(1940-01-10) The Pantomime - The Performance
Details for The Pantomime - The Performance
Summary: After Peeves destroyed the first set the Pantomime finally happens!
Date: January 10th, 1940
Location: Hogwarts - Auditorium
Plot: The Pantomime
Related: The Rehearsal

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It is a winter night. The weather is cold and overcast.

A steep flight of stairs, each of which doubles as a long row lined with a maximum of fifteen chairs crafted from pine, leads down to a small stage and dais at the room's bottom. The auditorium has no natural lighting, instead relying on candlelight, and the walls have been crafted from stone blocks, though most have been covered by intricately-designed tapestries whose fabrics shift and change shape depending on the production. The floor, meanwhile, is made from a hard, rough, black wood. The stage and dais are made from the same material as the floor. Enchanted silver megaphones that point from the stage outward makes even a whisper on the stage quite audible to the audience.

Ludae, like many other students, makes her way into the auditorium. She carries a copy of the programme in one hand, glancing at it as she walks down the aisle. Soon enough she finds her seat, settling in and getting comfortable. While she waits for the lights to go down, she busies herself reading the programme.

Angus is back stage. Yep. Sword. Yep. Pantomime horse droppings. Yep. Drinks. He even checks the swords edge to make sure Peeves hasn't swapped it out.

Elise comes in, finds a seat, and sits in it. Then she takes out a little book and starts reading it while she waits for the show to start.

Amyah wouldn't miss this performance. No way! She's so super excited as she comes in to take a seat, which she proceeds to bounce in energetically as she looks around. Oh, this is going to be amazing!

Madeline enters, dressed in elegant robes - but done up in make-up to look pale, with cheek bones painted on, and a bit of make around her eyes to make it seem like they're a bit sunken in. There's even a few decorative pustules added with make-up and charms. She pauses in the doorway, swaying slightly with a groan of feigned discomfort, then makes her way down the aisle. She places her hands on the back of a chair or a student's shoulder periodically to help maintain her balance (could it be she's purposefully singled out a Magijugend or two? Surely not), and then starts down one of the aisles. She stumbles as she climbs past Ludae. "Sorry. Just… not feeling so well," the girl claims.

Emily steps in calmly and finds herself a seat. She's certainly interested in seeing a play for the Fountain of Fair Fortune, even if she takes her seat warily.

Melody is already in a seat as others arrive, off to one side, sitting alone. She smoothes a parchment out, looks at it as if reading, then sniffles and crumples it back into a ball. She repeats this action a few times as others arrive, tears beginning and getting a bit freer flowing each time. She is dressed similarly to Madeline, but her own robes are a bit wrinkled, and make-up runs from her eyes with her crying.

Ludae lifts her head when Madeline stumbles beside her and apologizes. She frowns a little, giving the girl a concerned look. "You look terrible, Madeline… Maybe you should see the nurse instead?" The girl hasn't gotten a good look at Madeline, of course, so hasn't noticed it's just makeup.

Act 1 - Scene 1 - The Festival!

After everyone has settled down within the Auditorium the curtain slides open and a spotlight slowly brightens on the Narrator, Professor Beery who is dressed head to toe like some medieval sorcerer. He stands center far stage on a raised small hill where a fountain burbles behind him.

"Up high on a hill covered in an enchanted garden," Beery's voice is enchanted for the duration if the production and can be heard in every nook and cranny in the Great Hall, "…protected by strong magic and high secure walls, flowed the Fountain of Fair Fortune. Every year on the longest day, droves of people come from all over the land. Male and female, rich and poor, young and old, of magical means and without, they gather in the darkness before dawn, everyone hoping that they would gain entrance to the Garden. Because only a single unfortunate was given the chance to fight their way to the Fountain, bathe in its waters, and receive Fair Fortune forevermore."

The Narrator guides with gestures the audience who fill the Auditorium seats to cheer and make merry and applaud to act like those gathered as the auditorium lighting slowly goes through the colors of dawn and bit by bit illuminates the room and the stage.

Madeline has been 'in character' as Asha (aside from an exagerated wink at Ludae) as she came in and took a seat in the audience - bemoaning her ill health, coughing (into a handkerchief), and generally hamming it up. When it's actually her turn to head towards the stage, though, she has to fight the simultaneous urge to beam with glee and slump down into her seat. Neither are appropriate! Instead, she turns to Ludae, sitting beside her, and exclaims in a wavering voice, "I must go! I must go to the fountain, if I ever am to become well! Please," coughcough, "help me up!" With help, she staggers to her feet, swaying in place for a moment. Having purposefully sat several seats in, she struggles her way past the students between her and aisle, with the occasional cry as her 'weakened' state puts her off balance.

Elise puts her book away, glancing around for a second as the lights go down to see who's around. Then the play starts and she sits forward to pay attention. She starts when Madeline calls out, and almost rises to her feet to help before she realizes that the girl is part of the play!

Ludae gets that wink from Maddie and she hides a smile behind her hand, giggling softly. As the lights go down and Madline goes about hamming things up, listening to the narrator. She's a good sport, of course, and helps Madeline to her feet when asked. She settles back into her seat, then, to watch.

Who says one has to be IN a Pantomime to have fun? Just being in the audience is a lark. Amber Rowle has no complaints about the production being postponed due to a series of unfortunate events. It's grand to have this little interruption in January.
Happy to join into the spirit of the thing, the teenager does indeed make merry as one of the so-called revelers who have gathered near this wondrous fountain. And, when Madeline moans and groans, trying to make her way to the to the stage, Amber also briefly "helps" her on her way, trying very hard not to crack a smile and burst into laughter.

