(1940-01-25) To Cure What Ails Him
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Summary: Madeline goes to a young man she knows is willing to break some rules to help her father.
Date: January 25th, 1940 Just before curfew.
Location: Hogwarts - East Parapet

East Parapet

It is a winter night. The weather is freezing and clear.

The parapet is made from grey-colored granite with black stains and specks, though it remains in good repair despite the elements and infrequent catastrophes. The space is a long rectangular shape and open to gusts of wind, but only reachable through a slight ascension of worn stone steps from the castle's central ramparts. Along the wall are two large stone benches, both of which have been cleverly carved and set within the the tower's masonry.
Through the ramparts are the expansive castle grounds, which roll away from the castle in the form of gentle hills. To the north is the Forbidden Forest, an uneven wall of trees that extends away from the castle for hundreds of leagues. To the south is the castle aqueduct, a long line of beautifully crafted stone structures built into the very cliffs beneath them. The structure curves slightly to the south, towards the loch.

"Colton!" Madeline calls as she bounds up onto the roof - headed for the little nook where she often finds the seventh year boy. "Colto-? Colton!" Her questioning tone promptly turns into a triumphant exclimation when she finds him right where predicted, and pounces with a forceful and eager, "I need your help!"

Colton instinctively swallowed the smoke he was about to let out from his longs when his name was called out. But soon as he sees that it's Madeline he sputters out and he's a bit glassy eyed as he helps her up into place in the nook beside him. "Wotcher, Pidge?" Even though his throat is on fire he ruffles her hair an manages to only cough lightly and away from her to the open sky to his left as he lets out the small bit of smoke left to exhale.

"My dad's sick," Madeline explains without any preamble. "Again. I mean, it happens every winter - on account of his lungs ain't so strong because of being in the trenches in the Great War. Only it's been so cold that it's real bad this time and I'm worried and uncle Perry says the healers won't help him because he's a Muggle and it's a Muggle sickness but it's not like he doesn't know about magic so I thought - I got this idea," actually, Adam got the idea, but since it's the sort of idea that might get a fellow in trouble she'd claim it for now, "that if he were hexed or jinxed somehow then the healers would have to help him and if they got him there, well, they might just help his lungs too so what if I sent him something charmed as a gift only it goes wrong, and it has to do something bad enough that he'd get sent to St. Mungo's, only not so bad that, well… that it'd make things even worse. You see?" Only now does she stop, looking up at Colton hopefully.

Colton grimaces and it's not from the smoke. "That's pushing the boundaries Pidge. But if he can hold on another winter, with the Unity Act getting passed. Well then one of my aunts could probably fix him up right as rain. But the thing so far as I know about this sort of stuff is magic cures magical ailments and regular medicine cures regular illness. 20 years is a long time since the sickness first hit. So I don't want yee to get your hopes all up. Right? But I'll tell yee wot, the Quinnland Folk will do wot the can, it just might take a pretty pound or two, aye?"

"But… but I don't know if he can, Colton, I've never seen 'im this sick," Madeline begs - desperation and fear sneaking into her voice. "And why should Unity matter anyways? He already knows! He knows since my uncle went to Hogwarts! He's got a wizard for a brother 'n a witch for a daughter 'n he oughtta be able to use magic if it can help him. Isn' there a potion we can send him at least - to help him breathe better when he gets sick?"

Colton lifts up an arm to slip it around his young friend to give her a squish for comfort. "Listen to me now, the one thing I said I do know is that magic cures magic bugs an' mundane works on muggles. Pepper-Up potions don't really work on muggles. There's knowing and then there's going over the limits of the law. I know something about the law, right?" More like what it is and how to break it. "Yer Da an' the other vetted muggles can sure go shoppin' wif ye in the District, but they cannae live there. Ken? Same goes for healers helping out the muggles. I'll tell yee wot tho, I will owl me aunts an' see if they've got somethin up their sleeve, aye? He'll be fine. Right." Another squish of a hug and he ruffles her hair. "Quinnland Clan's been makin' things just this side of the law line. Yee an' yer da shouldn't go into anything on the other side aye." He boops her on the tip of her nose with an encouraging smile. "Yee an' yours, last thing ye need is to be scaffed. So yer mate Colton'll take care o't." He gives a decisive nod and gives another ruffle of her hair.

