(1940-01-09) Divided
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Summary: What starts as a quiet study time ends up in a confrontation, which peters off into more conversation.
Date: January 9, 1940
Location: Great Hall, Hogwarts

Angelus is the only one in the Great Hall at the moment. It’s after classes on Friday and everyone has apparently gone off to do other things. But Angelus has books opened before him to study, even if at the moment he’s in a daze. One arm over top of the book directly in front of him, his head rests on top with his eyes closed. He’s definitely not sleeping though, because where his other arm lies across the table, his wand is in his hand tapping at a glass idly.

It isn't a Hogsmeade Weekend, so Abraxas Malfoy is also still on campus, and has his books under his arm as he comes in with Brock Bletchley and another Slytherin, laughing about something. They all head towards the Slytherin table, but there are a few points at Eibon, and Abraxas says something, which is followed by laughter from his companions. It wouldn't take Sherlock Holmes to figure out that it was at Angelus's expense.

Angelus’ head lifts to the sound of laughter, his lips twitching a little weakly. The boy really has no energy for his usual arrogance, just simply blinks as he follows the trio over towards the Slytherin table. Shifting his position slightly, he rests his elbows on the table and brings his hands together - fingertips touching and then laid against his forehead, thumbs to his chin - as the Gryffindor lets out a sigh.

Abraxas looks over at Angelus and just shakes his head, then goes back to his quiet talking with Bletchley and Goyle. Neither one of them seems particularly bothered by Angelus being down in the dumps, and they again laugh at whatever is being discussed. All three of the group find a place at the table and sit down, pouring glasses of juice for themselves and falling into quiet conversation.

With her fingers wrapped around the strap of her satchel, Elspeth walks into the hall, glancing around to find the place mostly empty, she gives a nod to herself, and heads over towards the Ravenclaw table, and her habitual seat near the end. She carefully removes a box, which she sets down upright, and opens to reach in just as carefully an pull out a plant for her herbology project.

After a few moments, Angelus lowers his hands and blinks, glancing lazily around the hall with a frown. He finishes with a look along Gryffindor’s table before he rises, beginning to straighten out his things and pack them up in his bag.

Niles walks through the Great Hall towards the Slytherin table, searching for a seat. He sees Abraxas, but he seems to be in conversation at the moment, so he just nods at him in greeting. On his way past, he notices the plant that Elspeth has out at the Ravenclaw table, and he slows to a stop. "Why do you have that out in here?" he asks her flatly. "This is where we eat."

Angelus doesn’t move quickly to pack up his things, and he pauses altogether as he becomes distracted, playing with the crest that hangs from his wand handle idly. He lifts his head, glancing across the tables again, his gaze passing over Elspeth and Niles without really seeing them. He flips the cover over on another book, snapping it closed as he shakes himself back, tucking it away into his back. His wand he tucks back underneath his robes into its holster, but when he starts to pull his hand away his sleeve snags at the silver chain around his neck, pulling out the silver pendant. The Eye of Truth dangles over the boy’s robes, swaying lightly as he packs the last of the books into his pack. Oops. Angelus glances down, and then up at a quick glance around the study hall with a breath before he hastily tucks the pendant back into the neckline of his robes.

Abraxas sees Niles walk by and raises a hand, "Evening, Avery." He swings his legs around to the other side of the bench and comes to his feet. "Oh, don't mind Rosen. She's dating Noalan Eibon, it seems, so by definition she's got all the wrong ideas about… just about everything." He's leaning against the bench when Angelus gets up, and… oh, hullo, what's that. He actually snaps his fingers at Niles and says, "Avery, never mind her, we've got other issues. A blood traitor in purist clothing, it seems."

"It is being my homework," Elspeth replies mildly to Niles, not looking up as she flips through her book. "We are being allowed to do homework when it is not being meal times." She shifts only slightly, but the prefect badge becomes more apparent as she is perfectly aware of the rules of the Great Hall.

Niles seems about to say something else to her, but whether it’s because he catches sight of her badge or because Abraxas calls him off, he draws back. "I see," he says instead. "Perhaps one day they'll add common decency to the rules as well." Stepping away from her, he follows Abraxas's gaze to Angelus, and a grin creeps onto his face. "Does this mean we get to have some fun?" he asks.

