(1940-01-11) Uncommon Ground
Details for Uncommon Ground
Summary: Abraxas and Sybil discuss plans for the purists at Hogwarts, only to meet with Gareth and Angelus, with whom Abraxas shares increasingly less common ground.
Date: 11 January 1940
Location: Hogwarts Grounds
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Abraxas walks out of the castle, pausing to pulls his scarf and gloves on and let her do the same, then starts walking towards the moonlit castle grounds. "So…" he says, as his breath steams in the evening chill, "What did you have on your mind?"

Sybil pauses to fasten a clasp of her cloak near her neck before she walks slowly and unhurried alongside Abraxas. "You know this is my last year? I think I'll miss Hogwarts, but I'm quite excited about the prospects of a new year." says Sybil, making smalltalk. "It's getting alarming that there is a growing collective of students thinking that there is no wizard gene, that the binding of wizard to muggle is cute. I was wondering if there was going to be one particular student this year who would champion a group of proper students, making sure that this nonsense isn't catching and silly young people later on breed out the wizarding populace."

"I think I already do that, don't I? Champion the cause of right-minded wizards. Unfortunately, I am in something of a delicate family situation. My cousin, as you know, is the face of the Unity movement, and Malfoys value family loyalty." Abraxas shrugs, "He may soon be Minister, based on what the Prophet is saying. In any case, we have a group of students who value purity and who support it, and I more or less lead the Magijugend these days."

Sybil continues walking, listening to the Malfoy share his thoughts. With a smile that is beautiful as the moonlight shines on her pale face with a soft cool glow, she says "There's a growing group of students that are activists, and I find it frightening to think that there isn't any consequences for what they're incorrectly prescribing their thoughts to. The genes don't mix, anyone with enough breeding or herbology knows that in order to get the best, you need to keep the best with the best." As they walk, she playfully bumps a hip against him to make him have to catch his steps to break the monotony of walking. "I don't hear enough of the Magijugend. How can people follow an ideal if the group isn't persuasive? Have you thought about having someone write pamphlets to post? Or add a point in a school newsletter?" asks Sybil.

Abraxas sidesteps as his hip is bumped, "After everything that happened, it's wise for us to keep our noses clean for a while. Our cause has been set back, but we will rebuild our strength and, eventually, the time will be right. I've been thinking of changing things, though, here, with all the baggage that was associated with that name." Tucking his hands inside his robes, he says, "Why all the sudden interest? Especially after you were talking to Carrow. You know that he's ruined his family socially by associating with Eibon."

"Not everyone has the head for politics or society, Abraxas." says Sybil, using his first name as she lets out a sigh. "And it isn't sudden interest, the more I go in my studies the more I see just how dangerous certain ideas can be." As Abraxas tucks his hands in his pockets, she frowns and drops her hand to her side. "The advantages we have with our blood comes at a price, we must lead those who are inferior and look after their well-being, even if it means protecting them from themselves. It's just the logical solution."

Abraxas stops, and turns to face her, "It is the duty of the pure wizarding families to guide the others of wizardkind - and lesser beings - so that our society remains true to its roots, and so that which makes us Wizards is not lost, or polluted. Muggleborns have stolen magic somehow. Muggles are less beings than even goblins and ghosts." He snorts, "Unfortunately, here at Hogwarts we have turned against ourselves. Or, that is, certain pureblood families have defied their heritage and become traitors. So we've been sidetracked dealing with them."

Turning her head to face him, Sybil nods to what Abraxas says. "Words can be just as strong as an army, and when people are hearing sympathetic words of those who are talking about muggle rights, muggle-born freedom for magic and that there isn't an actual difference between wizard and muggle….it's just keep growing like a weed in the garden." She pauses, looking in his dark blue-grey eyes. "May I offer a suggestion?"

Abraxas removes his hand from his robe and holds it palm up, giving voice to the gesture to say, "Please do." His tone, of course, is a tad bit frosty, but the Malfoys are known for that sort of thing.

Sybil offers, "You ought to use everything at your disposal to assist in what really is a war of our survival. I don't discount the power of presence, displays of strength and intimidation where it's needed. But have you thought about complimenting your group with someone who would work hard in placing carefully constructed thoughts in the minds of others or persuasive writing?" The Pyrites quite possibly could be offering herself.

