(1940-01-17) Hogwarts Quidditch 1939-40, Game 03 - Ravenclaw vs Slytherin
Details for Hogwarts Quidditch 1939-40, Game 03 - Ravenclaw vs Slytherin
Summary: The third Hogwarts Quidditch match of the 1939-1940 school year pits Ravenclaw House against Slytherin House. Final Score: Slytherin, 200. Ravenclaw, 10.
Date: 17 January, 1940
Location: Quidditch Pitch and Stands

The Ravenclaw Team


The Slytherin Team


In the Stands


Arcturus sits mid-pitch, wrapped in elegant black robes and a Slytherin scarf. In for a penny, in for pound, he sets aside generations of pureblood dignity for pride in his daughter and holds a pair of house penants in one hand, ready to wave them at the first play.

Angus takes his place amidst the Ravenclaws, but cheerfully wearing his red and gold scarf. And carrying a large bag, from which the smell of roasted chestnuts rises into the air.

Brody sits on a bench with the rest of the Ravenclaws, waiting for the action to begin.

Kimiko's neck is bundled up in a Gryffindor scarf, but it's a Ravenclaw banner she waves today. It's a fairly obvious choice, when the other team is Slytherin. "Goooooo, Ravenclaw! Skreeee!" She does her best impersonation of an eagle call…

…which isn't a very good one.

Loudly, Akilina has bronze feathers dangling along the 'librarian/sports chain' that keeps her heavy glasses from completely falling off of her small nose. In her hands she holds a strange looking device. It's similar looking to a hearing horn and it's painted in Ravenclaw Blue and Bronze. As things start to warm up on the pitch she cheers which is a very muted tiny yay. After being nudged she remembers the device given to her by Hephaesta and gives it a soft blow and an Eagle's Cry erupts from the small girl and the small device at air horn volume. Blue and Bronze confetti also erupts from the end of the horn. That, Kimiko, is how it's done!

Sitting with a group of Slytherin parents, Arcturus Black puffs at his pipe, pennants in hand with patient ease. Occasionally, he breaks from the conversation to shift his gaze to the field in anticipation, then unfolds a small charmed sundial to scrutinize the time. Then, each time, he sighs and waits a while longer for the action to begin.

Though he isn't playing in the match a good match is fun to watch all the same. Levi sits in the middle of the stands though he's not wearing either teams colors he seems ready to be just cheering good plays in general from the two teams. Its sort of how he is, does it matter who wins well yes but he'd likely end up playing them anyways.

Having been unfortunate enough to sit only a short distance away in front of Akilina, Lara almost topples from her seat at the sudden Eagle's Cry and a shower of Blue and Bronze confetti raining down on her, then turns and looks for the source of this outburst. Registering only the small device in Akilina's hand she rises her eyebrows questioningly. "What on earth…?"

Brody sits on a bench with Ravenclaw, though there are quite a few Gryffindor's sitting in solidarity against House Slytherin. Brody has his firework device set up and ready, waiting for a chance to cheer and use it.

Gareth is sitting in the Ravenclaw cheering section, wearing a set of royal blue robes trimmed in bronze, with a large eagle prominent on the front of his bowler hat. Although he's watching the match with interest, there's a distinct lack of enthusiasm about him, as though he's barely tolerating the inconvenience of being in the crowded stadium, rather than hidden behind a dusty tome in the library.

Angus offers his bag of chestnuts around, and then having said his hellos, ambles off towards the Slytherin stands. Because, y'know impartial Quidditch fan.

On the pitch, Hooch soars about on her broom speaking privately with each of the team members making sure they are all in their proper equipment and each are given a genuine pep talk. Once everyone is in their place and the crowd is filled in she plucks a bit of wind carried blue confetti from her hair. She holds it before her and puts her whistle in her mouth. When she blows it, the piece of confetti flutter back into the air as the game begins. The box below bursts open and the bludgers gnash and pummel through the air. The quaffle flies straight up and Soleil might not be in a position to grab it, she is able to give it a knock and it soars towards Lucretia in a near perfect set up for the younger Slytherin to take the Quaffle and FLY!

The Slytherin Beaters are right out of the gate and the bludgers are quickly hunted down. Lillian with eyes narrowed chases down a bludger and in a strong swing aims one bludger for Elspeth who is organizing her team.

Alphard has his sites set on the opposing team Seeker. With a loud crack of his bat the bludger can barely be seen as it flies. Only when it meets its mark connecting to Idrissa's temple does it reveal it's vicious intent. The game is starting off bloody as there's a sickening crunch and flick of blood is like a red flag that heralds the seeker slumping over her broom.

