(1940-01-17) Unofficial Punishment
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Summary: Gavin's little adventure with being AWOL on New Year's Eve is found out, and his punishment is a bit unconventional. As is his Lieutenant's announcement to Mr. and Mrs. Hind that the Private seeks permission to call on their daughter.
Date: 17 January 1940
Location: Hind's Fish and Chips
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It's been a frosty week in London, and there's still a trace of snow in townhouse gardens. Business is booming at Hind's Fish and Chip, keeping the family busy even to the point of talking about the possibility of hiring on a local girl to help out so that everyone isn't quite so burdened. But for now, it's still just the family, Daniel and Mary in the kitchen making the food, Jack doing odd jobs around the place, and Katie manning the front and keeping the customers happy.

The dinner hour has been busy, but it's starting to wane a bit, and more orders have been for take-away than have tarried to eat in the small dining area. A book next to the cash registered has gone untouched for the better part of two hours, but there's a marker keeping Katie's place until she can pick it up again. Wrapping up an order, Katie chats amiably with Mr. Grange, an old fellow, and a regular.

"And what are your plans for this fine Saturday evenin', Katie-girl?" Grange asks her. "A fine young lad coming by to whisk you off for dinner and dancing?" Katie laughs and shakes her head, "Yeh know that I'm far too busy for lads comin' around. It's nice t'have the evenin' free, after a full week of servin' up t'our fine customers like yerself." There's an easy, friendly tease in her words, and she presents the man with his dinner, securely double wrapped to help it stay warm on his walk home. "Eh," the man grumbles, teasing back, "You'll have your nose buried in that book before the door shuts behind me." He chuckles and turns to take his leave, but his prediction proves wholly correct as Katie takes the opportunity to read a few pages before the next customer straggles in off the street.

It was starting to slow down, but then when the door next swings open and in marches just under 30 soldiers all in uniform. On their arm is badges that the Hind Family would certainly recognize as the same badges Private Ferguson wears. Lead by their Lt. the platoon enters the restaurant and marches up to the counter, a single poppy that the put on the counter and put a crown each down by the register. The lesser ranks file in and stand at ease behind their Lt. "Private, bring in the witness." The Lt. barks at one of Gavin's fellow Private. The name embroidered on his chest and the subtle limp marks him easily as Hutcherson Gavin's bunk top he wrote to her about. Hutcherson salutes and marches to the door and then coming in 'dragged' by each arm comes Private Ferguson. They bring him right up to the counter. "Sir, Mum…" He addresses the owners of the chippy. "It has come to my attention that this place of sustenance has gone above and beyond the call of duty to our service men. My Platoon would like to thank you and award you with these small tokens. I also believe there is a lad by the name of Jack here." A small box is brought out and set down on the counter and when Jack presents himself in rough but good effort the entire platoon signs, "Thank you. Army ever marches on." Seems Gavin has shared Jack being woo'd by the Fly Boys that come in and his platoon will have nothing of that!

The Lt. then clicks his heels and faces Daniel and the whole platoon follows and stands at attention with a click of heels. All besides the three, Gavin and his two 'MP's whom are still standing before the register next to the Lt. The look in Gavin's eyes is apologetic when he looks up through his lashes and bowed head. "Sir, It has come to my attention that our Private Ferguson has taken a fancy to your daughter, Katie Hind. Besides one minor infraction he is a good soldier, will you allow him to see your daughter? After his punishment for his infraction which I hope you will help me carry out. Will you please take Private Ferguson into the kitchen along with his fireteam and give them the honor of dish duty for the duration of their leave?" Seems the Lt is lenient enough to arrange for a more unofficial punishment for Gavin's New Years Eve adventure. Being subjective to a girls father is much worse than any latrine duty or brig break.

