(1940-01-28) Beauty Meets Beast
Details for Beauty Meets Beast
Summary: Arla runs into Marius while making he makes deliveries. They swap stories at the Dog and Bone, running into Brandy.
Date: 1940-01-28
Location: Westminster

Marius is on a bicycle, a box strapped to the back. He stops every so often on the route to grab something out of the box to bring it to this house or that. It looks as though Marius is making meat deliveries today. It's early afternoon with the sun just barely peeking out of cloud cover.

Walking down the street is Clara. In one hand is a bag - perhaps the woman has just finished some shopping. Upon crossing by Westminster the young woman stops then and turns slowly on her heels to look up to the building. To Big Ben and then to the Gothic architecture. Brushing some snow from her face those big grey eyes seem to examine the nook and crannies with interesting. And after a second she goes to look into her bag, as if shuffling around for something.

Marius sees the woman as he approaches, but slows as to not hit her, and not to splash slush all over her. "G'afternoon, Miss." The young man says. "Are you lost or something?" He asks, as he gets a look at her.

Slowly her head turns and that gaze fixes upon Marius. Giving a big grin and a shake of her head the woman motions to the buildings. "Oh, sweetie, I'm just looking! But thank you for asking. I've seen it plenty of times, it still amazes me." Once more the buildings get her attention but she continues to speak to the meat delivery man. "What are you delivering? Please don't let me make you late."

Marius smiles and nods. "Just butcher deliveries. From the market." He motions east in the direction he came from. Some of our credit customers can't make it into the shop at times, so they pay us extra to delivery, especially to the kitchens of some of the more affluent houses." He grins, tipping his newsboy cap to Clara. "Marius is the name, miss. If you're looking for meat, they say I've got the best cuts."

No longer paying attention to the buildings - as stated, she has seen them plenty, Clara decides to focus her attention upon Marius, the meat delivery boy. Grinning there is a nod of her head in reply, and that smile is bright and friendly. "Nice to meet you, Marius. You can call me Clara." Then with a slight lean to the side that gaze travels in the direction he mentioned, then back to him. "I'll have to remember that. I've only just moved back and still figuring out places a bit. How much for delivery?"5R

Marius nods and smiles. "The pleasure's all mine, Miss Clara. Just moved back? From where, might I ask? I haven't been out of London in a very long time." He says, then thinks. "It depends on the cut. It's a percentage of the total price, I believe. Two percent more?" He shrugs, seeing as he doesn't carry the cash. Upon close look at the bike, a long stick could be seen slid under the box.

"Oh, darling it's just Clara. Please." She still grins. "I'll need to remember that. As for what I was doing. I traveled, I saw the world.." Shrugging a bit, as if it were nothing the young steps aside for a group of kids to run past. It's with that angle that the stick is caught, and a look is given to it for a second. Then to him. "What got you into working with meat?" Lips turn into a slight smirk.

Marius blushes and nods. "Forgive me, m… Clara." he says. "When you work as a butcher like myself, it's not difficult to find people above your station. It just becomes a habit to call everyone Sir or Miss." He blinks and then smirks. "I.. Well.. I was in an orphanage.. A butcher came looking for an apprentice. He found me and took me in, and.. well, here I am." He grins. "It must've been nice to travel." He thinks, then realizes. "Oh! Forgive me, I don't mean to keep you from your husband, then."

Seeing the blush, Clara smirks. "I was called Ms. Prewett for the longest time! It made me feel old, so people called me Ms Clara, and that made me feel old. So thus, it makes me feel old. And I'm not old." Then for a second she becomes a bit.. somber. "I know orphanges well enough too, I also grew up in one." But thankfully, his comment seems to amuse her. Did he say husband? That's when there is a burst of laughter. "Oh! No, no no darling no. There is no husband! And you're not keeping me, I've really got no place to be, just out wondering around."

