grin mischievously as he gives her hand a yank, trying to pull her into the seat to sit on his lap.

Zach, Artemis’ father, who has let Noalan II go off and greet Elspeth, offers Elspeth a nod of his own as the girl steps off. She is, after all, his daughter’s friend. “It’s good to see you again, Miss Rosen,” says the wizard.

And as soon as Artemis sees the Elspeth is stepping away, the blonde Hufflepuff is bouncing over to Elspeth with an excited shriek. “Elspeth!” Emi instantly throws her arms around her friend, laughing merrily as she hugs affectionately. “I’ve missed you so much! I’m so glad you came. Evelyn is going to be so happy you’re here, too! Oh, look, and there’s Noalan!” The sheer delight on Artemis’ face could have glowed as bright as a star.

"I'm glad you approve," Megan says to Angelus just before she finds herself being pulled into his lap, the action eliciting a brief shriek on her part. Somehow she ends up just where he intended to put her, with her bare legs dangling over the armrest. "Oh, you runt!", she playfully chides as she attempts to snake her hand under his cloak to tickle his side in retaliation.

Noalan’s pace slows a bit once he reaches the ground floor, and slows to a near stop when he hears Emi's enthusiastic greeting. Distracted, he nearly misses Gareth’s nod. Refocusing, he gives him back a hasty two fingered salute in return, "Good evening." Missing a lot of the subtext, he continues on towards the two girls, "Evening. I'm glad you both ended up coming."

A smile and greeting is all Elspeth manages to Mr. Meliflua before she's being engulfed by Artemis, and returning the hug with an equal measure of girlish fervor, having missed her friend all semester. In the aftermath, she turns to Lan, her face still glowing with that joy as she turns to him. It's a close call, but she doesn't allow the hugging celebration to completely spill over to him. Instead, she straightens the floaty material of the overskirt that got swirled and tangled during Emi's greeting. "Hello, Lan. I did manage to convince Aba that we can be making some sort of peace," she lowers her voice to explain her presence at the party.

Angelus flashes a playful grin, managing to wrap his arms around his sister to give her a tight hug. He gives a jerk and lets out an ‘ack!’ when she tickles his side, and reaches out in retaliation in attempt to snag her wrists. “No, no, no, stop, stop,” he says as he laughs. It’s typical playful antics between the two, and the people gathered in the basement chuckle in amusement at them.

“Let’s dance, come on, Evelyn and I already agreed that we need to make sure Noalan has fun.” Artemis laughs merrily, shifting from her hug on Elspeth to Noalan, intending to embrace the boy in an equally affectionate hug. “We would never miss your family’s party,” she says delightfully, speaking for all her parents and brother.

"A peace of sorts at least." Lan agrees, though the number of caveats on 'peace' are probably well into the double digits now. He nods at Artemis's assertion of her family’s loyalty but waves the subject away, "Anyways, how has freedom been treating you Emi? You probably saved years of your life being out of all that beginning of the year mess." He asks in an attempt to stay off the threat of dancing.

Elspeth laughs. "I think if we are wanting to be sure Lan has fun, we will be taking him far away from the party and all of the people," she reminds Emi. Her smile falters slightly at the mention of the mess that was Hogwarts under Flint. She recovers quickly, though, talking of eating being the most important aspect of party, if a party must be suffered.

Megan relents, for now, and relaxes in Angelus' lap, reaching her hands up to his shoulders again. "Will you dance with me sometime tonight? Seeing as how I don't have a date, and all." Surely her dear brother wouldn't deny her the favor.

Artemis looks worriedly down to the floor, swinging her arm in front of her as her other hand rests at her elbow. “Oh,” she says, smiling weakly. Looking up, she says, “Well I wish I could have been there - or done something - when poor Mister Flint went all power crazy. But I’ve passed two tests for my W.O.M.B.A.T.s.” Noalan certainly would have known about her studies, and she’d most likely have written Elspeth that she was going to work hard to get into law. “I do hope that Mister Flint is feeling better, not so stressed, and having a good holiday.” She smiles softly, genuine in her well wishes. “That will hopefully never happen again, I’ll make sure the law doesn’t allow for any cruel segregations.”

