(1940-01-10) Hiding Out
Details for Hiding Out
Summary: Since the siblings falling out, Angelus has been staying away from people. Elspeth finds him and they end up talking.
Date: January 10, 1940
Location: Trophy Room, Hogwarts

Angelus is usually so connected to the goings on at school. Instead of going to the Pantomime, however, he stayed in the library and was working on things. He hasn’t had many contact with people today, though he has overheard something had went down. When a group of students came into the library, the youth packed up his things as he found it got a little too crowded, and went down the corridor to the trophy room. His pack has been discarded at the wall as he simply strolls along the room, eyes merely trailing along the trophies with not much care at all.

There's a patter of feet, and Elspeth looks into the Trophy Room. Her eyes scan quickly, and she gives a sigh and starts to turn and leave… but then she pauses and looks to Angelus again. She chews her lip, and then finally decides to venture an "All right, there, Eibon?"

Idly, Angelus lifts a hand to simply trail a finger along the display case with a bored manner until he sighs and pulls his hand away. The boy doesn’t realise when anyone peeks in, but he starts at the voice. “What?” He suddenly blinks, spinning around and looking as though he was a deer caught in the headlights. “Oh,” he lets out on a sigh as he sees Elspeth there. A brow arches, regarding her as he recalls what her words were, before his head lifts. Though it’s his typical gesture of importance, it lacks the look, instead looking rather flat. “Of course,” he answers with a tilt of his head, then turns back to the trophy displays.

Watching him for a couple more moments, Elspeth enters the room, closing the doors quietly behind her. "I see," she says quietly. Her hands clasp lightly behind her back, and she looks around. "So, you are not hiding out here, then?"

As Angelus turns back to the trophies he figures that she’d leave. He is completely unaware that Elspeth is still there until he hears her speak, and the boy tenses briefly. “I wasn’t even at the Panto-“ he begins defensively. His lips twitch lightly in annoyance before he turns, his blue eyes locking on her. His mouth opens to speak again, and then closes when she beats him to it. “Why would I hide out?” he asks flatly, his gaze sliding to his pack as he walks over to it. “If you want the room, take it,” he murmurs, picking up his bag to prop it against the back of his shoulder. “I’m not using it.” He steps closer to the door.

"Aaahhhh," Elspeth sighs as he begins to defend himself. "I am not wanting the room. It is being your place if you are wanting it." She turns herself to go, and pauses to glance over to him. "Eibon… you have been having your share of being a royal prat at times, but you are not being the… how is it you say? 'Scourge of the earth', either. I am not thinking that anyone is thinking you are being responsible for the pantomime."

Angelus stops a few paces from the door when she turns to go, nodding his head. He’s certainly not going to stop her. He snorts at her words about being a prat, giving her a careless look before glancing at the door and then back to her. “Oh I’m sure there’s someone who thinks I had something to do with it.” He shrugs simply. “Has Evans not yet run to Pettigrew to tell her I planted…” He trails off, because he really doesn’t know what happened. “It was a fire, wasn’t it? One would think it would have been put out quicker.”

"I am being pretty sure that no one is thinking that you are being able to bring an ashwinder into school, even if your mother is being a magical animal expert," Elspeth assures him. "I do not think that Evans is thinking of running to Professor Pettigrew." After a moment, she gives a little smirk, and shakes her head. "I confess, I am not knowing what all the fuss is being about. The bird was being fine, and it is not like there was being any lasting damage… not like there could have been when Pringle was using immobilis on it so it was not being able to fly and was almost falling to be seriously hurt. Even if you were being the one, I am not seeing why everyone is getting so in a row about it."

Angelus blinks, regarding Elspeth curiously. “An ashwinder?” It’s news to him - he wasn’t there, after all. “The creature that’s born from magical fire?” The boy shakes his head and lifts up a hand. “It doesn’t matter. Evans goes to Pettigrew about any of her wild stories and I’ll be the bad guy.” He gives her a look, expecting her to leave, but then ends up blinking as he stares at her curiously. “What?” Taken aback by her lack of anger at the little prank on the bird, it takes him a moment to put together any response. His lips give a weak twitch. “I thought it was a brilliant prank,” he admits with a raise of his shoulders. “I didn’t do it, though. I thought that my housemate might have. He’s the one who’s always thinking of brilliant tricks.” He stares at Elspeth as he considers, shaking his head.

"Of course, if the person is being found out for sure, they will be losing house points," Elspeth muses. "It is being against school rules, but it is still not being the end of the earth as everyone is making it out to be." She pauses and looks at Angelus, then grins briefly. "People are needing to … " she shrugs. "I am not knowing how to be saying it. Anyways, Eibon. You may be resting assured that even if Evans is running to Professor Pettigrew, you are not being held responsible for this mishap. There is actually being proof of who is making the mistake this time.

“They’re already sure they’ve found the person,” returns Angelus with a snort. “Even Kettleburn booted me out of anymore of his classes.” He holds up a hand after he says this, letting out a sigh. “Like it matters. I only took the class because it was my mother’s specialty.” His eyes narrow a little, studying Elspeth further before glancing at the door, nodding at it. “Are you going to go or am I?” he asks flatly, only to add in after a second, “Thank you. For actually being reasonable.” His lips twitch and he looks away from her, shifting his bag against his shoulder.

After a long moment of looking at Angelus, one of Elspeth's eyes crinkles, almost like a wink, but not quite. "I am thinking that perhaps we are both having somewhere more important to be than here," she finally replies. Turning, she opens the door, holding it slightly for him so that it won't slam in his face.

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