Amyah bounces a little as the show starts, looking to the stage with a giggle. But her eyes dart towards Madeline's, and she gasps, looking around uncertainly until mention of going after the fountain and Amyah beams brightly. "Well done," she compliments quietly to herself.

The gown and robe for Asha (Madeline) look as if they were once beautiful - but now are stained with puss. Bandages show from under the sleeves and at her throat, and sores have been replicated on her cheek and chin with charms and make-up. Her skin looks far paler than the active girl's usual healthy glow as she staggers towards the dais - occasionally falling into a student along her way. "Sorry- so sorry. I'm just," she breathes raspily, "unwell!" Can someone say over the top?

Altheda (Josie) jumps a little when attention turns to her. Dressed in threadbare robes that look to have seen many, many better days, she gets up and makes her way, staying out of arm's reach as much as she can, and jumping if anybody should reach for her on the way. When she gets to the stage she introduces herself, "My name is Altheda, and I'm very sorry I'm such a mess. Bandits robbed me, stole everything I had… even my wand!"

All throughout play thus far, Amata (Melody) had been sitting eyes red as she sniffles quietly, frequently reading a worse-for-wear parchment that she clutches in one hand. It's garnered a curious question or two, and surely a few smirks from the few who know the part she is to play. She's wearing a gown for the pantomime, so it's obvious she's to be one of the players, but the skirt has been crumpled carelessly, her hair is equally messy and tangled, and the makeup she was wearing is running down her cheeks in dark streaks from her tears.

Her attention focuses on each of the other little witches in turn, and when Josie speaks her part, Melody waits a beat, then wails dramatically as she stands, fully crying now. She shakes the parchment at the boy sitting next to her and says loudly, "Amata, it's not you, it's me." Without waiting for a response she crumples the paper and moves toward the stage now as well. It's only a moment before the tattered paper is pulled open again so that a new line may be quoted from it's writings. "Amata, I just don't feel the same way toward you." A few steps and then, with the loudest, most grievous wail of all, "Amata… you're like… a… sister to me." By now she has reached 'Asha' and 'Altheda', looking to them for comfort and to comfort them each in return.

"Altheda! That's horrible!" Asha (Madeline) exclaims, one hand going to cover her mouth in shock - before lapsing into another coughing fit. "I'm? I'm Asha, and I've been so terribly unwell," she laments, her voice still wheezing as best as she can fake. "Only the waters of the Fountain of Fair Fortune can restore my health!" She wraps an arm around poor, penniless 'Altheda,' - and lovelorn 'Amata' when she arrives as well. "You poor thing. Could there ever be three as unfortunate as we?!"

Emily tenses when Madeline draws closer, and she slinks in her seat, letting out a soft whine of displeasure. In fact, she leans away fearfully until she's retreating to the stage. Ooh, that was close.

Angus lurks within the wings, at the Props table, ready for the first thing to be needed. He also looks at the fountain with concern, lest it misbehave.

As the maids approach stage front-right, a spotlight shines on a nearby section of wall. The girls have yet to notice a knight upon a sickly, swaybacked horse?or rather, Felix Flitwick in painted papier mache armour, wearing a horse prop that hangs from suspenders over his shoulders. Spying the three maids, Felix "trots" toward them to the sound of someone backstage clapping coconut halves together. "Greetings! Fair…maidens!" He says loudly. "I am Sir Luckless. I am a knight!" He turns to the audience, pointing excitedly to his breastplate. "Are you in need of a knight? I am a knight!" As he struts about on his horse, his spur manages to catch Melody's long skirt, tangling it worse and worse the more he shows off his knightliness.

But before the maids can answer, a spotlight shines on a large crack within the wall and little bits of dust start to tumble from the crack until suddenly it bursts open as thick black vines lunge out of the hole. The tips of the vines whip about like snakes scenting the air and then with a little concealed gesture of his wand from the Narrator and Herbology professor the vines flail out and twist themselves around Asha (Madeline). Coiling up her legs to just above her knees the vines have her and as soon as their grip is solid they zip back towards the hole in the wall to drag the maid and anything she's attached to through.

As the vines shoot forth and wrap around Asha (Madeline), she lets out a weak and startled cry, not even attempting to resist their pull in her 'weakened' state - but she had been leaning against 'Altheda' for support. She latches on tightly, while calling out, "Altheda! Oh, help me! I'm not stroooong enough to resist them!"

Altheda (Josie) gives a yelp as Asha grabs her, but sets her heels and pulls, doing her best to help. "I've got yo… oh!" Unfortunately, a ripped piece of her tattered robes was under her foot, and her attempt to hold back is turned into a comical slide. Scrambling, she reaches out with her free hand to the closest thing she can reach: Amata's arm!

With her attention returned once more to the letter she's mashed up and straightened more times than can be counted, Amata (Melody) is in tears again and not paying attention to the cries of the others. Until she's grabbed as well, and lets out her own cry of surprise. "Altheda, you're pulling my arm out of the socket!" She tries at first to pull herself free, but when she realizes that the vines are ultimately dragging them all, her struggle turns to an attempt to keep them all from being pulled away. Melody struggles valiantly, to little avail, and in the process her long skirt manages to get entangled on Luckless' armor.

With his leg hopelessly tangled up in Amata's (Melody's) skirt, Felix (who has barely noticed the girls' peril as he flashes smiles to the audience) is caught off-guard by the sudden tug on his foot. With a squeal of surprise, Felix topples face-first to the stage, well and truly mashing the head of his "horse" underneath him. As he is dragged toward the hole in the wall, he protest, "Just a min-…ah! Gotta get… outta my horse…" After some considerably flailing, he somehow frees himself of the suspenders connected to the horse, leaving his steed behind as he vanishes into the aperture.