Angelus dips his head in a nod as he flashes a grin at Megan. “Of course,” he answers, shifting lightly in the chair to make a motion of getting up - and helping Megan to her feet. “Let’s head upstairs now. Pa’s probably getting ready to say his speech.” He glances around the room, gesturing towards the tree in the corner. “Help yourself to one of the gifts on your way back up,” Gel offers to the guests, spoken in a formally proper tone as he inclines his head with an air of importance. As he gestures to start heading up the stairs, he murmurs softly to Megan. “Bets on if Angel and Sera end up waking up with the noise?”

"I'm sure mum would've cast a silencio so they're not disturbed," Megan replies to Angelus on their way up. "Assuming they're not awake and getting up to mischief already."

As the hour grows late, and time ticks down to the start of the new year the lights around the hall dim. In the center of the hall, the roots of the great tree begin to glow. Standing at the base of the tree, a back Lit Noalan II stands and begins to talk in the growing hush, "I want to once again thank you all for coming to our traditional end of the year celebration. The year we are leaving behind has not been a terribly happy one, and while we may normally be happy to see a year of troubles end, the year ahead is likely to be full of more difficult challenges and possibly a great deal of change. It is for this reason that we have this party every year. We go into the unknown of a new year, here, secure in a place of safety, comforted by tradition, and in the company of friends and colleges. It is a reminder that however bad the year we are leaving was, or how bad the year we are entering may be, we aren't going naked and alone." As he talks the light rises up the three, lines of light going higher. "So please join me in counting down to the start of a new year that will hopefully resolve the lingering issues of the old, and offer more opportunities than tragedies." He pauses, gauging the tree. When the light passes a red rope tied high around the trunk he starts, "Ten". The count goes quickly the light spreading up the trunk and down the branches, slowly lightening the darkened room with the light of a new year. When the count hits zero there are a multitude of small pops that add up to quite a cacophony as confetti rain down on the party goers. Like over ripe apples, Wizard Crackers rain from the branches of the tree.

When the countdown reaches zero, Megan leans toward Angelus and gives him a playful kiss on the cheek. "Happy new year, Gel."

Angelus nods in response to Megan, though there is a mischievous flick of his lips and a glint in his eyes. Clearly before he goes to bed tonight he’s going to head upstairs and wish the two youngest Eibons a happy New Year. He’s quiet throughout his father’s speech, his royal blue eyes scanning the guests as he spoke, and ending up looking up to the tree as the countdown nears an end. A grin tugs out across his face as the crackers rain down from the tree, but he turns with a charming smile to his sister to give her an affectionate hug. “Happy New Year,” he returns, pecking her cheek in turn. Then he whirls, sweeping out a hand to seize one of the wizard crackers. One for him, one for Celes (assuming he would pop one open with Celes), and one for Megan. “Pull on three?” says the boy as he holds two out to Megan.

After having spent time between the dance floor and the drinks table this evening, Evelyn finds her way to her friends as her uncle starts his year-end speech. It takes a moment in the crowd, but she finds herself next to Elspeth, looping arms with her friend as she takes a sip of her chocolate liqueur from her other hand. "My uncle likes to make vague yet obvious statements in his New Years speeches, have you noticed?" She whispers to Elet.

In the flurry of falling confetti and Wizard Crackers, Elspeth manages to exchange kisses on the cheek with Lan and Emi, and turns to Evelyn with the looping of arms and grins as she kisses her best friend on the cheek. "Yes, yes I have," she murmurs quietly in return. "Perhaps this year moreso than others." Her hair now festooned with confetti, she lifts the Cracker she managed to catch with her free hand towards Ev, her eyes lighting briefly on the glass in her friend's hand. "How are you enjoying your chocolate liqueur?"