Marius shakes his head. "No, you're not old at all." He says, and then grins wide at the mention of no husband. "Ah, well, the pity to the poor soul who's yet to steal your hand." He says, grinning, until he runs her name through his head. "Prewett, you say?" He swallows nervously. Meeting other squibs is one thing, but running into a witch.. This can't be good. It's one step closer to being found by the Family. "I.. I'm sorry to hear that, Clara. They do their best, but those places are just one step above a kennel, I believe." He looks around for a form of escape, perhaps. Except.. he doesn't feel like leaving her. He thinks of a simple test. "Of the Hogsmeade Prewett's, perhaps? The name sounds familiar."

Still, Clara eyes him. Though it isn't for the reasons he is thinking. It's because of his lavish comment of hand stealing. Once more there is a laugh, a soft bell like laugh. "Oh my, sweetie, you are a doll aren't you? My hand is hard enough to steal trust me." Now that isn't a boat, she just makes it sound like she isn't the easy sort. "Well, no. An orphanage is full of.." Training off and sighing a hand runs through that long hair of hers. "They are no fun, let's just say." And the information may be a tad different than what would sound like a witch that grew up fully in that world. And with his mention of Hogsmead there is a click of recognition in this silver eyes. "Sure." She says. "But -I- am from some odd place in London I don't know about and then an orphanage, for a good chunk of my life that is. We are all from some place, not always are they good or bad."

Marius nods. "Well, you make it sound like a challenge, then." He grins, toothy, his blue eyes peering into the silver. She recognized Hogsmeade, but he doesn't feel like running. She couldn't have been sent.. No.. No one knows he survived, besides Dorea. He listens intently. "You know.. I've only got a few trips left to make and it sounds like you've got a story to tell. If you're willing, I could take you out tonight and you can tell me the rest?" He asks, trying to neatly ask her out.

A brow lifts. "Not a challenge, a fact." Seems Clara is up front on this stuff, and still amused her head tilts slightly while thinking this over. And yes, the young woman catches the meaning. "We can go out, but not on a date. I like to get to know people first, how about as two people looking to become friends?" Now it isn't a shut down, it's just her being honest, which isn't that a good thing? Maybe it's that she doesn't throw herself about like that - which may seem obvious too. "If you're willing for that, I'm willing to talk and listen."

Marius nods and smiles. "Absolutely. I can understand how you'd be a bit meek about being seen with me. Is there someplace that I can meet you? Someplace neutral and public and safe for you?" He asks, more concerned about her reputation and safety than anything else.

Now Clara seems baffled. "What?" And even lost for words for a second. "Meek about seeing you.. why?" Her head turns slightly, and those eyes peer into his. "A tip, never sell yourself short sweetie, okay? And you decide on the place, I'm still getting familiar with the area."

Marius nods and thinks. "Alright.. Well, let me finish up these last couple trips and I can walk with you?" He asks while trying to think of a place.

"Sure." Replies Arla with a nod.

Marius finishes up his last two deliveries and decides to walk the bicycle so that he can keep pace with Clara. "So.. if you had the chance to travel, then what do you do for work? I mean, if I'm not being so nosy as to ask?" He tries to remain polite to the silver-eyed beauty with long dark hair. "Unless you're one of them heiress types. I don't remember the Prewetts as being one of the exceptionally wealthy families.."

Clara walks along side, bag in hand. Smiles are given to those that pass or they weave their way through. To Marius she laughs a bit. "I'm in no way a heiress type, in fact I'm probably pretty low on that pole." Shrugging, and seeming happy to be in such a spot, she continues. "Oh we're well off enough. Not that that really matters to me any, mind you. And what about yourself? Who are you?" Turning to look at him, her brow lifts.

Marius stops walking as Clara does and looks back to her. "I'm a ghost, as far as anyone in your world cares to know." The gloves are off. He still remains calm and polite. None of the slights against him were her fault. The blame for that can lay solely on the shoulders of his father. "A lost child. One with knowledge and no talent who found his way amongst the Muggles and far away from any of the wand and broom nonsense." He says, bitter that he has had no real taste of that world. He stops, and lets out a breath. "Forgive me. You don't know me nor what happened. You were probably in the same orphanage when it all happened. Just let me tell you that as far as you know, my name is Marius Butcher, and all other names attached to me had died when my old self did." He says before he starts walking again, heading to the Dog and Bone. "You know what? If you tell me your story, I'll tell you mine. You just have to swear that you won't go alerting people. You'll see that some things.. and people.. are better left dead."