The spotlight brightens on the Narrator once more and he lifts his hand calling for another uproar from the crowd. "The furious screams of the disappointed throng thundered and darkened the first rays of morning. But then they fell silent?" Another gesture is made like and conductor silencing his musicians comes from the Narrator. "… as the garden walls sealed once more."

Angus lets out a loud groan from the wings. Whether it's because he's acting as a coach for the audience, or because any plot to sabotage more of the seams of Melody's robes had failed.

The tangle of limbs flailing on the stage tickles Elise's funny bone and she laughs aloud! "That — poor — horse!" she gasps through her guffaws. She quickly tries to turn it into a roar of disappointment as directed but it doesn't seem to be covering her mirth.
From afar, Madeline notes she just editted her final pre-written Maddie pose. So, umm. Refresh.

It is not often one gets to go see a live non sporty performance and while he's excited to come watch he is firmly in the seated audiance part of the auditorim. Levi is excited by the show so far though as he follows along with what's going on the best he can. He will keep an eey on each performer as they move about. The seventh year really does seem to be enjoying himself so far as he watches.

As the melodrama unfolds, Amber seems to be thoroughly enjoying herself in the midst of all this. The travails of the truly luckless Sir Luckless cause her to burst into laughter - probably at an inopportune time - and nearly fall out of her chair. She's never been any great shakes with the whole self-control thing…
Then comes time for the Audience to join in and pretend that they are sadly disappointed by not being the chosen one. Taking on as dramatic a stance as possible, Amber clasps her hands over her "broken" heart, and wails. Oh, woe is her to suffer this terrible fate!

Ludae can't help a small giggle as she hears Elise's guffaw, but she plays her part as the audience and loudly laments her being unchosen. She certainly seems to be enjoying the play, though, even if her friend has been dragged away by the vines!

Colton loudly boos and hisses, "Should have been Angelus! Booo!" He stage whispers aside, "No sorrier and unfortunate sod then him, right?" Then he gets back to his audience participation. "They just got in cause they are the most awesome Gryffindors! … and Hufflepuff. Get that fountain my Lionesses! Uh, I mean, Fair Maids. Get tha—" The wise ass knows when to be silent and that's when the Narrator makes that motion.

Amyah's eyes twinkle as she watches the show, absorbed in it as she either gasps or lets out a giggle accordingly.

Sitting in her seat calmly, Emily glances around the audience to gauge their reactions now and then. Hmm. She glances down to her lap, smiling at the sketchbook there, and opens to a page as she takes out a quill. Though she does keep one eye on the show, she's decided to sketch a little too.

As the creepers slink back within the wall and the bricks re-seal the Maids and the knight come from behind the mended wall and begin to walk along the front of the stage. Asha and Altheda are angry with Amata, whom accidentally brought along the knight, ruining their previous laid plans of the three of them working together to get to the fountain.

"Wh- why is he along with us?" 'Asha' (Madeline) asks in a weak, quavering voice, still leaning against Altheda for support. "He can't bathe in the fountain - I… I need to, or I'll never-" She cuts off, Madeline reaching up to mop at her eyes as if she's started to cry. "It's my only hope!"

'Altheda' (Josie) puts an arm around Asha, and says, "Please don't cry, it'll be alright." Then she turns to Amata and asks, sharply, "Why did you bring him? This'll ruin everything!"

"It's not like I did it on purpose!" Amata (Melody) protests petulantly to the other two maidens, holding the skirt of her dress up. "And he ripped my favorite dress with that clanky armor of his!" Thankfully, this doesn't bring a return of her tears, but she looks on the verge. "How can you be angry with me? It's his fault, not mine!" Facing the wrath of two of her companions, 'Amata' tries to deflect their chastisement to what she feels is the 'proper' target. "I don't want a man anywhere near me, they're vile, selfish creatures!"

Felix pulls himself his feet. Cue the sound of clanking pots and pans backstage to stand in for his armour. He flashes the maids a bright smile. "I'm a knight!" He insists again as the visor of his helmet flops down into his face. He pushes it up, only for a pauldron to fall right off of his shoulder. As he picks it up to reattach it, he mutters, "I'm?uh? Sir Luckless. I'm a knight and I-?" With a wide sweeping motion of his arm, he nearly clips Madeline's head, and gives her an apologetic wince. At the disapproving words and stares of the maids, Felix's shoulders slump. "It's true. I'm no good as a knight. I don't know how to use a sword. I can't?uh?joust. I don't even have magic, because I am a Muggle. A Muggle knight?but not a very good knight." Felix stands stock still for several uncomfortable beats, then suddenly says, "I'll just climb over the wall and go away." Stiff-backed, Felix walks toward the wall.

Seeing the knight trying to take his leave of them, 'Amata' (Melody) turns on him with a startlingly mighty, "Don't you dare take another step!" Immediately, hearing her own tone, her face softens as does her demeanor. Her voice is much more gentle when she addresses Luckless again. "I'm… sorry. This isn't your fault, either. We are in this well and truly now, and we must make the best of it and help each other." Melody holds a hand out toward Felix, beckoning him back. "Please… come with us."

Looking ashamed, 'Altheda' (Josie) shakes her head and says to the knight, "Wait. I'm sorry, you need the fountain as much as the rest of us do." She steps over to take Felix's hand and says, "Yes, come with us, please."

Madeline attempts to stay in character - but being forced to duck Felix's wild swing prompts a quiet giggle, and and understanding grin. She quickly puts on a more serious expression, however. "Well, I suppose," 'Asha' pauses to cough, "it's not really his fault. We might… might as well go on together. We might need each other." She continues to cling to her support pillar - as if she wouldn't be able to stand without the help. "Together… we'll make it through."

