(1940-01-14) Catching Up
Details for Catching Up
Summary: Ignatius and Ludae have a brief chat in the great hall.
Date: 1940-01-14
Location: Great Hall

It's that free period that Ludae has before dinner again, and the Ravenclaw girl decides to spend some time in the Great Hall today, instead of the library(where she might ordinarily be found). She walks in with her bookbag slung over one shoulder, heading towards the Ravenclaw table. Climbing over the bench, she sits down and opens up her bookbag. Parchment, quill, ink, and a big, ancient book on herbology titled 'Treacherous Vines of South America'. The book is set on the table with something of a 'thud', and Ludae opens it up to somewhere in the middle, turning a few pages before finding the spot she had left off.

Iggy has been keeping his head down, so to speak, after a prank gone wrong that earned him a howler from his mother. Embarrassing to say the least. So, while he has been quietly working away in his classes, he hasn't been seen much outside of them. Apparently, however, the embarrassment is starting to fade, for here he is, a bundle of books strapped together and tossed jauntily over one shoulder. He pauses near Ludae's table and offers her a smile of recognition. "Say…is this spot taken?" A gesture is made to the seat opposite hers.

Ludae, by the time that Ignatius gets around to walking by her, has already got her nose buried in her book. She takes notes what seems almost idly as she reads, not looking at what she writes but seeming to trust her hand to know what it's doing. The sound of a voice right beside her makes her lift her head, and she blink, and then looks around. "Huh? Oh! Ignatius, hello." She blushes a little and glances towards the Gryffindore table, then back up at Iggy. "You, um, want to sit with me?" she asks, curiously, "I would have thought you would be over at your house table." She bites her lip and then shakes her head, wondering what sort of reputation she's going to get for being so nonchalant about these things. "Um, no, it's not," she finally says, "You may sit if you like." She gives him a smile and then turns her attention back to her studies, dipping her quill in her ink before writing down a few more notes.

"I always get to set over there," Ignatius points out. "Where's the fun of that?" That last is apparently rhetorical, for he throws himself with gusto onto the bench and starts unstrapping his books. "How were your holidays," he asks, making idle chit-chat as he gets everything in order. The books he carries seem to be largely about transfiguration. He pulls one from the pile and draws it closer before licking at a finger and opening it to a seemingly random page.

Ludae glances sidelong at him and nods her head. "Well, I suppose that's true," she says, "Either way I don't exactly mind, myself. Just know that some people might, so don't say you haven't been warned." She barely looks up from her book while talking, multitasking being something pretty much every Ravenclaw is good at. "The holidays were rather uneventful," she says, "Went home to visit the family over the break. The Pantomime was put on after I got back. A fire broke out, you know. Professor Kettleburn had an albino ashwinder under the stage that he'd cast some spells upon. Professor Beery resigned over the whole mess." She pauses a moment, frowning as she looks down at her piece of parchment, but doesn't say anything more. Instead she resumes taking notes.

Ignatius laughs softly. "If I cared what people thought I would be seated at the Slytherin table. Permanently." He makes a little scrunch-face, then examines his book a bit more. The way his eyes are jumping all over the page it probably can't be called 'reading' per se. "And yes, I heard about the fire. Someone said you and Kettleburn got burned. Is it true?" He eyes her dubiously from across the table.

Ludae gives a nod of her head, glancing over towards the Slytherin table. There's a few other students there as well, scattered about like groups tend to be during free periods. "Well I suppose that is true," she agrees. A few more notes get written down and Ludae gets a new piece of parchment ready. "Yes, it's true," she says, "Lara Stuart and I, along with a bunch of other students, got up on the stage to help. She and I dealt with the ashwinder while the others managed the fire. Of course, once it was back to its normal size someone had to catch it, and it was in my hands when it self-incinerated." She pauses in her writing for a moment to dip her quill again. "Nothing so serious that Madam Spleen couldn't fix me up in a matter of an hour or so, however. Your holiday was acceptable, I trust? No fires or giant serpents to worry about?"

"No. But then, I didn't go to the theatre. Which, clearly, is bad for your health," Ignatius teases. He pauses to idly flip through a couple of pages, then offers, "Well done, then, with the Ashwinder. I imagine you saved the day for quite a few chaps. Even if it did cause you some pain in the end." Apparently, he has given up on reading, for he closes the book he's been poking at and slides it away from himself.

Ludae's pale cheeks flush a bit red again at the compliment. "It was a group effort, really," she says, "I'm not sure who got Kettleburn out but he was in very poor condition when he left the theater. Last I heard he's still being kept in hospital, in fact." She looks up a little when Ignatius closes the book. "Having trouble with transfigurations, Ignatius?" she asks, "Never really was my strong class, either. Who's the professor now that Dumbledore is headmaster?"

"What?" Ignatius blinks and glances curiously at the book as if he's never seen it before. "Oh. No. It's my best subject. Well, that and Care. I'm just distracted." He gives a sheepish smile, then offers, "And Professor Pettigrew is teaching it." He studies her for a moment. "I know you are in Care with me, but what is your other elective?"

Ludae quirks a brow slightly. "Distracted?" she asks, "Something on your mind?" She turns the page in her book, still reading while she talks with Ignatius. Of course, it's not unusual for Ludae, or a lot of Ravenclaw students. "I'm taking Herbology and Muggle Studies, in addition to Care of Magical Creatures."

"Just…I don't know. Winter fever, I guess. I feel restless. Like I should be /doing/ something." Iggy's feet shift restlessly beneath him. "Muggle studies? That should come in handing. At least, if the Unity Act doesn't get repealed. Do you like it?" He tilts his head curiously.

Ludae nods her head. "I understand that," she says, "I'm looking forward to visiting Hogsmeade this weekend…" Of course, the thought of her plans for this weekend bring another warm flush to her face. Ludae bites the corner of her lip again, briefly getting a wide, sheepish smile before composing herself once again. Likewise, the question of whether she likes Muggle Studies keeps that color in her cheeks. It's not exactly a secret that Ludae gets flustered around Professor Palancher the same way that most girls do around Professor Kettleburn. "It's interesting," she says, "Not exactly my best class, but Professor Palancher is a wonderful teacher, and I'm learning quite a bit about my mother's culture, as well."

The flush at the mention of Hogsmead Weekend, brings a laugh bubbling up in Iggy's throat. "Mmhmm," he murmurs, noncommitally before starting to gather his things. "Well. Maybe I'll see you out and about this weekend, then. If not before in class." He straps his books together. "It was good talking to you. I feel like there are so many people I've barely met and that school will be over before we know it."

Ludae looks up at him when he packs his things and gets up. "Still a year and a half left, Ignatius," she reminds him, "Plenty of time to cause trouble and form new… relationships." She bites her lip again, grinning broadly at that. "It was nice talking to you, too," she says, "I was a little surprised since you and I haven't talked much before but… It was pleasant. I'll see you in class tomorrow, I suppose."

"Well. I'm glad it wasn't unpleasant," Iggy says with another little laugh. The idea of forming new relationships brings a slightly uncomfortable expression to his face. Tossing his books over his shoulder again, he says, "Yes. See you soon. And it was good talking to you, too. Enjoy your studying." And so saying, he moves toward the Gryffindor table.

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