(1940-01-13) Potions and Plans
Details for Potions and Plans
Summary: Ludae and Evelyn discuss potions before the dinner hour. Angelus joins them.
Date: 1940-01-13
Location: Great Hall

It's just before dinner, and some sixth and seventh years have a free period. One such sixth year happens to find her way to the Great Hall. While there are a few people scattered about the hall, Evelyn is, presently, sitting by herself with books and parchment scattered about around her on the table. Every now and then she scribbles some notes with her quill or flips a page in a book.

Ludae is one of those sixth years with a free period this evening, and instead of spending it in the library today, she finds herself in the great hall. Dinner will be in an hour anyhow, so it makes sense. She smiles and waves to a few people she knows, stops and chats briefly with a couple of others regarding some work for one of her classes. Ultimately she makes her way to the Ravenclaw tables, of course, and spies Evelyn there. "Hello Evelyn," she greets the girl, "Mind if I join you?"

"Hmm? What's that?" Evelyn murmurs as she her thoughts get pulled back into the present. "Oh, hi Ludae." She smilles to the girl as she looks up at her. "Sure, please. Have a seat." She says softly, motioning vaguely to the benches around the table.

Ludae gives a nod of her head and climbs over the bench to sit beside Evelyn, though taking care not to disturb any of the parchment set around her. Ludae's own bookbag is rummaged through, and she pulls out her own books and parchment. "What's that you're working on?" she asks, glancing sidelong at Evelyn's papers while her own book is flipped through to find the page she left off on.

Shuffling in some of her parchment to make more room for the other Ravenclaw's items, Evelyn smiles a little. "It's um…it's a little work on Potions and Herbology. A comparative analysis of usage of certain potions as they are applicable to the development of certain magical plants and how the usage of said potions affects the magical properties of said plants…it um, well, it probably sounds rather drab doesn't it?"

Ludae smiles and raises her brows slightly. "Sounds intriguing, actually," she says, "I'd like to read it when you're finished. I'll proofread it too, if you like?" She pulls out her ink and quill, dipping the latter in the former so she can take some notes on the materials she's reading as well.

"Sure." Is Evelyn's simple reply. "I um…I never figured I'd be, well, asking questions like this. The uh, the way I look at it, though, is that if I want to be a potioneer that people want to go to…I should uh…I should ask questions that might help with making the best potions I can with the um…with the best ingredients I can, you know?"

Ludae gives a curt nod of her head. "It's a very logical way of looking at it, actually," she says, "I want to work for the Ministry's Department of Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures, myself. Herbology is a natural companion to that, of course. It wouldn't make sense to go trekking about in the wilderness if I didn't know what I was trudging through. I would hate to be hiding in some underbrush only to find out it's stranglethorn or something dreadfully dangerous. No, it makes perfect sense, if you want to make the best potions." She grins broadly. "I daresay you might be the best with potions in our year, already."

Blushing at the compliment, Evelyn shrugs. "I um, well, I uh…wouldn't say I'm the um, the best. I enjoy it, though." She murmurs softly. "One of the…the reasons I'm still taking Care of Magical Creatures it that…well, I think I want to be able to create potions to help them. You know, if they're ever sick or injured? I want to make sure that I can help them without…well, giving them something that would actually really harm them." She says softly. "That's interesting that you want to work for the Ministry. It does make…it um, it makes sense that you'd take Herbology as well. As you say, it uh…it helps to know what you're trekking through. And creatures do love a wide range of natural surroundings."

Ludae nods her head, and focuses on her notes for a moment, leaving a bit of silence between the two girls. She finally replies, though. "Well, I can't think of anyone who's better in our year," she says, "I'm sure by the time you graduate you'll be putting that work you're doing now to practical use." She grins again, glancing sidelong at Evelyn. "Are there any sort of ingredients that you're having trouble getting hold of?" she asks, "I'm sending out that letter to the shop in Hogsmeade tonight, I can include a list to see if they'll be able to get some of them."