The lights fade and the curtain slides shut.

Akilina came dressed for a panto! So when the act comes to a close she clickety clacks her paper mache lobster claws in applause. Ornaments dangle from her lobstr antenae and they jingle jangle as she applauds the performance. Softly she whines to her brother who she's sitting near-by. "I told you that no one would be in fancy dress!" She gives a light huff and tugs as best she can with her clunky claws to pull down the ugly christmas sweater she's wearing over her chistmas lobster costume.

The seventh year Hufflepuff follows along giving the appropriate respoonses when they are called for. Levi tries to watch for poeple he knows well and some he doesnt knows as well. He does clap lightly as well when the act comes to a close. He stretches out in his seat a moment before looking about waiting for the next to start.

Act 1 - Scene 2 - The Worm!

The lights brighten once again as the curtain glides open to reveal the hill has moved to center stage and is much higher up so that the fountain can hardly be seen in the shadows of the rigging above the stage. The spotlight focuses on the Narrator who is now sitting on top of the wall to the right of the stage. A tendril of the creeper vine affectionately rubbing itself against the professor of Herbology like it was a pet kitten. "So it was that when the forlorn band made its way through an enchanted garden they came upon the base of a lush hill. Curled up around the base of the hill there was something waiting for them. But onward they went…" Beery sings the word, ~"Together!"~

The spotlight fades from the Narrator and slides over to the actors.

Felix isn't on stage for two seconds before his pauldron falls off again, landing right under his foot. His foot slips forward on the papier mache costume piece, and a very surprised Sir Luckless finds himself doing the splits. "Aaaaah! Oh. Uh…anyone got a Sticking Charm?"

Amber joins in with the audience, giving an enthusiastic round of applause. Things are going just swimmingly for the Pantomime thus far. Almost too swimmingly. Her brow furrows slightly, and she crains her neck a bit to look toward the backstage area. Why on earth hasn't that Angus MacMillan done anything disruptive or outlandish yet? It is a puzzlement.
Shrugging her shoulders as the next scene comes up, Amber refocuses her attention on the play at hand. Cupping her hands on either side of her mouth, the girl shouts out: "Not THAT way!" to the wanderers. "The other way!" And just to be even more confusing. "No, I meant the OTHER other way!"

A large signpost comes out from the wings. One the arrow pointed towards the back of the auditorium can be seen the word, 'London 503miles', whilst the other arm limb has 'Fountain 2miles'. As Sir Luckless approaches, however, and slips, his scabbard hits the bottom of the post, which spins around on its socket, completely changing the orientation of the arrows, and revealing another arrow, saying, 'Forbidden Forest, 1 mile'

Josie is looking down at Felix's pauldron, and at his question, "I don't even have a wand, Sir Luckless." She looks back up to the signposts, then, "Oh no! They got turned around!" She looks out to the audience, "Did you see? Which way is it to the fountain?"

Melody reaches a hand out to offer to Felix in aid to righting himself, but she pulls away suddenly with Josie's words. Her eyes also go up to the signpost and she frowns. The she points vaguely out into the audience, "The fountain must be that way. I'm sure that's what it said. Mostly…" she adds, now doubtful and unsure. Conflicting information from the audience has her finger drifting first to point stage left, "There?"

Colton half stands up and gestures towards the fountain, "It's right there, Beeeeehiiiind you!"

"The other way!" Elise yells from her seat. "Be — behind you!"

"No, the other way!" Gareth shouts from his place in the gallery. "Not that way, the other way!" He chuckles to himself, as he points in the wrong direction entirely.

"But… but," cough, "I was so sure it was this way," 'Asha,' answers, as she starts stumbling in entirely the wrong direction. "Oh why does this have to happen to us?" Madeline cries melodramatically.

Felix scrambles to his feet, losing a vambrace in the process, which flings out into the audience as he swings his arm to gain some semblence of balance. "Sorry! I mean…uh…which way? That way?" He genuinely tries to follow the many contradictory directions from the crowd, sending him back and forth across the stage in confusion.

After a quick calculation Akilina whispers to her brother and Alexei calls out what his sister is saying to him. "Akilina says that it is 15 paces to the south, then 8 paces to go around the tree until you come to the edge of the stage at a 90 degree angle. A 180 degree spin and five more paces will have you reaching your destination." Akilina sage nods along with her brother's repeating for her.

Levi leans forward lightly in his chair as the curtain raises for the next act, apparently he cannot wait to see what is next "Ack, no no." he says low nearly under his breath though he is watching and grinning waiting for the reaction from those on stage.

Ludae has been content to simply watch the interactions for now, the shy girl settled back in her seat. She chews on her lower lip a little, though she smiles through it while watching the performers.

While Amyah giggles and calls out her own guidance, Emily is quiet, watching the stage as much as she sketches.

From behind scenes, as the actors move towards the stage left wing, Angus pulls a string, and a canvas figure of a ghost appears. It looks quite freshly painted, and has a certain 'Peevesishness' about it, but with a 'spirity' shaped lower half. It's holding up a sign saying, 'This way will delay you'

The Narrator pipes up, "The three witches and the magicless knight came out of the garden and finally reached the base of the hill where a monstrous white worm, bloated and blind was coiled around the whole hill!"

Kettleburn who is dressed up like a shrub with his wand in his hand (though it is hidden by branches) keeps control of thealbino Ashwinderthat he thought would make a perfect monster after he cast the Engorgement Charm upon it several times. Under his skillful guidance the massive snake lifts it head and looks down upon Asha, Altheda, Amata and Sir Luckless. Though it's under tight control by the Care of Magical Creatures Professor it opens its mouth and lets out a hiss.