Katie's eyes widen almost comically as the soldiers start filing in, the book forgotten as she straightens, the pages flopping shut without her place getting marked again. She doesn't even think to call through for her parents, but with the noise of nearly 30 pairs of boots clomping into the shop, there's no need for that anyway. Daniel and Mary are drawn from the kitchen by the noise, with Jack, who had been taking care of the latest dishes, following out behind them. Surprise turns to confusion as the family watches the men each put down a coin; since war was officially declared they've not charged anyone in the King's service for a meal, although some have left enough to cover their food from time to time. It's a small thing they can do in respect and thanks to the men and women dedicating themselves to King and country.

When Gavin is brought in, Katie's eyes fix on him. The Lieutenant's words are lost on the girl, but Daniel and Mary are paying attention, and Mary signs to Jack, translating his words. When the platoon make their effort at signing for Jack, Mary's eyes become glossy with tears of gratitude for such kindness and even Daniel clears his throat although his demeanor remains stoic. Katie's brow crinkles with concern at Gavin's situation, but when the Lt. explains the visit blue eyes widen again and she glances quickly to her father to see his reaction.

For a moment there's a flicker that might be amusement in Deniel's eyes, and a knowing look on Mary's face. Jack is too concerned with the box to have any interest in what else is going on for the moment. Daniel speaks gruffly, "Taken a fancy to our Katie, hm?" He darts a look to the girl and her eyes drop, color flooding into her cheeks under her father's scrutiny. "It seems someone neglected to mention that development," the man says pointedly, before his eyes return to the Lt. "He's been a fine, respectful young man. Kind to our Jack, as well." There's a pause for what might be consideration, or perhaps just to make the pair sweat for a moment. Then Daniel's head inclines, "We will be most grateful for the help." And then a direct look for Gavin. "And then, yes. I suppose the allowance can be made, if his intentions are honourable."

Within Jack's box once opened is a pin, a blue and gold and white pin. Blue ribbons arch over the top of the pin and swoop down on the bottom. In gold on top is the words 'British' and on the bottom, 'Legion'. A white banner in the middle has the golden letters of 'Honorary'.


Now that the charade is mostly over Gavin straightens up and his 'MP's who are actually members of the Fireteam and will be serving the punishment along with Gavin and Hutcherson all stand at attention and salute Daniel and Mary. "It will be an honor to serve." They say in unison and with genuine gusto. There is an obvious bob of Gavin's Adam's apple when the weight of Daniels scrutinizing gaze bores into him. "Aye sir, yes sir." Gavin's team then all shed their jackets, in unison as well and they are all hung before they march into the kitchen. "Twenty-five regular baskets please. Do put them to work making things as well. You won't be held accountable for quality." The Lt says with a big devilish grin. Thank you again for your hard service, and putting up with our Mate there." As Gavin mentioned, his platoon is about the closest thing to brothers as he'll ever have and they certainly live up to the task! Even breaking the news of intention! This all obviously wasn't entirely Gavin's plan. He mentioned to his squad about coming here for some chips within ear shot of his Lt. who was coming to discipline Gavin after hearing about the 30 minutes Gav went AWOL. So here they are!

As Gavin passes around behind the counter there is a quick gentle stroke of his hand to her elbow. But it seems that part of his punishment is that he has to do this in relative distance to her. So close, but so far! His commanding officer really knows how to take the piss out of a man!

Jack cares even less about things concerning Katie and Gavin as he gets the box open. He starts at once to pull on his mother's sleeve in excitement, and she has to tear her own attention away to see what has his in such a state. His signing is so rapid that no one outside the family would stand a chance of following it, and Mary laughs as she takes the badge from the box and pins it to the boy's puffed chest. She addresses the Lt. and his men as Jack fusses with making sure it's exactly straight. "Jack can never possibly thank you enough for the honour you've bestowed on him," she says in her pleasant, motherly way. "And we'll be forever grateful as well."