"Are you volunteering for the job?" Abraxas says, with a little smile, "I think that's a capital idea. My first thought was a bit of a change of name and mission. We never really seemed to talk about ruling the Muggles here - it was a matter of purity of the blood. As it should be." His voice gets quite clipped as he starts to talk, and he raises one hand to punctuate his points - purity. of the. blood.

Sybil smiles, and while the cool silver glow of the moon illuminates her pale face, it's quite pretty against the light clear blue eyes. "There's a lot of power that can be gleaned by naming something new, and working across the channels to ensure you're maximizing your reach. Since you were so gentlemanly and kind towards me in public, I'll work hard for you and this new group. I see a big future for you, Malfoy. I want to make sure I'm there by you and helping all of wizard-kind. For every muggle wizard relationship, the eventual result will be the theft of a proper wizard in the future that is born a squib. It's an inevitability." She takes a step closer to him, her voice quieter "We need to make sure we protect the future."

"Excellent." Abraxas says, and then offers a little smile again, "Why should I not be polite and gentlemanly. It's a sign of good breeding, or so my father says all the time. He's been encouraging me to keep my opinions in check, at least in front of others." He studies her, and says, "Besides, you are from a family of social butterflies. I'm sure you hear many useful things."

Sybil nods, "We hear and see lots of things. You're quite kind, Malfoy, and a gentleman. It's a credit to your upbringing and blood, I'll make sure others understand. Well, maybe not everything. I wouldn't want too many other girls clamoring for your attention, I might get jealous." with a playful giggle.

Abraxas laughs at that, "Come along, then, let's go back inside. It's blasted cold out here, and I don't want people to think I've made off with you to have my wicked way, at least not yet."

"Incorrigible!" says Sybil with an amused laugh. She holds a hand towards him to take before walking by his side. "Before we go in, I do have to offer one tiny present. After all, I did promise to send you back to your friends in a happier mood. Have you been given your new year's kiss yet? It's supposed to bring good luck."

"Not from you, no." Abraxas says, dodging the issue of a New Year's kiss. He was, after all, in the jungles of South America for the change into 1940, seeking out strange lost tribes and the like. His eyes meet hers, and then he glances towards the groundskeeper's hut. Probably safe, as long as they don't go on too long.

Sybil smirks, "I bet you had a whole line, tickets distributed for the chance. Nevertheless, a promise is a promise." She looks towards the groundskeeper's hut but with a step forward she puts a kiss on his cheek with a press of her soft lips. Held there for a moment, perhaps he can smell her light perfume - citrus fruits, flowers and woods, stirred with an icicle. Taking a step back, she says something softly in a whisper. "I wish you a very happy new year, filled with success."

"And the same to you." Abraxas says, with a nod, avoiding any teenage shows of disappointment at getting a kiss on the cheek. He offers her his arm, and they head back towards the castle.

Abraxas and Sybil are walking back towards the castle, with Abraxas having offered his arm to his Ravenclaw companion.

Gareth lifts his glasses to rub at his red eyes — he really does need to sleep once in a while. "So I only hear whispers here and there, but I'd rather hear it directly from the source. What is it you've done this time to incur everyone's wrath?" He walks along beside Angelus, wearing a borrowed cloak and scarf, his school bag slung over one shoulder.

Sybil is walking alongside the Malfoy, her obsidian cloak hanging off her delicate shoulders. The moonlight is casting a cool pale glow across the grounds and her arm is intertwined with Abraxas. The two are chatting quietly. Her eyes spy two she recognizes, and glances towards her companion to lead introductions.

Angelus, having stopped just before the doors, had wound his red and yellow scarf around his neck and donned gloves. As he walks, a smirk flicks against his lips as he shakes his head slowly, rolling his eyes. "I don't do anything," he responds. "I suspect the reason for everyone aiming at me is because they can't have the number one Star standing against them. Really, it's simple, you just agree with me and we can all be friends." A laugh escapes him, carried across the grounds as he lifts his head, and spies the other two. A smug smile slips against his lips. "Sparks, it all make sense now, though. If the Malfoy's are really half-bloods of course they would have different views than the real Magijugend."

