(1940-01-30) Future Potions Master
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Summary: Angelus has an early start in the library when a sleepless Gareth comes by.
Date: January 30, 1940
Location: Library, Hogwarts

Angelus is up early and in the library before breakfast - which has been rather typical since the return from break. He’s seated at one of the tables with a book out, writing on a piece of parchment with a fine quality quill that’s blue and silver. Occasionally he pauses, staring down at the text in the book and tapping the quill lightly, reading and heavily absorbed in his work. That doesn’t stop him from glancing up occasionally, a quick glance to anyone shuffling around, before returning his gaze to what he’s working on.

Gareth shuffles out of the restricted section, his robes all mussed, his face pale, and his eyes bloodshot and surrounded by dark circles — he's been up all night, of course, and his schoolbag bulges with books. Making his way through the labyrinth of book stacks, he happens by Angelus' table, and with a groan, he drops his bag and falls into the opposite chair. "Tell me it's not morning already," he moans, pushing up his glasses to rub at his eyes.

The quill that the blonde haired boy is using to write pauses, and Angelus’ blue eyes flick to the seventh year when he joins him at the table. He blinks, gauging Gareth’s appearance silently at first, a slight frown on his features as he cocks his head. No, the youth isn’t very impressed by the untidiness, but he’s not about to voice his opinions to a seventh year. Gel simple smirks, tilting back his chin even as he offers a slight dip in greeting. “It’s not morning yet?” he responds with a smirk, turning it into a question as he arches his brow curiously.

Gareth snorts then, lips curling in an almost-grin. "Liar. The doors wouldn't be open and all the lamps lit if it was still night. Plus you wouldn't be out of bed, because you're a good and obedient student who would never break the rules, even if you did have eight scrolls of a Defense Against the Dark Arts essay due this afternoon." He rubs his eyes again, slumping back in his chair. "But it's finished now, so I can take a shower, change my robes, wolf down a quick breakfast, and make it to class on time. But first, just a short little break. I'm going to close my eyes, but don't let me fall asleep. Talk to me about…something." He lifts his chin, focusing his red-rimmed eyes on the books in front of Angelus. "What're you reading so early in the morning?"

“What?” Angelus says as he studies Gareth. “I take offense to that. I never lie,” says the youth with a smirk, amused, his tone obviously joking. At least to the taking offense part, anyway. He glances back down to his parchment, writing down some more words before ending in a period before relaxing his hand a little. His fingers of his other hand lightly plays with the expensive feather as he glances across the table to Gareth again. The youth considers before he says anything, but then pipes up quietly, “I have been meaning to practice the Rictusempra,” he comments, not at all serious as he offers an amused smile. He glances to his book and parchment as he answers, “Extra credit essay for potions. Not that Slughorn allowed me to do some research in the restricted section,” he adds in with a bit of annoyance.

Gareth cocks his head to one side, his eyes unfocusing for a few moments. "The Tickling Charm?" he asks softly, brows drawing together. "Isn't that a Second Year spell? A fine one to master though. I suppose I could help you with it this weekend, if you like. No Hogsmeade to distract us, and I'm taking a break from writing my book until I've heard back from some publishers. So far…nothing. But I suppose these things take time. What did you want to look for in the Restricted Section?" He glances in that direction, grimacing. "Not a pleasant place to be locked into overnight, I can tell you that. Even if you do get special permission and have plenty of candles."

Angelus smirks, lifting a hand in a mere wave. “I know it,” he informs on a laugh. “It was taught in my first year,” he corrects. But he simply shrugs - because he wasn’t really going to use it on the seventh year - and brushes the topic of the tickling charm off. “I’m stuck writing this essay on basic potions stuff of my year - even though I’ve been over this so many times already,” he explains, sliding his hand through the air, gesturing down at the parchment. “I had wanted to learn something new. Study some potions that affect the mind, but Miss Taylor-“ He pauses, shaking his head lightly. “Sorry, no. Missus Moody,” he corrects himself, “said those could only be found in the restricted section.” He blinks, locking his gaze on Gareth as he tilts his head. He hums quietly, thinking, before letting out a breath. “It can’t possibly be that unpleasant. Sometimes it’s necessary if you want information.” Well, seeing a the places he’s been, the restricted section is probably nothing to the boy.