Her blush deepening, Evelyn looks down at her books for a moment, quiet. When she does look back up, she shakes her head. "I'm um…well, I'm fine regarding ingredients for the time being." She murmurs. "But, well, thank you for the offer to make an enquiry." She gives the other girl a little smile. "So uh, what are you working on at the moment?"

Ludae smiles warmly, still having that happy good mood about her. "Herbology as well," she says, lifting the cover to show Evelyn the title of the book. 'Treacherous Vines of the South American Jungles'. "It has an entire chapter on what to do if you're caught up in Hangman's Noose. Terribly fascinating, if a bit, well, morbid at times."

"That does sounds fascinating." Evelyn nods, glancing at the book. "South America is uh, well, a rather fascinating continent in general. This um, this recently past New Years Eve, my uncle invited many witches and wizards from South America. There was um…there was even a musical group from Chile." That some of the most experience she has, regarding anything to do with South America. "There must be many fascinating plants there."

"Were they any good?" Ludae inquires, regarding the musical group. She's still got her eyes on her book, though, her hand working on its own to mark down important things worth remembering. "There are quite a few interesting ones, I'm sure. This book is focusing on a lot of the more… Well, fatal species that are worth knowing how to avoid or escape. If I end up studying creatures in South America the last thing I want is to be dragged off into the wilderness by some plant wrapped around my torso." Ludae is at the Ravenclaw table, of course, seated beside Evelyn. The both of them have their books out, both of them taking notes on parchment, though they're working on completely seperate things at the moment.

Angelus really isn't all that upset about being booted out of Care of Magical Creatures class. It just gives him more time to work on his favourite and top class. Entering the hall with his pack over his back, his hand at his shoulder to hold the strap, he glances around with a little hum. His lips give a little twitch as he glances over the Gryffindor table, approaching, only to catch sight of Evelyn and Ludae as his gaze drifts. "Hello Steele. It's good to see you again," he offers out. In a little more of a curt tone, and barely a nod, he adds, "Evie." He smiles to Ludae. "Mind another's company?" His head tilts back as he suddenly grins. "Oh, of course you wouldn't mind. Who would mind the company of Angelus Eibon, Star of the Wizarding World?" As he speaks, walking behind the girls, he moves to come up beside Evelyn so that he can greet her with a kiss to her cheek. "Are you keeping your mind sharp?"

Giving her cousin a light pat on his shoulder, Evelyn raises an eyebrow. "You uh…you know that every time you call yourself the star, you just lead yourself toward disappointment, don't you? I mean, you're far from being a Jocunda Sykes or a Merlin." Trust Evelyn to bring some criticism of her younger cousin. She realizes that if he needs anything, it's to be humbled. "I hope my mind is sharp. Otherwise I'll never be able to finish my assignments."

Ludae finally lifts her head from her books for a moment to look at Angelus when he approaches them. "Oh, hello, Angelus," she says, "Heard you've been causing more trouble. Nothing serious, I hope?" She quirks an eyebrow, but she knows that Angelus has been the subject of many nasty rumors lately, and since she hasn't seen anything with her own eyes just yet, she's happy to leave them to rumors. Ludae smiles at Evelyn, though. "You're definitely sharp," she says, "How else do you think you ended up in Ravenclaw?" She gives the other girl a wink and a grin before turning back to her notes.

Angelus looks to Evelyn with his head inclined airily, a smug smile slipping across his face. "Why would I be disappointed, Evie?" There is a little glint in his eyes as his smile turns slanted. "I'm better than Jocunda Sykes - or I will be. Everyone knows that. I'm the legendary Eibon, well on his way to surpassing Merlin." His grin tugs at his lips, chin lifted as he swings down his pack, setting it down on the table as he lifts a foot to rest against the seat. He leans an arm coolly on his knee, tilting his head as he regards Ludae with a curious stare. "Hum. I don't cause trouble, Steele. People only gossip that I do because they want a reason to talk about me."