"But he's my da'," Madeline protests quietly, as she leans into the other student. "I'd do anything for him - I don't care 'bout no stupid law. I mean, so long as no one gets hurt, then what's the law good fer anyways?" She reaches up with one hand to wipe at her eyes before asking, "Why wouldn' a Pepper-Up work on a Muggle? It just cures colds, don't it? We could try giving him a Pepper-Up. It wouldn't hurt none."

Colton holds her close and slowly now ruffle-pets her hair on top of her head. "Or it could blow out his ears and make slugs ooze out of his nose. It's just an unfortunate uncombatableness." Yep, that's a word! (Not.) "Yer still nae listening to me, I've said three times now that I'll help yer Da. I'm nae even speaking in the Cant, so I know yee understand me. It's gonna be alright Pidge."

Madeline sniffles, but she's glad for the comfort - and the offer of help. "Yer sure you can?" she asks. "I just don't like seeing 'im so sick. He's a hero, you know. You should see all the medals and things he got."

Colton's voice is soft, which makes it take on more of a lilt. "I'll do my best Mads. I know yee don. Hopefully soon we'll fix'm up. Aye? He'll be open to it? Going to a band of Pavee's for curin' isn't usually top of a Brit's list. Aye?"

"Well - I did tell him 'bout you. And Finley. And how we're friends 'n all," Madeline answers a bit uncertainly. "And if you c'n help - well, I'm sure he'll try. Or my uncle can talk him into it. But I'm not sure how much traveling he's up to right now - mum's got him in hospital," she explains.

Colton grimaces again upon learning he's in the hospital. "Awww, Pidge, I didn't know. C'mere." It's another tight hug for her. "Well the price might be yee have to become Pavee." He's teasing…mostly. "Yee know yee an' Fin'd make a smart pair…." He tenses up to brace for her reaction to that. But he is doing his best to cheer her up and get her mind off of her father.

"Ewwww!" Madeline protests, giving Colton a light push. "I'm not kissing Fin! He's my friend!" she exclaims. "But I wouldn't mind so much seeing what it's like being Pavee. I mean, I'm trying wizarding, so why not traveling too? Is it fun?"

Colton chuckles, "Yee are tryin' wizarding? Wot, if ye don like it, gonna snap yer wand and live life as a Muggle? Migh nah be so bad iffin the Statute gets de boot. But still. Ye are a witch. A good one too. There's no tryin'. Traveling though is the most wondrous thing in the world. Cause yee get to see it. Even from just county to county, it's amazin'. See how much is different between mile markers. It's difficult to see without the eyes of a Pavee. Being outsiders e'rywhere yee go. Well it gives a perspective tha' I'd nae trade in for all the galleons in the world."

"The best witch that ever there was!" Madeline agrees. She's got no intent to turn her back on wizarding. "What about all the galleons and all the sickles?" she asks. "Plus," and here she lowers her voice, because this is nigh sacrilege to voice, "the crown jewels of England?"

Colton chuckles shaking his head, the butt of his fag is flicked and he gives the last exhale of smoke before he turns to tickle Madeline's sides and nudge her towards the lourve so they can get going to bed before Pringle arrives to make sure Colton isn't here himself. "Nae for all the gold, silver, copper or paste 'gems' on a stuff shirt's tiara!" Seems even with the wizard and muggle divide some Irish politics have sunk into the young man. "'Sides, yee know there's this tribe in Africa that thinks every cow in the world belongs to them? Well every coin n' gem belong to the Pavee, so it's all ours anyways." He winks down to her and then gives a stretch once his feet are on the lourve floor. "C'mon Mads. Bedtime."

"Every cow in the- but that doesn't even make sense!" Madeline protests, as she climbs to her feet. The notion of bedtime has her shifting uneasily on her feet. "Aye. Bedtime," she agrees softly. She doesn't relish the idea of crawling into her own bed alone, tonight. But it's not like she's got any choice. "You're sure they can help him - your aunts?" she asks as they start towards the stairs.

Colton rests one hand on the top of her head as they walk, gently guiding her about the roof he knows like the back of his hand in the dark. "Aye, they can do at least something for'm. If not a cure, some comfort at least. They've been curing the sick for a long time. Muggle an' Wizard alike. One's even over 'undred years old. Says she's been healing fer a century. Doncha worry Pidge. Ye don' worry if there's nothin' ye can do. If there's something ye can do, don' worry, do it. Aye?" He takes her down to the girls dorm arch to the spiral stairs up. "Know 'e's wood, but give that lion I gave ye a snug tonight. Aye? Sweet dreams Pidge."

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