Abraxas continues to chat amiably, until they reach the other pair. "Eibon. Carrow." he says, with the tone of someone saying, 'gum!' when they find it on the bottom of their shoe. "You see, Pyrites, these are the wrong sort I was talking about before. Pariahs of wizarding society. Unfortunately, their social disease is catching, but they haven't learned to quarantine themselves yet, or seek a cure by realizing who their betters are."

Gareth gives a small shrug of one shoulder, following Angelus' gaze. "Self-loathing would explain quite a bit about them, I suppose. Any family that would climb into bed with the Normans would do just about anything for power. Pity, really. They could be using their position to improve all wizardkind, rather than in self-agrandizing pursuits. But I suppose you really can't expect too much from foreigners, can you?"

Sybil listens to Abraxas introduce the pair, and she gives a polite and pretty smile to Gareth and Angelus which might offset the cool welcome from Malfoy. "Good evening to you both." says Sybil. "I'm glad to hear that you want someone to care for us all. In regards to improving all wizardkind, you must then prescribe to the theory that when you dilute the magic gene to become recessive that you rob it of the power it has? The only way you improve wizardkind is by protecting and nurturing it so it becomes stronger. Allowing dilution means you'll create a squib, thereby robbing wizardkind of a exactly what makes a wizard a wizard and not a muggle."

There is a slight movement of Angelus' lips as he glances towards Abraxas, a little curl. A hum escapes from the youth, craning back his chin as though he were the most important person here, right now, despite being the youngest. "Oh, you can't blame the Malfoys," he says in response to Gareth, "if I'd discovered that my ancestors had let in actual Muggles to their line, I'd be pretty appalled myself. How desperate can you be? At least my father gets an income without looking to Muggle society." A smirk twitches against his lips, and he slows, and offers a proper bow towards Sybil. "Good evening, Pyrites." His smile flutters a little before disappearing, looking bemused as he glances at Abraxas and back to Sybil. "Oh yes, I wonder how many squibs a Malfoy has created that they have covered up."

Gareth gives his eyes a roll. "Magic gene, what balderdash. You can't expect Muggle science to begin to fathom the complexities of magic. Besides, I'm not advocating any sort of breeding program, mixing Purebloods with Muggles. Wizards aren't horses, after all. But there's no reason Wizards and Muggles can't work together for a better tomorrow without climbing into bed together." He gives Malfoy a bit of a sneer. "No matter how much wealth and power such a union might garner."

"You see, this is interesting…" Abraxas says, as he glances towards Sybil, "Here I am, walking on a quiet evening with a good looking girl. And all these two can find are each other. Do you think they're lovers? That would explain a lot of things." He gives a shrug. "Your father is a thief, Eibon, and not a very good one. As for you, Carrow, you are such an embarrassment that your family has disowned your entire line, so you're hardly one to talk. If you really think anyone will believe your obvious lies, then you really are deceiving yourselves. Just like you're deceiving yourselves into thinking that you're still Magijugend."

The single girl here, Sybil listens to the boys position themselves with their retorts to one another. When Abraxas makes a joke, she laughs lightly before saying "Don't be silly, Gareth dear doesn't have time for lovers, he needs to study and write more." as if that is a good explanation about her fellow Ravenclaw. "I just see two young men with potential that are confused is all, but they're not without hope." Looking towards Angelus she says "You can't fault them for passion, they merely need to be guided." With a look to Angelus she says "If you take the position of the inferiority of muggle-borns, squibs and muggles then you ought to tell Gareth. He thinks there is no such thing as recessive and dominant genes."

Gareth narrows his eyes at Abraxas, then reaches into his shirt to pull out his Eye of Truth again. "I'm more Magijugend than you pretenders. Initiated by Gellert Grindelwald himself, remember? You can read all about it in my book…assuming your daddy allows you to read it. I understand, of course, if he'd rather you not be exposed to the truth." He glances to Angelus, cheeks coloring a touch (though that's surely from the chill in the air, right?). "I don't know why we bother speaking with this little man. And you, Pyrites. You should be able to find much better company to keep than a family that gained its fortune under the skirts of French Muggles."