Hooch is on it however! She swoops in and with one arm slides the injured seeker onto her broom so the girl doesn't drop into the grass below.

Angelus is dressed in fine woolen robes of green and silver. Perhaps he's standing out amongst the rest of the Gryffindors, but he's totally offering the Slytherin his support. Except for the occasional yell for Noalan to play better.

Loudly, Angelus says, "You got this, Black! Noah, eyes on the quaffle. Eyes on the quaffle!"

Hailey has two favorite teams. Gryffindor and whoever is playing Slytherin. A little late though, she climbs the steps looking absently around herself now and then before burying her nose in her book again. With OWLs this year, it was easy to forget what Hailey looked like, being buried in her studies. Moral support though! When she gets to the seating area, she looks around for others from her house and it's fairly easy to spot some. Moving past a few, around a couple more, with muffled, 'Pardon me's' she finally finds an open seat and sits.

Loudly, Arcturus says, "You got it, booboo! Easy does it!"

Loudly, Brody looks back towards the Gryffs and spies Hailey. With her nose in the book, he can't do much to get her attention. he just grins as he concocts a plan, while still watching a game. When Idrissa gets hit, he shouts out. "Intentional foul! What the hell?! That could've killed her!"

On the pitch, Certain things are very clear when Lucretia Black takes to the pitch. First, there is her immaculate appearance: quidditch robes in pristine condition, hair neatly arranged in an intricate braid that flatters her face while remaining practical. Secondly, there's the look that she shoots up into the stands. The Gryffindor stand is given a stare cold enough to freeze Hell when a certain voice reaches her ears. Contempt and distaste write themselves plainly on the girl's features as she kicks up into the air.

As she wheels into position, her face lights up. There's her father, Order of Merlin recipient Arcturus Black III. Celebrity! She tosses back her braid and snatches the ball out of midair, thanks to Sunny.

Off she goes! She weaves in and out around the Ravenclaw players and lobs the quaffle with solid force and precision past the Keeper and through the hoop. SCORE!

The game is off and things are interesting already though his eyes widen as he sees the bludger hit the seeker. Levi stands quickly to watch but she's caught "That's no way to start things." He says worried clearly though he will sit down though before he blocks the view too long. The Hufflepuff seventh year goes back to watching the game back and forth.

On the pitch, Victoria does her best not to pay too much attention to the crowd, except to wave to the Ravenclaw fans. As Lucretia heads to the hoop with the quaffle, Victoria zooms towards her, looking to block but just misses her spot and goes for the rebound. She grabs the quaffle and takes it out of the zone, passing it to her teammate, having it passed back. She goes for the hoop and misses horribly.

Angus ambles around the stands, and then finally makes his way to the Gryffyndor stands, leaning against a wall. He gives a grin, and whistles loudly as Lucretia scores.

Loudly, Arcturus stands in the bleachers, his dignity restricting him to vigorous applause. The red cheeks, either from a touch of modesty at the outburst or because it's just plain frigid out, rise above his proud smile and his eyes gleam with pride. "That's my daughter", he says, quite unnecesarily to the man at his elbow. "Lucretia Black."

The cheers are hard to ignore so the book is lowered so that she can pay better attention on the match. Hailey notices Brody then and offers him a cheerful wave despite some unseen (by her at least) grievous error on the pitch.

Angelus is interested in quidditch. His royal blue eyes watch the game eagerly, and grins at how things are turning out.

Loudly, Angelus says, "Good one, Lu!"

Brody carefully gets up and moves, taking a seat next to Hailey on the bench. He reaches over carefully, closes her book and puts it on his lap while he offers her an opened bag with nuts in it, letting the actions speak for themselves as the match continues. A groan is heard at Victoria's miss.

Loudly, Angus whistles loudly as Lucretia scores. Yep. Fingers in corner of mouth, and everything. Nothing says 'class' like a MacMillan

On the pitch, Bowen aims to impress in his fist game and when he eventually gets the quaffle he makes sure he keeps it. It might not make exactly for stellar teamwork but he manages to bob and weave through the mayhem around him and with bull in a china shop like force slams the quaffle through a hoop. He does spare a wickedly charming grin to Elise who he's just smashed passed. "Nice try Harper. Not like your house needs the points." However when Bowen gets looks from his Captain he gives a small grimace and while Lillian comes in to save him from a bludger they have a quiet word about teamwork and Bowen comes out the better for it and spends the rest of the game including the other chasers in the plays allowing for Soleil to manage another goal herself!