Gareth frowns deeply, his eyebrows drawing together. "Affect the mind? Do you mean, like a love potion? Angelus Eibon, shame on you. You should know better than to attempt something as frivolous as a love potion. If you can't get a girl to like you with your own wits and charm, then she's obviously not worth having in the first place." He pauses, leaning forward a little. "It is a girl, isn't it? You haven't decided to switch teams after all, even though logically speaking, boys are far more compatible with one another. Similar interests, similar physiques, the possibility of sharing wardrobes. Truly, the advantages are nearly limitless. Rationally, it just makes more sense." He sighs then, sitting back once more. "Of course, no one is ever rational when it comes to matters of the heart, which is why I've sworn off all such pursuits entirely. You'd be wise to consider doing the same, at least until you've finished school. Concentrate on more important matters, like your education and preparing yourself for the coming war."

Angelus blinks, locking his eyes on Gareth as he stares at the seventh year with an arched brow, letting the older boy talk. The youth’s lips twist lightly and eventually he clears his throat. “I don’t need a love potion to make anyone like me,” he comments with a touch of arrogance, a snort escaping him. The boy shifts a little in his chair as Gareth talks about relationships, glancing away uneasily as he glances around the library. A sigh escapes him before he returns his gaze back to the Ravenclaw, shaking his head as he lifts a hand to cut him off. “I was more interested in forgetful potions and memory altering potions. How it exactly it works. And there’s a potion I briefly read about that could cause hallucinations. It was interesting.” Yes. Steer away from talk about relationships. His ears aren’t a little red, are they?

Gareth gapes at Angelus for several long moments, his jaw falling slightly open. Finally, he remembers to blink and gives his head a quick shake. "I'd be far more interested in memory enhancing potions. That would certainly make studying for my NEWT examinations easier. As for hallucinations, I can't imagine why anyone would wish to experience such things. The real world is chaotic enough without having to question the reality of each and every detail one encounters in a day. Is that really a hippogriff bearing down on me, or simply Professor Binns droning on in History of Magic class?" He shakes his head again, crossing his arms. "Why the interest in mind-altering preparations?"

Angelus arches a brow as he stares at Gareth, blinking, tilting is head as he looks at him in disbelief. “Why not?” he asks with a mere shrug of his shoulders. “Why wouldn’t you want to learn about a potion? I want to know about how all potions work.” His lips flick out in a smile, glancing down at his parchment and his book. “I don’t know if they’ll ever be a use for a certain potion, but if it exists we shouldn’t limit our knowledge.”

Gareth nods then, waving one hand just a bit. "Well, of course, I'm in favor of all knowledge and learning as much as you can. Potions were never my strongest subject, however. All those hours hunched over a bubbling cauldron, breathing in those noxious fumes, locked in a freezing cold dungeon in the winter." He shivers a bit, giving his head a quick shake. "I must say, I was happy to pass my potions OWL exam, so I could be done with the subject entirely. Charms, Transfiguration, and Dark Arts, now those are subjects that really capture my attention." From the way his eyes light, it's clear the last of those subjects is his favorite, though surely what he meant to say was Defense Against the Dark Arts. "But I certainly wish you luck in your endeavours, and if there's any way I can help, just let me know. I've kept all my textbooks, of course, so if you'd like to borrow any…."

Angelus’ lips twitches lightly. He’s always been super interested in potions, and very good at the work. With his eyes lowered to the parchment and book, he says, “I’ll have to know everything there is to know, obviously, if I’m going to be the greatest Potions Master in history.” A smirk touches his lips as he flicks his blue eyes to Gareth. “I’ve already got a load of potions book in our own library, and with an older brother and cousins I’ve got access to those books.” He dips his head, shrugging. “Thank you for the offer, though.” He slips the parchment into the book, closing the cover around it as he slips it off the table as he rises. “Sorry, Carrow, but I needed to have a discussion with someone else before breakfast.” He bows his head to the seventh year. “I’ll see you around.”

Gareth nods then, lifting his schoolbag with a groan as he gets to his feet. "I need a shower and change of robes before breakfast. Thanks for the chat, mate. See you later." With a weak smile, he slings the overstuffed bag onto a shoulder and begins shuffling in the general direction of the hall.

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