(1940-01-14) Meeting Forrester
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Summary: Gareth, Ludae, and Brody are sitting down to dinner when a Gryffindore accidentally finds herself at the Ravenclaw table.
Date: 1940-01-14
Location: Great Hall

The bells have rung and it is time for dinner in Hogwarts. Along with dozens of her peers, Ludae walks into the Great Hall, heading towards the Ravenclaw table. She smiles at a few people she recognizes, stopping for a moment to say hello to them, but soon takes a seat near the end of the table, climbing over the bench so she's not right at the end. Though it's dinner, the redhead is still intent on studying, and pulls out one of her books on herbology to lay on the table beside her plate, opening it up to somewhere about its middle. While she waits for the food to appear and dinner to begin, she reads, quietly murmuring to herself as she does.

Gareth has a free period before dinner, so he can often be found in the Great Hall, scratching away with his quill in the large book he's been working on since break ended. Tonight is no different, and as people begin filling the Hall, he scribbles faster, trying to get one last thought on paper. At last, he sits up with a long sigh, using a knuckle to rub one eye behind his glasses, as the other hand pops the cork into his bottle of ink. "All right, Steele?" he asks, waiting for the page to dry before shutting the book.

Brody finds his way over to the Ravenclaw table. He spies Ludae and takes a seat, a few places down from her. "Be careful with the books. Lest you feel like eating your words and studying your dinner." he says, an attempt at being witty.

A little later than the rest of her house mates, Hailey rushes in and has a seat, but she's got a book in her face and is more looking down than ahead of her. This year she has her OWLs so her face is always in a book. Taking a seat, she turns and places it on the table, running her finger down to finish the paragraph she was reading. Once she's finished, she places a marker in and closes it, looking up with a sigh…. into unfamiliar faces and house colors. "Oh!.. Um.. Hi?"

Ludae isn't sitting far from Gareth, and now Brody joins them at the table, as well. She gives a nod to Brody. "Hello, Brody," she greets him, "Being your witty self as usual, I see." She might be being sarcastic, she might not be. Her attention turns to Gareth after a moment, and her shoulders lift in a shrug. "Just… a little preoccupied with my thoughts, I suppose," she says, "But hello, Gareth. How are you?" She knows that a lot of people haven't been pleased with the things Gareth has been saying so vocally, but she's not one of the people who really cares what he believes in himself. He hasn't hurt anybody, after all. It's a moment later that Hailey is sitting herself down at the Ravenclaw table, and Ludae looks at the girl with a surprised blink. "Oh, uh, hello," she says, giving a shy, hesitant smile. "I'm Ludae Steele," she introduces herself, "That's Gareth Carrow, and Brody Niall." She gives Hailey a quick wink. "Don't worry, we'll just pretend you meant to sit with us."

Gareth stuffs his books, quills, and ink into his schoolbag, one corner of his lips curling up as he looks at Ludae. "So…Have you had your little talk with Hephaesta yet?" he asks, a sparkle in his eye. He nods to the other Ravenclaws, lifting his chin a bit. "All right?" Once his things are packed away, he places the bag beneath the bench and stretches his neck, tilting his head first one way, then the other, while rubbing his writing hand.

Brody shrugs to Ludae. "Someone has to carry the humor in this House." He grins, looking over to Gareth and nodding and… looks up at the girl who happens to fall into his lap. Well, not his *lap* but… well. He blushes slightly and offers his hand. "Brody Iolar." He grins, repeating Ludae and offering his hand. "And no problem pretending on my part. A pleasure to meet you, Miss..? I do hope Gryffindor won't be missing your company during dinner."

Once seated, Hailey looks around blankly, her features reflecting her confusion. Looking over her shoulder, she sees the others at her table and no one over there was really looking at her so with a shrug she turns back around in time for the greeting from Ludae. A smile quirks her lips into a half curve. "Gareth, Brody, Ludae." Echoing the names to commit them to memory. "I'm Hailey Forrester." Accepting the offered hand, she shakes it gently. "Gryffindor. Yeah. It looks like I'm safe, not missed." Mischief lighting her eyes. "Hide me, yeah?"

That being brought up so quickly makes Ludae blush deeply, and she can't help catching her lip between her teeth, chewing on it nervously for a few moments. Finaly she gives a nod of her head to Gareth. "Yeah," she says, "She met me in the library after dinner on Sunday. We, um, we had a talk that didn't… quite go the way I expected…" She bites the corner of her lip again, but can't help breaking out into a huge grin that should at least give away that it at least concluded in a manner that she's very pleased with. Her attention returns to Hailey, and she smiles at the younger girl. "Nice to meet you, Hailey," she says, and quirks a brow. "Hide you from what?" Of course, a moment later there's food on the table, and while waiting for an answer Ludae reaches over to pile some onto her plate.

Gareth glances over to Hailey again, giving her a quick nod, but returns his scrutiny to Ludae. "Not the way you expected," he says softly. "But how about the way you hoped?" When she grins, he does as well, eyes lighting up. "Good for you, Steele!" Finally, he turns his attention to Brody. "All right, Iolar?" he asks, glancing between him and Hailey a few times.

