(1940-01-17) Higgins and Eibon
Details for Higgins and Eibon
Summary: Angelus comes across Sierra at the lake shore and decides that it's time he apologises for his mistake.
Date: January 17, 1940
Location: Lake Shore, Hogwarts

So after the game while a good portion of the students are heading into Hogsmeade, Angelus, of course, is restricted to the campus. Although he’s feeling rather sulky about missing out on going to the village, he at least is feeling quite cheerful with Slytherin’s victory. He walks with an air of confidence, taking him towards the lake, a grin spread out across his face.

Sierra is down by the lake already, throwing stones, and looking none-too-pleased to be trapped on campus, herself. She had that colt that she'd been helping to school for extra coin - and now she wasn't to go near him for months. They'd practically be back where she'd started from by then! She hurls a stone more forcefully. And, of course, being a traveller she felt more trapped than ever. Oh how she loathes Hogwarts.

Angelus slows in his steps as his gaze trails towards the girl throwing stones. He frowns, hesitating, drawing a step back before he lets out a sigh and approaches. His chin tilts downward slightly, his expression pensive until he draws nearer. “That was a brutal match today, don’t you think?” he pipes up by way of announcing his presence, though his head is craned back in that superior way.

The look Sierra gives Angelus is not a friendly one. It's his bloody fault she's trapped here, after all. She hurls another stone. "Wouldn't know, didn't go," she remarks. "I thought you were too frightened to go anywhere near me. Need another swim in the lake as a reminder?"

Angelus lets out a thoughtful hum, arching a brow. “You… didn’t go to the game?” The youth blinks, staring with disbelief as though he can’t imagine why anyone would want to miss out. But then he gives a shake of his head, regarding Sierra for a silent moment. Chin tilted back, he responds in his formal, proper tone, “I would rather not.” A smirk flicks against his lips. He ends up crouching, leaning his forearms on his legs as he hums. In a much more cool sounding voice, dropping his smugness, he says, “You know, we don’t have to be so against each other. I’m sorry that I teased you. We were both angry and not at her bests.”

Sierra makes a dubious sound in her throat as she eyes the crouching boy. "You brought my integrity into question. That isn't tolerated - 'specially not 'mongst the pavee," she points out. "If a village boy'd done something like that, Colton'd break their bloody nose, if I hadn't beat him to it."

Angelus rolls his eyes and lowers his gaze to the ground, finding a rock of his own in which he simply hurls into the black liquid. “You can very well try,” he returns smugly, followed by a snort as he waves his hand in front of him. A sigh is drawn out before he says more pleasantly, “I am sorry that I made you feel uncomfortable. I’ve no excuse for lashing out at you in my anger.” A smirk flicks against his lips. “I just want to point out that I truthfully meant it when I said you were pretty. I’m sorry that a mere compliment gets you so riled up, but,” he lets out a sigh, “I was also wrong to continue to tease you.” He bobs his head lightly, humming as he thinks, and then adds in, “I’ll keep my comments to myself from now on to you, since you obviously hate it so much.” He seeks out another stone, tosses it haphazardly into the water, and rises to his feet. “I just wanted to apologise - and if we have to talk to each other, let’s try to be civil.” A sigh escapes him and he turns away. “That’s all. I really have no intention of becoming friends or anything like that.” He rolls his eyes and begins to walk.

"Well, of course I'm pretty, but it's not like I need you to tell me that," Sierra answers, rolling her eyes. "Apologies are always appreciated, though." The request to be civil, however, is met with a dubious expression - and no other response.

Angelus merely glances over his shoulder as he smirks, rolling his eyes. “Very well, Sierra,” he replies formally. His chin is tilted back as he turns to face ahead, walking off to find another place to relax.

"Higgins!" Sierra corrects him, before hurling another stone. Bloody hell if she's gonna let that boy run around calling her 'Sierra.' He ain't earned it.

Without looking back, Angelus lifts a hand above his shoulder and gives it a wave of dismissal. “If that’s what you wish,” he returns, his voice raising as he draws further away.

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