And the strap of his pack is lifted to hang over the back of his shoulder, his fingers curled around the top of the strap. Angelus isn’t feeling all that fond of staying in the hall now that it’s not empty. Words tend to carry a bit in an almost empty room though, and as Angelus begins to walk away from his seat he catches a few words from Abraxas and he snorts. “No,” he declares as he glances towards Elspeth briefly. “They are surely not dating. Rosen has too much respect for our culture to do that.” He rolls his eyes and starts walking again.

Abraxas murmurs something quietly to Niles and then takes a few quick steps to get in front of Angelus before he can leave, "I'm sorry. Did I hear you say respect for our culture? Who's culture did you mean? You're a muggle-lover from a family of muggle lovers who can't even show their faces in polite society. Your respect for the culture was becoming a traitor, then trying to say that you weren't, then proving it again and again. Then you decided to show what a big man you are by picking on the pet of the same girl you had betrayed to me after betraying us for her when you turned on Headmaster Flint…" Abraxas throws up his hands and looks at Niles, "Avery, help me out here, he's stabbed so many people in the back that I can't even keep track anymore. Did I miss any flipflops?" Looking back, he shrugs and says, "What does it matter. Blood runs true in the end. I never knew that Eibon was Ancient Scottish for Weasley. Or is it for vile, disgusting traitor? That sounds like the kind of thing the Scots would have a word for."

At Angelus's defense of her respect, Elspeth's brows pull together, and her expression smoothes to its habitual polite, slightly distant cast. The plant snaps at her, and she holds out the food, then taps the pot with her wand as it eats. Replacing the plant in the box, she opens her satchel to return it inside. Standing she gives a polite nod to those around. "Malfoy, Eibon, Bletchley, Goyle…" she pauses as she looks to Niles and her mind reviews the last bit of conversation she heard. "Avery?" Without waiting for confirmation, she rests her hand over her bag as she walks away. "Good day, gentlemen."

Niles smirks at Abraxas and follows him to intercept Angelus. Though he smiles to himself as his fellow Slytherin speaks, his eyes are cold as he watches Angelus. His gaze slides to Elspeth as she excuses herself, but he just gives her a flat look and doesn't respond. "I think you covered the important parts," he tells Abraxas, cocking his head to one side as he looks back at Angelus. "Except for how he had his wand broken. A wizard without a wand is worse than filth. A failure in every sense of the word." His smile widens. "What's it like to be a failure, Eibon?"

Abraxas snorts, "Oh, he's not a failure. He's a super star. Hasn't he told you that yet?" The sarcasm all but drips from his fangs like venom.

Angelus pauses for just a second as he glances towards Elspeth on her way out. He doesn’t respond though. There’s really no oomph to say ‘good day’ so he just doesn’t. He only begins to walk again for a second, and stops when it is clear Abraxas is moving to step in front of him, his head cocking lightly as he turns and intends to step widely around him. “Not now,” he lets out on an impatient sigh. “I don’t have time for blind ignorance.” The boy proceeds to keep walking, or trying to any in case - attempting to dodge around Abraxas - but with movements so unconcerned and hardly making an effort. His lips curl a little with contempt. “I wish I had thought about a trick like that. Transfiguring the bird. Macmillan’s pranks are once again grand.” A mere flick of his eyes to Niles before looking away from both of them, continuing his lazy way around them. Abraxas’ sarcasm doesn’t bring out the usual arrogant remark from the fourth year, but instead causes his expression to tighten slightly.

Ludae strolls into the Great Hall, carrying a couple of books with her. The Ravenclaw gal gives a friendly smile and a wiggle of her fingers to Elspeth as the two pass each other, but since the latter seems to be on her way out Ludae doesn't take it much further than that. She heads towards an unoccupied table, settling in and cracking open one of the old tomes she's brought from the library.

Abraxas nods to Elspeth as she turns to leave, and then, as Angelus tries to get around him, steps right in front of the boy, "What's that, Eibon? Trying to pass off your own work on someone else? Betraying one of the few people who were still willing to talk to you? Yes, cowardly, disloyal, backstabbing. That's about your speed, isn't it. You have the spine of a bucket of muggle piss, and are worth about as much as a wizard. As for my being blind - I wish I were, it would spare me from having to see the disgrace you and your siblings are bringing on what was once a rather decent, second-tier pureblood family." Abraxas crosses his arms over his chest, "Now, who said you could have an Eye of Truth? You were booted out of the Magijugend like the mistake you are. You're managing to get yourself kicked out of lots of other things, too. Leading up towards getting thrown out of Hogwarts, if what I hear is right. That'd be a shame. I hope Dumbledore snaps that fancy wand of yours across his knee right in front of you. Not like you know how to use it anyway."