Brody hasn't been privy to the Ravenclaw gossip as of late, so has no idea of the conversation between Gareth and Ludae, and it sounds quite personal so he doesn't bother to get involved with it. He nods to Hailey, raising a brow. "Are you an intended refugee or was this merely serendipity bringing you to my plate? I meant table…" Oh look food! He allows the guest to pick first before he decides to throw anything on his plate. He nods to Gareth. "Always, Carrow. Why?"

"From anyone who would make me go sit back at my own house table." Hailey inputs with a quick grin. "It was purely unintentional, Brody, it must have been fate. It means you can do my homework for me, I think." Laughing, she glances at the other two. "Would you mind if I stayed here and ate your food? The company is interesting." Of course she doesn't ask either, about the more private conversation.

Ludae blushes deeply at Gareth's approval, and she shrugs her shoulders. "Maybe, maybe not… Phae has some… history that I'm aware of, but… We're, um, we're gonna try and take things slow… We're meeting in Hogsmeade this weekend, hopefully things will go well." She pauses a moment, and then asks Gareth, "Evelyn and I were talking, and she mentioned that… um… flowers are a common thing to bring for a first date… I was thinking of getting some Rainbow Roses for her… Do you think she would like them?" Those particular roses, of course, are a magical species that starts out white, and then blooms seven days in a row, each time a different color. Ludae shakes her head at Hailey's request. "Not at all, help yourself. It's not like there's a shortage, after all."

"I don't mind," Gareth says, reaching for a ladel and filling his bowl with lamb and leek stew. He gives Brody a shrug, grabbing some bread. "Just making conversation. Haven't really spoken much since I got back. You were what, fourteen when I went away?" Glancing the boy over, he gives another shrug. "You've grown up." Finally, he grins to Ludae, nodding. "Absolutely. Rainbow Roses would perfect. Can't remember the last time anyone gave me roses, Rainbow or otherwise."

Brody shrugs to Gareth. "Ah, no problem. Seems like forever, actually. Welcome back." He says and then turns to Hailey and laughs. "Of all the Ravenclaws, you picked the absolute worst one to ask to do your homework. Unless it were charms and potions, then you couldn't have found anyone better." he grins. "And you don't have to ask me twice." he grins.

"Thanks." Hailey flashes a smile to the two as they both agree. Looking over the food, she opts for some bread and some sort of roasted meat with potatoes and carrots. Looked good. "I thought all Ravenclaws were smart." The words are said more tongue-in-cheek. After pouring some gravy on the meat, she replaces the ladle and reaches for a fork. "Charms is one of my stronger classes."

Ludae smiles happily knowing that her plans for the weekend are likely going to go over without a hitch. "Wonderful, I'm glad that it's something Phae would like… I sent a letter to the herbology shop in Hogsmeade so that they're ready for this weekend. I should be able to pick them up before I meet Phae at Rosie's." She smiles and blushes again. "I'm talking too much about it, though," she says, "I don't mean to bore you with it. Have things been going well for you, Gareth?"

Gareth nods to Brody, giving him a bit of a smile. "Thanks. Good to be back." Glancing across to Hailey, he shrugs. "All Ravenclaws are smart," he says simply, as though stating a fact. To Ludae, he chuckles, eyes sparkling again. "Hey, gotta live vicariously through someone, right? Since Ripley left…Well, there was a boy at Durmstrang, he taught me German, and we were getting along fairly well, but…Well, then everything happened at once, and I was back here in Britain. I haven't heard from him since. Not sure my letters are getting through to him, though Blodeuwedd must know the way. She carried letters to and from my family the whole time I was there." He shrugs a bit, breaking off a bit of bread. "I think the Ministry might be restricting communication."

Brody laughs. "Oh, I'm smart, but where it counts. Books don't work for me. I need to get my hands on things." After eating a bit of meat, he takes the remaining bones and makes some sort of rudimentary creature, watching as it slowly and raggedly walks around the near area of the table. "Charms? Really? Well, it's too bad we're not in the same year. It would make for an interesting competition." He smiles, looking around for something to get into. He grabs a bit more food and picks at it slowly.

"I have OWLs this year so I have so much work to do. It feels like my nose is always in a book." Hailey glances towards the book in question. "Yeah, I guess so, you're sixth year?" Eating a few bites of her food, she looks at the other two as they hold their own conversation, but she doesn't interrupt them. Instead, she glances back to Brody. "Still, I'm sure you could give me some pointers?"

Ludae smiles and nods to Gareth. "I hope that's the case," she says, "It's unfortunate that you can't get through to your… um… friend, but hopefully it's for good reason and good cause, and not due to something more unfortuante." She pauses to take a drink from her cup. Overhearing Hailey mention her OWLs, Ludae turns back to the girl. "If you need a hand with herbology or Care of Magical Creatures, I could tutor you. Those are two of the classes I'm taking for my NEWTs, several other girls in Ravenclaw take them with me, and we've all gotten Outstandings on our OWLs in it. I'd be happy to help if you're inclined." She gives Hailey a brief smile, before getting a few more bites of dinner in.