"Oh, are you writing in your native language? Because I didn't know Troll had a written form." Abraxas quips, with a droll smile, though his eyes flash dangerously, and grow colder as if mentally ticking off every insult on some secret list. "As for your close personal friendship with Grindelwald, I happen to have read his book, yes. And it doesn't take much to figure out where he stands on the subject of muggles and muggleborn witches and wizards. So, I have a word for you. Liar." He tut, tuts softly, "I'd rather be under the skirts of a frenchwoman than down the pants of some man. But judging from your expression, that's exactly where you'd like to be Carrow. I wouldn't be surprised if you didn't know how to use that wand, either." He looks again to Sybil, and says, "My apologies for allowing such unpleasantness. Shall we go seek the company of proper witches and wizards?"

Angelus falls back a bit behind the curtain of silence, because for the fourth year a few things have gotten confusing to him. He blinks, looking towards Gareth with a tilt of his head, towards Abraxas and to Sybil with another blink. The confusion clearly lasts long enough, but he clears his throat and does his best to hurriedly push back with a self-confident smirk. Looking directly to Sybil and no one else, Gel says, "They aren't just inferior, you can't trust them. And now you're cousin," he glances at Abraxas, "is opening up to allow them to know about us? Is it because he has an interest in a Muggle? Do you really believe he's doing the right thing, Malfoy?" He frowns, shaking his head, rolling his eyes as he looks to Sybil again. "Don't you feel it's really foolish to fight against one another when we should be fighting against the Muggle invasion?"

Sybil says sweetly to Angelus, her tone like velvet honey "I've never wanted anything more than unity for wizardkind and use our abilities and natural given talents to look after all. Power, ability and advantages aren't simply given to be splurged on personal trivial things, we're linked by responsibility and duty to use them properly. But if wizards can't even come together to understand that we must protect ourselves and entire world from being diluted…to prevent the entropy of magic leaving the world…well, we just have to try harder. That really is the possibility with each interaction with muggles, and it will be the greatest crime when magic leaves the world." Looking over to Abraxas she smiles at him, "Apology accepted, even if not needed. You're such a gentleman." Glancing to Gareth before she looks back at Angelus, she levies her gaze over the younger Gryffindor.

Gareth sniffs indignantly, lifting his chin. "You've read a poor English translation, filtered through your family's own personal agenda. Try reading it in the original German with an open mind. But I suppose that would require you to read German…and have a mind." He turns away from Abraxas and Sybil, looking at Angelus. "The Army of Truth in Britain has become an Army of Deception. I'm thinking we need to start a new society, one guided by the real truths behind Grindelwald's philosophies. Perhaps I'll speak with Mopsus, or even try to speak directly with our Headmaster. After the travesties perpetrated by the Magijugend here at Hogwarts, I should think he'd welcome a more inclusive, better directed club."

Angelus cocks his head to the side, looking between Gareth and Abraxas with a snort. Lifting a hand into the air, he sighs, looking towards Sybil. "Be quiet and let Pyrite speak," he says, bringing his head up as he regards the other Ravenclaw, regarding her. A little twitch flickers out at the corner of his mouth, and he ends up giving a shake of his head to glance towards Abraxas and Gareth again. "You know what," he says on a sigh, "all I'm hearing in this conversation is a bunch of inconsistencies. We want, what? To keep our magic pure. Isn't that what we all want?" He rolls his eyes. Then he glances towards Gareth with an arched brow. "Isn't that what we want, Gareth?" He stares up at the boy expectantly for a second before he shifts on his feet and turns to Abraxas. "My father won't give your father a proper apology. Honest, dropping all snide comments and everything, I'm sorry my brother was an idiot. But my father is a great man. He doesn't need to bow to another. Our fathers should be working together, not feuding."

Abraxas tilts his head at Gareth, and says, "Sie sind nicht der einzige der Deutsch spricht, Carrow."1 A slight smile, which is very tight and doesn't reach his eyes. "That's the most insightful thing I've heard you say recently, Eibon. But no. I'm afraid it's far too late for that. I don't think that Carrow and I want the same thing at all. But for now, I think I shall leave you two to your evening constitutional."