Niles can't help but laugh under his breath. "Oh, he's told me," he says to Abraxas. "He said he was Merlin incarnate, or something like it." Like Abraxas, he moves to put himself in Angelus's way when the Gryffindor tries to go around them. "But all I see is a failure. And a coward." He grins at what his fellow Slytherin has to say. "That would make two broken wands. And make you an even worse failure. How can someone with two broken wands even pretend to call himself a wizard?" His grin widens to show his teeth. "What's the matter, Eibon? Not going to tell us how brilliant you are? A star would have come up with that transfiguring trick. But I suppose that makes MacMillan the star, not you."

Angelus stares past the two, between the window they create, with a flat stare. One corner of his mouth twitches, and Angelus adjusts the strap of his bag he has propped over his shoulder. His eyes close briefly as he stands straight, chin lifted, his chest swelling briefly with his deep breath. When the youth opens his eyes, he cocks his head lightly. “Well I assumed it was Macmillan. It always ends up being,” he murmurs out with a mere shrug. “Now let me leave or I’ll see you stripped of your badge.” His eyes flick to Niles, his lips tugging out weakly. “Not today, Avron,” he says. Niles’ name is purposefully forgotten again, but it lacks the energy his tone possessed at the lake shore. “I don’t feel like being a Star right now.” Angelus’ gaze snaps towards Abraxas again, and he forces himself to bring his head up proudly. “Out of the way, please, Malfoy.” His eyes shift briefly towards Ludae, considering.

Ludae seems quite absorbed in her book at the moment, murmuring softly to herself as she studies the pages. It's a book on herbology, of course, as anyone who's seen her about knows she can often be found with one in her hands. That or something about the magical beasts that populate the wizarding world. She seems to be content, for the moment, to ignore what's going on between the others, it isn't exactly her business anyhow.

"Oh, please, try, Eibon. Please try." Abraxas says, with a little smile, "Give me the Eye of Truth, and I'll let you pass. You don't deserve it. You're not one of us. You and your entire family."

"You'll have him stripped of his badge?" Niles says, smirking at Angelus. "How will you do that? Your name's mud in this school. It's mud everywhere. I've never seen a muddy star before." He doesn't say anything about Angelus getting his name wrong. If it didn't work before, it won't work now. He follows the other boy's gaze to Ludae. "Are you going to ask her for help?" he asks, grinning. "Of course you'd need help from a girl. She's probably Mudblood too. Here, let me help." He looks past the Gryffindor to the girl with the book and calls, "Excuse me! Eibon here needs your assistance."

“No,” Angelus replies to Abraxas flatly, “it’s mine.” His lips twist a little with annoyance, walking backwards to put more distance between the Slytherins. “Don’t bother Steele, Avex,” says Gel with boredom, blinking weary eyes. A hum escapes the boy as he regards Abraxas with a coolly dispassionate gaze. “Malfoy, if you want to have a duel, just say so, because we can. There’s a prefect present.” He slides a hand towards the older boy. “If not, then I’ll be on my way.”

"Is that a challenge, Eibon?" Abraxas looks to Niles, "Did that sound like a challenge to you, Avery? I think I might need a second, I'm being called out by the new Merlin here. The super star." He rolls his eyes, "You might want to put your things down first, if you're inclined that way."

Ludae glances up from her book when Niles calls out towards her. It's too late, she's already been bothered. Likely overheard that comment about 'probably a mud-blood', too. She raises a slender brow slightly, glancing between Niles and Angelus, then over to Abraxas. "Eibon, eh? Sounds familiar," she says. Her tone is soft and calm, and after a moment of consideration, Ludae closes the book she had been reading, setting it aside with the small stack she had brought into the hall. She rises from her seat, smoothing down the front of her robes, before approaching the boys who had called out to her. "Eibon, was it?" she asks, glancing to Angelus first, "Your brother took Elspeth to the Malfoy's over holiday, didn't he?" She quirks a brow slightly, but turns her attention on Niles before she's given an answer. "And you, what on Earth are you distracting me from my studies for?" She folds her arms over her chest, almost scowling at the boy. "You afraid of picking on boys all by yourself? Of course, that's why you all travel in packs like girls from muggle schools." She's much shorter than the two other boys, but all the same she turns to Abraxas, jabbing a finger at his chest. "And -you-, a Prefect, picking on the younger boys? I ought to go straight to the Headmaster about this. It's atrocious behavior. You boys and your squabbling nonsense! I've half a mind to turn the lot of you into toads right here, but I could never be so cruel to toads!" Redheads, right?

