(1940-01-18) Not an Item
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Summary: Idle Sunday breakfast chatter between houses.
Date: 18 January 1940
Location: The Great Hall

Brody makes his way down the staircase and into the Hall, finding an empty spot at the Ravenclaw table. The mutterings range from the Quidditch match yesterday all the way to wait the students did in Hogsmeade yesterday, and their plans for today. Brody sits quietly for now, contemplating the day as he waits for the food to be served.

Not being that far from the Great Hall, some Hufflepuffs still seem to wander in later than most. Melody is part of a group from that house who come in together, all girls, and they head for the Hufflepuff table. There are hellos said to friends in other classes, and Melody heads right for a seat on the side that backs up to the Ravenclaw table. "Hallo Iolar," she chirps to a yearmate as she settles with her back to her own table for now, until the food comes.

It seems that not all of those students slept well either or were trying to study and things to have a free Sunday. Levi fits into this group he shows up even a little more late then Melody though he looks refreshed enough he moves towards his house table "Morning Melody." he looks to the one she's speaking with taking a sec to place the name "Iolar, sorry still waking up." he chuckles a bit though watches the other friendly as ever.

Brody nods and looks over as he's called. "Hey Abernathy." He says quietly, turning around. "A pleasant morning." He says, by way of either a blessing or a statement to the girl. he smiles and waves as Levi arrives. "Esmond." He says, in greeting. "So, being impartial, what do you two think of yesterday's match? I haven't been able to see Idrissa or Victoria yet."

Melody's head turns, her bright, toothy smile going to her straggling housemate. "Hallo, Levi," she greets cheerfully. "You look like the cat dragged you in." It could sound like an insult from some, but from Melody it's more of a dreamy observation without barb behind it. She looks past him, still not seeing her little brother, and returns to the conversation at hand. "It was a very short game."

Levi the young man's nose crinkles up and he shakes his head "I meant to check on them, hope they are alright." He comments on the players hurt first before looking to Melody nodding with a smile he doesn't take it as an insult from her. "I stayed up late getting my studying done and a paper written wanted to have today off, any plans for today?" he says turning to look back at Brody at the question. "I was hoping for a good game to watch is all, it wasn't a very good one sorta a blowout with the seeker going out so early on." he shakes his head.

Brody nods to the both, as they both seem to reach a consensus on the brevity of the match. "And that Black girl was phenomenal. I just think it was rather brutal how they were both taken out, almost immediately, but then the entire match was immediate." He shrugs, looking as the food is served. "I was supposed to go into Hogsmeade with Hailey, but that seemed to have been derailed for some reason. Perhaps we'll try again today."

Melody sighs softly, "Myrus is crabby after the match. We were going to Hogsmeade today, but I don't know if he'll be in the mood for going to the village now." It's a momentary grump herself, dispelled in the next breath. "So maybe I'll spend the day with Eoin or study or something." The name Hailey isn't familiar to her, but Melody nods agreeably. "Hopefully you will, it should be a lovely day for a walk, if a bit cold." Her attention swivels smoothly, one thing seldom keeping her focus for very long. "Levi, what are you going to do with your free time?"

"It will be interesting when I play Slytherin, I mean if they are out to knock seekers out early and the like." Levi says seeing as he's his house's seeker and all but he's got high hopes for his final year and so he's hopeful. "Ah, well hopefully the trip works out today then. I thought about going down yesterday but wasn't sure so stayed in." He looks to Melody at her words "Sorry your plans got changed, I thought about going down today if Myrus isn't up for it would you want to head down can take our instruments or something?" he offers.

Brody nods to Levi. "Yeah, definitely take what happened yesterday to heart and get in some defensive practice. The girls were in the infirmary for the entire day going through healing." He winces, sympathetically. He quiets as he turns, beginning to eat while the other two make plans.

Melody doesn't look very put out, but she hardly ever does. She nods to Levi's offer, "That'd be lovely. I don't like to leave him just stew, but sometimes he just needs to." But, everyone does from time to time. "I went in Friday night, though, so if I don't make it back to the village it won't be the end of the world." Her eyes turn curious a moment as Brody turns away, but her own attention doesn't linger, quickly drifting on.

