(1940-01-24) Of Owls, Brothers, and Misunderstandings
Details for Of Owls, Brothers, and Misunderstandings
Summary: Lizette confronts Sybil about why she hasn't written back to Gus!
Date: 1940-01-24
Location: Study Area

Abraxas takes it with a small nod, "Thank you. I shall keep it safe." Tucking away whatever Sybil has just handed him, he smiles and then politely kisses her hand, "It has been enchanting as always."

Sybil smiles, a little pinkness coming to her fair cheeks at the kiss to her hand. "Thank you, Malfoy." before she withdraws her hand to her side.

Into this little room (well… little for a castle, anyway) walks a first-year waif of a girl, very Dickensian, with her blonde hair and great big grey eyes. Dressed in Gryffindor colors, she's lugging an armful of books and paper and scrolls. Unbeknownst to her, one of her scrolls has begun to unravel, and trails behind her with a soft hissing noise. If either of these students has bothered to get to know the firstie's names, they'd recognize her as one Lizette Rousseau, the younger sister of a former student. Her mother died the winter before she began school — murdered, in fact! The fact explains her wide-eyed expression and the absence of her older brother, Gus, who would be a seventh year, by now.

Abraxas drops his hand to his side as he straightens. "You're welcome." he repeats again. "So, I'll see you for that Astronomy study tomorrow? For right now, I think I'm going to call it an early night." He looks over just as the Firstie comes in, and gives a curt nod. He wouldn't know her from Adam, of course.

Sybil says, "Ta ta, Malfoy. Tomorrow night, astronomy studies. Remember a quill, parchment and a candle within a lantern if possible with deep red glass so we don't lose our night sight." She smiles to him before she heads to her plush chair to sit down, retrieving her book she left and as the young girl comes she smiles and says "Hello there, darling!"

With her arms still quite full of books, Lizette almost drops a curtsy, but catchers herself just in time and gives Malfoy a nod, back. "Mr. Malfoy," she greets, her tone respectful and light. Her head swivels around toward Sybil and she blinks a couple of times. "Er… hello, Miss Pyrites," she returns, but for some reason her back stiffens a bit, just a little, along with her tone.

Sybil grins, watching the antics of the young girl. "Why don't you rest those books on the table here with mine?" as there are stacks of advanced transfiguration, potions, charms, divination and other books that crowd the table where Sybil is at. "How's your classes going now that we're back from winter holiday?"

"Good evening." Abraxas says, with the same curt, aristocratic politeness. After all, the Firsties of his own house are pretty much beneath notice, unless his prefect duties require otherwise, so the ones from other houses are even moreso. He nods one last time to Sybil, "Bet on it." And then he vanishes back out into the moving staircase.

A little war of emotion flickers across Lizette's face. Then she sets her books down, and plants her hands on the table, and stares hard at Sybil. "Why didn't you ever write back to my brother?" she demands. "He was ever so disappointed. He thought you two could be friends, at least. It's perfectly horrible how everyone he thought liked him just stopped talking to him after he left here. But he's the best big brother in the entire world and if it wasn't for him I don't know what Papa and I would have done. So it's not nice or fair at all." She sure does use a lot of italics when she speaks!

Sybil looks confused as Lizette's protestations begin to flood out, but the Pyrites listens intently. "O dear, I think there's some mistake. I've written to your brother now twice, however when I didn't receive a message back I thought perhaps he was in a polite way to say it…busy. Here, come sit down and lets talk."

Now Lizette looks confused. She slowly comes out from behind her little stack of books, half-trips over the trailing parchement, tidies that up and finally makes it to the seat. "Well… he wrote back to you ages ago. When you didn't reply he thought that you'd decided not to be his friend, after all. He's always being disappointed like that." Lizette pouts a little. "But he's so nice, I don't understand why."

Sybil says, "Well then I will just make sure to write to your brother this evening a very nice letter, and make sure to note that it was due to your devotion to him and checking in on me. Is that alright with you?"

Suddenly Lizette is all smiles. "Yay!" she says, all happy now. "It is alright with me. Thank you!" She gives a little bounce. "I know he'll be happy to hear from you." Then she straightens. "His owl must've gotten lost," she says, just thinking of it.

Sybil says, "Or someone was playing a terribly nasty trick on taking mail that isn't for them. These things happen, and it can all be fixed with me sending a letter to him. I was thinking that perhaps he wasn't really wanting to speak with me again, and if you can keep a secret, that was making me a bit sad."

"Oh," Lizette says, not having thought of someone being mean like that. "Well, if someone did do that, and I find out who it is, I think I'll kick them!" She nods a couple of times to Sybil. "Well, Gus was rather sad, too… but you know, he doesn't really complain about it, much. I mean, how much it bothers him that his friends aren't talking to him ever since he quit Hogwarts. He's too busy taking care of me and Papa and the business and everything." She leans closer to Sybil. "But I know. I read his journal, once. I almost didn't want to come to Hogwarts, because then I'd be leaving him alone… but he insisted."

Sybil sighs, and there's clear concern on her face as she thinks on the girl's words. "Thank you Lizette dear for the secret, I'll not share it. But I'll try to make Gus's day a happier one with a letter. There's only though so much we students can do to the outside world, really. It isn't like he can come visit or I go visit."

Lizette grins again, convinced that she's done the right thing. "I can't wait until I'm old enough to go to Hogsmeade, then he can visit me there and we can have tea and go shopping!" Which is fun for her, at least! "But… I'd better study, now. I promised him and Papa that I'd get good marks."

Sybil gestures, "Come here a moment."

Lizette leans in closer, curiosity on her face.

Sybil leans forward to the girl as she wraps her arms around her and gives a gentle hug. "Thank you for being a wonderful sister to your brother, he's so lucky to have you."

Lizette hugs Sybil back. "Well… um, you're welcome?" she replies, a bit confused as to how to reply. When they pull away, she'll give the other girl another toothy grin, and then get to studying!

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