(1940-01-10) Patch Up
Details for Patch Up
Summary: Angelus and Megan meet in the library and patch things up roughly, Evelyn has her say to Angelus.
Date: January 10, 1940
Location: Library, Hogwarts

It's a Saturday night, and Megan has taken the opportunity to visit the library so she can get an essay finished so she'll be free on Sunday. Presently she's at a table by herself in an otherwise-empty aisle among the stacks.

The library really has become one of Angelus’ places to go to. He’s back again, and Saturday still finds him rather sullen. As he comes into the library he glances around quickly, and then hurries on through the library to step into the stacks. He pauses there, reaching out a hand to rest against the shelves, and idly flick at a spine of a book with little interest.

Megan flips through her essay to check the wording of some sections, the parchment making a rustling sound as she does so. Content with the result of her effort, she slides her chair back, stands up and stretches. After closing and picking up two thick volumes from her table, she moves to return them to the shelves. A book has fallen diagonally in the gap where they belong, and when she rights it to make room, she spots Angelus through the gap, likely having made just enough noise for him to notice in the otherwise quiet library.

The noise reaches his ears, but Angelus barely hears it. It takes him moments before he realises what he’s hearing, his head lifting suddenly to look in the direction. He certainly doesn’t move to see who it is, in fact he’s just about to move in the opposite direction when the books part and his blue eyes meet Megan’s. He glances away quickly, stepping back from the shelf on his end, and turning to walk down the aisle quickly.

Replacing the books quickly, Megan sprints down to the end of the stack and rounds the corner to face her wayward brother. "Gel," she says softly, pleadingly. She very much doubts that Angelus is ready to make peace with her yet, but she feels obligated to try, or at least show him that she's approachable. "Can we talk? Even…if it's not about you-know-what? I don't want to start another argument; I just…want you to not avoid me like this…" With one hand, she holds onto the corner of the shelving unit, but there's still room for Angelus to walk around her.

Angelus keeps to a quick paced walk, slowing down when Megan comes around the corner. He frowns at her, turning his gaze to the side, but he stays. He couldn’t just walk away from his sister if she’s requested to talk. Fixing his gaze on a book on the shelf, he reaches out to finger the bottom of the spine as his expression sulks. When he finally speaks, he says gloomily, “You’ve lost faith in me.” His eyes bore into the book sitting on the shelf, but then he suddenly pulls his gaze away and locks his eyes on Megan. “You really believe that I would be so terrible to sabotage a pet? You see what she does? She feeds these stories and everyone falls for it. You bringing it up was the first I heard anything happening to the bird. She’ll keep making theories that I’m the cause of all the terrible deeds at school until I’ve been suspended.” He looks away from her again, watching his fingers twist at the bottom of the book on the shelf. “But you’ll stay her friend despite that. I thought we were closer than that.”

"Gel…," Megan begins, barely knowing where to start. "You're the most important person in the world to me, and I don't want that to change. I regret accusing you, but I had to confront you about Mischief, because you have to admit that while it's not your style to go around abusing animals, you ARE the one person at Hogwarts who holds Madeline in the lowest regard. I don't want to believe you were responsible, but if you were, I would still forgive you if you promised not to do anything like that again, but I understand you're not likely to make any promises where Madeline is concerned. Either way, I won't say another word about her raven. I just want to put it behind me and move on." She pauses, thinking, as she feels she has to be careful how she words this. "I wouldn't say that I've lost faith in you—when I look at you, I see both the brother I know and love, and a new, dark side that's going off on a tangent. I'll always be here for the former, but I have to turn a blind eye to the latter because it hurts me to see you going that way."

Angelus’ gaze shifts from the shelves to look at Megan, though his hand remains there. “No,” he interjects with a shake of his head. “I’m not so sure about that. The Magijugend aren’t so pleased with her either, what with her spying on them.” He frowns, and rolls his eyes as he lowers his hand from the shelf, moving closer to his sister to snake around behind her. He lets her speak though, even as he leans close to kiss her cheek, though his fingers do tense when she goes on to talk about a ‘dark side.’ “I love you to bits, May. You’re always the best company.” As he speaks, it’s clear with the tone that there’s a ‘but’ on its way, except that he pauses to let out a sigh. “Where did I go wrong? Why don’t you see our line like I do? We’re better than Evans, Ward, Irving… All of them.”

Megan's shoulders relax when Gel graces her with his customary greeting of a kiss to the cheek. But to his last statement, she counters, "That's a subjective claim that can't be substantiated. If you could objectively prove it, it would make headlines and the great debate would be over—though I would still show empathy to them and befriend them. They'd still be human beings with souls just as precious as yours and mine."

It's been a long day, but it's not over for Evelyn. Not by a long shot. She has some studying to do, and that studying requires some older, more difficult to find books in the library stacks. When she hears voices, however, she frowns. Set upon asking them to possibly quiet down a bit, as she needs to really focus on finding said books, she finds herself set upon two very familiar people. Her younger cousins. She clears her throat lightly to announce her presence.