In the darkness Beery seizes on the moment and throws his voice so it comes from the 'Worm' in his best monstrous snake like voice.

"Pay me the proof of your pain."

It is about then that the Kettleburn Shrub sniffs the air as does many in the crowd close to the stage. Smoke is starting to trickle out from the cracks from below the stage. Suddenly Kettleburn realizes he's on fire! His shrubbery is alight as is the spot on stage he was standing on. The burning hole expands and catches other things on fire. Within the whole a massive red and smoldering egg wobbles about. The enlarged Ashwinder under has laid her eggs under the stage!

Twisting and writhing Kettleburn tries to get out of his burning costume. Unfortunately that means that his control on the Ashwinder is lost.

Just like that, a lovely Christmas Pantomine turns into a nightmare….

Elise, seeing an actual fire on the stage in front of her rises up from her seat, confusion on her face. "Is this part of the play?" she asks the people sitting next to her.

"Oh, it's hideo-" Madeline starts, before she starts to smell the smoke, and flames start to creep out from under the stage. "Wha- what? We didn't practice that!" she suddenly exclaims. "When does this happen in the story?!"

Gareth sits up straighter in his seat, mirth vanishing from his eyes. "I…don't remember this happening in the story," he says idly, reaching for his wand. He looks around to see how others are reacting, though he doesn't stand just yet.

Josie is into the role, and, likely per the script, when she sees the worm, she calls, "Monster!", and picks up a 'rock' from the stage, (actually paper mache like Felix's costume). Reaching her arm back, she throws it at the huge Ashwinder. It's only after she throws that she sees that Kettleburn's costume is on fire, and her act is dropped, "Professor!" She reaches for her wand but, of course, in her current costume she has no wand.

"Oh my," Amyah gasps out as she points towards the 'monster' on the stage with a giggle. Her eyes twinkle, looking thoroughly impressed. Until… Her green eyes turn to Elise before looking quickly back to the stage, rising up to her feet. "Oh!" This comes out with a lot more concern, looking around the seating and stage expectantly to see what the adults are doing. They'll get it under control, they will! But, in the meantime, she calls out, "Madeline! Felix! Everyone on stage!"

There's a short, quickly stifled scream from Melody as the 'Worm' rears up. There was no actual worm in rehearsals, so this is the first they're all really seeing the creature. It takes her a moment to look away from the ashwinder, and when she does her eyes fall on the burning shrub that is Kettleburn. She crosses a few steps toward him, making to slap at the flames, trying to help put them out and hoping someone brought their wand and can use it.

Several people seated around Akilina panic and climb over seats to try to rush out of the Auditorium. One of the passers-by knocks her lobster head and it spins about and Akilina is staring at last weeks Daily Prophet pasted with other bits of paper. Even shouting she's so very quiet and the head spun around muffles much of the shout, "I can't see!" as well. Her hands go reaching for her brother who helps her out of the costume head and then he helps get them and a group of others around them out of the auditorium in as orderly a fashion as they can.

Lara has been busy with the others preparing the set and supporting the staff where needed. Charms and Glamers for the most part, an area she is actually good at. When the play started, she had taken a seat in the front rows, in order to be ready to be of aid when needed or when some the charms she had placed would wear off early. And util this moment, she thought the play went rather smoothly. Then, she suddenly smells… smoke! Agast, she watches Kettleburn catching fire, next moment she knows the giant Ashwinder towers just a short distance from her and it does not look happy. She stumbles to her feet, pulling out her wand and shouting a warning to the actors on stage. "The worm! Take care of the Ashwinder!! He lost control! Run!"

Ludae gasps when the stage catches fire. The redhead stands up, alarmed, and grabs for her wand. "Professor!" she shouts, concerned of course for the teacher going up in flames. She hurries down the aisle, attempting to get close enough to be of some use!

Felix gazes up at the ashwinder in awe. "Bloody brilliant!" At first he is completely oblivious to the growing panic around him. It is only when Amyah shouts his name that he is pulled back to reality, and frowns at the unfolding situation. "Uh oh. I didn't do it!" he shouts reflexively. Eyes widening at the flames, he looks down at his armour…his paper armour. This doesn't bode well. "We gotta get outta here!"

Emily blinks, stopping mid-stroke of her quill and looking to the stage again. It takes her a few seconds to realise that something is going on, and then she's quickly shutting her book and letting out a scream as she pops up, immediately trying to scramble away from the stage. She's certainly not going to stick around! "Oh!" she says in a huff. "Leave it to Mudbloods to ruin a perfectly good play."

Colton cups his hands around his mouth, "Geddoff the stage!" Standing up he looks for his siblings to make sure that they are alright. He pulls his wand out of his robes that he ditches at his chair as he goes against the flow of those trying to exit. Heading for the stage so he can help the actors and Lara down.

Amber's laughter and general sense of jovial fun are extinguished the moment she sees fire beginning to spread through the props on stage. The smile drifts downward steadily into a frown. "Mon Dieu! This should not be! Surely…?" She exclaims, jumping to her feet with a start. She quickly casts her questioning gaze around at her fellow students. "Quel desastre…" She mutters to herself, withdrawing her Hazel wand.
Edging out into the aisle, following Ludae, Amber pushes her way past panicky students. Briefly, she finds herself knocked back down into one of the front row seats after being side-swiped by a poor, terrified 1st year. Recovering, she stumbles to her feet and then pitches forward, landing with a thud against the base of the stage. That hurt - but, at least she's here, now.
Scrambling up and onto the stage will throw her right into the midst of chaos, but the girl seems determined to do something. Headlong, she runs for the Ashwinder eggs, getting as close as she possibly can: "Glacius!" She cries, a frosty spray of ice shooting from the tip of her wand. At least she manages to hit three of the dratted things. Not that that helps when there are nine more!