Sybil is still with her arm intertwined with Abraxas. "Have a good evening, Eibon. And don't forget about the studies and writing, Gareth dear." giving a departing blessing to the two other students. Looking to Abraxas she says in a cheerful tone, "When you're ready, Malfoy."

"I want us to work together. All of us. Only together will we find a better future." Angelus adds in after Abraxas.

Gareth narrows his eyes again, turning back to Abraxas. "I think you'll find we both want exactly the same thing, Malfoy. No one is a stronger proponent for the superiority of Pure-blood than I am. But what I've been trying to tell you for the last two months is that your methods of achieving our goal will not work. Half-bloods far outnumber us, and sympathy among them for Muggleborns is far too strong. Alienating such a large portion of wizardkind is counterproductive and will only cause our cause to fail miserably. We must choose our battles carefully. We must calculate our words to sway the largest number to our side. Only then can take our rightful place at the helm of the new order, steering our fellow wizards and witches into a brighter future. We are the natural leaders the world requires, but first, they must accept that fact." He glances between Abraxas and Angelus. "How many Carrows are in your family tree, Malfoy? How many Eibons? All Pure-blood families have been intermarrying for centuries. It's how we've remained Pure-blooded. We should be working together, not against one another." He sighs then, shaking his head and looking to Sybil. "I'll leave those chapters in the Common Room for you tonight. I do hope you can talk some sense into your…friend."

Abraxas shakes his head sadly, "Sometimes, you almost sound reasonable, Carrow. Then I remember that you have no idea what happened here while you were at Durmstrang." He nods his head once, then takes the invitation to lead on, heading back towards the Castle.

Angelus lifts his hands up to his face, palms together as he slides his nose between and rests his fingertips against his forehead. He sighs out a heavy breath before he lowers them again, and locks his gaze on Sybil and Abraxas as they depart. "We've got to work together," he murmurs. "We're stronger in numbers, we won't win without allies. This feuding only weakens us." He gives his head a slight shake and draws his gaze up to Gareth. "We all care about the same thing. We might go about it differently, but isn't that why we all wear the symbol for the Truth?" He sighs and turns, starting to walk as he lowers his gaze to the ground. After a moment of thought, Angelus asks, "What do I do about Madeline Evans? She has Pettigrew believing anything she says. Since she believes I transfigured her bird, now apparently the staff of the school believes one wild story from a little girl."

Gareth sighs a bit as Abraxas and Sybil meander on their way. He wrinkles his nose at the mention of the Evans girl. "The so-called Junior Auror? A raving lunatic, and only a fool would believe anything she has to say." He squints a bit. "You didn't transfigure her bird, did you?" He fishes the Eye of Truth out from under his shirt again. "Since Dumbledore has banned this on school grounds, I was thinking of perhaps making an addition, to set us apart from those who align themselves with the Mudblood haters. What do you think of a wreath of laurel surrounding it, symbolizing peace and unity? And perhaps changing the metal to gold, so it's visually quite different?"

"Fools that can suspend me," Angelus returns quickly with an angry twist of his lips. He shakes his head to answer Gareth. "No. But it was a funny prank for whoever did and don't see why everyone is so upset about it." Angelus lets out a sigh. He blinks as he locks his gaze on the pendant, and then smirks. "Gold is for the leaders. My Pa told me it was a bad idea, that I'd be stepping on toes. And I do agree, because I don't want to step on Alphard Black's toes." The youth lets out a hum before adding in, a smirk touching his lips as his head lifts. "I'll make a copy of my own crest and everyone can wear that. Angelus Eibon, Star of the Wizarding World." He lifts a hand to wave it in the air.

Gareth can't help but chuckle. "I have a better idea. How about something new entirely? Three hands clasped, surrounded by the laurel wreath. The partnership of Pure-bloods, Half-bloods, and Muggleborns, joined together for a better future." He grins then, lowering his voice. "Three fists to keep the Muggles in their proper place, though we don't need to tell everyone that particular aspect of it." He tucks his pendent away again, rebuttoning his shirt. "As for stepping on anyone's toes…Since this will be an entirely new club, we'll be the leaders. We'll make the rules. We can call it…The Concord of Harmony, or some such. Something that sounds appealing to everyone and objectionable to none."

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