(1940-01-04) Fate Guides Us
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Summary: Estelle and Graham find each other's company in the Leaky Cauldron.
Date: January 4, 1940
Location: Leaky Cauldron

The Leaky Cauldron isn’t one of Estelle’s favourite establishments to eat at - she prefers more glamourous places - but it isn’t to say she doesn’t come to the pub now and then. Her silver dress drapes over her form, worn off the shoulders, and her hair curls around at the nape of her neck as she allows her pale blue eyes to slide over the taproom. Her arm crosses in front of her with the hand resting lightly against her shoulder, where the fur cloak rests over her shoulders. When a waitress steps up to her to greet her, Estelle shies back with a gasp, turning to look at her with a moment of panic. “What? No, I- Oh.” A sigh escapes the witch, inclining her head smoothly to the side as she brings out a soft smile, her hand floating up above her shoulder to flick it fluidly through the air. “I’m dreadfully sorry, mind elsewhere. Good day. Tea? Please? That would be wonderful. Thank you.”

Graham is here already as well he is a regular though a bad habit forming where he looks to see who's entering coming and going. The job making him paranoid maybe a little but can you blame him? The auror gets a good surprise this time at a familiar face as he raises a hand in greeting if he can catch her gaze he'll motion her to join him if she so chooses to do so. It has been a little while since he's seen her and friends are good.

Estelle recognises Graham as her pale blue eyes slide over to the man. An earnest smile appears on her face as she tips her head smoothly down in a graceful nod. Her hand lightly pats at the delicately twisted hair at the nape of her neck, chin inclined lightly as she approaches, a finger lightly dabbing her cheekbones. “Our paths meet again, Mister Cohen.” Her smile is pleased as she slides a hand smoothly through the air towards the back of the chair. “It looks like you were meant to have company. If you don’t mind, Mister Cohen.”

The auror smiles when she approaches but shakes his head "I'm glad that they do, they have passed too infrequently of late." He motions to her as she moves to the chair "No set company really please do feel free to sit down and join me." He seems glad for the company "How have you been? Perhaps I can buy the next round and something else to eat?"

Estelle dips her head to Graham, murmuring an agreeable, “Mhm hmm,” in response to their paths meeting. “Much too infrequent. Thank you,” she adds in when she slides the chair out and sits down. Smoothing out her dress with her hands, she pulls the chair back in as she cranes her head delicately to the side, pale blue eyes fixed on the Auror. “Ohhh,” Estelle lets out in a breathy, taken aback sound. Her arm stretches out as she flicks her wrist, slanting her hand down femininely. “Only if you insist, Mister Cohen - and thank you for the offer.” She smiles appreciatively, lowering her head a little. “Oh, I’ve been well. And you?” It doesn’t take long for her tea to be brought to her, which is set down in front of her and Estelle thanks the waitress. Her hands move with an experienced motion into doctoring her tea, hardly giving it a thought on what, or the amount, that she uses.

Graham smiles over to her "It’s my pleasure of course, anything you'd like." He takes a moment to drink cider and eat a chip finishing while he's listening to her words "I'm glad to hear it, think last I saw you'd just finished singing, I’ll catch a whole show of yours one of these days. Do you have a schedule?" He wonders pondering his own answer. "I've been mostly well two arms, two legs the best number of fingers and toes too." he says lightly chuckling.

Estelle smiles gracefully to Graham as she stirs her tea. “Well, my thanks to you. I wouldn’t mind a treacle tart, actually,” she says in a wistful tone as she cranes her head to the side. Lifting the spoon from the cup, she taps the side with a clinging sound before setting the utensil on the saucer. The cup is lifted to her lips and she cautiously takes a sip. A soft ‘hmm’ escapes her as she ponders, setting the cup down lightly in the saucer, trying to recall the last meeting. “Mhmm, I think so. That was some time ago,” she recalls. “Ah, a schedule.” She shakes her head slowly. “I’m afraid it’s more of an ‘as needed’ type thing. Let destiny decide where and if I sing tonight,” she adds with a smile.

"Ah well when they come back for fill-ups we'll order you some." Graham says as she decides though he watches her as she takes her time and with experience drinking the tea. "Ah well I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised by this, though maybe you can send me an owl. I'd gladly travel to see you." He says smiling her way a moment before drinking more cider. "I think I’ve asked before so my apologies but what other things do you enjoy other than singing? Have you been to the Zoo?"