Inside the pub is a rather jovial woman - dressed in perfectly acceptable Muggle clothes. Only it's perfectly acceptable and garish muggle clothes, with clashing patterns on her blouse and skirt. And she's currently leading everyone in a rousing round of, "aaaall for my beer 'n tabacco! For I spent all my tin with the lassies drinking gin, far across the western ocean I must waaaaander! Oh, and where are my boots, my noggin' noggin' boots?"

In their halted pace, Clara watches him. There is no judgment in her eyes, it's a level, thoughtful stare. Though the smile is gone it isn't that she is sad, or mad, or anything else, she simply is at the moment, listening. "I know what it is like to hate your name." At last comes her response, with a brief look down and kicking at the snow. "To change who you are from what you began has. I've been there myself, but in different ways too." Smiling at him then there is a nod. "Sure, sounds like a deal. You're secret is safe with me."

Marius nods and smiles. "Looks like we've got parallel pasts." He says as he starts walking again. Once they get to the pub, he ties up the bicycle. No sense in stealing it, since the box in the back smells of butchered meat and will need to be cleaned soon. He doesn't offer CLara his arm, but does ensure that he gets to the door and opens it for her. The sounds of Brandy's singing jumps out at the pair from the opened door.

"They're all sold for beer and tobacco! You see the sole's were gettin' thin, And the uppers were letting in, And the heels are looking out for better weather - everybody sing!" Brandy continues, gesturing dramatically for everyone to join in the chorus. "And it's all for my grog, my jolly jolly grog-" As she sees the door open, she gestures to Marius and Arla, "Sing, sing! -for my beer and tabacco. For I spent all my tin with the lassies drinking gin, far across the western ocean I must waaaaander!" Energetic thing, ain't she?

"It does." Says Clara with a nod. Following him and giving yet another nod in thanks as he opens the door the young woman looks this way and that, as the singing goes on and people seem merry. And doesn't this seem like fun! Looking over her shoulder to Marius there is a big grin. "Well, seems we stumbled to some excitement! I've not been in a bar like this since I was visiting Germany!"

With seeing Brandy there is a quick look of acknowledgement. There is no singing, yet. But the woman moves her way to a table to listen, and possibly partake in the merriness.

Marius doesn't know Brandy, and just barely knows Clara. He follows behind and smiles at the merriment. He walks over to the bar and orders a couple beers. After paying for them, he takes them over to the table that Clara had claimed, handing her one. "I do hope you don't mind beer. I can get you something stronger next time, I just figured that beer's easier for them to pour instead of waiting for them to mix a gin & tonic or the like." he says as he sits down, leaning in to Clara to speak over the loud singing. "Germany, eh? Sounds interesting. If you want, you can tell me that story later." He offers, and then perhaps he won't have to tell her his, at least not yet.

Brandy continues to sing - launching straight into the next verse. The rousing singing of the chorus dies down a little - though there are still several folks that know the song well enough to sing with her. "Oh and where is me shirt, me noggin' noggin' shirt? It's all gone for beer and tobacco! You see the sleeves they got worn out, And the collar was turned about, And the tail is looking out for better weeeeeather!"

"Thanks." Says Clara for the beer. It's of no issue to her what she drinks, so a drink is taken. "Beer is fine, not to strong. Don't know if heavy drinking is a good idea with someone you're just getting to know anyway." Maybe she plans to keep her wits about her! Grinning at the singing for a pause she watches them. "Sorry, sweetie. Which story later?" Having missed what he said, due to listening too the music those eyes peer at him once more. "Yours? Lets start with yours."

Marius nods and then blushes. "Honestly, I'll make sure you get home safe and sound. I'm not the kind of guy who'd take advantage like that." Especially since it's not even a date. It's a good way to piss her off, and a pissed off Clara is one who decides to forget promises. "I…" He sighs as he's had. "I come from a long line of powerful… people. I just didn't have the power. I was a shame to the family.. So much so that my father tried to kill me. I escaped, but for all most of those people know, I died in that fire. I'd like to keep it that way." He says, by way of telling his story without actually telling her his true surname.