Megan smiles at Angelus, and reaches to grab hold of the ends of both proffered crackers. One might think they've done this before; maybe it's their own little tradition. "One…two…three!", she counts off, tugging on the 'three' along with Gel so the crackers pop between them and their prizes fall out.

Three! Angelus pulls both his ends of the two crackers, causing them go pop and lifting his chin as he watches the prizes fly out. One is a pointed wizard’s hat, but which flashes colourfully as the boy unfolds it. He grins, stepping closer to Megan to attempt to place the hat on her head with a laugh. “Here, you can show off a flashy new hat at school,” Gel kids light-heartedly.

Returning the cheek kiss with a little cheek kiss as well, Evelyn grins. "Maybe so. But he's ever so good at it, one way or another." She giggles softly and sips her drink. "Hmm?" She looks down at her glass. "Oh, it's quite good! I never knew what I was missing!" A goofy, lopsided smile crosses her face. Unlooping her arm, from Elspeth's, she takes the other end of the cracker with her free hand. "Shall we?"

"One, two, three!" Elspeth counts off and pulls, then she ducks as half a dozen chocolate frogs pop out and make a break for it. One of them seems to headed right for the glass in Evelyn's hand, and Els does catch one. A shake and the charm breaks so she can eat it better, her eyes widening with an amused expression as she notes the frog going towards the other girl.

"I'm not wearing that, it's ghastly!", Megan protests, raising her arms to block Angelus' attempt to place the hat on her head. "Put it on Lan when he's not looking," she suggests instead. Not that there's a high probability of pulling that off. Quickly crouching down, she brushes some confetti off her foot and picks up the second prize, which turns out to be a toy wand, the kind that only performs one spell when flicked.

Angelus laughs spiritedly to his sister’s reaction, letting his blue eyes flick off around the main hall. When he glances back, a grin flashes across his face at the toy wand. “Oh, that’s a better one,” he comments with a smirk. A snigger escapes the boy at the mention of setting the hat on their brother’s head, but shakes his head in amusement. “I’d put it on, but it’d mess my hair,” explains Gel, as he lifts his hand to actually check on a couple of blonde curls, still in place. He reaches out for Megan’s hand, attempting to reel her in as he gestures towards the floor. “Let’s get a dance in before we head off to bed.” Not that that will happen until a lot of the guests have left.

The Cracker pulled, Evelyn is just as surprised as Elspeth. She, however, is not as quick handed as her friend. The chocolate frog lands in her glass with a little 'plop' with some of the drink splashing. Luckily, the liquid just barely misses her dress. With a frown, she picks the frog, which is now dormant, out of her drink. "How rude." She can't keep her straight face for long, however, as she pops the frog into her mouth.

Elspeth laughs. "Well, maybe he saw a chocolate pond and thought it was home," she guesses with a grin, then a glance around as her voice began to raise to a more normal level. She watches her friend for a moment as she finishes her frog, then gives a decisive nod. "Perhaps I shall be trying the chocolate liqueur," she decides. The other frogs have either been picked up by other guests, or are being smushed in among the confetti, making poor Derpy's job a little more difficult that night. She links arms with Evelyn once more, using the excuse to find a glass of her own to lead away from the dance floor and the possibility of Emi making her dance. Poor Lan will have to fend for himself against Emi's determination.

"All right," Megan readily agrees as she uses her free hand to tuck the toy wand into one of Angelus' pockets. If one read too much into the gesture, it might be construed as a comment about his need to keep a backup wand, since his first wand got snapped. But really, she didn't even think of that. She lets Gel lead her to the dance floor, some confetti sticking to the soles of her feet en route. "Thanks for being my dance partner. Mind you don't step on my toes though."

Angelus glances down as the toy wand is slipped into his pocket and he flashes Megan a grin. “You’re brilliant, you know that?” he says, snaking an arm around her to give her a squeeze. “But of course, May, you’re my number one favourite dance partner,” he insists, grinning. He does like to move, and as Gel takes his sister’s hands, he pulls her in to dance with enthusiasm, stepping with graceful steps, intending to guide Megan with his lead. Any move that he can make to make it more flashy or showy, he will incorporate it into the dance, giving his sister spins and dips accordingly.

