(1940-01-25) Burns Night Clean-Up
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Summary: After the Burns Night festivities are over, Peeves sweeps through and makes a mess of the left-overs.
Date: January 25th, 1940
Location: Hogwarts - Great Hall
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"Burns to Burns! Blasted music, that's not music, it's farts coming out of a reed! Stupid Haggis. Yuck, yuck, yuck!" Peeves is having quite the fit! Zipping through the air over the House Tables he upturns benches and knocks about the floating candles and just sowing his typical sort of chaos.

Erica who was staying behind so she could test her latest solution on such stuck on stains that Haggis leaves behind on china. There is a full minute where she just watches in stunned horror as the poltergeist runs amuck! "But, but, BUT!" She complains to the imp who completely ignores her and continues to have an aimless food fight. "Somebody!?" She calls for help as she begins to try to right up flung benches and pick up platters. Trailing after Peeves like some crisis team after a crisis.

Madeline had lingered behind when some of her friends tried to urge them to join them for a snowball fight - she wasn't much in the mood - and gets caught up in a food fight instead. She watches the chaos with surprise, one hand clinging to the strap of the satchel she carries with her. She lets out a quiet giggle, but it stops when some of the haggis flies towards her, and she has to step out of the way.

Erica eeps and uses a platter she's just cleaned off as a shield when a massive hunk of the great main haggis is lobbed right at her. "Peeves! You little monster! Stop it this instant! Sto—" While she was ducked behind the platter she failed to see Peeves picking up a pitcher of pumpkin juice and while distracted he floated right over her and is slow pouring the entire pitcher over Erica's head. Pretty blond braids are saturated with sticky orange and some small spatters of haggis. Sputtering she lets out a whine that makes Peeves plug his ears with sausages. "Ick! Worse noise than them bagpipes! Cork, cork CORK it!! Screetchy little thing!" Off he goes to scoop up more ammo.

Madeline gapes as Erica is covered in pumpkin juice. Oh, she's going to hate that. Hate that! Poor Erica! "You leave her alone!" she shouts at the ghost, stomping towards Peeves and picking up a handful of mashed tatties to fling at him. "Leave Erica alone! Go join the snowball fight! Geeze!"

Peeves' beady eyes go wide as he gets smacked on his floating bum with tatties! "You! You helped Pringle with the reed farts! Horrid horrid sounds! Evil little beastie. Where's those pipes ehs?" He stares at her satchel and then comes swooping down to try to snatch it from her so that he can search her satchel for those bagpipes she had earlier.

Erica as deduced is now in a state. Napkins are grabbed up by the dozens to use to wipe at her head and at her face. It's gotten in her eyes so when she tries to batter Peeves away from his attempt at Madeline's satchel whiffles through the air doing nothing but make her look foolish.

"Don't you touch my bag!" Madeline shrieks, starting a tug of war over the bag - aided by the fact that the strap was slung over her head to rest on the opposite shoulder. "Let it go you can't have it it's mine!" Afraid to let go with either hand, she tries to kick futilely at the spirit. In fact, she seems unusually desperate to retain possession of her bag. "I don't have the bagpipe!"

Erica has wiped the juice out of her eyes well enough that she can see where she's swinging better now and she manages to buffet the platter against Peeve's shoulder as the spirit only is encouraged by Madeline's desperation to keep her satchel.

"OooOOOOooo! What's inside!? So feisty little meisty got secrets don't you!? Let's see!!" Peeves is no longer trying to remove the satchel, more so jut get a grip on it enough that he can up end it and shake it so the contents might spill out and add to the wondrous mess he's created!

"No, no, no, no, no! It's from my dad! Stop it let it go let it go!" The contents to indeed tumble out - a hair brush, a Muggle book of dragon fairy tales, a photo of Guy standing in front of his plane with Maddie's drawing of a dragon painted on its nose, and a colorful cloth bag stuffed full with something. When that falls to the floor, Madeline wiggles out of her strap to retrieve it, and starts backing away, hugging the smaller bag to her chest with both arms.

Erica just doesn't know what to do to get Peeves to leave them alone! The platter is just bouncing off of him like he was made of rubber and he doesn't even act like he's been hit at all. So it's on the defensive. With the platter held before her in that shield way she scampers to get between Peeves and Madeline. "Stay away from her! You don't want that! I hear that Pringle keeps his Bag pipes in the Slytherin Common Room! Underneath Alphard Black's favorite chair! Go look there!"

Peeves doesn't buy it for a second and her makes a farty sound with his mouth. "Bring me the bagpipes! Blasted Fart Bags of horrid noise. Bring them to me, or I'll take your daddy's bobbles." He squeals in peels of high pitched laughter and then swoops about to collect more things to fling.

"Go hang a salami!" Madeline shouts at Peeves. What does it even mean? Madeline seems to believe it means something vile from the way she glares at the poltergeist. She's breathing quickly, and still hugging her small cloth bag - glancing periodically at her other belongings to make sure they're alright, too.

Victoria hears the ruckus coming from the Great Hall and makes her way in. "Bloody Hell!" She shouts out. "What is the meaning of this?!" The Seventh Year, screams, doing her best Dumbledore impression. Quite possibly not very well. She places her books down on a nearby table.

Erica gawks over her shoulder at Madeline jaw slacked. The opened mouth unfortunately means that when mash potatoes splatter across the surface of the make-shift shield it goes right up and over and into her opened mouth! Sputtering she bends over at the hips and looks like she is going to be sick as she spits out the mash.

Happy to have a new arrival two fist fulls of haggis are flung at Victoria. "Burns to Burns! Dance with Haggis if you like it so much! Dance! Bring me the bagpipes! BAGPIPES! Smash them farty reeds to bits bits bits!"

"Oh, Erica…" Despite her own distress, Madeline still hates seeing her neat friend so mussed. It must be torture for her! Perhaps if they're lucky, Peeves'll just go after the older student, now that she's here, and just leave them alone. "We… we should go get you cleaned up," she suggests.

Victoria is splattered with Haggis but is otherwise left rather nonplussed. "Oi. Big Bad ghostie is pulling a temper tantrum because his ears are hurt? Awww." She makes a pouty face. "Poor widdah bitty Peeves ears hurt?" She shakes her head. "Grow up, and go bother the one who's slaying the goose in the first place! You're worse than a First Year!"

Some Slytherin who made a fast exit when Peeves originally came in on a rip returns and she's got back up! With a decisive point, "There he is Baron, get him!" There is one thing in the world Peeves fears and that's the Bloody Baron. So when the blood dripping specter comes thrusting through the wall with his sword drawn and pointing at Peeves with a snarl on his face the haggis in Peeves' hands drops on Erica and Madeline below and he lets out an, "I'm soooorrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!" Not to the students he's tortured, but to the Baron as the night long chase about the castle begins.

Panting and still looking very much as if she's trying not to wretch Erica, dripping and trembling nods to her friend and slipping about as she walks follows Madeline so she can go get cleaned up. "Thank you Vickie." Is grateful in passing towards the older student that distracted Peeves just at the right time.

"Yeah, thanks," Madeline agrees. She pauses to pick up all of her things, and put her satchel back over her shoulder - trying to surreptitiously wipe at her eyes (it's haggis! Really!) She hugs her bag protectively as she adds towards Erica, "Guess I should walk you back to Hufflepuff to get tidy."

Victoria nods to the girls. "Don't worry, just go get cleaned up." She looks around, and then decides to wipe haggis off of herself as well. She pulls out her wand and starts working on some cleaning spells she'd learned. She nods to the Slytherin student in thanks.

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