(1940-01-06) Threats and Warnings
Details for Threats and Warnings
Summary: Angelus finds Madeline to have a quick, private talk with her and tries to 'encourage' her to heed his warning.
Date: January 6, 1940
Location: Campus Grounds, Hogwarts

Angelus walks along the grounds casually, his hand lifted to his shoulder where he holds onto the book strap. His royal blue eyes flick about, searching for someone in particular even as he scans the grounds. Not many students wandering around, which is why he chose to follow his lead.

Anxious about her bird, it's no surprise Madeline's out on the grounds today - not at the tree where Mischief roosts, though. No, she headed out towards a copse of trees she's particular fond of climbing in. She's partway up one of them now, ruffling at Mischief's feathers, and feeding the bird treats. "You know I'll take care of you," she murmurs quietly.

Angelus pauses as his head tilts, sliding his gaze towards the tree Madeline climbs. A mere twitch of his lips as he lifts his head, and the boy snorts as he turns to approach. Nothing is spoken until he’s leaning casually up against the tree on the other side, idly bringing a hand up to fix a few blonde curls. Smirking, he pipes up without looking up at the girl, “How’s your bird?” he says, his tone coming out smug.

Madeline tenses, and frowns down at Angelus. "She's fine," she insists in a firm tone. There's suspicion in her eyes as she looks down at Angelus - drawing her bird in a little closer.

Angelus’ lips curve a little with a smirk, shifting so that his shoulder is leaning against the trunk and arching a brow as he glances up at the tree. “Oh,” he says simply, shrugging with boredom. “Are you hearing things?” An amused, but cold chuckle escapes the youth. He wasn’t expecting her to answer him obviously. Rolling his shoulders carelessly, he says in his formal British accent. “I need more practice with my transfigurations,” he speaks almost off-handedly, as if he couldn’t really be bothered, “though it did occur to me that if the bread had been laced with a potion.” He shifts, looking up at the girl in the tree again. “Do you think the bird would notice?” A hum escapes him and he only acts as though he’s considering this for a second. “We could test that.” He lets out a sigh and waves his hand in front of him. “But I don’t really fancy harming a critter, so how about you just stop talking to my sister?”

"What… bread?" Madeline asks uncertainly, falling silent as Angelus continues - her eyes narrowing. That's what this is about? Her talking to her roommate? "And how 'bout you go jump off the castle roof?" she counters. She jumps down from her perch on the tree - landing in a crouch - and straightens to stalk towards Angelus. "Stay away from my bird."

“Stop talking to my sister,” Angelus repeats, his chin tilting importantly as his eyes glitter warningly. His blue eyes lock on her as she jumps to the ground, opening his mouth in a mock yawn. “It would be a shame if you lost your little messenger bird.” Heaving a sigh, he leans away from the tree and waves his hand dismissively in front of him. “I think we’re done here. Carry on.” His lips twist as he tilts his head, blue eyes flashing with contempt.

"I don't control who Megan talks to!" Madeline spits back. "You really got no idea what honor means, do you? Not even the littlest bit! Let me give you a clue - people with HONOR don't threaten pets! You cowardly little monster!" Madeline spits out, while Mischief bounces on her perch overhead, cawing anxiously. Turning to stride away from Angelus she adds, "Mischief, come," prompting the bird to take wing, flying circles over her head as she follows her mistress.

“But you do have a choice on talking to her,” Angelus returns with a snort. An eyebrow arches, his head tilting as he regards her with a condescending look. “Yes, well, if you fall in line maybe you can keep your pet safe.” His wand is drawn after glancing around, his gaze lifting up to the bird as he flicks out his wand, stating, “Flipendo.” He’s not aiming for the bird though, in fact the spell hits a branch where it weakens and snaps it off, throwing it through the air. Casually, he sheathes his wand back into its holster underneath his robes, his lips curling as he gives Madeline a sharp look. “Remember, no talking,” he says and turns to walk off in his own direction.

"You're an honorless, soulless bully and I talk to whoever I want to!" Madeline shouts back, an angry and determined expression on her features. Professor Pettigrew has to do something about Angelus this time. And if she doesn't - well. It's the Higgins and the Pirates for him, then. Unlike some people, she has friends.

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