"Steele?" Niles says to Angelus. "I see. Standing up for a Mudblood. How noble of you. Do you stand up for ants and spiders and caterpillars too?" He laughs and looks sideways at Abraxas. "It sounded like a challenge to me. I'll be your second. I've always wanted to see how I'd fare against Merlin." He leers at Angelus. "You want to duel Malfoy? You couldn't even make his hair ruffle." He advances as the Gryffindor backs up. "Where are you going, Eibon? Running away?" But he stops when Ludae approaches, at first amused - he did call her over after all. But his eyes narrow at her words. "I don't answer to scum," he tells her. "Do you think I'm afraid of Eibon? I could take him myself. If we dueled he'd be nothing more than a stain on the floor you're standing on." He smiles, but there's no humor in it. "Are you offering to be his second?"

Megan steps through the huge double doors of the Great Hall with her bookbag slung over her shoulder. Immediately though she notices there's some scuffle going on…and yet again her brother seems to be in the middle of it. Given recent events, she has half a mind to just turn around and let Gel fend for himself, since he's probably at fault for whatever this is about. However, despite their differences of opinion, she still cares for her brother—and so she proceeds into the room, determined to at least find out what trouble he's gotten himself into this time, and gives him a questioning look with a raised eyebrow.

“I think it’s a little bit foolish, actually,” Angelus responds, shrugging his shoulders lazily as he shifts his hand holding the strap at his shoulder. “Fighting each other when there’s a war brewing about. But I’m not handing you my pendant,” he states, as if pointing out fact. His eyes squeeze shut as he draws in another breath, but is then snapping them open as Ludae starts speaking, and sounding near. Angelus just drops his head, letting out a heavy sigh as he fixes his gaze on the ground. Breathing in, and out, lifting his free hand to the bridge of his nose. When the boy lifts his head again, he just gives it a shake as he glances at Ludae. “Just leave it alone, Steele,” says the boy with little emotion. “The Malfoys make assumptions of peoples lives to hide their own insecurities. They’re desperately trying to hide how much their family is connected to Muggles. Cassius Malfoy even managed to unify everything so that he can get back some of his Muggle funds that he lost. I’d be amused if I didn’t have other things on my mind that they were so upset with one Muggle-born witch at their party when they’ve brought Muggles in the past.” Where Angelus might have shot Abraxas a smug look in the past, he does not, because he just can’t muster all that oomph. But he does start when he notices Megan, wondering when she came in. That causes his mood to deflate further, lowering his bag from his shoulder so that it drags on the floor. Looking from Niles to Abraxas, he asks flatly, “Will you let me pass?”

Abraxas might have had something to say to Ludae. But then Angelus opens his mouth. The Malfoy's eyes darken, but he's not nearly so beaten down as Angelus, and he's not going to take something like that. "What did you say to me, Eibon?" He steps forward towards the younger boy. His voice becomes dangerously soft and clipped - maybe he's been studying his father, or maybe it runs in the family, "You will apologize immediately, Eibon, or by Merlin, I will make you regret it. Someday, when you don't even see it coming."

"-Absolutely- not," Ludae scoffs at Niles's, "Not here and not now. You know perfectly well that dueling outside of the club room is strictly forbidden. You're in the club, after all. You'll just have to wait until the next meeting for a -girl- to wipe the floor with you." She scowls at Niles again for a moment, before turning to look up at Angelus. "Everyone has insecurities to hide," she says, glancing at the two Slytherin boys for a moment, "Some are just better at it than others." But then Abraxas is getting that dangerous tone in his voice, making threats to Angelus. She furrows her brow, and looks him up and down briefly. "I've gotten bigger knots than you in my hair, Malfoy. Give it a rest before you end up costing Slytherin more points than you're worth."

"Oh dear," Niles remarks, smirking at Angelus. "You've gone and insulted his family. That was a mistake. Now he's definitely not going to let you pass. You could try giving him the Eye of Truth. That might help." He shifts his gaze to Ludae and grins at her. "It's okay to be afraid," he says, "but if you'd rather wait until the next meeting, I understand."