Katie's lip press together as her father grants his permission, trying to suppress a beaming smile with marginal success, and she darts an almost shy look to Gavin. Daniel is already putting his attention to the unexpected help that's arrived. "Right then, men, into the fray," he says, moving to hold the kitchen door to usher them in. An addendum is added, "You at the lead, Ferguson." The touch, soft and simple, makes Katie's stomach flutter, but as her parents and Jack bustle the soldiers into the kitchen (with Jack, of course, proudly showing them all his new prized possession) the girl's attention turns to the commanding officer. She's never actually met him before, and this was a rather odd way to have done so. It's put the girl off her stride a touch, but she motions toward a table, "Please, make yerself comfortable, sir. I'll get yeh a nice cuppa while dinner's being made."

The Lt. nods and goes at ease and commands as much to his platoon. They are like a well oiled machine and once together in near perfect unison they all go at ease and when dismissed they squeeze in at tables together. "Sorry for any disturbance." He tells the remaining straggler customers and extends it to Katie and Mary as well. "Just water will be fine, thank you." He is a rare officer that is one of the men. If he had tea, he'd want all the men to have tea and that's too much work to put on the already stretched family. "If you ever need dish washers and grunts Mum." He starts to Mary before he takes his own seat. "We can make arrangements."

In the kitchen Gavin rolls up his sleeves and is no coward when it comes to washing dishes. As a boy he'd often wash dishes for his mother's rich ward family. The chef then was quite the Queen of the Kitchen, and everything was very organized so Gavin heads the effort. Even though this is punishment and they take it seriously for their Lt.'s sake, it's clear they are happy to be here, meeting and being with the family they hear Gav go on about rather than the cantine or brig!

Mary, staying behind to help Katie with the men in the dining room, clucks lightly. "We'll not be giving you and your men naught but water," she says to the Lt. She's not under his command and doesn't have to obey his orders. "Katie, start making more tea, love. Imagine making them go without a proper cuppa with their meal." Katie is under obligation to follow her mother's orders, and she dutifully starts another kettle going while Mary pours out cups of what there already is. "That's very kind, Leftenant, but what would the King say if we were to be taking his men away from their duty. And even worse, if we were to make them toil through what free time they do manage to get?" She takes the tea over to the Lieutenant herself, her smile warm as she sets it down for him. "But if we ever do find ourselves in a particular pickle, your offer will be kept in mind." Katie takes around the other cups while the fresh kettle brews, passing a word or two with the men as she serves them. With all the unexpected help in the kitchen, Daniel has given Jack leave to do as he pleases, and it seems to very much please the boy to remain around the soldiers, trying to read lips as he can and acting as a general mascot.

The Lt chuckles and puts a cube of sugar into his tea and stirs it in such a way that shows that while he tries to be one of the men, he is most definitely from Gentleman stock as the spoon doesn't even clink once against the cup. The way he swirls the spoon is quite an art actually. He takes a sip before answering, "You will be helping His Majesties men by allowing their commanding officer to give them more … creative and good for the community punishments. Peeling potatoes and scrubbing tooth brushes does get so very droll." He smiles and his curled at the ends mustache perks as he smiles warmly in return to Mary. "The tea is delicious, thank you mum."

In the kitchen Hutcherson nearly causes the fryer to bubble over as he's about to add five more fillets to the already full fryer he's overstocked. A smack to the back of the head leaves the Private's hair sudsy as it came from Gavin. "Over crowding it numpty!" Gavin then apologizes to Daniel as he helps fish half of the fillets out to put them in another fryer.

A couple of the platoon that's apart of Gavin's squad, but not fireteam have taken the most to Jack. "Dump" Aka Lance Corporal Justin Dumpleton is the one that most took to Gavin's story about the deaf boy that wanted to serve, Dump's the one that made the arrangements to get ahold of the pin. He is a bit better at speaking in such a way that Jack can lip read much easier. "My father lost his hearing in the Great War." He tells Jack.

Mary hovers near the Lieutenant, waiting for Katie to be busy before she addresses him in a low voice. "And thank you as well, for making our young Private Ferguson's intentions clear. We're very fond of the lad. He's the sort any mum would like to see take an interest in her girl." Raising her voice to normal again, she nods to the commanding officer's words. "In that case, we'd be happy to do a service to the King as well, and keep his lads productive and out of mischief."

