(1940-01-08) No Voice
Details for No Voice
Summary: Angelus returns to the dorms to no fun.
Date: January 8, 1940
Location: Gryffindor Boys' Dorm, Hogwarts

A heavy breath escapes Angelus as he slams into the dormitory with an exhausted sigh. That was a close one. He had just dashed through the commons at exactly the hour for curfew, making it back on time, and streaking through without stopping, up the stairs and into the dorm. He whirls to eye the door suspiciously as he backs away, letting out a breath as he shakes his head, and slowly turning as he approaches his bed. “Ow! Bloody hell,” he hisses out as he lifts his foot, hopping around on the other.

Angus starts to yell at the disturber, then sees who it is, and just turns over in bed.

Angelus sucks in a sharp hiss and lets it out, collapsing onto the edge of the closest bed as he rubs his foot. “Yes, don’t no body get up in concern,” says the youth in a pained voice, “I’m fine.” A few more moments of grimacing and messaging his stubbed toe, and Angelus lowers his foot with a shake of his head. “Where’s Angus?”

There is no answer.

“Sparks,” Angelus lets out as he rises. “I wanted to compliment him on his new prank.” A snicker escapes the youth. At his own bed, he might very well act as paranoid as his brother, because he inspects it closely as he pulls back the covers. Undressing down to his undergarment, he flops onto the bed and into his covers.

Nope. Still no answer.

Angelus will fall asleep eventually, lying in bed as he drifts off from his thoughts.

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