Gareth spoons sugar into a cup of tea, giving another small shrug. "We weren't that close," he protests softly. "He was just there for me, you know, after Ripley disappeared. I hope he's all right. Ripley, I mean. He must be so distraught, out there alone on the Continent, trying to find the girl who killed his brother." He glances around as he sips his tea, then lowers his voice to a near whisper. "If only he knew she was here. Maybe then he'd finally come home." He stirs his stew a bit, then gives Hailey another small smile. "I'd offer to help tutor you, but I have my NEWTs this year, plus the book I'm trying to write, and Ravenclaws to help, and a career to think about. I don't even know if I'll be going to Hogsmeade this weekend, I've so much work to do."

Brody nods to Hailey. "Oh absolutely. I've got NEWTs to study for as well, but there's no reason why we can't help each other." He grins. "Where are your weakest points?:nods to Hailey. "Oh absolutely. I've got NEWTs to study for as well, but there's no reason why we can't help each other." He grins. "Where are your weakest points? The only 'Poor; i got was in History of Magic. Oh! Hogsmeade. Are you going this weekend?" He asks Hailey, not being at all shy.

"Really? That would be amazing, Ludae. Thank you." Hailey turns her attention to Gareth briefly when he mentions someone killing someone's brother. That sounded pretty extreme and her eyes widen. Reaching for a drink she takes a gulp or two down and offers him an encouraging smile. "Oh no, I understand, I'll be the same way, I imagine, when it's time for mine. I've decided to come back after my OWLs." It's not hard for her to select her worst subject. "Herbology is my worst." Tucking her lower lip between her teeth, there's a light shrug before she answers. "I go every time I can, just to explore the town."

Ludae gives a nod of her head to Hailey. "I'll let the other girls know you'll be joining us to study herbology," she says, "Between Elspeth, Evelyn, and myself, there's not a plant in the wizarding world that we don't know about. We'll be sure to get you sorted out on your OWLs." Looking at Gareth again, she frowns. "That is troubling," she says, "Hopefully he does come home. Revenge does not seem like… very much of a worthwile endeavor. I've only ever heard of it ruining lives."

Gareth finishes his stew, then refills his teacup, nodding slowly. "They were very close though," he says softly. "Twins, you know. Losing Leander was like losing a piece of himself. I don't believe revenge will in any way restore the missing piece, but I'm sure he feels as though his life has already been ruined. Devestated, really." He glances around at the others. "I've never had a sibling, so I can't imagine how it feels to lose one. Leander and I were friendly to one another, but we weren't at all close. I felt his loss, of course, but it was losing Ripley that really sent me into a spiral. But for Ripley…I just can't imagine how he must feel."

Brody grins. "I'm taking Herbology for my NEWTs, along with Charms, Potions, and Defense Against the Dark Arts." He beams and nods, looking. "Well, hopefully I can run into you while you're there. It would be fun to see you with your hair down, so to speak." He stands up, offering his hand again. "Thank you for your company, Miss Forrester. It was one of the more pleasant dinners I've had in a while. I should get back and try to get some studying in. I'll keep an eye out for you." He smiles, a bit of red to his cheeks. He nods to Ludae and Gareth. "See you both in the Common Room."

Hailey finishes her own meal and takes another drink to wash it down. "Thank you, just let me know a time and a place, and then I will be there." Not having anything more to input into the conversation as people she doesn't know are mentioned, she bids goodbye to Brody. "Hopefully I will see you there. Unless you would like to walk with me? You can let me know before the weekend." Gathering her own book, she looks at the others. "Thank you both for allowing me to invade your meal, it was lovely meeting you both." Rising, she also prepares to leave.

Ludae smiles at Brody, and gives him a nod. "Have a good night, Brody," she says, and then to Gareth. "I should be going, as well. I need to get to the library for a few hours, myself." She hesitates a moment, and then puts a hand on Gareth's shoulder. "I hope you see your friend again soon, Gareth. You're right, though. I don't think anyone without a twin would know what he's going through. I just hope that he comes back safe, whatever happens to him." She gives him a small smile, timid and brief but genuine. "I'll see you later," she says, before gathering her things and getting up. "It was nice meeting you, Hailey," she says to the Gryffindore girl, "If you ever need to find me, odds are it'll be in the library. I'll see you around, and I'll let you know about that tutoring." With that, Ludae is off as well.

Gareth nods to Brody, then lifts his chin as Hailey gets up as well. "Good to meet you, Forrester," he says, before leaning a bit closer to Ludae and lowering his voice. "Was I that obvious at that age?" he asks, eyes twinkling with amusement. "Just in time for Valentine's Day, I suppose." When she rises to leave as well, he nods once more, then pushes away his plates to make room for his books once again. "I'll be here another hour or so before moving up to the Common Room. It's always anarchy up there after dinner, and I want to try to finish writing this chapter before I get down to the night's studying."

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