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Summary: The following article has appeared in a number of publications of questionable credibility, such as the Daily Owl and JINX. It has also appeared in a brand new periodical, The Hyperborean Times, which apparently covers top stories from both local and foreign media.
Date: January 10, 1940
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1000s The Malfoys occupy England

The earliest records of the Malfoys in England date back to around the 11th century. Records from native born British families that date back that far tell the tale of the Muggle King William the Conqueror's invasion and conquest of the British Isles. Riding this coat tails at the time was one Armand Malfoy of France. Though little is known about the part the Malfoys played in the conquest, but their deeds on his behalf must have been great for, after his conquest William the Conqueror gifted Armand a prime piece of land in Wiltshire, excising the native born Englishmen. The gift from the Muggle king is where the Malfoy Manor has stood till this date.


For Centuries the Malfoy family has revealed in their high-born Muggle sphere of social life. Though the International Statute of Secrecy wouldn't be passed for more than a hundred years at this point, many wizarding families at the time secretly expressed concern with the depth of intertwining of the Malfoy and Muggle families at the time. Through this intimate association, the Malfoys amassed their current fortune, collecting Muggle treasures and artwork. Historical evidence even suggests the Malfoys attempted to gain the throne of England. The most notable attempt was when Lucius Malfoy the first attempted to win the hand of the Muggle Queen Elizabeth the First of England.

Though it has since been surprised and denied, it is a matter of record that Lucius Malfoy the First unsuccessfully attempted to gain the hand of Queen Elizabeth the First of England. Though there is no proof, many believed, so heart broken by his unrequited love for the Muggle women, that he jinxed her to prevent her from marrying any other man.

True or not, the fact that Queen Elizabeth the second had no heirs is common knowledge. As to was it common the knowledge that a succession crisis was coming as the Queen aged and her prospects for producing an heir became less and less likely. It is here that perhaps Lucius Malfoy's true aims can be deduced.

1553 The half-blood prince scheme

With an eye on the British throne, and possibly the French as well, the Malfoys secretly take a young Muggle girl of sixteen from the Tower of London. Lady Jane Grey, also known as the Nine Day Queen, had been sentenced to death by Queen Mary. With help of a Polyjuice potion and a sacrifice from an indented wizard family (believed to be the youngest daughter of the Black Family), they faked her death at the hands of Queen Mary's royal executioner. With the execution of her husband, Lady Jane Grey then secretly married Lucius Malfoy's eldest son. Unfortunately for the Malfoys, they were never able to execute their grand reveal of Jane Grey's survival and Queen Elizabeth gained the throne in subsequent years. Even after Queen Elizabeth's death in 1603 the Malfoys claim on the throne never came to fruition. It is unknown if this is because they doubted they could gain enough support for the claim or if they were worried about revealing their heirs to be half-bloods.

1692 The International Statute of Secrecy

Given the inseparability of the Malfoys from Muggle Societal Life, the Malfoy family fought hard to keep the International Statute of Secrecy from being ratified. Though certainly powerful at the time, it is believed by some that their close ties and influence in the Muggle society resulted in them having too little influence and credibility in Wizarding society for their vast fortune to overcome.

Given the character of the family, it should come as no surprise to anyone that the Malfoy family performed an immediate reversal on their stances as soon as they lost the battle against the ISS. Barred from Muggle Society, they immediately disavowed any current and previous relations with Muggles at all and set about on a campaign to obscure, destroy, or re-write their history and reposition themselves as the preeminent pure blood family in Britain.

1940 Cassius Malfoy and The Unity Act

To families with long memories, Cassius Malfoy's Unity Act has been long expected. No doubt the Malfoys have been chafing under the restrictions against fraternizing with their once-believed Muggle high society, and the desire to fill their coffers once again with Muggle money.

This sheds new light as well on the Malfoy over reaction to a Muggle-born witch showing up at their Christmas party just weeks earlier. The First Wizengamot legislative session passed the Unity act only by a narrow margin and it is likely they feared having their Muggle ties refreshed in the minds of the council before the vote would been the nudge that caused their signature Act to fail.

Yet to be seen is if the subsequent passing of the Unity Act will result in the end of the Malfoy Pogrom, or if the family will finally reveal their half-blood status and make another attempt on the British Throne.

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