(1940-01-19) Then He'd Be Gone
Details for Then He'd Be Gone
Summary: Angelus notices Elspeth approaching and offers her a chance to get rid of him.
Date: January 19, 1940
Location: Entry Hall, Hogwarts

After classes have finished Angelus walks across the entry hall, passing a few other students. There aren’t many students who linger in the grand entrance hall, but the boy walks with the self-importance that he so often possesses. It must just come natural to him, because he barely even thinks about it, instead donning a rather pensive and concerned look.

Although she isn't rushing, Elspeth trots down the stairs briskly. Her hand rests on the body of her satchel so that it doesn't bounce against her hip. As usual, her bearing is slightly diffident, but alert as she scans the students around her, and threads her way through any traffic without any bumping incidents.

Angelus’ royal blue eyes catch sight of Elspeth coming down the stairs and he slows, letting out a hum as he considers. His lips twitch lightly as he sweeps his gaze once around the hall, and then letting out a breath he finishes his approach to the stairs. “Rosen,” he pipes up - not loud, but just enough for her to hear him. “And how would you like to have the chance to see me booted out of school for a time?” His chin lifts slightly, gauging her as he tilts his head an inch.

Slowing at the sound of her name, Elspeth's gaze zeroes in on Angelus. "What would I be wanting that?" she asks curiously. "Eibon, you are not thinking of doing anything… drastic, are you?" Her brows draw together with an expression close to concern, maybe even tinged with worry.

Angelus snorts out, followed by a hearty laugh. Tilting his head a little as he eyes Elspeth, he says, “Oh, don’t give me that. I know you really would love to see me out of this school. Sparks, some people would only wish it were permanent.” The boy lets out a breath and lifts a hand, waving it front of him with a sharp flick. “Well, no,” he answers her, dipping his head a bit. “Maybe.” His lips flicker with a touch of amusement. “I know you. You’ll go to Pettigrew. So go tell her that I shot a spell on you or Evans.” He cuts off for a moment on a hum, considering before he adds in, “Unless you really need me to this time if you’re uncomfortable with lying.” He moves his hand into his robes, reaching to his shoulder, but he keeps it there, keeping it as only a suggestion that he’s reaching for his wand for now.

"Since you are knowing I am uncomfortable with lying, then you are knowing that if I am saying I am not wanting you to be suspended, then I am telling you the truth," Elspeth replies mildly. She doesn't respond to his reach, hand still resting on her satchel. "I am understanding why some people are wanting you gone, but that is not meaning I am one of them. What is bothering you this time?"

Angelus regards Elspeth for a time, gauging her as his hand remains buried in his robes at his shoulder. His lips twist lightly, tilting his head. “You don’t?” he says questionably as he arches a brow, sounding doubtful. “Well, I’m only giving people what they want.” His eyes glance around the entry hall uncertainly, his arm that crosses in front of him shifting slightly while his hand is unseen, hesitating. As his hand falls away - empty - as he glances away from the sixth year the boy lets out a rather shaky sounding breath. As Gel looks back to her, his chin is tilted back royally. “Go do whatever it is you need to do.” His hand lifts, drifting forward in a dismissive gesture before he whips around and he half stalks, half walks with a graceful arrogance.

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