Clara and Marius talk - and Brandy goes through another chorus with the help of the entire pub, before launching into the final chorus with gusto. "Ooooohhh and where is me bed, me noggin' noggin' bed? It's all gone for beer 'n tabacco! For I leant it to a whore, and mattress is all wore, and the springs are lookin' out for better weeeeeather!"

"I'm not suggesting that you wouldn't, don't worry." A reassuring grin is given. She may seem hard to piss off, but also assured in who she is.

As his story comes out, Clara doesn't need to really say much but just listen. And listen she does, with a bit of a frown. Patting his arm in a comforting way (for the count of two, possibly to the beat of the music which would be a subconscious move) "I'm sorry, that's horrible, truly." Sitting up a bit more and putting her hands on her lap, it's her turn and there is little time wasted in telling.

"My mother.. wasn't happy, with who I was - not that she knew. I was two, she just dropped me off at an orphanage and walked away. Never saw her again. I was picked on and teased for being so different. Then one day, or so I'm told my dad found me, took me 'home' and I got immersed in that life. To leave mine behind, I changed my name. It's now Clara, in honor of the woman who held my hand, that old widowed woman who showed me nothing but love. If it wasn't for her.." Now emotion is in her tone, and to cut it loose eyes travel to Brandy and a she grins to the music, using it to smooth over whatever sad feelings may of presented.

Marius reaches over and nods as he gently takes her hand in his as she looks away. "It's alright. We're both far better off now than we were back then. I'm glad you have fond memories. It's funny, both of us abandoned yet for opposite reasons." he sips his beer. "Thank you." he says. "You didn't have to go telling me that." She smiles. "I'm glad your father found you, or else you wouldn't have been put on the path that lead you to Westminster today. For all we know you could've been apprenticed like myself." He smiles and takes another swig as he looks over at Brandy. "A lively one, she is, No?"

Lively - and headed their way. "Clara! Clara, Clara, Clara! …you didn't sing." Brandy looks hurt. Simply devastated! It is, of course, completely feigned. She greets the woman with a warm hug, then stands with one arm draped over the woman's shoulder as she announces to Marius - as if he didn't already know, "This is Clara. Hey - I need two glasses of Sweetwater for my friends here! And another for myself." Sweetwater whiskey, that is. Brandy's father owns and runs a distillery.

A small heartfelt smile is given to Marius. "If it wasn't for the woman, I'd of never made it where I am now. She taught me to value myself first and foremost." Then there is a nod. "And thank you. I hope you're life is well enough, and forget about the past, it's just that. You were strong enough to come out of it, you're strong enough to move on from it."

And that is when Brandy heads their way. Jetting up from her seat the warm hug is returned. "I'm sorry! I didn't feel like making cats want to drown themselves tonight! You were doing so good I didn't want to ruin it!" With a laugh she shuffles to sit, and makes more than enough room for Brandy. "This is Marius, local meat boy. Ran into him while wondering the town a bit."

Marius nods to Clara. "And I've met you, so that makes my life much better now than it would've been." He grins, sipping his beer. He looks up as Brandy arrives. he slides, making room for her. "Oh! I didn't know you were friends." He offers his hand to Brandy. "Butcher, actually. Meat boy makes me sound.. like I'm on a hook, eh?" He laughs. "Great tune, there."

"One everyone should know," Brandy agrees brightly. "Brandy Sweetwater. So you're who I gotta look up if I want a bit of lamb for supper, huh? I'll keep that in mind." The bartenders comes around with three glasses of whiskey - one for each of them - and Brandy picks hers up to take a sip. "I try to be friends with everyone I meet. But Clara and me - we go back to when we were kids."

With a grin, she slowly looks to Brandy. "He's a sweet one, hrm?" And with a laugh her beer is brought up and finished rather quickly. After all, if the hard stuff is coming, need to be ready for it! "Fine fine, Marius. Mean man then." And resting back she brushes some hair from her face. "We do go way back. Sort of the same her and I, friendly and easy going. Plus she can get free booze, that helps!" And yes, she jokes.

