(1940-01-17) After the Storm
Details for After the Storm
Summary: A bit of calm for the Hind family after the flood of soldiers that invaded their chip shop.
Date: 17 January 1940
Location: Hind Residence
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There's been a lot for the Hind family to talk about since the soldiers have left. Over their own dinner the family share stories about the men, recounting Hutcherson's little gaff and his interest in cousin Jen, sight unseen. Jack boasts proudly of his intention to help 'Dump's' father learn sign, and they all agree that it's very clever of the lads to be learning it as well.

It's not until they settle into the sitting room before retiring to bed that the subject of the soldier's intent is brought up again. Jack has his manual that Gavin sent him, and is distracted with pouring over it for the sixteenth time as the others talk. Mary has some darning to catch up on, and Katie has her nose buried in her book again. The newspaper rustles as Daniel turns a page, and it lowers for a moment for him to regard Katie over the top. Folding the paper closed, Daniel looks to the girl. "Well, my girl, when did all this happen?"

Katie tries just not looking up from her reading for a moment, but she can still feel her father's eyes on her. When she does looks up, she feigns surprise at his gaze. "Sorry, Da, I was so engrossed…."

Daniel laughs, in a good mood after the unexpected visitors, "You know full well that you heard me."

Mary looks up from darning a sock, her eyes gentle on her husband. "You didn't honestly think the lad just likes us so much that he came around that often?" Her lips are curled in a smile as she continues her task. "Be happy he's a nice lad, doing his service and going about things properly."

A grateful look flashes from daughter to mother for the inquiry being intercepted.

The response has Daniel settled back, the newspaper opening again. He's certainly no expert at matters like this, so if Mary isn't alarmed at the situation, as she has been before, he knows he needn't be either. It doesn't hurt that he's already known Gavin for quite some time and has noted the progression of his visits going from eating off a bender to bringing by books for his offspring. "At least this one's not quite so odd," he says absently, his attention already mostly back onto the news of the day.

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