"Hmmm. Nope. Sorry. I don't see it, my younger cousin. You're certainly not better than Miss Sykes. And as far as legendary, let's leave that description to Uncle Noalan, hmm? You're just the second son." Evelyn pats him gently on the cheek a couple times before looking over to Ludae. "He certainly does…you know, cause trouble. He just doesn't usually admit when he's in the wrong." She says with a shrug as if to say, 'What'll you do?' She does give the girl a little smile at the mention of her having a sharp mind, but leaves it at that for now.

Ludae nods her head. "Oh, I know people gossip. There's a lot of gossip that goes around this school. It's easy to hear things, it's harder to keep them from being heard." It's here that she gives a brief glance towards Evelyn, though not an accusing one. "Everyone has their secrets, of course," she says, while scribbling down some more notes on her parchment. "I try not to give any credit to the ones I hear coming out of certain people's mouths. Until I hear it from a credible source, it's just heresay and hogwash as far as I'm concerned."

For a brief moment Angelus deflates - slightly - as Evelyn mentions 'second son.' He frowns for a second at her, but then smirks and a grin splits across his face again. "It's a good thing, too, that Pa has me - Noah's messed up so bad now, I'm just waiting to see him walk out of the manor for good." The Gryffindor lifts a hand, waving it through the air. "I'm usually never wrong," he returns. And he did say usually. "But one can't expect Evie to follow that since she made the mistake of joining the Mud club. But what can you do?" he asks aloud, smiling sweetly at his cousin. He flashes a charming smile to Ludae then. "Without rumours the school would be pretty boring. Yes, I like your take. You should teach my cousin about that - not assuming something is true until they talk to the source, at least."

With a sigh, Evelyn shakes her head. "Angelus, as much as I 'love' some of these discussions, are you going to demean my choices and beliefs, or are you going to allow for actual studying to take place? Believe it or not, some of us do actually care about how our lives will form outside of school once we've graduated, as opposed to walking around school like we own the place." With that, she focuses solely on the books in front of her, as well as her notes. It's not that she doesn't want to spend time with family, but there are just some things she won't have.

Ludae raises her brow slightly as she looks at Angelus again. "I didn't say anything about talking to the source. Just know that your source is credible. Many of the students here like to gossip, and a lot of that gossip is nothing more than fabrication. I choose what to believe based on who's telling it to me, not how much I want to believe it." Likewise, her attention is back on her book on dangerous vines. "Oooh, here's a fascinating one, Evelyn. Blood Creeper. 'This red vine, when cut, bleeds a red liquid that when properly extracted contains magical growth properties'," she reads from the book, "That might be worth looking into for your project, you might be able to find a way to make your own plants grow larger more quickly."

"I'm not stopping you from working," Angelus returns to Evelyn with a mere shrug. But he grins, his blue eyes flashing with interest. "Only if I owned the place," he comments, lifting his head importantly and rolling his eyes. "I'd sack all the corruption at this school and get it under order." He nods confidently, shifting against his knee as he pulls his bag over the table an inch. He lets out a hum as he glances at Ludae, smiling as he nods. "Credible, too - Evie could learn who is credible so she doesn't put her belief in a little girl's wild stories." He smirks, looking down as he opens his pack, pulling out a potions book and turning to hop to the table next to them, sitting so that he's leaning against the Gryffindor table and facing Ravenclaw's.

"Magical growth properties…curious…" Evelyn murmurs softly. "It would be…well, interesting to know if that has any affects other than growth. For example, if I used it to expediate the growth of a Mandrake root, would the mandrake maintain the same levels of magical properties? Would it remain just as strong? Would it be weaker? Stronger? Perhaps I should enquire as to where I might purchase some…perhaps that is one thing you might umm…you know, ask on my behalf, with the store in Hogsmeade?" She asks of Ludae, unsure. There's a glance to Angelus. "If you cannot be cordial while I'm attempting to study, dear cousin, I'm going to have to remove myself from the Great Hall."