“Thank you,” Estelle says again, dipping her head smoothly as she smiles. The cup is once again lifted and she takes another sip before there’s a soft rattle as its set back down. “Hmmm,” she lets out as her pale blue eyes drift around the taproom. “Why wait?” she murmurs out quietly. Her mouth curves into a pleasant smile as she inclines her head, but her gaze travels back to Graham and she gives him a studying look. “I do enjoy playing the piano. The zoo…” she repeats as though it is completely foreign to her. “I don’t think I’ve been, I don’t recall. Hmm. What is it?” She tilts her head downward and to the side, looking pensive.

Graham nods to her smiling in return to the words. He can’t help but watch her which isn’t probably a good idea though he does meeting her gaze a few times even. "That is true enough." The auror adds he will listen to the rest "Ah I bet you play wonderfully." the man comments before the last part "The Zoo here in London, the muggles gather all varieties of animals together and display them. I am not making it sound fun but it is maybe you'd care to go with me sometime?"

Estelle lets her eyes wander again, nodding as she finds one of the workers, but her gaze returns to Graham as he speaks. “I play all right,” she admits. “My… Mhmm…” She pauses, lifting her fingers to the side of her forehead as she wrinkles her brows, giving herself a moment to think. “Well I used to play a lot.” She lifts the cup for another sip as she listens to him explain about the zoo, and she nods slowly. “Ah. Well, I suppose we could look into this zoo.” Estelle takes another sip from her tea, swallowing. “Shall I see about giving a little performance?”

"It’s one of my favorite places in muggle London. Though I haven’t sound very exciting I realize it is rather fun." Graham says about the Zoo he watches her as she speaks about piano playing nodding to her words though confused at the reaction after "Well if it’s something you enjoy I’m sure you'll be able to leap back into it." He seems assured of this the last bit gets a smile "Oh if you feel up for it that'd be lovely."

Estelle simply nods her head gracefully in response to the zoo. “It sounds interesting enough,” she assures. She smiles, resting her hands delicately against the edge of the table as she slides her chair back a bit and rises. “I’ll see to that, then. I do enjoy a performance.” She moves away to ask. When she returns to the table it’s with a heavy heart as she lowers her head. “Destiny’s path is not leading me to perform here, I suppose. I am sorry. Perhaps in the future.”

Graham nods watching as she walks away he does smile as he's yet again made a mess of trying to explain something though when she comes back he can tell something didn’t go well though he smiles softly "Hey, none of that you offered and even tried that was lovely enough I’m sure I’ll hear you sing soon as can be." he says he'll lean across the table and pat her hand lightly friendly "Don’t worry about it really." he says smiling once more.

“Fate will work the way she chooses,” Estelle comments, a smile alighting on her face. She nods her head. She moves her hand, because she’s picking up the teacup again to take a sip of the remaining contents.

The auror will quickly pull his hand back hopefully she doesn’t notice that uhg. He moves it to his cider and takes a drink from it setting it back down. "Fate is good about keeping to timestables we aren’t privy too, so I agree with you there." Graham will look across the table a moment before grabbing a chip and chewing it.

Estelle nods, closing her blue powdered eyelids for one long blink. “Fate has her plans for us,” she says easily. Looking down to the cup, she pinches the handle delicately as she turns it an inch in the saucer, lifting her gaze back to Graham. She lifts the cup to her mouth and finishes it off. “I have always liked seeing where the future might lead. It’s such an interesting thing,” she says. She looks down into her cup, twisting her head a little to the side as she stares at the leaves at the bottom.

Graham watches across the table a moment in silence at the other wondering if she's okay for a moment before he realizes what she's doing. "I can agree to that, I’ve seen enough of the randomness of things sometimes and yet a path other times seems to take hold and pretty much nothing can turn off of it." He comments idly looking once more "I didn’t know you could read tea-leaves."

“Yes. Hmm,” murmurs Estelle in a reflective tone. “Random to both you and I, perhaps. But when you don’t know fate’s plans, it can often seem that way.” She smiles, studying the leaves as she shakes her head lightly. “Nothing really,” she says softly, setting the cup down in the saucer. Looking up, she smiles to Graham. “It was always a favourite of mine back in Hogwarts.”

Graham nods to her words "I guess I can see that, though I have heard that in school, my nose was so stuffed into a book I didn’t know the day of the week, when I wasn’t in dueling club at least." He chuckles a bit finishing off his cider. "I'm glad you had a favorite class though that's always a good thing."

Estelle nods, clasping her hands together and resting them on the table in front of her cup as she locks her pale blue eyes on Graham. “Ah, well, books can do that. I’m afraid I was never great at duelling,” she admits easily. She looks up when the waitress stops by, asking if there was anything else either of them would like. “I was considering on the treacle tart, actually. Thank you,” she says, looking across to Graham.

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