Marius nods to Brandy. "Surely. I'm right over at the market. Not too far from here, actually." he says, finishing his beer also, as he chuckles, watching Clara. "SO, if I want to know some int.." He stops, shaking his head. "Nevermind. bad question to ask." He takes the offered glass and sips from it. "Oy, that's smooth." He says, then looks to Clara. "I'm not mean, I just.." he shakes his head, waving it off. "Nevermind. maybe I am the mean man." He watches the woman as she leans back. "I see." he adds simply.

Marius nods to Brandy. "Surely. I'm right over at the market. Not too far from here, actually." he says, finishing his beer also, as he chuckles, watching Clara. "SO, if I want to know some int.." He stops, shaking his head. "Nevermind. bad question to ask." He takes the offered glass and sips from it. "Oy, that's smooth." He says, then looks to Clara. "I'm not mean, I just.." he shakes his head, waving it off. "Nevermind. maybe I am the meat man. It all depends on what the ladies want." He watches Clara as she leans back. "I see." he adds simply.

"My da' makes some of the best," Brandy answers with pride as Marius compliments the whiskey. "And that isn't even the real good stuff. But the special reserve - well. Hard to get your hands on that if you aren't family or a family friend." She of course has a few bottles frittered away. "I'll stop by the market, sometime. Perhaps you'll appreciate me for something other'n the free whiskey." She nudges Clara in the side.

Eyeing Marius, Clara laughs. "Ohh okay then." She smirks a bit. "I said meat, not mean! You're not mean, or as I know of so far anyway and I'm not thinking you're going to be all to at all." Shrugging a bit the new drink is grasped and a sip follows. "That is good stuff."

Brandy nudges her then and looking to the old friend there is a lift of her brow as if saying 'what?'. Bliking it away - maybe the beer was drank to fast, she then looks back to the only one at the table who doesn't share the same gender as herself and Brandy.

"Oh yes, Germany! You asked about my time there. Well, there was a football match and a rather huge group of people. Let's say.. fifty or so, they were singing and chanting and going about. Damn near started a brawl when their team lost though."

Marius raises a brow. "Football, you say?" he means to ask about Quidditch but decides not to as he has no clue as to who's company he's in. "I'm glad you got out of there before the hooligans did any damage." he says and then nods. "Do you really want to be walking around calling me 'meat man'? Depending on the district it might be considered advertising of a different kind." he looks to brandy. "Do that. I'll make sure to keep something aside for you, if you like."

"She sounds surprised! As if it wasn't good stuff the last time she tried it," Brandy laments - with a grin on her features. "And who doesn't love a game of football? We should go organize one out in the snow - it's been months since I had a good game, it seems like." As Marius offers to keep something set aside, though, she shakes her head adding, "No telling when I'll stop by. I can be a bit sporadic. Wouldn't want you hanging onto something on my account when you could have sold it."

"Barely made it out, if it wasn't for the waitress there. She snuck me out before it got real bad." Though Clara seems to remember this time fondly, and grins with the memory as she takes a drink. "And that depends were you are selling Marius, and what route you take. I mean you're job would be the perfect cover for more covert business." She chuckles.

"Hey now," says the young woman to Brandy. "It's been a while after all. As for football in the snow, that sounds like fun. But didn't last time just turn into everyone pushing each other around, putting snow down each others jackets and making it into a giant snow ball fight? Now, I'm not complaining, just saying really."

Marius nods to Brandy. "You typically play football in the snow?" He smiles. He nods when brandy mentions when she'd be by. Marius may not be educated, but he reads people well. "Waitress snuck you out, eh? She wasn't hiding you away for some fun of her own?" He grins, no judgment to his voice, thought the images brought to mind might be of interest. "Oh? You think I should expand my delivery business? Would I to be bringing something to your doorstep?" He chuckles. "A romp in the snow sounds fine to me."

"Strategy, Clara. That's all part of the strategy," Brandy counters with a grin. (…no. No it's really not.) "And no, not typically, but why let snow stop football? …really, with the Thames freezing over and all (and wasn't that a hell of a thing?) it's enough to make a girl wonder what it'd be like to play football on ice skates. Think we could do it?"