Tom Riddle and several of the young men surrounding him are sitting quite like gentlemen with small wooden classic shaped silver painted shields on one arm. Like knights of old they bang on their shields with green leather wrapped rods in tournament style cheer. "That's the way Bowen. Put them in knots, Nott." In previous games Tom Riddle and his usual gang of friends were in attendence at games. But it seems they have upped the ante so to speak now that one of their rank has made the Slytherin Team.

A smug smile lies slanted across Angelus' face as he watches the game confidently. Even though he calls out, again, to his brother, he really has no doubt that Slytherin will win.

Loudly, Angelus says, "Don't doze off now, Noah. Your team is counting on you."

On the pitch, Victoria regroups with the team as Elspeth gives a quick pep talk/organizing word. Victoria looks as a bludger is sent straight towards the Captain, possibly looking to give her the same treatment as the Seeker. "Elsie! Look out!" She shouts as she kicks her broom out and puts herself in the path of the beastly ball, taking the hit with a resounding 'oomph!' and 'crack!' heard across the pitch. Victoria teeters a bit, dazed as blood begins to trickle down her nose. She slumps over and the broom takes a header, along with her, into the field below.

Loudly, Arcturus stands again, dropping the Slytherin pennant with his hands clapping loudly at the play. Several of the fathers join him on their feet to spark a cheer for the bludger. "Yaxley! Yaxley!!!"

On the pitch, Spleen lets out a "Goodness Gracious!" from the side lines and she points her wand at Victoria and makes sure that the girl's fall is slowed so that she is on hand to slide a stretcher below Victoria to land upon and get carried away to the infirmary. "Madam Hooch!" The nurse cries up at the ref. The blonde coach can't call foul, they've all been good clean shots on both accounts that have connected however severe they might be. "Yaxley, Black…" She points at both Slytherin Beaters with her whistle. "Do remember that this isn't the Pros, hmm? We don't need to purposefully turn this into a blood sport." In other words, no need to actively try to kill the opposition!

On the pitch, Oh good. It seems that Victoria didn't die. The game can continue… And continue it does.

Still pleased from her goal at the outset, Lucretia does a fast-flying sweep of the pitch and buzzing the stands. Angus is given a friendly wink as she passes, her father is given a brief smile. Angelus is completely ignored. That's about the time that she spots the quaffle in midflight to a Ravenclaw chaser. "Well, well. What have we here?" she croons as she darts towards the ball. SNATCH. It's plucked right out of the Ravenclaw's hands.

She flies here and there, dodging bludgers and other students alike. As she speeds towards the hoops, it becomes evident that the girl is in the 'zone'. She feints, drawing the Ravenclaw keeper off to one side before sending the quaffle arcing through the hoop on the opposite end! It's a beautiful bit of athleticism, or maybe just a lucky shot?

Then comes the part that's played back in slow-mo. Perhaps it's presence of her father, but as soon as the quaffle is rebounded, Lucretia strikes again. Like a leaf on the wind, she steals the quaffle and fires an immediate SECOND shot through the hoops for an amazing doubleheader! Five goals total for the Slytherin team! The brunette wheels with her fist in the air as she turns to the Slytherin stands.

In his place in the stands, Gareth looks increasingly grumpy, as his team is slammed (literally and figuratively) by the Slytherin team. He'd never actually cheat by tossing a curse or hex at anyone, but his fingers twitch near his wand anyway, his frown deepening.

Loudly, Lara groans as Victoria is carried away on a stretcher, burying her face in her hands. There is a reason she despises this 'sport.' She prays Victoria wasn't injured too badly and forces herself to look up at the pitch again only to see Lucretia strike again. What a mess!

Angus gives a little wince at the impact, and a glance down at the fallen, then back up to the play. Because, yeah. Quidditch.

On the pitch, Hooch might have gone on to further scold the over zealous nature of the Slytherin Beater Pair this game, but she is wholey distracted when Genevieve gives a wave of her hand, and there is gold glinting in her grasp. Hooch does her best to keep a neutral expression on her face and to school the 'how in the world did that happen!' thought that immediately ran through her shocked mind. It's a mere fraction of a moment's distraction before she lifts up her whistle and gives it a blow. "Slytherin WINS! Slytherin with a final score of 200 points, well done! Ravenclaw with 10 points, thanks to Victoria's brave sacrifice and Elspeth's goal. Stunning game!" She blows the whistle again and the inner banners ringing about the quidditch pitch turn to Slytherin colors signaling the end of the game and the victors.