Megan approaches the group of boys and stops behind Niles and Abraxas, listening while trying to piece together what's going on. "Why do you want his pendant? Surely you can afford one of your own if you don't already have one?", she asks. She's only an inch shorter than Malfoy (as she's freaky-tall for a girl her age), but the heels of her shoes make her about even with him, so he doesn't seem as intimidating to her at least.

Angelus snorts to Abraxas’ threat as he locks his eyes on him. “What could you possibly do that could be worse than the way things are right now?” The boy picks up his pack once again and holds it over the back of his shoulder again. He takes a step forward and to the side, once again trying to move his way around the fifth year. “No,” he shoots towards Niles. “It’s mine,” he repeats. Angelus pauses to glance between Ludae and Niles, and he sighs. If Ludae wants to get herself involved so bad, then let her. He’s going to try and step around the Slytherins again. “Don’t bother,” Gel says flatly towards Megan. “Obviously all this is my fault,” he lifts his free hand in a grand gesture, “why don’t we just let Malfoy here go to Pettigrew so that she can suspend me? She really wants to believe the worst me anyway. Something you seem to have in common now.”

"Oh, things can always get worse, Eibon. Don't you have any doubt about that. As for Professor Pettigrew… perhaps she's a better judge of character than I gave her credit for." Abraxas then smiles - it's a cold smile. Positively frigid, in fact, and doesn't reach his eyes at all. "Go ahead, Eibon. Slink back to your kennel. I'll remember what you said." He looks at the two girls, then, and says, "This is really none of your concern. But as it happens, I can always go down to the club room and let you settle things now."

"Oh yes," Ludae drones with an exceedingly dramatic roll of her eyes, "Absolutely -terrified- of a third-year. I'm sure it will be a nightmare enduring your tongue-tying curse. If you've even gotten that far in your charms class." She looks up at Angelus questioningly, though. "What's the Eye of Truth?" she asks, then shakes her head and makes a dismissive gesture with her hand. "Actually, nevermind, I don't want to know about it. I'm supposed to be studying, and here I am letting you -ridiculous- boys waste my time." She turns away from them, then, intent on heading back to her books.

"I know," Niles says, smirking at Ludae. "Run away, little girl." He looks from Angelus to Abraxas and then over his shoulder to Megan. "Oh look," he says. "Eibon's sister's here to save her little brother." He makes a sound that's half a snort and half a laugh. "I'm tired of playing with the Eibons today, Malfoy. I'm going back to the commons."

Well, at least it looks like wands won't be drawn, so Megan relaxes her posture slightly. Sighing, she makes a mental note to have a chat with Angelus later to inquire what this is really all about, and steps aside and makes her way to a table without another word, not wanting to escalate tensions any further than they already are.

Angelus glances to Abraxas again, giving him a flat look. “No, no, you can’t go to the club room. You have to go tell Pettigrew that I won’t listen to a prefect.” The boy snorts, passing his gaze over Niles as he looks to Ludae. “How can you not know about the Eye of Truth? It’s what all Magijugend wear to show their support for the Truth. Unfortunately we’re a little divided in our club right now.” Gel’s gaze follows Megan, but he turns to the doors. He intended to go, so he will.

Abraxas laughs, "I wasn't talking to you, Eibon. I'm done with you. And don't call it 'our' club. There's you and your other blood traitor friend, and neither of you is Magijugend at this point." A dismissive gesture of his own, and Abraxas nods to Niles, "Yes, I've spent enough time listening to this fool and son of fools over here." He jerks a thumb towards Angelus, "Let's go back to Slytherin." A nod to Ludae and Megan, and a purfunctorily polite, "Ladies." before he turns to go.

Ludae gives a nod to Angelus, one of understanding. "Ah, that's what that's called, then. You'll have to forgive me for not knowing, I haven't exactly been paying it the greatest deal of attention. I've had more important things to focus on." She spares only a brief glance towards Niles and Abraxas as the latter turns to leave, not giving any further response to either of them. Instead, she turns back to where she had been sitting earlier, moving to collect her small stack of reading materials that, much to her disappointment, she's not managed to read as much of as she would have liked.

Niles looks at Angelus when the Gryffindor starts talking about supporting the Truth, and the corners of his mouth twitch with amusement. But he's done exchanging words with Eibon, so he turns away to leave with Abraxas, only offering the two girls a cool look on his way out.

Angelus merely shrugs at Abraxas as he approaches the double doors. As he continues on his way, his head droops again as he eyes the floor, walking for the door with a weight crushing down on him.

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