Elise runs closer to the stage, just a few rows, and takes steady aim this time. "Deflammo!" she roars, aiming for the closest bit of fire on the sage. THIS time, her nerves - despite clamoring for her to turn tail and run - are under control! Magic gushes from the end of her wand, quite enough to extinguish a fireplace's worth of fire - and a similarly-sized patch of burning stage is now devoid of flame. "Take that, you oversized earthworm!" she cries, her bravado sounding strange in her high, wavery little voice.

"Oh dear. Oh dear." Amyah looks completely panicked and horrified, looking from the stage and around at all the wands. "Away from the stage! Get away from the stage!" The redhead calls out, hands falling on top of the chair in front of her as she leans forward. She lets out a squeak as she's jostled by the crowd moving past her, her feet sliding along the floor until she's in the aisle, twisting and dodging and trying to avoid colliding with other people. But she can't leave the actors on the stage. "You'll get out faster if you walk calmly. No pushing. Steady, brisk walk to the doors," says Amyah, even as she doesn't head to leave herself. Instead, she glances towards the stage worriedly.

"Oh, move, move," Emily hisses out in a panic. She tries to keep a steady movement towards the doors, dodging around other students to try and get in front of them, hugging her book to herself. Every time she's clipped or jostled, she gives an anxious look in that direction as she curls her elbows into herself. The young girl all but dives for the door, occasionally screaming in panic until she finally makes it through.

Pushing up towards the stage with Amber, the pair finally break free of the panicking crowd. As Amber scrambles up onto the enflamed stage to blast ice at the searing-hot eggs, Ludae faces down the massive albino ashwinder rearing its ugly head. She gives a sharp flick of her wand at the beast. "Reducio!" Success! The creature's body is shrung down, but only to half it's size! It's still quite large compared to the diminutive Ravenclaw, so Ludae backs up a few steps, trying not to bump into anyone while she keeps her eyes on the serpent!

"Professor!" Melody squeaks in alarm, hopping a bit in excitement as she slaps at the flames eating his costume. The blows come quickly, fast enough to keep from getting badly singed herself. She's heard, faintly registering yells from the other students, at least three different spells being cast at fire, and hopes they aren't a target, as the man's costume goes from actively flaming to smoldering. She still feels heat, as surely he does too, and as she spies the stage still burning she attempts to push the professor sideways and back, so they can get away from it.

Fire. Madeline knows what to do with fire! The girl pulls out her wand, pointing her wand at the nearest burning patch and calls, "Deflammo!" Then she starts slowly backing away from the flames, paying no attention to where she's headed, while breathing heavily. This is just like… this is just like when- she doesn't want to see anyone else burn!

Angus leaps out of the wings, hauling his wand out of his robes, and pointing it at the burning professor. They just did this, this year. He can do this. He can. "Aguamenti!" From his wand spurts a good, if not overwhelming jet of water. It briefly plays over Kettleburn, perhaps making him steam, before it corrects onto egg 9. "Gonnae stop yehs, little flames, yeh ken?"

When it becomes obvious that the fire isn't part of the show, Gareth leaps to his feet and makes a dash toward the stage, brandishing his holly wand. "Aguementi!" he shouts, and a stream of water similar to a hosepipe jet flows from the wand he holds now in both hands. He does his best to aim the stream at the professor and the egg nearest him.

Felix frantically fishes under his armour for his wand. With a grunt, he manages to rip through the breastplate as he produces it. "Awwww." Reminding himself to keep focused, he aims his wand at the Engorged ashwinder, incanting, "Avifors!" Aaaand…his wand coughs out a little puff of blue smoke. "Bollocks!" He taps his wand against his hand, then stares down the tip as if inspecting a gun barrel.

Her hand trembling, Lara is holding her ground amidst panicking students, eyes fixed on the giant worm as she raises her wand and steps forward warily. Coughing from the heat and smoke, she tries to think like a decent Ravenclaw. What does she know about Ashwinders? Care of Magical Creatures never was her strong subject. But certainly, this one has been engorged several times. And it radiates heat. And… does it have pincers? As Ludae appears at her side, Lara decides on impulse to follow her fellow Ravenclaw's example, pointing her wand straight at the beast and also shouting: "Re-DU-ci-o!" As the spell hits the worm, it continues to deflate significantly to one quarter of its size.

Josie picks up another 'stone' to throw at the Ashwinder, "Hey, this way, over here!" Keeping it away from the audience, even though it's shrunk down. "Stay away from the snake, it'll turn into hot ash in a moment! Freeze the eggs, or they'll keep burning!" Yes, she's risking burning herself, but she's intent on keeping the snake away from the audience.

Abraxas was sitting further back with some of the other Slytherins. Doubtless preparing to snicker and cause minor trouble during the Pantomime. But then things start to go pear shaped fast. "Out! Out!" he directs the younger students, doing his job as Prefect and heading them towards the door. But seeing that some of the eggs are about to burn some of the cast members, he pulls his wand from his robes, the white yew wood gleaming. "Ignis Inermus!" he shouts, and he slashes the wand, causing the fire to glow and become as harmless as a tropical breeze.