Angus gives a little grunt, and looks at his bag of chestnuts. "Was kindae brief." He shrugs, and starts mooching out towards the exit. Just as well he's not the flying teacher, or it would be a Hoochmooch.

Angelus has turned to his housemate sitting next to him, his head canted back as he speaks. "…And you see, that's how you play quidditch. Slytherin knows how to make a game entertaining. It's just unfortunate that the Ravenclaw team just can't put up much of a challenge." A sigh escapes him, shaking his head dramatically. "Oh! Well done, Jenny!" Gel calls out when he notices his cousin with the snitch in her hand.

Loudly, Angelus says, "Oh! Well done, Jenny!"

Gareth stands up and begins booing loudly, because that's what one does when one's team loses. Isn't it?

Levi will clap along with the others from both sides, but does stand fairly quickly. It wasnt the good close game he'd hoped for really a blow out and so many people had gone down, its the game of course doesnt mean he has to like seeing it. "Well fought both sides." he will call onto the pitch while looking to see if he can catch anyone he knows to walk with.

Arcturus hands out congratulations to the men around him, smile broad and genuine as he moves around to mingle. His circle is limited, of course, to those others dressed in tasteful, expensive robes and a certain purity of blood. Not even school is sacred ground from politics and the conversations move from Quidditch to business as wives are gathered and people make to leave.

"Do you ever shut up, Eibon!? Go scurry over to their stands and lick their bloody boots like yee wanna. Do us all a favor and don't come back." Comes the irrate 'has had enough' grumbling from Colton Higgins. "Yer bloody pathetic." He then proceeds to cheer and whistle loudly for both teams and all the players. "Good game!"

Kimiko sighs, giving Colton a maternal look and a shake of her head. Scooting near him, she says patiently, "We are above that kind of behavior, Colton. Please don't lose us any more points?" She blinks her dark eyes pleadingly up at him.

Brody gets up and hands the book back to Hailey. "Sorry.. I didn't mean to be rude, but you would miss all the fun with your nose stuck in that book. Are you looking to head into Hogsmeade or are you staying here to study?"

Abraxas is sitting near the other Slytherins, of course. He looks down the row at Tom Riddle and the other young men with him, giving his friends a little raise of his chin before he stands and cheers the team's win. "That's the way!" he shouts.

On the pitch, As the game comes to an end, Lucretia drifts to the pitch itself, congratulating team mates and competitors alike. The only one she snubs entirely is Noalan Eibon. After all, her parents (being from a good pureblooded family, of course) had written into Dumbledore that their daughter is to have as little contact with the Eibon boys as possible. With girlish enthusiasm then, she darts up into the stands, probably to find her father.

A smirk flicks out against Angelus' lips, shooting a glance towards Colton and arching a brow. "Are you speaking to the great and legendary Eibon?" The fourth year rolls his eyes, lifting a hand with a lazy sound escaping from him, and an 'ugh' as, clearly, the seventh year is wasting his time. His blue eyes flick over him with distaste. What a poor, poor soul. He turns away, standing as he begins making his way from the stands. It's time to go congratulate the winners.

Colton is bristling still, but those eyes from Kimiko keep him from doing anything more than a small verbal berrating. "Pidge, that's the only reason I've been doing my best to keep my distance from that piece of slag all year. But he makes it real hard to keep a cool head. Only can be pushed so far and let him get away with what he's done…and doing. Hogsmeade luv?" He invite his Kimiko. "Least it'll be idjit free. Gotta enjoy that while it lasts, right? Let's drift past the Claws, see if I can snag Lara along with…"

Lara gets to her feet with a sigh, looking defeated. Hearing Colton's voice over the general buzz she smiles and tries to get a glance of him in the crowd. When she finally spots him, her expression turns even darker than before as she sees Kimiko next to Colton with an air of familiarity. She turns on the spot and leaves the stands along with her fellow Ravenclaws, not looking back.

Kimiko sighs and nods to Colton, apparently satisfied that he isn't about to pull a Higgins. "Hogsmeade sounds perfect. I'd flip for a butterbeer about now." Apparently somebody needs to get over that Slytherin victory.

With a chuckle Colton points out, "Need to work on your Eagle. While flippin' adorable…it was more a Pidgeon, Pidge." Then Colton looks a bit like a fish gapping for breath out of water and he looks to Kimiko and then back to the dark cloud that lingers over where Lara was and where he got daggers. Back and forth he gawks and looks like he was the one knocked in the head by a bludger! "Wot!?" Like a loyal puppy that's just been kicked he lets out a whimper, "Whaddidahdo!?"

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