"Maybe. But still, I would have expected a little courtesy. He could have asked first." Evelyn giggles softly, shrugging. For a brief moment, she peers out amongst the crowd, watching the continuation of celebrations, post-midnight. "The chocolate liqueur? Oh, it's lovely. I quite enjoy it!" She leans lightly on her friend as they walk to the second floor toward the table with drinks, her heels clacking on the floor. "I've never liked wearing heels. Have I mentioned that before? My parents and my aunty and uncle have always insisted on me wearing them to fancy festivities, but I just…I…I…I don't fancy them."

Wearing heels of her own, Elspeth gives a little smile to Evelyn. "I know what you mean. I do not know how Ima can wear them ever day, even around the bakery. I am hoping I do not need to wear them, although she did suggest while I was home I might want to think about wearing them." At the table, she finds a glass of her own, and leads the way to the balcony railing so they can watch everyone below them.

"You flatter me, as always," Megan says just before being spun. Somehow she manages to keep up with her brother's flair, perhaps because she's danced with him more than anyone else. Some adults stand back to give them more space, and stand around watching the pair, thinking it very cute. Some of the adults tap other adults on the shoulder, then gesture to the siblings, thus generating even more attention. "I think we have an audience," Megan whispers. "But then, you were always one for attention, weren't you?" She smirks.

Angelus is very much aware of the audience, and it only brings out more flashy steps, more enthusiasm if that’s at all possible. He spins, and stretches out an arm to re-take Megan’s hand and spin her in turn, twirling her in close before stepping back. He just smiles charmingly, chin tilted up with a proud look. “Everyone turns to watch a Star when he enters the dance floor,” he returns, grins, and adds in as he tilts his head, “and of course we make a good team.”

"I cannot imagine wearing them every day!" Evelyn shakes her head. Looking down at the group below, she chuckles. "Could you…you know…imagine having to dress up all fancy-like every single day? Some people dress in fancy clothing for their jobs. Some of these people, in fact!" She waves a hand toward the people below. "When I'm a potioneer, I'm not going to wear fancy clothing. Nice, maybe, but not fancy."

One hand bracing lightly on the railing, Elspeth looks down and shakes her head. "Thus the advantage of being a Adventuring Herbologist," she replies quietly with a grin. "High heels are being very impractical for traipsing in woods." She leans her head on Ev's shoulder. "You will be the smartest looking potioneer, and everyone will be thronging to your shop."

"We'll have to put on a good show for them, then," Megan says as she keeps up with Angelus, and lets herself be led, spun, and dipped. When they move past Derpy, holding a tray of champagne glasses, she deftly plucks one without skipping a beat, and manages to hold it level and sip from it despite their quick movements. Then she offers the glass to Gel, without slowing down, and without spilling a drop.

"They may end up thronging to my shop," Evelyn repeats, leaning her own head gently against her friend's, "but it will be because of all the high quality herbal ingredients I purchase from the world renowned Adventuring Herbologist that you shall be. After all, a potioneer's potions are only as good as the ingredients she is able to procure."

Elspeth nods. "And I shall be sure to bring you the best the world has to offer. Nothing but the best." She is quiet for a while as she sips her liqueur and watches the people below. Her eyes follow the elder of the Eibon sons and she chuckles at his barely concealed exhasperation with Emi's attempts to make him dance. "This is good," she agrees. "Perhaps we should not have been abandoning poor Lan to Emi and her … ah, determination to be making him have fun."