Keeping properly busy, chattering on happily as she puts faces to some of the names Gavin has spoken of, Katie has been trying to keep her attention away from the workers in the kitchen. But, now and then, her eyes will stray, and if she happens to catch sight of Gavin her eyes soften with growing affection. It's chance that has her momentarily behind the counter to fetch more tea when Gavin 'corrects' his mate, and she quickly stifles the giggle that escapes her. Back out with tea, and the rest of the men already seated are seen to.

"Now now, Ferguson," Daniel interjects, "The lad's likely never been in a kitchen before, much less a restaurant kitchen. There's a learning curve, after all." Since there's no real rush other than the soldiers, and with the hour growing later isn't likely to be, he's in a position to be able to relax and try and teach the boys something about the business. Who knows, maybe it'll be an inspiration for opening their own chippy at war's end. Daniel's attention is drawn away by 'Dump' and Jack, and when Jack starts signing rapidly, he translates without really thinking about it. "I was born like this," comes Daniel's deep voice with the boy's words, "So it's all I've known. It must be rough having to adjust as your father did." For his part, Jack doesn't even stop to think if Dump knows sign language, trusting that one of the family is always around to be his voice.

Dump looks grateful when it's translated. "Da's an old Gaff and never learned. But I was right up with Kilt when he suggested we learn. Maybe I can force the old man into it now. He just bloody well shouts top of his lungs. Would be a nice bit of peace. Stories Da told, thought it would come in handy in some of those situations. We know the military gestures well enough. But it'll make for easier communication come trench time." Dump reaches out to point to Jack's chest where his pin is. "You did that." Since Dump was speaking up towards Daniel the nickname 'Kilt' is heard by Gavin and he groans and lowers his head muttering to himself as he cleans.

Daniel goes on translating, one eye on Jack and the other trying to keep track of the other lads in his kitchen. "Maybe he'd let me help. He'll see it's not so hard, even someone as young as me can learn it." Then Jack glances toward his father and adds with an impish smile, "Even Mum and Da lear…. hey!" Daniel interrupts his translation with a protest, but he's laughing. "We were motivated to learn, to help our boy get the best of everything. But there's a good lad, helping if you can." There's pride behind the joking, and with a deceptively casual air, Daniel looks to Gavin. "Kilt? Won't our Katie love hearing that one."

Gavin mutters as he peeks around the Man of the Restaurant and House above to try to see if Katie has indeed picked up on that. "Lord I hope not."

Dump gives a nod and reaches out a hand to shake Jacks, "Done deal Mate. He does love his chippy." Sounds like Dump might have to trick his father into coming here to meet Jack, but he'll get him here!

Taking initiative Gavin takes the first five baskets out to the dining room. A very quick wink is tossed to Katie as he passes, out of parental sights! The table with the Lt. and the other higher ranking officers get their food first. There is no unrest about this, it's how it's done. With the tray empty he can better brush by Katie on his way back into the kitchen with a whisper, "Worth it." She is, that New Years kiss was, all worth it.

If Katie doesn't hear it, Gavin has nothing to fear, for certainly Daniel will be only too happy to relate it to her over Sunday roast tomorrow. But he just claps Gavin lightly on the shoulder as Jack takes Dump's hand to seal the deal. The boy is beaming with pride at the thought that he'll be able to do something to help one of the soldiers and his family, and it only further cements the soldiers in the boy's esteem. Daniel has to leave off translating to rush over to the chip fryer. "Listen for the beep there, lads, or you'll be feeding your mates chips burned black as Hitler's heart!"

With the little bit of commotion in the kitchen, Mary looks over and excuses herself from the Lieutenant to go make sure no one is ruining her reputation for being the best chippy in London. She passes Gavin as he's coming out and she's going in, and Mary reaches her hand up to give a quick, fond pat to Gavin's cheek. A mother's seal of approval.