“We outrank them, May,” Angelus insists. “That makes us better. We don’t think irrationally, we act with grace and hold herself in the most proper of ways.” He brushes a hand out to wave it in front of him. “Many of them stoop to terrorism.” His jaw tightens and his arm pulls her closer to him, and he wraps both arms from behind to hug her possessively. “Forget it. I hate that you can’t see the Truth, but I love you too much to lose your company.” His eyes flick towards Evelyn’s arrival, and he sighs, lifting his chin a little. “Have you actually calmed down enough to think?”

"As usual, you're not making a very convincing argument," Megan says as she hugs Gel back. "Overgeneralization is a logical fallacy. Purebloods are guilty of everything you just ascribed to muggle-borns. But I do agree that being able to be in each other's company is more important to me right now than de-programming you and converting you, because honestly I don't think I'll ever be able to accomplish that," she concedes. When Gel reacts to Evelyn's approach, she loosens her hold on her brother and turns to face her. "Evie," she says softly.

"Megan." Evelyn greets the younger of her two cousins first, offering her a little smile. After all, Megan's her favourite of the two! After a brief moment, her attention finally moves to Angelus. "I'm as calm as a unicorn." She murmurs. "You uh…you should really listen to Megan on this one, Angelus. She's right. You're not very convincing." She takes a deep breath in. "You know, I don't want you to get in trouble. When Maddie initially told me about you getting her raven transfigured, I found that hard to believe." She looks to Megan again and says, "You know, Maddie told me that he threatened to poison her raven if she didn't heed his…suggestion to not talk to you. I don't know if that was mentioned to you." Her voice has, so far, remained calm and quiet, just loud enough for her cousins to hear her.

While Megan is talking, Angelus simply moves to kiss her cheek again. “Just don’t jump to conclusions again, okay?” His blue eyes slide back onto Evelyn and his head lifts, meeting Evelyn’s gaze with a superior one of his own. “Evie, if I were to do something to her bird, do you really think I would try transfiguration?” He flails out a hand as he lets out an ‘agh.’ “I hate it, it’s so complex. Potions are far easier to work with.” Angelus lets out a snort as he lifts his shoulders. “But I’m pretty sure you’ve already made up your mind that I did it, just like Pettigrew. Whatever spell Madeline’s used on you and her, I’ve got to learn it.” He smirks. Then he glances to his side at the books, letting out a hum as he considers, and after a moment sighs. “I did… threaten her though. It was a bluff, but… Well, she knows it, obviously.” He glances at Megan. “I really don’t like her,” he says by way of explanation.

"I did learn of some threats Gel made regarding Mischief," Megan answers Evelyn. She glances down to her brother. "If you intended to set out to harm the bird — and I'm not saying that you did or didn't — using a potion would be too obvious. A transfiguration would give plausible deniability, though the fact that it wasn't an outstanding transfiguration _is_ consistent with your skill level," she points out. "But I digress because I promised I wouldn't discuss this further."

Taking a deep breath in and letting it out slowly, Evelyn nods to Megan. "Good. The…the last thing I want is for all of us to be fighting. We're family. But I um…I wanted to make sure you were aware. I know you and…you and she are friends." Once again, turning to Angelus, she directs her attention to him once more. "I want you to know that, despite your immense dislike of Madeline Evans, the girl is under my purview. As is her raven. I…I know I often seem the timid girl, but I am unafraid to stand up for those who would be disenfranchised, though it may require me to stand against my own kin." She sighs and furrows her brow. "But we are family, I'd rather we not be separated by such a divide."

Angelus hums out as he regards Megan, tilting his head. His lips twitch lightly as he lets out a smirk. “Was it a poor transfiguration? Huh.” He shakes his head slowly. “I didn’t even know that. When did this happen, anyway? Some time on… Wednesday? Or earlier?” He shrugs lightly, and cocks his head upward as he looks toward Evelyn again. He lets her talk, but he then he brings up a hand to wave it dismissively. “You don’t need to come to me and tell me who or who isn’t under your… what?” He shakes his head. “And I don’t think you really care to have my approval, since you’ve already been in the Mud club.”

Megan rolls her eyes as Angelus so obviously tries to establish his ignorance of the specifics of the incident with Mischief. "It doesn't matter when it happened, since we're not going to discuss who's to blame and who has an alibi for that timeframe," she decrees. She turns and steps back down the aisle she came from to collect her bookbag, slings it over her shoulder, and returns to Gel's side. "I'm going back to the tower to have a shower, then curl up in bed with a good book," she announces. "Goodnight, both of you."

"Purview. It has a couple of meanings, but in this scenario, my 'purview' is my scope of influence. I'm essentially saying that if something is done to her, it is as if it is done to me, and appropriate actions will be taken to rectify the issue." Evelyn explains to Angelus. As Megan makes to head back to Gryffindor tower, Evelyn nods to her and smiles, "Goodnight. Let's talk soon." She clears her throat. "I should be finishing off my search of the library, myself. I've got studying that needs to be done." And with that, she is off again on her own book finding mission.

Angelus glances down briefly, reaching a hand to slide his fingers across his mouth. He considers, and when he lifts his head when Megan returns, he lets out a sigh. “Yea, I’m going to stay here a bit longer.” Looking to Evelyn, he blinks and lifts a brow before he waves a hand outwards at her as she departs.

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