Angelus flashes a grin at Megan, nodding as he dances to the music, guiding her. “A good show,” he echoes with a toothy, arrogant smile. When she plucks a glass from the tray, Gel steps gracefully and cautiously leads her so that she can take that sip. One sip, which causes a single brow to arch warningly. After all, he wouldn’t let his little sister get herself drunk or anything by letting her drink a whole glass. When the glass passes to his hand, some of the liquid does splosh out onto the floor - it isn’t a move he’s very practiced in, after all - but he at least doesn’t drop it. He grins as he dips Megan, pauses then to sip, too, and hastily pulls Megan back up and passes the glass off to another servant. With the end of the song drawing near, he’ll finish with a marvellous pose with his head inclined and what muscles he has flexed - because he’s pure brilliance, shining like a Star. He bows proudly to his audience, showing off, before he merely turns to Megan. “Let’s go wish Sera and Angel a happy New Year’s.”

Megan likewise bows, holding Angelus' hand, to the applause of their audience, which is just about everybody in attendance. "Sounds good to me," she assents, as she leads the way through the crowd with her brother in tow, not letting go of his hand until they're heading up the stairs. "That was fun," she says, giggling a bit as they round the first landing.

"We'll make excellent business partners, I think." Evelyn says cheerfully. "Eibon and Rosen's Plants and Potions, the one stop shop for all your potion and herbology needs!" She giggles softly. "I think we'd make do well in business together." Her eyes wander to Noalan and Artemis. "Oh, I don't know. I know Lan isn't much one for dancing…I mean, not always. But I'm sure he's having at least a little fun."

"If he is, he will never admit it," Elspeth grins to her co-conspirator, and giggles. "At least he can be moving easier than at the Halloween dance." Remembering his lumbering costume, she giggles a bit more, and takes another sip, only to realize her glass is empty. "Hm."

Angelus follows along after Megan, nodding in agreement with her. “Of course,” he responds with a smile. As they head up to the third floor, to where the family rooms are, some of the guests downstairs start to depart - mainly those with young children - even as still some remain a while longer. Though a glance is cast towards the rooms on the second floor, mainly where guests who might be invited to stay overnight might stay (like, perhaps Celes Dashur, if she accepted Gel’s invite). As they approach the third floor rooms, he says, “Come sleep down in my room tonight, May. We’ll play a game of chess before going to sleep.”

"Those costumes at Halloween were…well, they were quite something!" Evelyn giggles too. Finishing off her own glass, she stares down at it for a moment, frowning. "Do you think you'll be staying here the night? Or do your parents expect you back home?"

"I am needing to go home some time, but I am thinking that I have time to drink another glass," Elspeth replies. "They were. I told Lan that next year we would wear sheets over our heads with holes cut out and go as muggle ghosts. But then the words were barely out of my mouth when a better idea came to mind."

"If Lan doesn't offer, I'll walk with you back to your place. I can always apparate back here." Evelyn offers to her friend. "Muggle ghosts? Why would muggle ghosts look like sheets with holes cut in them?" She is very confused at that concept. But then, more often than not, the way muggles think confuses her. "Another glass…I think I might join you in another one!"

"I'd like that," Megan answers. "Though it's been a long day and I doubt my chess strategy will be up to par." She opens the door to their younger siblings' room, steps into it, the sound of party-goers suddenly vanishing when she passes through the 'silencio' that one of their parents, probably their mother, had placed on the room earlier in the evening. Easing herself down on the edge of Angel's bed, she brushes her hand through her sleeping sister's hair and then leans over to give her a kiss on the forehead.

Angelus offers a smile to Megan, tilting his head a little. “It’ll be fun to just play a little game with my sister,” he responds. He falls instantly quiet when he steps into the room after Megan, moving stealthily in as he glances to the sleeping girls, their beds close together. He might be close to Megan - and protective - but of the younger twins, yea, he tips his chin lightly as he strolls quietly towards the bedside, lowering to rest a hand lightly on Seraphim’s shoulder and lean over to kiss her cheek. “Happy New Year,” he whispers quietly. Angel doesn’t stir - she’s out in a deep sleep, but Sera shifts and murmurs in her sleep, burying herself further in her blankets even as she doesn’t wake. Gel quietly steps out of the room, and heads back downstairs, right down to the basement. Whether or not he and Megan finish a game of chess is another matter, but he’ll finish by petting Megan’s hair before he sleeps himself.

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