Katie is keeping busy making sure everyone's tea is topped off, laughing with the jokes being made, and seeing to it that all the lads are well taken care of. Hopefully, she's proving everything Gavin might have said about her to be true. That wink brings a blush of color back to her cheeks, and the whisper has her smile beaming all the more brightly. "Go on, yeh," she whispers back, trying to scold him to keep his mind on his work, but the pleasure in her tone makes it impossible to identify it as a scold in the least.

With a laugh Hutcherson does lift up two of the fillets that got burnt and holds them together so they make a rough heart shape. "I know, let's send it off to Berlin, ay!? 'Dear Mr. Hitler, Found your heart. Hope it helps you soulless kraut bastard.' Who knows, we'll end the war and be heros, ay. Ay!?" Gavin comes back in at this point, "Ay wot now?" The Kitchen Team gives a bit of a grin and a shrug. "Foot-rot has the key in ending the war. Thanks to Mr. Hind."

When Mary entered 'Foot-rot' got rather distracted. "You are prettier than your picture mum." Gavin gives a fssting sound and Hutcherson clears his throat and goes pale looking at Daniel. "If ya don't mind me sayin' so sir."

The next round of baskets are loaded up and taken out and in the next pass Gavin whispers, "Sneak out to the Alley with me after service for a fag?"

Daniel joins in the laughter with the lads, and even Jack is amused by the joke, most of which he caught well enough. Mary has been fussing about like a mother hen, making sure that no one burns themselves while they're making light of their sadly charred mistakes, and the comment from Hutcherson gets a kind smile from her. "It's very kind of you to say," she notes, while Daniel narrows his eyes and makes a show of being gruff to the cheeky soldier. "She's quite happy as she is, and you've missed out on our Katie, apparently. But there's a cousin off in Brighton," he muses, still trying to keep up the charade. "She's not much on looks and has an ill temper, but perhaps she'd have you."

Katie has finally put down the teapot, at least for the moment, and she watches Gavin after his passing whisper. When he moves to return to the kitchen she crosses his path, hissing back, "Yeh'll miss yer own dinner."

Foot-Rot actually looks genuinely interested at the mention of the cousin. "Wouldn't say no, sir." There is teasing banter between the soldiers making fun of Hutcherson. But when it gets more on the rude lewd side 'Kilt' makes that fssting sound and it corrects the behavior and Mary is apologized too. "Aren't ye happy yeh had one of each and not both boys?" Gavin teases the abundance of brotherly banter. Which only provokes more banter when one teases, "Yeah Kilt /you/ sure are glad she had a girl." Gavin gives an 'Och, oi!' and flicks some suds into his tormentors face. It's met with a good natured 'deserved that' and the bubbles are blown away. The next and final round of bringing his brothers their food comes with a randy thick with the accent she prefers, "Hopin' ta skip ta dessert." The tray is lifted up like he was getting it out of the way. It's positioned just right that he could steal a secret very quick kiss from her before he continues on like nothing happened.

"You lot behave yourselves," Mary says in a light but no nonsense tone, "Or I'll have the Leftenant in here." She turns back to the task she's started of getting desserts ready, saying softly but not bothering if anyone does hear it. "If I'd boys like this I'd be long in my grave." The complaint is without bite, with more amusement than annoyance. Daniel can't help but add, "No, dear… they would." He reaches over without missing a beat and lightly pats one soldier on the shoulder, and points to the fryer. "Mind there. Out with it."

Katie is near the kitchen door the next time Gavin emerges, and she whispers back, "Gav!" But, she's clearly not opposed to stealing the peck, barely glancing around as if not looking at anyone else means they aren't being observed themselves. She tries to act like nothing happened as well, but the blush has risen into her cheeks again, telling tales on her. Mary looks up from her work, through to the dining room and her daughter. She knows perfectly well that something just happened, if not what, from that colour in Katie's cheeks. But all it brings is a pleased smile. She knows her daughter's ways, and knows that she isn't one for flittering around to every boy that happens to look her way.