"Given the way that she was kissing one of the guys in the bar, no, it wasn't for anything else than to keep me safe." Replies Clara. "And, I'm not really the delivery at home type, like to know the source." Then there is a smirk. Looking to Brandy a slow nod follows a good drink from her glass - could it be nearly gone? Maybe! "Wonder yes, do, no. I'm okay on my own two feet I may cut off a finger or toe if I get skates on. But if you want try darling, be, my, guest."

Marius laughs as he just watches the pair talk. He's about halfway into his own glass. "Skate-football? Sounds a bit dangerous to me, yes." He grins. He looks to Clara. "Oh, well, you'd have plenty of time to know the source." he winks.

"What's the fun if there isn't just that little bit of danger?" Brandy answers. "I wonder if you can kick a ball in skates. Maybe you'd have to do something of a 'stick-and-ball' nature," she muses thoughtfully. "Be interesting to try it without, though." And probably painful.

Clara raises her class to Marius and then promptly finishes it with a faint shudder. "Good.. good stuff that." And resting back in the chair a bit the redness begins to creep into her eyes. "Well, I'm game for some snow football, I'll watch you try stick-and-ball Brandy. Having seen you do plenty of crazy things through the years, like the rest, I think you shall accomplish this endeavor with as much grace." Then.. she smirks. "Maybe Marius here can ride his bike and play! Let's consider that, bike-football! In the snow.."

Marius just shakes his head. "You're both insane, or too far into your cups." he laughs. "Why not set up rings on each side of the Thames and toss a damn basketball through 'em eh?" He smirks. He notices Arla's features. "Are you alright? Will you be having another?"

"Grace!" Brandy repeats, letting out a snort - and then a laugh. She finishes off her glass before adding, "Cor - grace," with a shake of her head. With her glass in hand, she levels a finger at Marius. "As to your theory, the answer is clearly… both."

Leaning forward a little Clara eyes Marius. "I'm -fine-." And the grin.. doesn't confirm it. Sure it says she is 'fine' but it's easy to see that chugging that beer and then throwing back that drink have begun to hit her. Looking to Brandy, she stands. "I'll be right back, I'm going to go get around round of that stuff."

And so, she goes to do this, if anything a bit wobbily. Sure, she pumps into the odd person (some of the men obviously don't mind), on the way to the bar.

Marius looks to Brandy as Clara walks off to the bar. "Should.. we stop her?" he waves it off. "Nevermind. I'll make sure she gets home safe, even if I have to carry her."

"Oh, let her have a little fun!" Brandy responds, grinning with amusement. "Besides - it's not like I have an ulterior motive here. No way I could possibly want to see my father's whiskey have good sales. Right?" She grins at Marius in amusement.

Well, it's a bit of a wait for Clara to return. Why? Who knows! Maybe it's a line up at the bar, maybe she's being talked to at the bar. Either way, the woman finally returns. She carries three drinks, though one is near gone. To them two the full glasses are handed off and the near empty one becomes empty. "I — I just told some guys back there, Brandy, that this is the best stuff in house and to drink it. So they bought a few rounds." Grinning she steps back, or maybe stumbles slightly. "And I —" She laughs. "Well, hate to do this but I actually work first thing in the morning, bright and early! If I want — want to get some sleep, I think I need to head home. Sorry." Pouting a little and sighing Clara would love to hang out and have fun, but work calls. "And seeing as I'm only new there.." Does she need to finish the rest? No. "Thank you both for a very lovely evening. We'll need to do this again." WIth a big grin she steps back, bumps into someone, makes sure they are okay and then goes to depart, leaving the bag she was carrying behind.

Marius blinks as Arla takes off. She looks back to brandy and shrugs. He sees the bag. "Oh my." He says, grabbing the bag and chasing after her. He gets to the door, and there's no sign of her. He looks to Brandy and shrugs. "I'll.. get this to her.." he waves. Thank you. I'll be by another time."

"Ha! Great!" Brandy says brightly as Clara relays her sales success. That's just what she likes to hear. "I'll let you know when I have that football game organized!" she calls after Arla before adding a cheery, "Goodnight!" after Marius as well. She's soon back at the bar - drink in hand - starting another rousing song. "Along time ago, way back in history, when all we had to drink was nothing but cups of tea…"

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