Levi nods to Brody "I'll do that, dont want seventh year to be the year I was knocked off my broom into the dirt. If I can help it at least." He agrees about the more training, not wishing to be rude of course he answers but also turns back to Melody "Yeah sometimes you just need a bit of time really." he agrees about this though he also adds "Doesnt have to be Hogsmead if you'd rather not be too far away can go down to lakeshore or something?" he says smiling friendly still.

Brody turns back over, overhearing. "Be careful down there. Don't get too close to the ice. Don't know how thick it is. Hailey almost fell in the other day. It's cold, but not cold enough." He eats a bit of toast.

"That sounds lovely," Melody muses with what amounts to enthusiasm from her. "When it's clear it's very nice by the lakeshore and Eoin could come too." And if Myrus got done with his bad mood he could come by too. She looks to Brody again, her head tilting. "I wouldn't ever go onto the lake without someone saying we could. That's dangerous."

"Will do, and yeah not sure i'd ever trust it fully unless the teachers froze it over on purpose or something." Levi says truthfully "Well i'm glad she didnt end up falling in that'd be quite miserable to be certain." He comments though it'd be dangerous more so then just miserable but no need to drag the conversation that way. "Of course he's welcome." he adds to Melody though he probably means Eoin *ahem*

Brody nods, face turning downward. "it was an accident. My fault. A prank went too far, but I caught her." He leaves it at that. Just be careful by the shore. Lots of snow, and lots of students making snow angels." He turns back to the table and eats some more.

Apparently that's enough to distract Melody entirely, as all her focus seems to center on one thing. "Oooooo, I love snow angels. The faeries make snow angels with real wings, they're just brilliant, but I have to take off my cloak when I do them because the sleeves make my angels look squishy and off." Some of those thought may not seem exactly connected, but they all flow in Mel's head. She reaches behind her, the food now on the tables, and snags a roll without looking back, bringing it for an immediate bite.

Levi nods to the words about the prank but doesnt press further. He does grin about the second part though seeming to share the thought with Melody. "Snow angels sound fun, though I imagine that one must also have something warm to drink on hand for afterwards." he listens to his housemates words about her cloak and as per his normal doesnt seem to think it odd "Hm I suppose I can see where the sleeves would give it a different look." he comments easily before he too grabs some food to munch.

Brody nods. "Well, if things don't work out in Hogsmeade, maybe I can swing by and see how you're all doing. It's not like I want to spend my weekend studying or anything." He says, as most of the Ravenclaw table looks at him incredulously. "Maybe I'll bring Hailey around, since you all seem to look at me as if I'm talking about someone imaginary."

"Oh, do," Melody says with a nod, back from wherever it is she goes when her mind wanders. "It's always nice to have more people around. And Levi is brilliant with his guitar." She rips a piece off the roll and pops it into her mouth. Just when it seems as if she's done talking for the moment, she adds with a look to Levi, "We could bring something warm to drink. It'll almost be a party."

"That would be cool." Levi says to Brody though he chuckles a little "I don't think i've met Hailey, what year and house is she in? I dont think she's made up though." He says honestly though looking back his cheeks color a little at the compliment from Melody "Dont let her fool you, she's twice as talented with her flute." he says though he does smile at the other idea "That does sound excellent sort of a winter party/picnic."

Brody nods, listening. "That does sound like an idea. Better than Hogsmeade perhaps." He grins and looks to Levi. "Fifth year Gryff." he says. "Just met her recently. It's not like we're an item or anything. We just like to hang out." He gets up after finishing his meal. "I should get back up to the tower for now. Have a great day if I don't see the both of you later."

The prospect of a party is appealing to almost any Hufflepuff, indeed to almost any sixteen year old, and Melody looks excited at the prospect. "It does sound like more fun," she says with a little clap that squishes the rest of her roll. Her head tilts, looking up as Brody rises, "Alright, see you." She busies herself for a minute with trying to re-fluff her roll in vain, before she says to Levi, hopefully once Brody is out of earshot, "When people say 'we're not an item' they're almost always an item." A rare moment of insight from the young witch.

"Likewise." Levi says as the other as he moves off back to his own common room. He looks back to his housemate and the clap which takes out her roll "It does, hmm so something warm to drink, maybe something to eat? What do you think is best?" he asks though the insight she gives makes him chuckle a little "I've noticed that, or if not right then well on the way to be." he agrees with her.

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