The Leftenant is a father himself and he spots the way Mary is looking at Katie and then the way Katie is looking herself and when Gavin comes back out the Private is getting a long hard stare and his every move is watched. "Mrs. Hind, do let us know when the fireteam is finished with their work. 20 minutes to eat for them, then clean up for all. If that suits your ways. This was most delicious. Quite the pleasant divergence from the food on base."

"I'll out the garbage to the Alley." Gavin volunteers as the garbage is full and will need changing twice tonight after the troops are done. He gives a brief pointed glance to Katie as he starts to gather the garbage up. How romantic?

Mary leans toward the passthrough window, calling cheerfully back to the commander, "That sounds perfectly fine, sir. It was lovely to have the company and the help." She turns, making a shooing motion with both hands at the soldiers still in the kitchen. "Go on then, have your dinner." While they're lovely to have around as a change of pace, she'll get more work done while they're out having their meal. It's almost like a pack of puppies underfoot, but their hearts are in the right places." Mary notes Gavin's offer of taking out the rubbish and she smirks. Then she calls out again, "Katie, go mind the door doesn't latch and lock the boy out in the cold." There's a bit of surprise on Katie's face at this, but it quickly melts into her bright smile. "Yes, Mum," she says with a nod, moving to follow along with Gavin. While Mary knows her daughter wouldn't get up to 'shenanigans', she still cautions, "Mind you hurry." She's willing to give the pair a minute to themselves, but not much longer than that.

Gavin looks about as pleasantly surprised by Mary including Katie herself without any excuses needed. "Bob's your uncle." Gavin says with a nod to Mary. Even with his hands full of bag tops he still opens up the door for Katie, then waits for her to go through. Once she's out he steps out and closes the door behind them. There is a bit of shimmying waddling as the alley is a bit frosty and the garbage has him slightly off balance. He laughs at himself, a few times though he goes still and those expressive eyebrows knot above his nose. "Going to spend good time just walkin'!" When he could be snogging! The shame in that!

Katie slips out into the chill air, and as she laughs with Gavin she reaches to take one of the smaller, lighter bags. "Yeh shouldn't be doin' all the work by yerself anyway," she says. "I'm just as guilty for givin' yeh that kiss, I could've been stronger about tellin' yeh t'stay at yer duty." She won't take no for an answer at helping him, so he might just as well give her the bag and they'll get along with this much faster. Stepping closer to him, Katie giggles. "I didn't know what t'make of it, all soldiers troopin' in through the door."

Gavin plants himself several feet away from the trash bin in the alley and gives the bags a toss, it makes it in without spilling and then he takes the bags back from Katie. Once they are flung in he turns and faces her, reaching up to dangle and arch a bit on the hanging ladder of the fire escape in a way that has him hovering before her with that looks he gets when he's thinking of kissing her. His bottom lip between his teeth and one eye in a squinty wink. "What gives you the impression quine that I'd let anything stop me from getting a kiss from those sweet lips of yurs?" His bottom lip breaks free of his teeth to form a cheeky grin. "Cannae have my dessert now, please miss?" He asks it as if he was asking her for some dessert back when he was just the drunken Scot on a face feed after a bender, but oh do his yes shine with desire and his lip goes back into his teeth as if he has to keep it from leaping from his face to kiss her.

Katie tips her head back, looking up at Gavin, crossing her arms against the evening air. "Yer daft, y'know," she says mildly, lips curved in a grin. One hand frees, reaching to pluck lightly at his sleeve, urging him to come back down to the ground. Her head stays tipped back as Katie steps forward, arms crossed again, a buffer between them, to save the poor man's lips from their mutinous ways. A press of her lips has them settled back into submission for the time being, and she doesn't hurry to pull away. When they do part, she looks up at him, then reaches for his hand. "We'd best get back before someone comes lookin'. Yeh don't want t'get in even deeper with yer man." It's only a few steps back to the door, but Katie keeps his hand for those steps, and lets her fingers slide reluctantly from his as he reaches to open the door. Before she ducks inside, Katie pauses, looking up at Gavin. "I don't think there's anything in the world so sweet as kissin' yeh," she says quietly. Then, before she can over-think such a bold admission and regret it, she hurries inside.