Ludae gives a nod of her head, and reaches into her bookbag to pull out a parchment. There's some writing on it already - a request for the herbology shop in Hogsmeade. Ludae makes a fair attempt to obscure the contents of the letter, however, from prying eyes. It must be secret! She dips her quill in her ink and adds at the bottom of the letter, 'P.S. A fellow student would like to obtain a vial of Essense of Blood Creeper. Please include in my order, preferably pre-extracted. Thank you.' When she's finished she gently blows on the ink to ensure it dries quickly.

A page of parchment marks the place in his book as Angelus opens it, leaving it lying on the table next to his arm as he looks straight ahead at the girls. "I'm always cordial, Evie," he smiles sweetly at her. "I know how to behave, at least." A hum escapes him curiously, looking between Evelyn and Ludae, and at the letter curiously. Only because of her attempt to conceal it does he lift his head - not with a great deal of effort - to peer at what's written on it. The youth smirks, rolling his eyes as he glances back to Evelyn. "Why are you telling me if you're thinking of leaving? If you're going to head out, then do it." He waves his hand unimportantly through the air, turning back to his book as he hums. He swings his legs around to tuck them underneath the table.

"I've not the time to give you lessons on the true intent that must be found behind one's cordiality, cousin." Evelyn tells her cousin without looking behind her at him. Rolling her eyes at his last comment, she turns herself around to face him and, in sign language slow enough for him to understand, she signs, 'I am not leaving yet. But it would be nice if you showed some modicum of desire to study rather than being slack-jawed and lackadaisical.' Modicum and lackadaisical are certainly not words she uses often in sign language, but she has some hope that he'll understand as she turns back to her pages.

Ludae, of course, is a little busy to notice that Evelyn is signing something to her cousin. While she is, Ludae speaks up. "He's not being as bad as that Malfoy boy, at least," she says, likely earning her a few glares from the Slytherin table if overheard, "Some people at this school can be downright uncivilised in their behavior." The letter, by the way, was well concealed but Angelus might have caught something about 'this weekend' and a request for a half-dozen Rainbow Roses - roses that start out white and, once placed in a vase, bloom seven days in a row, each time a different color.

Angelus turns to peek over his shoulder with a sigh, as if it were so much trouble to look back at his cousin. But before he can reply to her first comment, he's to straddle the bench to better watch her hands. He doesn't reply back in sign language, smirking as he speaks up, "I work very hard in my studies, Evie." He inclines his head back proudly. "I'm so fantastic that I just make everything look easy." His blue eyes flick towards Ludae with a blink, considering as he regards her, and frowning as he glances towards the Slytherin table. "Whoa, Steele," Angelus pipes up as he lifts a brow. "Watch how you talk about an upstanding pure-blood member. Malfoy and I have had some disagreements, surely, but I wouldn't say he's uncivilised. I won't have you speaking poorly about him."

"And I do believe that might be that which makes me leave." Evelyn whispers softly as she starts to pack away her school work. "I'll um…I'll probably see you at dinner, unless you're going to uh…to come back to the tower before." She tells Ludae. Once everything is packed away, she slings her book bag over one shoulder and stands. "I'll um…I'll see you all later." She murmurs as she starts toward the doors and up toward Ravenclaw tower.

Ludae lifts her head and glances over her shoulder at Angelus. She frowns a little. "They've got their opinions, I've got mine, Angelus," she says. As Evelyn is starting to pack up her things, though, Ludae frowns a bit. "Evelyn, hang on a minute, I'll come with you. I want to talk to you more about that project of your's, anyways." Hurriedly, Ludae packs her things up as well, getting up from the table. She glances at Angelus a moment. "See you later, Angelus," she says, before hurrying to catch up with Evelyn.

Angelus smiles sweetly to Ludae. "Fair enough," he says with a dip of his head. "But I'm allowed to stand up for a member of the Magijugend, too." He nods his head, and then lifts it as he glances after Evelyn with a smirk. "Goodbye, Evie," he says warmly, but somehow with a smugness underneath. And to Ludae he offers out a wave.

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