The Ashwinder hisses and recoils and snaps at the things that's being flung at it. Even as it shrinks down in size the engorgio'd snake strikes out fighting for the survival of its eggs. It might only have half an hour left of life, but it's going to go out fighting for the future of its offspring. On the left side of the stage Beery has the vines that were part of the play earlier lashing out from the prop wall and dig into the flaming holes, the vines wither and scorch but they obey their master. Beery's wig is knocked about and is at a comical angle on his head now as the start of the snake sent him tumbling off the wall. The vines writhe in agony as they obediently bring three eggs up out of the holes so that they can be more easily targeted. A singed Kettleburn coughs and struggles to his feet clasping Melody's arms and coughing out his thanks as he does his best to usher her and himself off of the stage. "Thought I had…more…time." He hacks out angrily in his northerners gruff.

"Who's idea was this, anyway?!" Amber asks with a squeak, jumping back from a plume of flame that leaps up beside her. Being in the middle of a conflagration in robes is possibly the worst way to handle things.
Others are trying to sort out the Ashwinder, and Amber is determined to hunt down the remaining eggs - unless or until someone else joins her in doing so. Ice worked well the last time. If at first you succeed brilliantly, keep doing whatever you just did! "Use ICE!" She shouts above the mayhem to anyone who might hear. Just as she's about to cast on the most dangerous egg, Abraxas easily takes care of it. Briefly turning to face the older boy, she blows him a kiss in thanks and quickly directs her wand to another flaming egg. Stop having so much fun with this mess, Amber…
"Glacius" she cries once more, freezing her targeted egg soundly.

If only Elise knew the ice spell! But alas, she is only a third-year, and the Extinguishing Spell is the best she can do under these circumstances. But perhaps it will work farther down the stage? Seeing poor Josie and Madeline, her friends, at risk from two of the eggs, her wand wavers back and forth until finally settling on the fire closest to Madeline. "Deflammo!" she cries, barebly suppressing the cough that wells up in her throat from all the smoke in the room. A smaller patch than she managed last time is extinguished.

Having been in the process of trying to put out the Professor, when Angus' spray of water hits Kettleburn Melody gets a fair share as well. She sputters and quickly swipes her hair from her eyes, taking a few quick, staggering steps before she regains her bearings and moves with Kettleburn. "We need the nurse, to see if you've been burned, but you got put out pretty quickly." A lot of the students jumped into action immediately, and surely more professors will be arriving, so best to get out of the way.

Amyah holds out a hand in direction to the doors, her other hand waving lightly as she tries to guide other students that way. But her head turns, and her gaze watches the stage, biting down on her lip as she tries to hide her own building panic. Another squeak suddenly escapes her as she's clipped, and she stumbles as a few more students push on by, taking a step back and reaching out to a seat to steady her balance. "Careful, careful, please, everyone will get out." As she continues to urge this, the young Hufflepuff continues to back up, drawing herself closer and closer to the stage. When she turns, Amyah can't help but stop and stare at the ashwinder with wide eyes. But it is being taken care of. She shakes her head, looking around at who's doing what, before she dashes for the stage and directly towards the young actors. To Felix, she reaches out a hand to, pulling at his shoulder. "Come on, Felix. Everyone is on top of it. Come with me." Her green eyes dance around, and she waves out a hand in Madeline's direction. "Madeline, come on."

She turns back to usher Felix of the stage, as Amyah passes by Madeline, attempts to swing an arm over the second year Gryffindor's shoulder as well and guide her along. "You and Felix are very brave, Madeline, but I want to get you to safety."

Madeline continues to back away from the flames, her eyes locked onto them as she breathes heavily. Her wand is still held tightly in her hand but - for the moment at least - she doesn't seem to be using it.
As Amyah puts an arm around her shoulder, the girl lets out a startled squeak and starts to pull away, until she recognizes the girl. "A-amyah, all that fire…!" she manages to get out as she's urged off the stage.

Ludae and Lara working together, like Ravenclaws should, get the snake back to it's much less frightening ordinary size. She knows the snake hasn't got long to live, but it's still capable of doing damage, so it's only logical to try to catch it. "Accio ashwinder!" Ludae declares, pointing her wand at the snake. The spell flares from her larch wand and the serpent is lurched off the ground and towards Ludae! Hopefully she can make quick work of grabbing hold of it's head to avoid being bitten, herself!

Out in the audience, Sierra is working crowd control - but staying well back from the fire on the stage. "Hey- watch it!" she shouts, shoving back a student who seems determined to trample over a first year that'd just been knocked down, giving the boy enough time to get to his feet.

Angus hears the yell, and swings his wand around, pointing it towards the cluster of eggs, and considering for a moment, before yelling, loudly, "GLACIUS!" Despite his fairly lackluster performance in academic class, it would seem that when the going gets tough, MacMillan gets going. Or something. It is said that it is better to be lucky, than beautiful, but as he is ANGUS MACMILLAN, KEN, it's better to be both beautiful and lucky, than academically gifted.

Once the water jet is exhausted, Gareth quickly spins in place, eyes darting around the stage to assess the chaos as best he can. With barely a thought, he takes aim again at another egg, this time shouting, "Glacius!" There's another jet from the end of his holly wand, but this time it's frosty, conjuring an icy shell that swiftly begins to melt, even as it starts the cooling process.

Nodding gratefully to Ludae, Lara barely avoids the angrily hissing snake flying past her and rushes to aid the others fighting the eggs and flames. Sweat is already running down her face from the heat and the smoke is burning in her eyes as she approaches. "Run." She shouts to the younger students in passing, Madeline in particulary, then she points her wand at the eggs. "Ignis Inermus!" The heat immediately lessens and becomes bearable, and Lara gives out a sigh of relief, wiping her forehead and taking a step back. She is not sure if this is the right thing to do, but she doesn't dare to hit the flames with anything else. These eggs may even explode, right? She hopes that the flame-freezing spell will continue to hold even then.