Gavin goes through the rest of the meal minding his own and behaving himself, that means he keeps his distance from Katie. But when it comes time for the soldiers to depart after Gavin's fireteam has washed up all the platoon's dishes and cutlery Gavin manages another of their whispers in passing. "Oh, there is Duckie, there is. An'I hope that someday ye'll let me show ye." When the soldiers start filing out it sounds like his unit at least possibly the whole platoon is going for pints. He is invited to go and after he has gotten his jacket back on he looks over at Katie and gives just the tiniest head tilt towards the door while looking right into her eyes invitingly. He does try too very hard to get her to tag along, because they are going to the Dog and Bone and it's a rough place and perhaps she's not ready to see that side of him in its full glory just yet. He know it's not his shining best when he's chugging down pints, singing and jaw flapping with his brothers. The kitchen banter was the rated G version of what they get up to at the Dog N' Bone.

It's a good thing that Gavin didn't manage that whisper sooner. While Katie may not have experience, she does have knowledge enough to know what he means. It sends a thrill through her, a mixed sensation of excitement and trepidation for the unknown. She keeps the distance between them as he shrugs into his coat, but watches him from behind the counter. Her parents and Jack are saying goodbyes around to the men, so no one catches the silent exchange as Katie gives her head a brief shake in return to the invitation. She's smiling, doesn't look to mind that he's going out with the mates. There's a glance to Daniel to further indicate that it's hardly likely he would like sending his daughter out to a pub with the local boys in uniform. Before her eyes return to Gavin, Katie looks around, finds no one but Gavin paying her any attention, and she lifts her hand, kissing the fingertips before tilting it, pursing her lips to blow a puff of air to carry the kiss across to him. Silently she mouths 'Have fun'.

Gavin gives her a wink, he figured it was a long shot. He puts his hand up and his fingers and hand make a duck quacking sort of wave and then he gives the 'cheek' of the duck a kiss and smiles more at the blown kiss. He'll kiss a duck hand puppet standing in for her, but he won't go too far out of quirky and into sappy by reaching to take the floating kiss. The duck hand then lifts higher and turns into a normal wave. "Thank ye for being good sports Hind family. See ye fine folk in the morning. After which…" He strides a bit closer so he's not calling across the shop. "…might I take Katie out to Limehouse for dinner?" After he's sobered up of course. She'll also probably realize that it's Duck for dinner, cause Limehouse is London's China Town and that's where he got their Peking ducks for their 'first date-ish thing'.

Katie grins at Gavin's ducking about, and her eyes turn hopeful as permission to escort her out tomorrow is asked. Daniel considers a moment, his arm around Mary's shoulders lightly, before he nods. "You know her curfews and I know you'll mind them. We'll see you when you pick her up." Because he's fully expected to come up to the flat and collect her. Mary steps away from Daniel to move to Gavin, giving him a motherly hug as she makes a mental note to have something ready for him to take back to the men with him when he goes back tomorrow. Maybe a chocolate sponge. Jack has been proudly shaking hands with his badge still in place on his chest. It wouldn't be surprising if the boy were to sleep with it on his pyjamas. A manly shake of Gavin's hand, and Jack looks to all the men and signs easily Army ever marches on. Yes, they have a new mascot. Katie saves her last goodbye for Gavin as well, distance kept between us but a warmth in her voice that carries to him. "I'll see yeh tomorrow, Gavs." As the men are filing out, Daniel turns and looks at his daughter. "And when did this happen?" The father is always the last to know.

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