(1940-01-20) Out of the Hall
Details for Out of the Hall
Summary: Angelus is escorted out of the hall after being too vocal.
Date: January 20, 1940
Location: Entry Hall, Hogwarts (Heading Upstairs)
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"Sometimes, Angelus Xian Eibon you need to open your eyes and see what is right in front of your face. You are too busy looking at yourself and what has happened to you that you are not looking at your family. Your father is under attack by the Malfoys, and here you are standing up in the Great Hall giving credence to the claim the Malfoys are making that Noalan Eibon II is unable to keep his sons under control." Elspeth's voice is tight and low, so that should anyone pass, they can't hear the change in her grammar. "I do care about the reputation of the Eibons, and had I known what would happen after the Malfoy Christmas Party I would not have gone. I would have been happy just going to the Eibon New Year’s Eve as usual."

Angelus strides across the entry hall proudly. He turns his head to lock a chilled gaze on Elspeth as she starts, his lips twitching in contempt. He snorts and turns to look ahead again, intending to set the pace of the walk despite the fact that they probably didn’t have to hurry. “I am trying to get this school back to the way it was meant to be,” he declares assuredly. Upon stepping up onto the first step of the stairs, he reaches out to the rail and swings slightly to lock a cold stare on Elspeth. “Our fathers - mine and Malfoy’s, I mean - are being completely unreasonable. Quarrelling when they should be working together.” The youth snorts out again, eyeing Elspeth as his lips curl. “Oh, please - the Malfoys only needed a reason to start a feud with our family, even if it wasn’t very good - they’ve been conspiring with Muggles for ages. You’re attendance only brought out their insecurities. Not that I agree, but you’re hardly a problem, Rosen.”

"By 'the way it was meant to be' am I to assume that you mean muggle born being segregated with lesser food and classes again?" Elspeth asks, her voice returning to its neutral, emotionally devoid tone. She shakes her head, unmoved by the cold stare, and had no problem keeping the pace. "Because that is what every muggle born is thinking in the Great Hall, now. As I said, you are paying more attention to yourself than you are…" then she breaks off in a little chuckle and shakes her head. "That is what this is about, is it not?" She shakes her head again. "Oh, Eibon, if only you were knowing what it is like to be hated for something you have done. Maybe you would learn to stop doing things to make people hate you."

Angelus lets out a snort, shaking his head. “No,” he interjects. “The segregation wasn’t the way to go. I said when Dippet was Headmaster. Flint didn’t know what he was doing.” His lips twist and he turns back to climb the stairs, saying nothing more even as his mouth twitches at the want to add more. He’s only up one flight of steps when he lets out a short laugh, glancing at Elspeth and piping up. “No one hates me. They look on at me, the great Star, with awe.” His feet carry him up the stairs, and he’s headed towards the sixth floor, assuming that’s where they’re headed and he can wait for Enid there.

"I /know/ that is what you meant, but not everyone in the Great Hall is as discerning as I am. The reference to Headmaster Dippet is going to be lost by the mention of 'they are destroying the school'. You are not so blind as to not realize who everyone thinks you mean by 'they', are you?" Elspeth's pace easily keeps up with his. "If that were true, Eibon, then you would not need to make a fuss in the Great Hall, now, would you?" She shrugs once, although she doesn't actually say the words 'suit yourself'.

“Let them think what they like,” Angelus returns sharply. “They’ve already got wild stories floating around.” He continues to walk, not slowing down as his feet reach the corridor. “Hush, let me think,” he murmurs out as he lowers his eyes to the floor ahead of him. As the youth eyes the floor his pace begins to slow, his head lifting to glance around the hall and over the portraits. Pausing, and stepping off to the side without a word to Elspeth, Gel tests the knobs of the doors and letting out a, “Sparks,” when they appear to be locked. Instead, he simply moves off to the side near enough to where Enid’s office is, gesturing Elspeth to follow. “Did you have enough to eat?” he asks this with a defeated tone.

Standing in the hallway, Elspeth waits patiently as Angelus checks all the doors, knowing what he's going to find. She's patient, letting him expend his energy. When he finally asks, she shrugs. "Evelyn will be bringing me more food, if I am not eating enough," she replies mildly. "Perhaps you are ready to be going to the Gryffindor Common Room? I am being sure that Professor Pettigrew will be looking for you there when she is finished eating her meal."

Angelus suddenly produces a roll, which he obviously had grabbed before he was dragged out, and smirks as he hands it out toward Elspeth. He regards her quietly at her question, and the nods simply, turning back to the stairs.

With a little smile, and a little bemused shake of her head, Elspeth takes the roll. "Thank you, Eibon," she says quietly to the boy, nibbling at it as she watches him head to the stairs. Once he seems to be headed in the right direction, she turns to make her way to her own common room.

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