Josie reaches down for another paper mache stone, except all the remaining stones have started to burn and she pulls her hand back quickly. A look towards Ludae shows that the snake is being dealt with, "Careful when it turns to ash, it'll burn!" Then, though, she makes a run to escape the stage.

Colton has made sure that his sister takes that first year and goes out and stays out. Next in line he goes to the two other girls that are like sister to him and tries his best to hoist Josie and Madeline up over his shoulders from the stage to pull them down to safety. "Git!" He shoes them off and then goes to do the same thing to Lara. "Yeh look pretty in black." He mutters in a bit of dark hit on humor with a wink as he tries his best to usher her and the other heroes off of the stage.

The central eggs still burn, but thanks to Lara they no longer burn dangerously. One of them snuffs out due to Angus' spell. There is a crash and a pop and hiss as the egg closest to Berry is smacked into the stage by the vine coilded around it before it's doused with a fire hose like jet. The water spashing dulls the glow of the other eggs closest to hat egg but they threaten to sputter back to life. Many of the other professors present are working towards herding the crowd out and trying to get to the stage, but they were all seating towards the back monitoring the doors. While evereyone who took the initiative to help is doing an amazing job putting out the source of the fires, the fires that already caught have quickly destroyed the set and consumed the back of the stage, the costumes, props, sets, all burnt to ash and the rest of the Auditorium is filled with smoke, ash and the snake in Ludae's grasp is starting to tremble and is growing quite warm to the touch. It suddenly crumbles away leaving her hands full of warm to hot ash. With most of the students out professors begin flinging spells around to finish off the remaining flames. In the end the Auditorium is in charred ruins and the infirmary is filled with those that got trampled or scrapped or in shock, more suffer smoke inhalation than anything and a few unlucky suffered burns. Later that night it is more fact than rumour that Beery can be heard bawling in the Headmaster's Office that he's resigning, leaving for W.A.D.A. where he'll be free of working with such amatuers and that once again Kettleburn has been suspended from his duties for an undisclosed amount of time. The smell of smoke lingers for months to come centralized on the 5th Floor.

"Colton, I'm fine! Bother with those on the stage!" Sierra answers her brother's concern, given him a stubborn look as she makes sure the first year gets out safely - and continues to keep a look out on the panicked students leaving the Auditorium from the back of the room. Fortunately, most are already out, and the worst of the chaos seems over. She makes her way out when the danger of trampling seems over, helping a girl with a twisted ankle make her way towards the infirmary.

Madeline lets out a startled sound as she's swung up onto Colton's shoulder - struggling for a moment as she cries. "What're you- put me down!" She settles down after that - and breaks out into a coughing fit, this time a real one caused by the smoke, rather than the fake, exaggerated coughing from earlier. Reaching with one hand, she wipes at her eyes - it's just the smoke and the coughing that's made her tear up, surely.

Elise, now that the teachers are handling things more efficiently, wearily puts her wand away and turns to go. She kicks something soft with her foot and looks down. "What's this?" she asks, and bends to pick up a glossy, pretty brown braid that's tied together at one end with a Ravenclaw-blue bow. Her eyes widen and her free hand goes to her own hair… which is indeed missing a braid. "NO!" she shrieks, her face going pale. She looks like she might faint. "MY HAIR!"

Angus twirls his wand in his fingers, and then goes to shove it into a holster at his waist. Or, as it happens, his trouser pocket, "Did I no say, yeh wee beastie? I'm Angus MacMillan, ken?!" Then he glances around, at the howl, "Och, dinnae fash, Quine. Deh yehs need takin' tae the infurmary?"

Abraxas tucks his own bone white wand away, tucking it up the sleeve of his robe. He looks around, wrinkling his nose, "What. a. mess. Who had the bright idea to let wild beasts loose in Hogwarts? Sounds like an idea an Eibon would have."

Angus gestures, "Och. I think it wus Professor Kettleburn, y'ken? But somethin' must have goan wrong, y'ken?" There's a pause, "Nice spell, Malfoy." It's said with grudging admiration.

Lara gratefully rests an arm on Colton's shoulder when he appears beside her, smiling weakly at his attempt at a joke. "So, tell me, where's my knight when the damsels are in distress? You took your time, ya know!" With that, she deliberately plants a kiss on his cheek, leaving a black soot stain, before doubling over in a fit of coughing. After that, she does not object being ushered from the stage.

Angus glances to Colton, and grumbles, "Och, and fit are we, eh? Haggis?" And with that, and a bit of a wand-slingers swagger, the little Scot moseys away.

"Oh, something went very wrong, yes." Abraxas says, "And same to you. Though a certain someone says that you're more skilled in transfiguration." The Malfoy tut-tuts, "Attacking a harmless animal. I wouldn't think it of you. Then again… nobody else does, either. You might want to have a little chat with your housemate about keeping your scorecard on pranks clear." When Angus speaks again, though, he says, "Sorry, what?"

Angus holds up his hands before going, "It wasnae me, y'ken? I dinnae prank wi somethin' like this!" He looks a bit worried, and then shrugs, "I hope Professor Kettleburns okay!" Angus being, in fact, rather a fan of Care of Magical Creatures. There's a pause, "My hoosemate? D'yeh mean Eibon? I dinnae ken anyone o' that name."

Abraxas chuckles, "I ken, I ken." He shakes his head, and says, "Well, if anyone wants to send him a message, do let them know I'd love to have a chat. Evening, MacMillan." The Malfoy puts his hands in his pockets and turns to leave, whistling a wizarding tune.

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